What's a Food Industry to Do?

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  • Kaitlin Toy Reply

    The best thing you can do is go to a local restaurant, not a fast food place, and ask the servers/bartender where the good restaurants are. Most people in the food service industry know whats good in their area. Dont trust tour guides. Where i live i know that certain restaurants pay them off to advertise to tourists but no local would be caught dead eating there.

  • Archibald Kiehn Reply

    Yeah. But now you assume me being ignorant. I am well aware of how the meat industry works. My family hunts, so I have not killed animals but I have helped with butchering. We also buy our meat from farms with grass fed cattle. I am not against the killing of animals for food. But I am strongly against torturing them, no matter if the ritual is religious or just cultural. Besides, compared to the US, the meat industry in Sweden is harder regulated.

  • Liana O'Reilly Reply

    Hi! Here's an article we recently published about the "low-fat" food and beverage industry - where the reduction of animal based fats in foods and drinks often comes at a cost of additional sugars. We are hopefully trying to help everyone become a little more aware of whats in their foods, and so we also provided some more information on what to look for with other Chinese products. Hope some people find it useful, and if you do - please consider subscribing to the WeChat account to get more relevant information.

  • Keshaun Gorczany Reply

    ew supporting the meat industry..real "cool"

  • Cielo Kshlerin Reply

    I'm Gordon Ramsay and this is my kitchen. I work here with my old pan and my chef, Big H. Everyone here has a story and a meal. One thing I learned after 21 years, you never know who's gonna make shit food.

  • Major Homenick Reply

    Hunting can't be pinned down to one meaning. There are many types of hunting. There is hunting for food, hunting to control animal population, hunting for safety-related reasons, hunting for personal gain and hunting for the fun of it. What is what, and when do we draw a line? Why would hunting be worse than the state of the meat industry? I think it's not possible to give one simple opinion if you want to be consistent.

  • Walter Walter Reply

    ehh all I was saying is food inc shows you how shady the food industry is if you never knew. Well yes that's the point of the film.It explains a bit how some giant corporations can do what they want because, they have the money and connections to do so.

  • Maurine Luettgen Reply

    Possibly the meat industry, if synthetic meat production ever takes off.

  • Watson Padberg Reply

    The meat industry, in general.

  • Micah Satterfield Reply

    >Calories, portions, macros. Americans are constantly lied to by the food and diet industry and it needs to stop. They're killing us. Ironic that I wouldn't be surprised to see this exact same language on an FA blog, but instead of the reaction of >What we need is comprehensive, science based nutrition education at every stage of life. they would prefer to convince themselves that nothing can be done. Which is to say, while I'm sure the HAES people would still be around without the diet industry, I think their cause has been fueled by it. They are killing us through misinformation.

  • Kim Johnston Reply

    Is she a umpa lumpa?

  • Colin Schroeder Reply

    >Not impersonating Gordon Ramsay and criticizing Chad and Stacey's kitchen, fridge and food. I've never ever ever ever met someone I believe in as little as Anon.

  • Rodrick Wyman Reply

    this low carb shit is literally killing western nations. every fucking disease killing us is from the meat and dairy industry basically, your body runs on carbs. the fucking surgeon general is a vegan and has endorsed Plant-Based Diet. why do you think people are not fat in asian countries (prior to fast food coming in over the last two decades) low carb diets will kill you. watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpewnQoh45c

  • Maudie Cummings Reply

    Not the OP but man I wish. One of the first things I do is wall off the 'courtyard' area of my colony so wildlife doesn't bug us. I usually end up with 50+ huskies because I feel bad killing them for food.

  • Clement Bartell Reply

    1. Even if let's say the word wouldn't be murder, you wouldn't see it as wrong? 2. Then why do you support the meat industry? 3. Killing isn't illegal in war. Killing is illegal without a hunting license (and even then you have specific animals, rules, etc.) 4. I can't really argue since that's just your point of view. 5. That's cool with me? I mean, if you nothing to eat then yes you can use meat. But most of us in the civilised world do not have a need to kill for food.

  • Dolly Haag Reply

    Gordon Ramsay cooks food, Lebron James plays basketball, and Kevin Pillar strikes out like it's his job.

  • Fleta Gusikowski Reply

    I agree!! "Diet" is a thing you go on to lose a few pounds before you go back to doing exactly what you did to get fat. What we need is comprehensive, science based nutrition education at every stage of life. Calories, portions, macros. Americans are constantly lied to by the food and diet industry and it needs to stop. They're killing us.

  • Henderson Stamm Reply

    Umpa lumpa land 🐼

  • Dahlia Romaguera Reply

    Umpa lumpa

  • Verla Homenick Reply

    and if you are a coroner you will always call it Alzheimers on your reports or risk getting sued by the meat industry.

  • Guillermo Koch Reply

    "That was the most intelligent cow. He understood the meat industry."

  • Connor Jerde Reply

    like an umpa lumpa

  • Donald Fahey Reply

    Gordon Ramsay wins because he criticizes Fieri's food to the point where Beerus doesn't even want to touch it.

  • Sincere Green Reply

    They need to get Gordon Ramsay to do an episode of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares there, reimagine British food.

  • Jena Feest Reply

    Supporting the meat industry.

  • Flavie Willms Reply

    No need. I already do 7 sit-ups a week.

  • Isaac Muller Reply

    I bet these aholes are scamming us , has anyone heard of the quality of food in prison. It is the bare minimum to sustain life without killing you instantly. No way they spend more than $.60 per inmate and day.

  • Drake Miller Reply

    Yes, sadly. US bee keepers lose about half of their hives each winter, and have to replace them. This is bad, really bad, as over 70% of our food crops require bee pollination. Too many pesticides on crops is part of the issue. And lately, two states have sprayed for zika mosquitos, killing of millions of bees.

  • Merlin Hessel Reply

    I'm sorry, but I don't agree with your view point, I fully accept and respect your moral obligation to not kill animals, but I do not understand why you would do this to your pet, which if given the choice they would eat meat. If you do not want to support the pet food industry I understand, and there are other options. I think you should feed your dog a mix of meat and vegetables, because they need this combination of nutrients. I accept that you may disagree with my view point, so talk to your vet about it, because they know whats best

  • Cindy Klocko Reply

    >Do you eat meat? Yes. >Do you think it's morally wrong to eat meat? Absolutely not. Violence/murder for food exists throughout the animal kingdom; it's a naive and isolated bourgeois whine to refuse to eat it. >What do you think about the situation of the meat industry? I support it because it feeds the planet, providing necessary nutrients.

  • Arielle Mitchell Reply

    The way animals are treated in the meat industry :'(

  • Mireya Strosin Reply

    Revenge is served best in a cold dish. You did fine. 😃 Frankly if they were mean to you/your staff/employees , you did nothing unethical at all..they deserved it. Too often young people/people in general get harassed by selfish costumer's in the food industry..it's ok though..not you/they can't bother you like that..,you did what you had to do..so don't sweat it....

  • Jeff Waelchi Reply

    Umpa lumpa

  • Dillon Bogisich Reply

    But the difference is that the food industry here uses those methods to meet increasingly growing demands, whereas whaling in Japan is used to satisfy an influential minority that only shrinks with every new generation. You ask the US government to enforce better treatment of livestock, and they'd probably say that those mass farming methods are necessary to meet demand (not saying that's true). You ask the Japanese government to stop killing whales and they'll tell you it's a cultural tradition. There's a significant difference in how entangled the meat industry is with Americans, and how entangled the whaling industry is with the Japanese. It's only an influential minority in Japan that wants to continue consuming whale meat.

  • Taya Bailey Reply

    Well, I certainly applaud anyone wanting to do a hundred pushups, but take it from this old gym rat, I've spent my entire adult life in the gym, and a program like this one can do more harm than good. If you only train one part of your body (and that's all a single exercise like pushups is going to do for you), you're setting yourself up for injuries down the road. I've seen it a hundred times. It's like putting a powerful engine in a stock Toyota Tercel. What will you accomplish? You'll blow out the drive train, the clutch, the transmission, etc., because those factory parts aren't designed to handle the power of an engine much more powerful than the factory installed engine. Push-ups basically only train the chest muscles and to some extent, the triceps. What you really want to do is train your entire body, all the major muscle groups (chest, back, abdomen, legs, shoulders and arms) at the same time, over the course of a workout. And don't forget your cardiovascular work! I'm proud of you guys wanting to do this. Three cheers! Falling in love with exercise, eating right, etc., is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself. And you WILL fall in love with it if you can just force yourself to stick with it a year or two and experience the amazing progress you'll make. But do it right, okay? My advice, find a good gym, with qualified trainers who will design your programs for you (especially in the beginning, until you get the hang of it yourself) and guide you in your quest for physical fitness. Thirty to 45 minutes a day, three days a week, is all you'll ever need to do (I refuse to believe anyone is so busy that he or she cannot make time for that, especially considering how important it is). And don't worry about being embarrassed or not being in shape the first time you walk into the gym. You have to start somewhere and almost every one of us were there ourselves at one time. So no one will say anything to you and very, very quickly you will progress way beyond that stage anyway. Now get out there and do it! :-)

  • Noel Bechtelar Reply

    So your a fattie then. No surprise there. The fact your brain is addled with fat deposits explains why it does not function properly. I shall make allowances in future. Hallefuckingeullah!!! You now concede she did actually go to his door on the fateful day. You concede therefore that Avery's version of events is incorrect. You need to let all your sycophants know about this damascene conversion and start to bring them into the light. Wonders will never cease. With my help there may be the tiniest bit of hope yet for you. So at least we agree that she knocked on the door. What about your second point. Do you seriously believe Avery didn't invite her in for an afternoon of sex? Of course he did. After all he thinks he's as good looking as Brad Pitt. So lets accept that he invited her in. She refused as she thought he resembled an umpa lumpa more than Brad Pitt. He therefore dragged her in and the rest is history. Deal with it fattie.

  • Garry Trantow Reply

    It's the food Gordon Ramsay is served on those TV shows.

  • Owen Rau Reply

    Umpa lumpa lum.

  • Vivienne Romaguera Reply

    It's just a saying, you can either find inspiration in it or you can be pessimistic and see it as a blanket statement. I choose inspiration. I've been doing my own thing for 2 years now after working in the food service industry for over 10 years. Is it a lot of hard work? Sure. Could I go broke and be back at square one tomorrow? Absolutely, but everyday I wake up and choose to do what I do because It's what I want. Life is just a series of choices.

  • Kenya O'Keefe Reply

    Problem is here, that some people like you get really lucky. While the rest of us gets molten ash from a Pandaren Chef every now and then in exchange for raw food we get from killing wild beasts.

  • Sylvan Reilly Reply

    I feel like everyone should work in a call centre, retail or the food industry for a while when they first start working. It's only when you've worked there do you realise what some of them have to put up with. It's at that point that you just want to keep things simple for you and them and to just get on with your life.

  • Robyn Schinner Reply

    I hope you don't think that I'm against GMOs. I understand their necessary role in today's global food supply. I definitely will check out those links. Feel free not to answer and leave the conversation. About how old are you? (I'm just curious cause it seems like you know a lot about a lot. How do you know so much about so much?) What industry do you work in? (Is it agriculture? Biopharma? Do you know all of this just because your interested?)

  • Evert Rolfson Reply

    The meat industry

  • Hailee Erdman Reply

    Do what you love. Unless you love cooking. Cause you'll end up hating what you love. Cooking is for you, friends, family, so on. Not a skill to be sold to the lowest bidder. Its a beautiful thing, putting all your hard work and love and emotion into a dish for you and your loved one's to eat, then you get to enjoy everyone eating what you made. Its a circle of love and appreciation. You can't do that in the food industry. It's not cooking. Its building food. I don't want to build someone else's dishes. I want to cook my own.

  • Alisha Durgan Reply

    Maybe you should look it up and find out? Because the only milk that is intended for humans is human milk. Cows milk is for baby cows. Dairy milk is cow breast milk. It's disgusting that anyone would even want it, let alone the way it is literally *forced* on us by the food industry. You are entitled to your opinion, and I am entitled to mine. Before domestication, people lived off what they could hunt/forage. Killing animals was harder, but animal fats and meat etc is extremely calorie dense. The concept of being vegan is pretty new. Food is really easy to get now, it would be unnecessary to be vegan in times of scarcity. Animal agriculture is a disgustingly massive industry and veganism grew out of vegetarian awareness of how industrialization was treating animals and the planet. The fears of those early vegetarians (including Ghandi) have spiralled completely out of control.

  • Juston Mann Reply

    Its normal, it us you human instinct telling you to run outside enjoy the sun, nature and love instead of making fcking junkfood for people who will get hearth diseases in a couple of years. Quit your job and feel better knowing you kill no one promoting junk food and MASS cow production for the same shitty coorporation that is killing all forest to grow GMO cowfood promoted by the government who is paid by pharma industry to get people sick, weak dumb and unhealthy

  • Ambrose Mayer Reply

    Instantly killing a free wild deer with a bullet to the heart is FAR more humane than the practices of factory farms where most of us get our food.

  • Sandy Morar Reply

    What do you think Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Amazon, Target and every other retailer is doing? They're buying stuff in bulk at a lower cost and reselling it to you at a higher price. Fast food places...sure they're in the service industry. The service of buying food and reselling it to you once it's been combined and cooked. Gas & oil industry....US is the leading exporter of oil in the world. Why? Because we buy it, refine it and then resell it.

  • Gonzalo McGlynn Reply

    Climate change tied to the meat industry.

  • Rosalia Farrell Reply

    Other option: Have a threshold. Any tabs that have over a $25 tab, ordered food, OR have had 4 drinks, their tip gets split. Personally, your method is my preferred method, but this is also an option. At the place I'm at now we do exactly what you described. It's good because you're never keeping on or cutting the mid to make more money. It's bad because we have a nice industry rush at about 11pm-2am, so the closer kind of gets screwed, but not really.

  • Chester Weimann Reply

    Animals kill animals so how is us killing animals for food any different? Meat is not the problem. The problem is how we raise and keep our livestock. The lack of humane practices in the industry is the problem. Everything dies so why not use what they leave behind? Sustainability is the name of the game.

  • Tressie Oberbrunner Reply

    "Docs will probably say it's not from the animal products because they know nothing about nutrition and follow the federal governments food guide that is sponsored by the meat, dairy, egg and fish industry. But I know it's animal products is the reason." Oh god... Please listen to your doctors, although you think you are smarter than them, you are not. They are among the most educated people on the planet and has been studying for longer than you've been alive. You have no clue what caused your cancer, you probably don't even know what a cancer is or why they are formed. Your doctors do. So please stop treating them like total idiots when its the other way around.

  • Pearl Reilly Reply

    >That's not a reasonable answer. Why do you think people go to McDonald's often? It's not the food, **it's mostly the cost**. It's dirt cheap and bad for you, sure, but that's the option they have. No it's not, it's the convenience due to laziness. If you buy staple ingredients and actually cook food you'll spend about half what you would at McDonalds for a healthier and more complete meal. Also, the meat industry is propped up by government subsidy because they know the average consumer can't afford what meat really costs. It's a perpetual bullshit bailout solely in the name of corporate profit.

  • Johnnie Schimmel Reply

    I'm with you on the "do what you love" sentiment, but I disagree *strongly* on your last point regarding age. My mother is a chef and I've been around the food industry my whole life. She thinks there is a huge ageism problem in the industry -- nobody wants to hire a 55 year old woman despite her extensive resume, and they would much rather hire a young "up and coming" chef. The more experience she gets, the HARDER it is to find work. Also, it's a very physically demanding career, and the older you get the more difficult that becomes. Office jobs are filled with 60+ year olds.

  • Alyce Jacobson Reply

    Requiem for the American Dream. Goes quite in depth about how the US is done and will never recover. Also, Fed Up. How the sugar industry and big food are essentially killing everyone.

  • Erick Hessel Reply

    What's happening to SF for those public service jobs that people still can't afford housing? For the private industry thay performs service jobs like fast food and retail, they will hire immigrants. Because raising wages is the LAST thing they do in a globalized econony.

  • Elise Emmerich Reply

    I wasn't trying to force you into taking it down. I'm sorry. Hell, maybe my interpretation of the messages is the minority's view. I am curious, though: (a) do you work in the food industry and (b) what was the message immediately prior to the first one shown?

  • Noble Harris Reply

    Umpa Lumpa

  • Kameron Emmerich Reply

    For the meat-packing industry? You bet.

  • Katharina Gibson Reply

    Meat industry

  • Benny Kiehn Reply

    Well, that fuck up is still on us humans for effectively poisoning the ants' food and killing them.

  • Joshua Bradtke Reply

    I mean lets be honest here, what job will a robot not be able to do? My job can be autonomous Welding autonomous Assembly line autonomous Serving food autonomous (entire food industry) restaurants will have zero people working there. Robot only. Robots can't design, that's where we trump them. So yeah if you're a designer/architectural engineer then yeah you're safe.

  • Angelica Nicolas Reply

    Gordon Ramsay's videos are pretty great as well as Chef John's videos from food wishes.

  • Haleigh Steuber Reply

    US Corps are getting a better feel for the amount of corruption in China. Other than fast food (which even that is questionable) what US Corp is killing it in China? Apple? We'll never know what the cost is to apple. I'm sure the CCP is getting some massive hong bao.

  • Bell Torp Reply

    Because the dairy industry is even worse than the meat industry.

  • Raina Marvin Reply

    not again, fuck the meat industry

  • Sally Walsh Reply

    Read about some of stuff that went on in the American meat packing industry.

  • Jedidiah Bradtke Reply

    I agree. Obesity related illnesses are going to bankrupt our healthcare system, but the food industry keeps churning out the sugar-, fat-, and salt-, laden foods it does for profit despite the fact it is killing us!! The sugar industry has way too much influence in our government. Look into it. It's really scary!

  • Lois Miller Reply

    It's just like a Civ game. Build the things that boost your resource gathering first (industry, food, dust) and then use those things to build what you need.. same with research.. research techs that get you resource buildings. Get a hero for your city early on as well. Use the hero you already have as your army leader and go gain experience and do quests.

  • Mozelle Sauer Reply

    The stuff I've seen about beekeping isn't friendly. Firstly, the whole honey business runs on exploitation. Bees make honey as food for themselves, not human, not friendly yellow bears, THEMSELVES. Only for us to replace it with a shitty replacement of sugar water. Worker bees only make honey when the queen is in the hive. How do you ensure the queen is always in the hive to get maximum profit? You pull off her wings. Yes, it is a real practise. You immobilise the queen bee by doing the cruel thing young kids do to flies. Often bees are only given one type of plant to pollinate when done on mass scale, and monoculture is NOT good. Queen bees are transported across countries and states, which takes many days and they often die. If you value veganism as preventing your funding of exploitation and cruelty to animals, you won't fund the honey industry. It does not save the bees, its killing them.

  • Ellsworth Brakus Reply

    You forgot the meat industry.

  • Adam Romaguera Reply

    As someone who worked in the grocery industry....people have no idea where their food comes from. Example: Near closing it at our store a customer walks up to me and asks this: Lady - What are you doing? Me - We're restocking the shelves for tomorrow. lady - Do you do this every night? Me- Yes, we have to to keep the shelves full so you have lots of selection and supplies to choose from. Lady - So....you have to do this every night? Me - That's what I said. We cant make all this food magically appear, someone has to restock it. Lady - I had no idea......

  • Winnifred Fay Reply

    Whats the best way to have an egg industry? Do you haul male birds into the 1x1 room you have your females boarded in AFTER they lay the eggs? how long do you keep them in there for? when can you move the the male to another room? Do turkeys need to eat? how would I go about having both a turkey breeding program AND cooking eggs at the same time without messing each industry up? Food industry has always confused me so much

  • Kelley Casper Reply

    I think veganism is perfectly valid, and if you're really able to stick with it you have more resolve than I do. I totally sympathize with the concerns about the modern meat and dairy industry, although I would argue that the farming industry is no better. That said, I feel like food is so personal that it's never okay to tell someone how they should be eating, and the evangelical vegans put a bad taste in my mouth. But people who are just doing what they think is best? Not my business and power to you. But please don't feed cats vegan. They'll go blind and die.

  • Brandi Reichert Reply

    the "no preservatives or anything" IS key to me. I'd prefer eating home made pastries using butter, some proper flour, some good cocoa or other ingredients rather than meat from god knows where and raised under god knows what conditions. And I'm all for an animal based diet (doesn't mean boat loads of meat though). I agree with many, many points made [here by a fellow Dr](http://www.nofructose.com/2014/12/19/hospital-food-is-crap-and-its-killing-my-patients-and-what-to-do-about-it/). We aren't so-called nutrition experts as he correctly reminds it, which I believe gives us a better impartiality when it comes to the big picture of what is healthy and what's not.

  • Jackeline Pacocha Reply

    Holy fuck this guy is woke. >Trump is not a racist. Again, it's the media who gives us those perceptions. You see, because the Democratic party-they always control the black people; it's a plantation. As long as they're on the mammary gland of America, sucking at their food stamps, getting their welfare >#**and they're not dreaming for the stars**. >And society is killing that dream. They're killing that dream with this globalism. >**To hell with globalism**. If there are any #NeverTrump cucks or Hill shills lurking, remember this interview in November. This is the sentiment people will be taking to the voting booth.

  • Jordyn Stehr Reply

    There's a great programme on Netflix on how bad sugar is for you and that it's making children fat and diabetic in the US. It also shows how the sugar companies in America strong arm the world health organisation and government in to not publishing reports recommending that people's daily intake of sugar is reduced. We've been brainwashed in to thinking fast food is convenient and cheaper than cooking. Then there's he whole 'eating healthy is so hard and expensive' argument. Frozen veg is SO SO cheap! Keep it up OP as fast food and soda is slowing killing the population. Our relationship with food needs to change!

  • Marilou Upton Reply

    So I'm home a lot more now than my girlfriend, so I do a bit of clean up (we're both in the food industry, and like coming up with new and different approaches to recipes). I do a lot of the clean up the morning after, so what I do is smoke a ffffffaaaaty bowl and just tackle it. I just blast some music and go. Normally I get so lost in thought I just go autopilot and an hour later it's done. Then I can fuck off for like 3 hours xD

  • Ariane Koelpin Reply

    So if I make a thing, how is that zero-sum? As soon as I sell it, I introduced value into the market, in which that value was not accounted for before. How is growing corn zero-sum? How is that accountant doing paperless math on that computer zero-sum? What about the service industry? What about all the worlds around us with finite resources? What you aren't even thinking about is the market defining the availability of the item and representing a true value for it if it's extremely limited. That product, in a socialist system, would just disappear, because there is nothing to tell you otherwise. It's why we end up with bread lines. "Buffalo? Bah, let's just keep on killing them 'til they are extinct and worry about another food source later."

  • Tanya Stokes Reply

    Do you not understand the concept of inflation? Regarding the "back in my day it cost half that". It is unlikely the price of mcdonald's food has outpaced inflation. And you're always welcome to take your consumption elsewhere. McDonald's isn't a monopoly in the fast food industry. They charge you more because it results in them earning more, and that's what they're *supposed* to do.

  • Bernita Gaylord Reply

    "The Art of Simple Food" by Alice Waters is good as well. I would also highly recommend Gordon Ramsay's video season, "Ultimate Cookery Course".

  • Samara Stokes Reply

    Umpa lumpa...

  • Missouri Harber Reply

    This is somewhat discussed in an anime, I think in Attack on Titan. It had me thinking. The top of the food chain is us, so what will happen if there will be species that replaces us which is the Titans. Titans only eat humans but we, humans, don't know why. It is just like the animals that we kill for food. The animals don't know why we are killing them.

  • Hermann Heathcote Reply

    Nothing will change until we regulate the food industry( and stop subsidizing cheap empty calories through our farm subsidies). They know how to make food that is addictive and they have gotten a lot of us hooked. They don't care that their food is killing us, but only about profits. Some of us, like you and I, choose to avoid this toxic processed food but most will not and the healthcare bills will continue to rise until something is done.

  • Jerald McGlynn Reply

    In the US: cook. It's not that hard, despite what the food industry wants you to think. You should know how to use a knife and prep some simple meals. It's the healthy thing to do and it saves you money!

  • Alexandro Larson Reply

    Who in their right mind would ever think it's a good idea to argue *food* with Gordon fucking Ramsay.

  • Janelle Funk Reply


  • Esperanza Friesen Reply

    Yeah, I'm not a beef industry lobbyist, I'm okay with lab meat

  • Mikel Veum Reply

    They should atleast give us some food for killing people. There is no point in fighting when another person who didn't have to tank will finish you off after you kill your target.

  • Jordyn Nader Reply

    No fucking shit it's fast food. What do you expect some 5 star quality meal from Gordon Ramsay?

  • Jose Renner Reply

    hallo fellow fat person I weigh 291 but I'm only 5'4 so I look like an umpa lumpa. What is your strategy to lose weight? Have you read about a high fat low carb diet?

  • Margarett Bailey Reply

    Umpa lumpa

  • Leonie Anderson Reply

    That's a very interesting remark, I've never thought twice about saying "team got killed" etc. Perhaps the difference in dissonance is a result of us killing things all the time like our food, or bugs in our homes. We don't really rape animals, we just rape other humans.

  • Mathias Heller Reply

    Season 6 with guest Gordon Ramsay: Food Wars! It's RAAAAAAAAAAAAW!