This stir fry based on pastured beef, and cabbage and just about any other veg, is a staple of my diet. It is so versatile I have it 4 or 5 times a week and never get tired of it

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  • Marielle Rempel Reply

    If you replaced 1.5 hr of weights with 1.5hr of running every day for a week, you would run for 10.5 hours. Given a pace of 8mph, you would do 84 miles, while burning 150 cal/mile. That would burn 3.6lb of fat. Not to mention all the water weight lost. You can't burn 3.6lb of fat in a week by dieting. You could loose the water weight, but not that much fat if you just dieted. Unless you ate close to nothing.

  • William Heller Reply

    Cytosport 100% whey. Super low carbs and fat, high protein per serving. Mixes way easy with water. Available at Costco in a 6lb bag for ~$40 Personally I do 2 scoops of the vanilla flavor and add a tablespoon of PB2 for delicious goodness.

  • Skyla Gutmann Reply

    Would guess so. For me it seems rather impossible to loose 6lb of body fat in 4 days due to cal. deficit.

  • Ignacio Kerluke Reply

    Another pulled pork recipe! I had an apple-themed party last week, and wanted to go the savory route. Admittedly, this is more sweet than savory. Serve it either by itself, or pair it with apple’s favorite cheese (cheddar) and caramelized onions. The meat: 5-6lb Pork Shoulder, bone-in or bone-out The Apples: 3 Gala Apples (to cook with) Optional: 1 Red Delicious Apple (to mix into the pork) The Rub: 2 tsp Paprika 2 tsp Brown Sugar 2 tsp Garlic Powder 1 tsp Ground Mustard 1 tsp Kosher Salt The Glaze: Up to 2 Qt Apple Cider 1 tsp dry Sage 1/2 tsp dry Thyme 1 tsp Black Pepper 1 Bay leaf Salt to taste Others: 2-4 Large, White Onions Kaiser Rolls Cheddar Red Wine Apple Cider Vinegar Early in the day: Trim the pork. Coat it with the rub, then brown it. Peel and slice up the gala apples, and place them on the bottom of your slow cooker. Once the pork is browned, put it on top of the apples. Optionally, add a mixture of cider, apple cider vinegar, and red wine as liquid. Max 1 cup total liquid (I recommend less). Cook for 6 on high or 10 on low. I use a small slowcooker to start the caramelized onion process. Slice 2 to 4 onions, then soften on the stove with oil. Use the apple cider as your liquid. Place in slow cooker. Cook on low alongside the pork. Later in the day: The pork is done when it falls apart as you take it out. Pull it! Keep an eye out for chunks of fat. Start the glaze. Use 2 cups of cider as your base. You can also add some of the fluid left over from the cooking as well. Mix in your herbs. Reduce to a watery-thick result (but not too thick). Dilute with water or cider as needed. Add salt to taste. Mix with pork when done! Skin and dice an apple into the pork for extra crunch. Finish your caramelized onions on the stove. Serve on a roll with a slice of cheddar and a layer of caramelized onions. Notes: Can I use hard cider? Yes, but I strongly recommend regular cider. Regular cider is more flavorful whereas hard cider is more filtered. You could always use both. Can I use other apples? Yes. I used gala because they were on sale. I used red delicious because I am not allergic to them raw. Is there a BBQ variant? Yes, if you want to make a BBQ version, thicken the glaze so it’s almost like honey, then mix with bbq sauce in a 1:2 to 1:3 ratio (glaze to bbq) depending on how much apple flavor you want. Do I have to add an apple to the pulled pork? No, I added it for additional apple-ness and texture. However, fresh apples in the pulled pork is very good when the pulled pork is eaten by itself (instead of in a bun, though it’s also good in a bun).

  • Nova Klein Reply

    That's a complicated question. I wonder if getting all those calories from a drink affects the bio-availability of those calories. As the drink doesn't stay in your gut as long as solid food maybe you don't have time to digest and absorb them all. I have personally used Huel to add weight but I have 4 scoops per day in addition to a high protein diet. I also lift weights 3 times per week. I was always skinny and diet+weights helped me add about 10lb but then I plateaued and couldn't stomach eating more food. The Huel helped me add another 5-6lb. During this time my body fat hasn't increased so I know the gains are all healthy lean mass.

  • Clementina Jacobs Reply

    Here's a great way to make a lot of food for cheap. Buy: 5-6lb Bone in Boston Butt Roast - Usually $1.99 a LB so say $13 at most 1 LB Dried Beans (Lima, Kidney, Black, etc) - $2 or less 1 Package of Bread - $2 2LB Rice - $2 BBQ Sauce - $1 Total = $20 1. Slow cook the Roast in a Crock Pot or large pot for about 6-8 hours or until the meat shreds easily. Only lightly season with Salt and Pepper. 2. Remove Roast from pot and pour dried beans into the fat and juices left over from the Pork Roast. 3. Remove Bone from Pork roast and add to beans pot. 4. Add some water to keep beans from drying out and cook 3-4 hours on low simmer. 5. Cook the rice now or at each meal time. Meals: 1. Pulled Pork Sandwiches by shredding some pork, putting it on bread, then adding BBQ Sauce. 2. Beans and Rice 3. Sliced Pork Roast with Rice Not sure what the total calories is for that but it should keep you fed for a week on just #20 bucks. And you will probably have left over Rice and Bread at the end. PRO TIP: Beans are always better the next day after you cook them. Another Idea: Rotisserie Chicken - $6 Mayo - $2 2 lb Rice - $2 3 bags of Frozen Veggies you like in Soups (Carrots, Brocoli, Brussel Sprouts, Okra, etc) - $5 Meal 1 - Eat Chicken Wings and Rice Meal 2 - Shred the Breasts and add to rice at the end of cooking (cook rice in Chicken Stock if you have it instead of water) = Chicken and Rice Snacks - Shred thigh and drumstick meat and mix with Mayo to make chicken salad. Meal 3 and 4 - Put Chicken Carcass in a pot with the little bit of meat left on it with all your veggies and some rice, then simmer until veggies are done. Remove carcass pick all meat off and throw it back into the pot then discard bones. = Chicken and Veggie Soup At least 4 meals and some snacks for about $15 or even cheaper if you just use fresh potatoes and carrots for veggies. Plus you have left over Mayo and Rice. The trend here is to use super cheap carbs to make everything stretch.

  • Russ Beahan Reply

    Read FAQ section on this subreddit. Forgive me if i seem patronising. I dont know how much you know about CICO. The main things i have taken from the faq and this sub in general (and I've lost coming up to 50 pounds from this in nearly 13 weeks): Go on BMR calculator and find what your BMR is (BMR = Basal Metabolic Rate. I.e how many calories your body needs per day if you were just to lay in bed doing jack all. (Set activity level on the calculator to sedentary) Once you know how many calories your body needs you then start eating under that number. You can so this by getting some food scales and weighing whatever you make at home and log it into myfitnesspal or another similar app and log any calories on food packages when you eat out. Or what i do which i believe to be more accurate, is log it into my phones notepad and calculate it on google after i eat. Once you eat under your BMR your body will then start consuming fat, muscle and your glycogen stores to compensate for the calorie deficit. It aint rocket science and it really REALLY is not as hard or complicated as you may think. It's called CICO; calories in vs calories out. If you eat more calories than your body requires it will store the excess. If you eat less calories than your body requires then it will start eating away at its reserves. It does take a bit of self discipline and at times its hard. But you can do it. If i can then you can and i ate whatever the fuck i wanted when i wanted and ended up at 286.6lb. If you can do it for seven days, you can do it another seven until you get to 13 weeks and wonder where the hell the time went and where over 3 stone got to :D

  • Torrance Kulas Reply

    for the past two weeks I have survived on costco thai soup +coconut oil and protein shakes (Garden of Life or Kirkland low carb) and sugar snap peas and I can vouch for the eggs part plus costco sells this really long sausage pack (heh) I forgot how many lbs it is but its like 4-6 bucks and it lasts me about 3 weeks and I will eat it close to everyday for breakfast

  • Margot Bauch Reply

    Me: 33M, gamer - work in the industry, losing weight fast. Same MO in high school. Lost weight in my 20s, and ballooned huge when I transfered from an active job to a desk job (+stress) Your hangups: Yup you keep your shirt on, get it. insecure -> get it. just want to not be fat -> get it. Should you lose weight: Yes right now before you stretch all your young skin out, become more reclusive, have trouble dating etc. You are 17, you can lose weight quickly. Plans: All diet plans revolve around calories in vs calories out at the basic level. ALL OF THEM. weight watchers, slow carb, low carb, paleo. They are diets which "happen" to not include bags of chips. My Plan: I weigh my food and googled calories, kept a list (i remember ratios for common foods now -> kcal:g, but I still weight food. I do 1200-1400 calories/day + one cheat day (usually 4500 calories) every 6 days. I'm losing 0.6lb/day Suggestions: You should eat more than me, you are 17 and i'm not going to suggest to try to rock bottom a diet. I suggest finding a calorie limit that allows you to take a break once a week, real life (parties etc) get in the way of diets. tips: I weigh myself every day in the morning and record it. The more data you keep the less magic weight fluctuations are. Buy your own shit, you aren't a kid anymore, you should own your own foodscale, bodyweight scale and tupperware/food if your family can not provide it. Get a part time job if you have to. **keep tracking your weight minimum 6 months after you hit your goal, or you will gain it all back, then once a week**

  • Zachery Mohr Reply

    Great job! CICO is king. It WILL work. The only reason it might fail is if you do it wrong. There's the evidence. 6lb down. GO YOU :D :D :D You're right that some of that 6lb is water weight, but you WILL have lost fat too. your weight loss rate might level out at some point in the coming weeks and it's easy to get disheartened when that big drop doesn't show up week after week - especially when any losses you do make can be masked by your body's monthly fluctuations ): But CICO works, no doubt about it!

  • Amie Ortiz Reply

    It can take 3-4 weeks (even more for some) to switch to keto so factor that in (just in case you haven't committed to a low carb diet). Then your body is pretty adaptable. From what I understand and have personally experienced, lifting under keto is fine up to a point (then switching to carbs or at least cycling them) is needed for progress.

  • Buford Gleason Reply

    It's when you mix fat and sugar/carbs that things go south. With glucose in your blood, insulin will shuttle all the consumed fat to storage cells, contributing to weight gain. I stopped eating sugar this summer and ate a high fat, low carb diet for 6 weeks. I lost 40 pounds and almost 4 inches off my waist.

  • Karli Graham Reply

    I'm looking forward to that because assuming you're 12% was accurate, that means you lost 6lb of fat while gaining 16lb of muscle eating in a deficit. And I'm guessing 1800 is a pretty big deficit for you at 6' 200lb.

  • Wilmer Nolan Reply

    I've done low-carb high-fat and haven't had bread, pasta, sugar or simple carbs for a month. I have no bipolar symptoms for the last 2 weeks, I've had endless energy, dropped 7kg in 4 weeks. 10/10 for a great choice and have a great month :)

  • Zoie Braun Reply

    I was kinda hoping for a bit of a recomp during it though. Low carb high protein type stuff. Any chance I could get away with that over the course of 6 weeks? Maybe, 5-6 pounds of body fat lost and 3-4 pounds of muscle gained?

  • Adrienne Rutherford Reply

    In all honesty, a smaller brisket should still take the same amount of time more or less, it's all about how long that internal fat is rendering. Our 6lb briskets maybe cook half an hour less than our 14lb briskets

  • Jaylan Fahey Reply

    Thanks, I'm going to dry hop in the primary (4 days), cold crash(1 day) then transfer to keg as i normally do. I stopped doing a secondary a while back and was thinking i might be missing some of maturing benefits to my beer. I do leave it in the primary for about 2 weeks and 2 weeks forced carb at low temperature so i think i've got it covered.

  • Nicolas Blanda Reply

    No problem. I was half-heartedly at it last October-November, but really got serious in January and lost an average of 6lb a month until April. In April I started really losing will power, struggling with cravings and bingeing a little. That plus a big exam looming in early June made me decide to switch to maintenance in May. I struggle with concentration and energy when I'm cutting and need to pass this exam. I still have plenty fat to lose but don't have a goal weight in mind. I've definitely gained some muscle over the last 6 months and will probably feel 'done' when my body feels right to me. My plan is to cut hard from mid-June to August and review at that stage, whether to move towards a slower cut or maintain for a while and then cut again. I read an interesting article recently that someone on the xxfitness reddit group shared, about how a series of hard cuts followed by periods of maintenance can be more beneficial than one long cut. I can't find the source right now but if I do I'll send it on. I think this approach might work well for me personally. One interesting point is that I also decided to test out intuitive-ish eating when I switched to maintenance, but although I've never been hungry, I still seem to be losing slightly, ~0.5lb a week or so. I'll have to watch that a while longer though to see if it's a real trend. On my cut I was tracking 1600 calories max with 100g protein minimum, so 25%+ from protein, and average around 20% fat, 45% carbs, but I wasn't too concerned about those. I'm not tracking closely this month, but I'd estimate that I'm coming in around 2300 calories each day, with very similar ratios. Hope that's clear but if you have any questions just shout!

  • Helena Lind Reply

    Gak you seem to be doing everything right including IF Certainly hit your protein. You could try one of three things all of which keep calories at about the same level or a bit higher 1. eating at maintenance for a day or two which will be harder if you aren't so hungry, (this is to shake things up and if you've been at a deficit for a month or more then a maintenance day kind of upregulates metabolism - it only drops a tad but we have a tendency to think think that the answer is always going lower and lower and our bodies adjust to it. 2. cutting way back on the cheese and coconut oil and almonds so that you have more room to meet the protein macro because it's the important one and by dropping some of the fat to meet protein you are slightly rearranging macros and again shaking things up without dropping calories - and lots of cheese and nuts can be a problem as they are soooo easy to overdo 3. increasing your window a bit because some people just do better that way and it's normal to have hungry and not hungry days 4. your other option is to have a very low calorie day/fast but I tend to favour water/electrolytes and black coffee or tea but I guess adding in broth would be ok. I guess what you have depends on whether you want to extend IF benefits throughout the day or BTW have you factored in your cycle to the weight gain? 6lb over a month points to either an increase in exercise, a high carb day, your cycle or underestimating the amount you have eaten. I really wish I could offer more ideas

  • Destany Schmitt Reply

    >also if i drop my overall body weight from 192 to say 182 will it effect my man boobs at all? Probably. But you will probably still have this a bit too. If you were 39%BF at 199lb, your best-case-scenario (not losing any lean body mass -- although technically **best** case scenario would be gaining lean mass) is that you're still way up there at 37%. Getting down to 182 without losing any lean mass would get you down to 33%. 199lb and 39%BF: 77.6lb of fat and 121.4lb of lean body mass (everything that's not fat -- muscle, bone, water, hair, etc.) 121.4/192=0.63 -- or, 63% lean mass, and 37% body fat. 121.4/182=0.667 -- or 67% lean mass, 33% fat mass. Obviously the size of your "man boobs" will continue to decrease as your overall body (and fat) mass decreases -- but they'll probably continue to be somewhat noticeable at least until you're under 20% bodyfat, maybe even 15% or lower. You're looking at getting down into the 150lb range before you see a super-noticable change. Which is still quite a bit of weight to lose, but is totally doable! Even at only a pound per week lost, that's only like 8, 9 months of cutting. I don't say this to discourage you! Only to remind you to keep perspective. Changes to your body are slow and gradual, and should often be measured in years rather than months (not that a lot of change can't be done in a matter of months!). Losing another ten pounds would be a great start towards the body you want to have -- but it's not going to be a world of change. But losing 30 or 40 pounds? You'll be looking pretty damn good.

  • Kayli Schaefer Reply

    Fruit could be a factor. Fructose is an issue for some, i believe. Low-carb kills me day 3-4 (exhaustion, brain fog). Currently, it's nerfing my workouts as well, but hopefully I'll adapt after weeks 3-4.

  • Kyler Vandervort Reply

    First time challenger here too, I'm 30F in Perth, Australia. I have 3 children under 6 so you know the old story, I had babies and got fat(ter). After I had my first kid I lost quite a decent amount of weight, but the over the years it's crept up and up. I went vegan in 2014 for ethical reasons but you know, there is a tonne of vegan junk food out there and I was SUPER fatlogicy. Anyway after trying various versions of HCLF, I tried calorie counting. It was a bingo! Lost 10 kilos (22lb) in 3 months. But 4 months later I have been losing and regaining the same 2 kilos over and over. Looked into HCLF again (I don't even know at this point, I just wanted it to work cos it sounds so good. Eat all the fruit, veg and starch you want? Hells yeah!) but it just doesn't suit me. Get too hungry on it. Anyway I'll try to not tell my life story here, haha. I'm doing IF now, I do 5:2 with a schedule of 16:8 on non fast days and 20:4 on fast days. If that makes sense. Upped my whole plant fats (hello nuts, seeds and avocado), so much more satiated than before! I feel as enthusiastic as I did several months ago when I started out with IIFYM. I've said my goal is to get into am overweight bmi but I'm only 2.5 kilos (5.5lb) off that as is so I suppose I want to be closing in on a healthy bmi by the end of the challenge. 30F 170cm (5'7'') HW: 102kg (224.4lb) CW:90.4kg (198.8lb) GW: 63kg (138.6lb)

  • Emily Leuschke Reply

    Scale hasn't budged in like 3 weeks, so I'm adding 200 calories a day for my bulk (2200 kcal/day.. am 5'4 128lb grill). What are your favourite high carb low(er) fat snacks on a bulk???

  • Ignatius Barrows Reply

    2 months = 8 weeks. 8 weeks can easily yield 8kg of FAT loss. (2lbs per week = just under 1kg) You probably lost about 2-3kg of water and 5-6kg of tissue. I would think at 90kg and your height you should be able to lose 1 to 1.6lb per week (0.5 to 0.75kg per week). You have 11 weeks to Christmas, so you can reasonably achieve approx 5.5kg to 8.25kg and this is what your should aim for so you don't get demotivated. There's no reason you couldn't manage 11kg though..... or a bit more. It happens. (my steepest drop over 11 weeks has been 12kg. Just looked at my charts and that happened twice in the last year. Average is 0.73kg per week over 1 year).

  • Ed Lemke Reply

    Shoot for high protein and high in good fat foods. I ate lots of peanut butter, nuts, eggs, cheese, yogurt, whole milk. The reason for the weight recommendation is twins put on the bulk of their weight earlier and taper off in the final weeks because they are running out of room. There are studies that show gaining your weight at the right pace (20lbs by 20w and 28lbs by 28w) can lower the risk of preterm labor. I hit both 20w and 28w goals and carried mine to 38+2. They weighed 6lb 6oz and 7lb 11oz. I'm 5'7", 174lbs pre pregnancy and ended up gaining 61lbs. My personal goal was 40 to 50lb but my doctor didn't care how much I gained.

  • Lukas Schuster Reply

    WLP775 in 5 gal Motts apple juice, low 60's for about 3-4 weeks, backsweeten with 150 mg Splenda or Equal, bottle and carb. with 5 oz. dextrose. Pretty good 3-4 weeks later. A tiny bit sweet but crisp. Everybody says it tastes like apple champagne. Probably tastes fantastic after 6 months but it never gets that far here.

  • Mackenzie Walker Reply

    Yes - I was 12 hrs fasted as prescribed by the Dr... He's asked that I go back to my regular diet (higher carb, moderate protein, moderate to low fat) so we can retest in 4-6 weeks. We'll see how that goes.

  • Freddy Gleichner Reply

    So Check IT! I like you, do up a bunch of chicken, and seeing your pan full of love, I felt the need to share some things I do do, so that chicken is more fun through the week. First off, I really don't like using the breast. It has very little fat in it, not much flavor, dries out easy when being cooked and is [comparatively] expensive. I cook for 6, so I really try to make food fun and stretch the dollar. The 10LB bag of thigh/leg portions is about 30% cheaper than the same size bag of breasts, and has a much more rich flavor than the breast. I will toss 8 on a large baking sheet and put them in the oven to come up to room temp (usually I do this in the afternoon with plans on cooking them a few hours later). Fire up the grill and get it up over 400, drop those room temp pieces on the grill and grill them for maybe 2-3 minutes on each side, and they are done. Now the fun: Part I will take and chop, mixing with some taco spices and sweet onion. - easy tostada fixings for a tex/mex night Part I will take and slice on the bias and put into a sealed container with some ginger and teriyaki sauce. - meat for a quick stir fry or over rice. Part I will take and again slice but bag for lunch sandwich meat. The dark meat and the little bit of extra fat in the meat really is a much more satisfying flavor (again IMO), and the cost savings is significant. 5-6LB of chicken cooked up takes care of 2 dinner meals, and some lunch sandwiches for the week. Usually takes me 1/2 hour total to prep and put all that in the fridge.

  • Mateo Gleason Reply

    Even though she has 4 kids, everyone carries differently. I had a BIG belly with both my pregnancies, and one of them was 6lb 10oz, the other was 8lb 13oz. My belly was *not* significantly bigger the second time around. Slightly bigger, yes, but I think that could be easily attributed to the fact that it was my second pregnancy. When my Mum was pregnant with me she was gigantic... and I was 5lb 2oz. TINY. People forget that there is all sorts of stuff in there other than just the baby. Placenta. Fluid. Extra fat stores (maybe on your tummy). Extra blood, extra water weight. BESIDES, even if the baby IS a big baby... so what?? After having a baby on the smaller side and a baby on the larger side, I'm very pro big baby! He's more robust, I worry less about his weight gain, he doesn't feel so fragile. I LOVE my daughter, don't get me wrong, but I was SO stressed when she was a newborn because I always worried she was too small! Both births were the same.. uneventful vaginal deliveries with no tearing. So just because the baby is big it doesn't mean you'll have a complicated delivery or a giant tear either. So just go with the flow, assume people don't know what they're talking about, and hang onto that excited/cute feeling!

  • Jackson Bechtelar Reply

    First 4 weeks of Keto I was doing so well.. And now on my 5th week I was struggling a bit. Feeling more hungry.. So I ate a little more and I feel so much better. I have to convince myself a few days of going over some cals is okay.. Reading ur answer just makes me feel a little better :) As long As my carb intake is low. Still in it to win it!! :)

  • Ashly Rice Reply

    for what it's worth, i experimented with both low-carb dieting and a 40/40/20 diet, and frankly i got better results with 40/40/20 than low carb. with low carb, honestly i was on 500mg a day and i lost only 3-4 lbs a week. when i switched to 40/40/20, still on 500mg a day, i lost 10lbs a week for the next 2 weeks.

  • Scot McGlynn Reply

    My son was formula fed by 3 months. We introduced solids at the 4 month mark. I have a large baby, although he was born 6lb 8z. He is now 5.5 months, 27+ inches, and almost 22 lbs. He's not fat, he's just big. He had great gross motor skills early on, showed a deep interest in food, and his tongue thrust was gone. We started with baby oatmeal - hated it. I introduced all natural fruit puree and he loved it. We've done all beginning fruits and vegetables with no problem. He does have mild reflux and plays so "hard" that he can spit up a lot. I started adding one dry spoonful of baby oatmeal to every feed and it's made a tremendous difference. I have also found that he enjoys the thicker consistency. At 5.5 month he gets 24-28 oz of formula a day and a fruit/oatmeal in am, fruit/oatmeal mid afternoon, and a vegetable in the evening. The fruit is 2 oz at each sitting and the vegetable 3-4 oz. We never replace a feed with solids, it's always secondary. Some days he eats it all, some days he doesn't. We also offer some fruits and vegetables for chewing as he has cut two teeth (i.e. apples, zuchinni, frozen cantaloupe). I track everything, allergy test a lot of it, and so far it's been very successful. He loves food and he's growing wonderfully. I've never personally heard you needed to double birth weight.

  • Nicklaus Farrell Reply

    I'd suggest when doing your weigh-ins: track the highest and lowest weights you see in a week. Those weights will be much more useful in tracking your progress. Consider what you want the start of your week to be, Sunday may not be the best choice for tracking weight/diet progress (I use Monday). > i went up 3 kgs(6.6lbs) in a day because i ate a small pizza after fasting for a day and a half for surgery. The daily changes are pretty much meaningless. I've not found a meaningful way to consistently show daily progress-- especially with seemingly-random whooshes (often occurring with a higher calorie intake, but resulting in in 4+lb lost) Calorie-wise, a pound of fat is roughly 3,500kcals. You'd need to eat that much *more* than your TDEE. If you were 4'10, that'd be roughly 5,894kcal for 1lb, 23,394kcals for 6lb. I doubt you ate that much in one day, but if you did, you may want to work on that. Most of the daily fluctuations are going to be things, like water retention, or even food (if I eat 2lb of meat, it'll usually shows up). Water retention seems a bit complicated, but salt tends to encourage it. On low-carb diets, carbs may as well. Don't let daily fluctuations get to you.

  • Filomena Zieme Reply

    CICO works in both directions. If you want to lose weight then you eat less than you burn. If you want to gain wait (read: muscle) then you eat more than you burn. So there are two phases to planned muscle gain. First is the bulk phase. You eat a lot and lift a lot. If you're lifting enough and eating enough protein you will gain mostly muscle instead of fat. Unfortunately it's not really possible to gain ONLY muscle. If you put on 10lb, maybe 6lb of that is muscle and 4lb is fat. Right? Next is the cut phase. This is when you eat at a deficit (or maintenance) while still lifting. The goal is to get your body to keep as much muscle as you can while burning through your fat reserves. This looks like an example that is just the cut process You can also do lean bulk which is where you eat at or just above maintenance. This takes longer to gain mass, but a higher percentage will be muscle. People do bulk/cut because it's faster to see strength gains.

  • Karl Schaefer Reply

    well i'm normally a low carb person but i was kind of celebrating for about 3 weeks and went on a chocolate bender, lol. so right after that was over i fasted for 4 days and then here i am now on day 3.. it's mostly just that acid feeling in the back of the throat in the middle of the night or when i'm going to bed.

  • Bernardo Kemmer Reply

    Low carb high protein, at about 1900 calories, decreasing to 1700 calories (lower calories every 2 weeks by about 100). I do a high carb low fat refeed every 7-10 days. I lift heavy 3-4 times a week. I do this about 1-2 times a year and get shredded while keeping a 500+ pound deadlift

  • Toby Schuster Reply

    From what I can tell from a very brief look at the scientific literature (i.e. I read [one paper](, the percentage of weight gained that is fat is: * No resistance training = 54-62% fat * Untrained, resistance training = can even be less than 0% (i.e. losing fat while gaining muscle) * Trained, resistance training + 0.6lb/week gain = 40% fat * Trained, resistance training + 0.3lb/week gain = 15% fat Note that the latter two numbers are more precise because those are the results of the experiment done in that paper, the former two are just figures mentioned in the introduction. To look specifically at people who are new to going to the gym we'd need to do an analysis of the studies that exist. Just take all scientific papers reporting weight gain with whole body resistance training in untrained, normal weight participants, and do a weighted average of the ratio of changes in fat-free mass to changes in total body mass and plot that vs caloric surplus or total weight gain.

  • Destin Reilly Reply

    You're probably tired because of the low carb intake. Since you just started your body is just getting used to this new change. I would get this way, and it went away after about 3-4 weeks. Also, make sure your on it with electrolytes...that could also be making you tired.

  • Luis White Reply

    Have him try curcumin/turmeric supplements. It took about 4-5 weeks of consistently taking the supplement for it to work for me, but I'm a believer now. Combined with a low carb clean diet, fish oil, and vitamin D, I'm feeling better than I ever did on Humira.

  • Nyah Hackett Reply

    M/36 195lb 6'5'' - 6lb of fat w/ 1.8lb muscle lost in 6w - muscles look/feel depleted? Have been in a cutting cycle and recently for the first time was really successful to shed fat in a good ratio to lost muscle (according to a DXA scan). Timeline and progression is here: Routine: 3x week full body weight training 45min 3x week HIIT training on stationary bike 30min Nutrition: 10 cups of water Low sugar ~40g a day High in protein (~200g a day) Lots of low GI vegetables Carbs around 100-160 a day BCAAs and ZMA ~ 2000 Calories a day (should be ~600 calorie deficit a day) Post workout shakes: Sweet Potato, Squash, Spinach, Whey Question: Per the timeline I struggle with my muscle mass looking very deflated and me getting back to a very skinny overall body composition. I am currently planning to continue cutting to closer to 10% but am looking for input on how to remain a visually more muscular physic. Should I be bulking for a week or two before continuing to go further down? Any input?

  • Wanda Friesen Reply

    A 6lb flat will cook faster than that 8lb butt, and you will have significantly more lee way with the pork as far as doneness. So I'd put the butt on first. Definitely put the probe in the brisket flat and check it once it hits 195 or so. It's probably close to done at that point. If you hit that way before your target time, you can always wrap it with a double layer of foil, then wrap that in a towel and/or blanket, and place in a warmed-up cooler for up to four hours. I don't think wrapping the brisket flat is necessary, either, but that's your judgment call. Beef fat has a MUCH more distinctive flavor than pork fat, so I'd put the pork on top if you have to choose.

  • Pauline O'Connell Reply

    **But i lost around 3 kg on basebuilding. Not much. But i lost some cm around waist and thighs. I feel fitter and my Heartrate dropped from 70 ish to around 50-60 resting.** Those are great results. You lost 3kg, but based on your improved fitness you probably lost more fat and put on some muscle. Nevertheless, a 6lb weight loss in 8 weeks is about as good as it gets. You lost almost a lb a week on Base, that's pretty much almost the fastest sustainable rate of weight loss that exists. You do realize that right? Sounds to me like you're progressing just fine. Just keep it up and give it time. Couple changes I'd strongly suggest: Apex hills are dynamite for torching fat off the body. Keep those in the rotation. For your E, stop walking and start jogging. Stop worrying about your pulse. You're no longer doing Base Building. Speed can be added. And sorry, no matter what the proper metrics are, running will make you lose weight faster than walking or rucking hands-down. Adapt the program for your goals.

  • Luisa Hermann Reply

    my gosh you are insane. You agree that it's just for a starting point and not to obsess, but are still obsessing over the starting point. ANY beginner would know a workable TDEE to base calculations on by the time you've finished arguing. Even in this latest example you could have someone diet HARD and lose 10lb in a week. Let's say 6lb was water and 4lb was fat. So you predict you ate under your TDEE by 15,000. If you couldn't handle it eat more, but still less than your TDEE and you'll keep losing weight. If the week was a complete and total fluke then by the end of just one more week your data will have tightend up. Let's think of it another way too. I'm going to be blunt, you aren't really offering any useful advice to anyone, merely trying to justify it to yourself. So my question is - Why are you still a beginner? When you periodically pop up on here to argue and your post history suggests relentless comments on a variety of fitness related boards?

  • Lesley Maggio Reply

    Ha, I just switched to a low carb diet a few weeks ago and at the time I was really down, like walking around with tears shimmering in my eyes all day down. About 4 days after cutting most of the sugar out of my diet I'm felling better than I have in a while.

  • Kenna Block Reply

    I have a giant 6 quart slow cooker. I tend to cook about 4-6lb of whatever my meat of choice is, freeze half, eat the rest over a week or so. My go-to season is rubbing it with salt, pepper, garlic, and cumin, cook for 8 hours. With an hour or 2 left, bring to a boil: * 1 can of diced tomatoes and chilis * 1 can green chilis * 1 can chipotle peppers in adobo sauce * some cumin * some salt * some pepper * garlic * lime juice * onions Cook for 10-15min, pour into a blender until smooth, return to pot and simmer, uncovered, until reduced. Remove the roast from the slow cooker and place on a cutting board. Pour the juice/fat from the crockpot into your saucepan, continue simmering until further reduced. Shred the meat. Return to slow cooker, add reduced sauce. It's amazing.

  • Rowena Walsh Reply

    I was in an intensely bad mood my second week of low carb, but no rage. It was supposedly part of the keto flu, but who knows. If you are 4 weeks into it, then I doubt it is about adapting.

  • Gene MacGyver Reply

    My middle kid was exactly like that, born at 6lb 15oz and had weight gain issues. Spent some time not even on the growth charts. I was stoked when he crept up to 3% around 15 months. He's 10 now and barely 55 pounds BUT he's now up to like 15%. I did a lot of hidden calories - adding butter and cheese to anything I could. I even stirred cheddar cheese into spaghetti sauce. Peanut butter, whole milk yogurts. He's still not a milk drinker, but he does like chocolate milk and I'd use the full fat chocolate milk as a treat. Really for us, it has been a long journey and I just continue to encourage healthy fat foods and try to sneak in extra calories into a small portion. Honestly, some kids are just smaller than others and that's okay.

  • Clint Stoltenberg Reply

    I had this same question. My lactation consultant answered with "babies are supposed to be fat" lol. She said the biggest sign of over eating is vomiting up pure breast milk (so not the chunky spit up stuff but undigested milk) after eating. My LO is almost 7 weeks. At birth she was 7lb 4oz, and lost 8% of her body weight in a week. At her one week ped appointment she was 6lb 10oz and 20th %. At her one month ped appointment she was 8lb 9oz and 38th %. At her 6 week WIC appointment she was 9lb 13oz and 58th %. She is 22 inches long and it very long and skinny. I am still waiting for her rolls to come in even though she seems so big on paper! Don't worry mama. Get your chunky baby!

  • Bette Wunsch Reply

    Dropping caloric intake can cause a large drop in weight immediately due to less food in your body + less water in your body. That + your cardio exercise likely caused you to drop a large amount of water weight rather quickly, on top of losing probably 3-6lb of real weight. So, now, your body is "out" of water weight to drop and that's why you aren't losing weight daily. It's time for you to focus on your diet + exercise even more now so that you can lose fat while retaining whatever muscle you have. Obviously it depends on your makeup, but 6'1 185 really isn't a bad height/weight ratio.

  • Victor Kovacek Reply

    I second this! If you needed to gain weight to get pregnant, I'm going to assume you're on the lower scale of the BMI. If you're struggling with the numbers consider checking out where the weight goes as well! Baby 3.3kg (7.3lb) Placenta 0.7kg (1.5lb) Amniotic fluid 0.8kg (1.8lb) Muscle layer of your womb (uterus) 0.9kg (2lb) Blood 1.2kg (2.6lb) Extra fluid 1.2kg (2.6lb) Breasts 0.4kg (0.9lb) Fat for breastfeeding 4kg (8.8lb) That's almost 30 lbs right there! And I've seen the numbers for some of those things higher in different books.

  • Vito Stamm Reply

    Couldn't I lose 4lbs of fat in 3 weeks on a high protein 1500kcal diet? (2lb per week, so 6lb in 3 weeks) If I took the PSMF approach how would I go about planning my diet? Is there a calculator for PSMF?

  • Javier Kirlin Reply

    Anecdotally my c reactive protein has gone down (insignificantly) while on low carb but i waited longer than 4 weeks after starting to check it. Also, I'm not an obese female like in that study. Also, my T levels have been stable. I have gained mass and lost inches around my waste. YMMV my N=1

  • Carli Kihn Reply

    I haven't hit my weight plateu yet but I know it's gonna happen within the next couple of years. I'm at 230, just finished a 4 month Test/NPP/Mast bulk, switching to test/tren/mast to ditch the 15lb of fat I've obtained. My GF will probably try the LGD I have sitting around, I might task her with 7x a week squats as well. Nothing better than a fine squat ass! Hope her wrist heals up quickly. 6lb of mass gains are something to be proud of.

  • Napoleon Beahan Reply

    good for you man. I know the feeling of looking at a photo and think, wow I don;t look like a fat shit any more. Don't let up though. I lost 26lb last year. Intermittent fasting was my thing. This year I've gained back 6lb. It's really easy to go back to old habits. I find that weighing myself every day helps me stay on track. Also I gotta cut out beer. It's such a killer. But it tastes so good goddammit.

  • Fiona Langworth Reply

    I just want to vent somewhere that once a week, my mom gives her tiny 6lb chihuahua her own entire McDonald's cheeseburger minus the bun. So much fat and grease. It doesn't make any sense because when it comes to her own diet, my mom is a total health nut. She just posted a video on Facebook of her dog begging for a burger before demolishing it, someone please stop her.

  • Lelia Kilback Reply

    Idk man I smoked a 6lb pork shoulder two weeks ago. buying it, removing some of the fat cap, letting it sit in either rub or brine, rubbing again then making sure the right amount of smoke is going constantly/ ensuring the temp is right. It does take a while but also takes a bit of effort to make it tasty and tender. It turned out both of those things.

  • Hailie Harris Reply

    Sorry to hear about your rough time as of late x. I think my issue was that I've always been fat, usually classed as obese, that I just wanted 'to be thin'. Now I am only 6lb away from a 'normal' BMI (woo) it's certainly changed my mindset

  • Bryon Runolfsson Reply

    Why don't you count your calories and lose actual fat instead of going on a retarded fad diet where you'll drop 6lb in waterweight?

  • Troy Kuhlman Reply

    My coach had me carb cycle for the last 4 weeks of my cut, after going with no carbs for 4 weeks. Was interesting because my calories went up yet body fat kept going down. I did low/low/low/med/low/low/high. High day was leg day.

  • Stanford Dicki Reply

    Not only that, but Lipo can get about 6lb of fat out of you. No more.

  • Donald Schimmel Reply

    I was/am post menopause on bio HRT for over 4 years. Keto for 2 months, low carb for 2 months prior to keto, and bam, a period and then another a few weeks later. I am 51, 15# weightloss with 15 # to go. Not happy, lol.

  • Edison Hoppe Reply

    **WTF TDEE, CALORIE DEFICIT, AND CARBS** Trying to cut about 20lbs (but more importantly body fat %), doing PPL for 6 weeks, and trying to following a -500 calorie deficit idea for 1500 calories a day. Question/Problem - Every TDEE I've done says to lose weight (64inches tall, 175lbs, workout 4-5x weekly) that I need a deficit but still puts me well over 2000 calories with over 200g of carbs. Even at healthy carbs, isn't that a lot every day? How can these numbers promote weight loss? I have it in my mind that low carb is best to lose weight, even if it's not correct, and I need to change this or get a different outlook on losing weight and carbs. Still eating low carb and at 1500 calories a day for over 6 weeks has yielding very minimal results, if any at all.

  • Hope Ankunding Reply

    5 year old video. If you've read any of his books, you've watched the video: - keto-adaptation takes 2 weeks, sometimes as high as 4-6 weeks - less than 50 grams of carbs for ketosis - average person stores hundreds of thousands of calories from fat, compared to 2000 calories of glucose - No cheats - need a constant state of ketosis to maintain the long-term benefits. A single meal could force you back into the keto-adaptation phase. - No excess protein - anything above 20-30% of your diet kicks you out of ketosis - Your body chooses to burn saturated fats before other types - Keep Omega 6 intake low to moderate (keep the ratio in mind) - Eat a variety of low carb veggies - Berries are ok in moderation

  • Michael Upton Reply

    +1 Powerade zero +1 For not worrying about the calories for the first two weeks. Eat cheese, Eat salami, Eat sourcream, Eat bunless burgers, eat steak, eat cheese, eat butter, eat cheese, eat soups made from stock and low carb veges (add butter or cream or mascapone to this until they are delicious) . Eat cheese The key is to get fat adapted. Once he is fat adapted his hunger WILL drop. In the mean time, he needs pockets fill of cheese and salami sticks. Don't worry about calories for the first month. Get adapted. Then his whole outlook will change. I went from feeling like I needed to eat 8-10 times a day in my first week, to not needing to eat for a day if I didn't want to (4 weeks later).

  • Maya O'Connell Reply

    Low carb everyday. 90% of the time under 20G net, sometimes 25-30 net but very rarely. Didn't have a single cheat or carb-up day in the process, not counting my 22nd birthday where I had some miller lights, lol. I lift in the morning, 6AM before work, on an empty stomach. Surprisingly, none of my lifts suffered and strength is maintaining despite the weight loss. This is my fifth week (the after pic is after week 4). The first 4 weeks I was doing a PPL Rest PPL. This week I just started a 6-day a week version of 5/3/1, based on this template I liked:

  • Annamarie Auer Reply

    1.)Water and electrolytes are your best friends. 2.) Use the first 3 or 4 weeks to get used to low carb before adding in baked goods/desserts. I'm firmly on Team Occassional Dessert or Pancakes but I didn't eat them until I had a firm grasp on keto and had broken some bad habits. 3.) Be prepared for heatwaves/hot flashes. 4.) After two weeks doing lazy keto supplements and meds affected me faster and stronger. I stopped my morning caffeine pill because it now gives me jitters, I've lowered my nightly Benedryl to half a pill because it was causing me to oversleep. Thoses are the biggest things I've noticed.

  • Daryl Schaden Reply

    The so called [keto adaptation period]( is actually a week, as the first study controlled for, and results were completely predictable without resorting at all to the concept of ketoadaptation, but the authors debunked it again -- in response to disbelief -- by redoing the study for 4 weeks instead of 1. [Protein loss was actually worse on the low-carb diet.]( Just review the video & study thoroughly. You'll get the answers without me having to reference them minute by minute. :)

  • Leonor Schuster Reply

    **Question about Carb Cycling** I'm tired of reading these cookie cutter articles about carb cycling that tell you to have high carbs on your 3 full body workout days and low carbs on your 4 rest days. Like please, I train my ass off 5 days a week. What is an actual, bodybuilder oriented tried and true carb cycling method! I'm 5"7, 156lbs, ~14-15%BF (actual, not guessing). I'm going on vaca in 2.5 weeks, I cheated a little too much this past month and now I need to get a little drastic lol. I don't care if I lose a tiny bit of muscle, I'll gain it back. Just someone give me some proper fucking advice :D thanks

  • Marlin Sawayn Reply

    Totally agree with this. I worked with a trainer for several months and he has me on a special diet and I stuck to it like no other. I wasn't losing a single pound in over a month when I was working out 4 times a week! So I changed the diet to low carb and BAM! 10lbs in less than 2 weeks. Trainers are such a waste of money.

  • Florida Hoppe Reply

    So using that the best thing to do would be to indulge in a ketogenic diet for 6 days than a small low carb refeed day for 4 weeks and than go low carb for 4 weeks and see which works best?

  • Jeromy Dickinson Reply

    I started off eating low-ish carb. About 30-70 grams a day. That was two months ago or so. About 4 or 5 weeks ago I switched to keto. The only thing that threw me off was a 4th of July celebration where I ate unrestricted carbs and was sent home with leftovers. This was all planned - I knew in advance that I would be breaking keto and it was a conscious decision. Finished the leftovers the next day and immediately started my fast the day after. I'm on day 10 of my fast. Still getting an adrenaline response. Still not sleeping well. Not sure what's going on but it's okay. Kind of getting used to it at this point.

  • Verlie Spinka Reply

    Sounds good. Thank you so much. I haven't really been sick yet, but according to the math I'm only 4-5 weeks. I've had a crap ton of heart burn, which I thought was due to diet change. I'm going to my regular doctor in the morning, but probably won't be able to see an OB for a few weeks. From what I've heard, they may make me wait until 8 weeks. And I'm not sure if my regular doctor has an ultrasound. I really would like to stay on low carb to an extent, and if my doctor ok's it, I would like to try to lose weight as healthy as I can during the pregnancy. Im trying my best not to stress lol I'm doing a terrible job

  • Merlin Tremblay Reply

    When I've known i've been in deficient for weeks and yet I haven't lost weight it's always been 1 of 2 things; water weight or recomposition. I'd start off by manually manipulating your water weight. Keep your sodium and carb intake low and drink a gallon of water a day for 4 days. On day 5 drop down to 48oz, then on day 6 go to 64oz and stay there. Recomposition is harder to detect. Start using the [](US Army/DOD Body Fat Calculator) once a week and see if your body fat is decreasing.

  • Randi Cormier Reply

    Choose what works best for you. I follow keto because it makes me feel the best. I have high energy, I progress in my lifts, I'm never hungry, no energy crashes, no cravings, etc. However, there is an adaptation period that can last from 4-6 weeks during which you might experience performance issues, low energy, etc. Most people who say it doesn't work don't make it through this period of adjustment. So if you're going to try low carb, you should try it for a minimum of a month, but preferably 2 so you can actually see the results.

  • Beth Hettinger Reply

    I am cycling at 12mph 3 hours 6 days a week. I lose about 4-6lb comfortably every week now. Been doing this for about 5 weeks now, I think? I'm afraid I don't count calories though. But if I had to roughball it I say I eat about 1800kcal, with focus on low carb low fat low sodium. I stopped exercising for about 4 days last week because work was getting crazy, but I still lost weight so I don't think I'm eating a whole lot. I was initially worried if it would make me weaker rather than healthier, but I feel pretty fine maintaining the exercise.

  • Annie Marquardt Reply

    Since it's become quite a hot topic. No, I'm not on roids/juice/cycle whatever they call it. I've been dieting for over 40+ weeks with a macro split of 40%P 40%C and 20%F. I rotate between that split as well as a 4 week round of 70%P 10%C and 20%F low carb regime with a refeed that ends up on the last day of the 4th week of 10%P 70%C and 20%F. Comp prep is a little bit different, but only for the final week when you introduce water/sodium manipulation. But in general, this is what I've been doing for over a year now, no cheat meals/days.

  • Alycia Lehner Reply

    I've been having champagne at home. I drink beer when I go out with my boys which hasn't been too regular of late. I used to make a lot of craft type beers at home which probably didn't help my growing belly. Champagne (dry/brut) is pretty low carb and I don't tend to have beers too often (once every 2 weeks or so and generally only 4 pints unless it gets serious). The plus side is the hang overs aren't as anywhere near bad as they were before.

  • Ebony Roob Reply

    Monday weigh in at 168.6 which is a new post feed day low by 3.4 pounds (previous low was 3 weeks ago) I should know by now to ignore the water weight and trust the process. I haven't weighed this low for about 4 years and it's feeling REALLY good. Want to consolidate this weight and not rebound. BMI is now 25.5 AOTD - Fasting today 24 hours, feed Tuesday and Wednesday, Fasting Thu-Fri, minimum 48hrs. Lowish carb at the weekend. F/47/5ft8/ SW 181/CW 168.6/GW 160 (was 230 before losing 80 with CICO in 2010)

  • Jessika Langworth Reply

    Yes it does mess with your head. I dam careful of what I eat now. I use to be on the see food diet. I see food; I eat it. I now have to work to get to the 130 to 180 carbs per day that doctors want to see. Only once did i spike my blood sugar to 180. Now if I eat a very high carbohydrate idem, I feel like I must go work it off. I was on an extreme low carb diet and lost 50 pounds in 3 weeks 4 days. The 0 carb diet did lowered my A1C from 13.8 to 8.2. Relaxing to 120 carbs per day, I lost an additional 30 pounds in the next 3 weeks.

  • Cecile Sanford Reply

    I've heard it is NOT good to repeat weeks, that you should just push through. Thoughts? Tried week 4, day 1 yesterday and did not die. YAY. But as I'm coming off a high calorie, carb loaded weekend, I felt the best I have in months (very low cal keto diet for four months). I do not expect I'll be able to do W4D2 tomorrow. I did week 2 for two weeks, week 3 for two weeks, and only attempted W4 because I was feeling good. I had expected I'd need to do W3 a third time.

  • Ryder Gaylord Reply

    I just started a couple of weeks ago. Decided on riding Tues, Wed, and Thursday weather permitting. Is only a 4 mile ride so not so bad yet. Will see when the Texas heat kicks in. I'll take some lunches and my drinks to work on Monday and Friday if needed. I have been doing low carb to lose some weight the last few months and after losing 40 pounds I got a bike and am loving it. Had to start adding some carbs otherwise I couldn't ride past 20 minutes:)

  • Araceli Graham Reply

    he replied below >My calorie intake is basically ever-changing. I cycle calories. So one day very high fat, next day only healthy fats and then low fat day and rotate these. Every 7th day I have a high carb day. My workout is 5x5 and 10x10. I concentrate on one for 4 weeks and then cycle to the other, whilst trying to maintain my progress of the former at the same time. 2 times a week weights and 3 times a week one hour cardio. That is about it.

  • Hailey Koch Reply

    Thanks. My calorie intake is basically ever-changing. I cycle calories. So one day very high fat, next day only healthy fats and then low fat day and rotate these. Every 7th day I have a high carb day. My workout is 5x5 and 10x10. I concentrate on one for 4 weeks and then cycle to the other, whilst trying to maintain my progress of the former at the same time. 2 times a week weights and 3 times a week one hour cardio. That is about it.

  • Clovis Stiedemann Reply

    Also check out low dose Naltrexone (4.5mg). I do many of the supplements Kevin mentions, as well as artemisinin, iscador, glutathione. Very low carb vegan diet. I was diagnosed with stage 3 non-small cell lung cancer in April, 2013, then stage 4 in June 2014. Lobectomy, chemo x2, radiation, and SBRT. Scanned cancer free in October 2015, January 2016, and again 3 weeks ago (June 2016).

  • Ophelia Beer Reply

    It's caused by excess insulin being secreted through sweat (or something to that effect). So once insulin levels go down (either through diet or medication or some combination of both) the skin should eventually heal and go back to normal. I have a patch of it under my breasts that has gone away in 4 weeks or so of low-carb diet plus Metformin, but my underarm patches are still hanging around.

  • Amina Grant Reply

    Go with a 20% deficit. You then should have after 4 weeks gone 25, and gradually increased the deficit percentage, you went in too hard too quick and seems your body has adapated itself to 1555kcal a day. Too drastic too quick. Come out of " IF " too. Its a tool not a diet, you will eventually wreck your metabolism and unbalance your hormones. If anything I'd perhaps suggest a cycled low carb diet.

  • Vivien Dicki Reply

    You're getting a lot of advice about calorie counting and blah blah blah. If you want an instant impact and a low effort methodology you just go low carb. You eat only protein and fat for 3-4 weeks you will lose massive amounts of weight quickly. It will stagnate after a month and you will have to take on other methods but that is the kick start you need. I lost 20 lbs in 4 weeks. End of story.

  • Kellie Okuneva Reply

    I normally leave my standard abv beers (say 4-8%) for 2 weeks in primary, then keg and force carb with co2 and start drinking after a week. You can wait up to 3 weeks before you keg and it will clear up more and taste better, but i find it clears faster in the keg since I keep it at 36f the low temp makes yeast drop out faster. You just pour 1 cloudy glass and then it's all clear beer.

  • Aylin Kovacek Reply

    2000 mg of metformin plus low carb diet got me pregnant 4 times. I had two losses, unfortunately, but I have a healthy son and I am 21 weeks with our second.