TrinketSea Wide Cuff Bracelets for Women Hollow Black Vintage Band Open End Adjustable

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Wide cuff bracelets for women, hollow carved in black color, wide bangle bracelet for wrist fashion

Style: Wide cuff bangle bracelets for women;
Features: Opening end for adjustable freedom;
Color: Vintage black;
Materials: Metal, eco friendly;
Measurement: Perimeter - 20cm/7.87"

TrinketSea is for those who want more!!
TrinketSea design original fashion and costume jewelry with a wide selection in house. We use high quality and eco-friendly materials for all finished jewelry. We also manufacture each piece of fashion and costume jewelry in the same exclusive factories as those big brands, but more affordable price.

TrinketSea give the following tips to keep your jewelry tarnish free:

1). Please wipe each piece of your jewelry as soon as you remove it. Just use a soft clean cloth to remove any oild, salt or acid contaminants, so to keep each piece dry and clean.

2). Please store your jewelry in a jewelry box, with a moisture absorbing materials.

3). Please dry your hand before handling any of your jewelry. Just remove your jewelry before showering, swimming or exercising.

Your jewelry should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off!!

  • Wide cuff bracelets for women wrist fashion
  • Black hollow wide bangle cuff bracelet add retro inspired touch
  • Opening end give adjustable freedom for comfortable fit
  • Sturdy Jewelry Box packed, a perfect jewelry gift for any girl you care
  • Unique wide black cuff bangle bracelet suitable for many occasions, e.g Anniversary, graduation, wedding, ceremony, parties etc
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