This is insane

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  • This is insane
  • SoundHound's New "Siri-like" Interface. Demo Looks Very Impressive. I'm Curious to See What It Can Really Do
  • Hound Internal Demo - An example of technology so impressive, you'll wonder if this is actually real
  • Developer makes 3rd party google voice search replacement with killer nlp (demo)
  • Hound. O assistente pessoal que deve deixar Cortana e Siri no chinelo
  • API from + Pebble Time Mic input = Heaven
  • Amazon should totally buy this and implement it into Echo
  • The incredible SoundHound Speech-to-Meaning engine
  • Video of Hound Virtual Assistant internal demo
  • Hound virtual assistant internal demo video
  • Cant wait for this to be on the OnePlus One
  • SoundHound blows Siri out of the water!
  • Hound - Faster than Siri and Google Now
  • Geez, Cortana sure isn't this fast
  • Hound: Voice Search On Steroids
  • New Hound assistant is awesome
  • Hound voice search NLP demo
  • Hound Voice assistant demo
  • Go, go gadget-Capitalism!
  • Apparently this is real
  • Increíble. Hound
  • Rudimentary AI?
  • Hound demo
  • Speechless

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