The moment he realized he done goofed

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  • The moment he realized he done goofed
  • HIFW after months of optimization for the first part of an experiment, I'm finally ready to run the important assay....and science doesn't cooperate
  • MRW I am trying to commit suicide by jumping off a highway overpass but I land on a truck
  • How it feelz lyk wen me m8 hops in2 yer nans greasy klam just as I'm makin me way out
  • Something I forgot to send to a friend. Might as well post it here
  • Ready to put those skills to test for tomorrow's siege
  • When I see a Gold Orb but someone else beats me to it
  • PlayTBC thought it would be as easy as this
  • Hitman dog executes imperfect takedown
  • Sick Federal doggoship FA-OFF jousting
  • Classic air attack and instant regret
  • You can see the regret in his eyes
  • Doge Wars: Air Force vs. Infantry
  • Kevin reaching for his goals
  • One giant leap for dogkind
  • Yeah, I reckon I got this
  • I've made a huge mistake
  • Pup makes graceful leap
  • MRW I merge with master
  • 横断は 左右よく見て まっすぐに(富山警察署)
  • Should be an easy jump
  • Always look both ways!
  • Jump! I'll catch you
  • Jump off the couch
  • I got this! Sonuva
  • Mid-air collision
  • Long live the Dog
  • Oh, the humanity
  • Oh the dogmanity
  • Dramatic jump
  • So Majestic
  • I believe
  • woof irl
  • me🐶irl
  • Tragic
  • uh oh

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