The Evidence for Low-Fat Diets Isn't Really There

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  • Juanita Barrows Reply

    Is there evidence of the opposite?

  • Justen Murazik Reply

    Removing this until there is evidence, feel free to PM the mods with a news article etc. and we will re-instate it

  • Edyth Bartell Reply

    Good diet and low percentage of fat. She was 20 back then.

  • Geraldine Thompson Reply

    > But you don't. Yep, and neither there is evidence to the contrary. We are now stuck in a deadlock that everyone will resolve to his own personal bias.

  • Alana Streich Reply

    Please consider the ketones diet. High fat low carb is amazing for pcos.

  • Elwyn Rogahn Reply

    The data is not reliable. In fact there is no reliable evidence for some types being rarer than others.

  • Marilie O'Connell Reply

    Except there is evidence to back up the left's claims.

  • Lenore Friesen Reply

    Eating lots of vegetables and lean proteins. A high fiber and low fat diet leads to a cleaner colon.

  • Estrella Reilly Reply

    May nabasa ako dito days ago about low carb high fat diet. Finally.

  • Travis Schaden Reply

    There is no evidence that she knowingly mishandled it. That is what is criminal. There is zero evidence of intent, as there was in the case of David Petraeus.

  • Nick Leffler Reply

    No, there is very real evidence in the letters she wrote to certain other women.

  • Anita Friesen Reply

    I love mfp!! It let me adjust macros to reflect change from low fat to keto diet.

  • Ulices Murazik Reply

    Except there is very sparse evidence in the article...

  • Lenora Bahringer Reply

    Hormones are made from fat. A low fat diet will kill your libido so fast. Ex vegan here who can testify.

  • Deron Ziemann Reply

    There is? Where? Show me the evidence.

  • Shad Schmitt Reply

    Last time I checked, this was a high fat / moderate protein / very low carb diet, not a high protein diet. Dick not taken:)

  • Newell Cole Reply

    This should be reported to the police. There is even video evidence.

  • Will Ruecker Reply

    wait is there evidence that that the band is anarchist or am i thinking of gybe

  • Kasandra Rutherford Reply

    Eat more and still loose weight on a high carbon low fat plant based diet

  • Ezekiel Lockman Reply

    How did this post get the "New Info!" tag lol Like there is literally no evidence or corroborating information

  • Helmer Boyer Reply

    Try keto/low carb diet. It helps reduce hunger because the satiety of protein and fat lasts longer than the satiety of carbs.

  • Althea Goyette Reply

    No, they certainly seemed to be guilty of the crime. There is little evidence to suggest it was innocent.

  • Palma Frami Reply

    that ball hit the ground but i dont think there is enough video evidence

  • Myrtis Shields Reply

    This is a low fat, low carb diet. This will eventually be a death diet.

  • Keven Lowe Reply

    just make sure you're getting enough fat in your diet! 9g is low.

  • Dana Koch Reply

    The standard American diet is definitely not low carb, high fat. It's high carb, high fat.

  • Ladarius Hermann Reply

    What kind of diet is low carb, high fat? In the states we call that "food."

  • Millie Harvey Reply

    Low-fat whole-food, vegan diet here. Down 20lbs to 165

  • Lura Swift Reply

    > If there is evidence to convict her And where is the evidence? It can be brought to question.

  • Ernie Corkery Reply

    There is actual evidence. You will see the evidence in the next day or two.

  • Elsa Koepp Reply

    "There is no evidence to prove the notion that life should be taken seriously" -someone

  • Myra Kozey Reply

    I'm on this amazing "low carb, low fat diet" Just protein and fiber.

  • Britney Bins Reply

    Yeah that's right. Low fat diet and low body fat % are bad for testosterone

  • Vivian Connelly Reply

    Too much low-fat ice cream and skim milk in my diet.

  • Maximilian Lind Reply

    There is not a single piece of objective evidence in there. It's just "we believe it to be the Russians because of a very vague pattern that we will not name."

  • Audra Pacocha Reply

    There's 0 evidence that Russia is responsible for the leaks... Whoever told you that is lying.

  • Titus Schroeder Reply

    A low fat diet.

  • Garnett Graham Reply

    I'm wondering if there is any evidence, anecdotal or scientific, that staying in the same place with the same furniture, stuff, etc. makes it harder to move on.

  • Bobby Treutel Reply

    Dudes who made the pyramids were some of the first wage slaves, and there is documented evidence that they went on strike when their wages were held back, and won!

  • Tiffany Sauer Reply

    Is there really a point in living when this is an impossible thing? It is the highest evidence we are born to suffer.

  • Elvie Wuckert Reply

    He isn't and neither are most members, who do Paleo Diet or similar low carb high fat diets.

  • Francisca Conroy Reply

    You should try a low carb diet to help burn fat. What supplements are you taking?

  • Hudson Klocko Reply

    He's going with the Hillary defense: "There is no evidence he intended to betray his country,"

  • Stephan Kirlin Reply

    Trickle down economics can also be called logical. But there is no evidence for it working the way the theory says it should.

  • Jazmin Anderson Reply

    There is evidence Podesta and Hillary work for the russians.

  • Sydnee Okuneva Reply

    > He's certainly smarter than the average individual, What evidence is there of this?

  • Heath Mraz Reply

    I'm still skeptical of the claims that Russia is interfering with the election. Has there been some evidence presented that I missed?

  • Elza Gutkowski Reply

    typical BB style diet. Higher carb, low fat, high protein

  • Coty Fisher Reply

    There is. Most of the evidence comes from examples that could not be explained by differences in crime rate.

  • Sheldon Welch Reply

    You mean lots of carbs while doing a lchf diet or a traditional low fat diet?

  • Dillon Schowalter Reply

    I had a high sugar diet for sure, but generally low fat. I was on Soylent for about 2-3 weeks.

  • Leonardo Schmeler Reply

    Can I just ask what the reasoning is behind the high card low fat diet?

  • Rebeka O'Kon Reply

    Doesn't prove anything. The only thing it shows is that there probably wasn't enough evidence to overturn.

  • Newell Schneider Reply

    I know this is about history but I don't think there's really no scientific evidence that hold up the theory that are 3 or 4 races.

  • Kasandra Rutherford Reply

    There is plenty of evidence out there. That is a list to get people started down the rabbit hole. Start with the Arkansas drug running names.

  • Bobby Bergnaum Reply

    If there's no evidence of a hack, then I guess Russia is in the clear?

  • Nakia Dietrich Reply

    Low fat is B.S. You need fat in your diet.

  • Braulio Feil Reply

    You are absolutely right, there is no evidence if they sat on the video. It just *seems* very well timed.

  • Gretchen Fritsch Reply

    they are still baseless rape claims with no evidence >The problem is, there's no way to prove she's telling the truth.

  • Kenna Sauer Reply

    We all know the effect of the open roof on Dickey's knuckle. Is there any evidence in the effect of Stroman's sinker?

  • Harmon Eichmann Reply

    Were you eating a low fat diet? Curious about avoiding the stones as well.

  • Damon Fay Reply

    This is me on the keto diet. High fat and protein, very very low carb.

  • Rosie Hills Reply

    So a low fat diet?

  • Reymundo Ernser Reply

    Well, I was never 400 pounds, but I was a good 340. What worked for me was /r/keto, it just made me feel full. After years of a low fat diet, this was a god send.

  • Clair Bechtelar Reply

    It won't make you fat on a low calotie diet. Literally jothing will.

  • Giovanni Swaniawski Reply

    Yeah, a mostly unprocessed, very low fat, vegan diet.

  • Daryl Willms Reply

    it's just our era gadget for what ''diet'' and ''low fat'' drinks/foods represented in the past decades..

  • Ronaldo Kuphal Reply

    I am loosely following the LCHF (low carb high fat) diet.

  • Vernice Bashirian Reply

    In the spirit of this post- low fat diet doesn't correlate to weight loss. Low sugar does, but low fat does not.

  • Antonia Hegmann Reply

    This one is on some low-fat diet.

  • Theresa Balistreri Reply

    There is no evidence it was sanctioned by the organization.

  • Jonatan Eichmann Reply

    ketogenic diet (very low carbs/high fat). Check out /r/keto

  • Matt Cummings Reply

    And the great irony is that the low fat diet likely caused those gall stones in the first place.

  • Don Heller Reply

    Why are you doing a low fat diet?

  • Thora Hettinger Reply

    Is there any evidence for the anti-grammar school argument?

  • Eudora Wilkinson Reply

    Fat makes you fat. I lost 60 pounds on hhigh sugar, low fat diet.

  • Isaias Beahan Reply

    The issue is there is no evidence so it is still wild speculation.

  • Reinhold Hills Reply

    Are you still on a low fat/protein diet and do you still give off an odor?

  • Stan King Reply

    There is a clone copy in evidence. The opportunity still exists.

  • Crystel Bogisich Reply

    No they do not. There is no evidence for the existence of any god ever,

  • Abdul Roberts Reply

    Gotta try that low fat, low carb, low protein diet.

  • Ayla Davis Reply

    My diet is more low carb then low fat.

  • Tomasa Nolan Reply

    Could also have been dietary? Low fiber high fat diet?

  • Sim Brekke Reply

    On a keto diet, the yogurt isle is torture trying to find something with low sugar and high fat.

  • Montana Prohaska Reply

    Weight Loss Idea - low calorie foods and non-fat items for balanced diet

  • Arvel Grimes Reply

    The problem is that there's been no evidence Locke increases any of the material drops during the event so far.

  • Anya Ferry Reply

    I feel you. PB is the sole reason I follow I high fat low carb diet.

  • Joelle Schinner Reply

    But gluten, no carbs, low fat, detox diet for life

  • Buster Langworth Reply

    They could have just been Vikings. There is archaeological evidence that the Vikings had dealings with the Islamic world.

  • Sylvester Runte Reply

    Because feels. There's zero evidence that this is true. But why let facts get in the way of how you feel?

  • Caitlyn Yost Reply

    Poor sleep, low fat diet, and no exercise is the best / only way to lower your T yourself.

  • Paula Schuppe Reply

    Girl got up to about 3500 calories a day on a low fat, high fruit, raw foods diet. Gained about 25 pounds.

  • Donald Witting Reply

    The fact that there is no solid evidence to prove creationism as fact.

  • Yasmin Crist Reply

    *sees 2 adults raping a 6 yo* > There is no evidence they are a threat to the public ok

  • Elna Ritchie Reply

    How to get low body fat: your diet.

  • Willis Boehm Reply

    This picture is evidence other stars **do not exist**, confirmed. There is only the one true star.

  • Rashad Effertz Reply

    Low bat fat gets abs visible. That's about diet. And planks are more efficient than situps.

  • Chasity King Reply

    The book is a lie. Humans are inherently evil. The evidence is right there.

  • Pietro Kshlerin Reply

    I think ultimately, you wont be able to get the ultra low body fat and high muscle definition as if you did bulk/diet cycles

  • Gail Prosacco Reply

    Results of the implementation of the "low fat" diet. Good observation btw.

  • Madisen Gerhold Reply

    IF works great with a Low Carb High Fat diet.

  • Lisandro Hudson Reply

    Stop posting this. There is no evidence that cops are above the law.

  • Salma Borer Reply

    You haven't. But if there is a chance that one in a thousand cars have that failure, then it's a problem, right? Anecdotal evidence isn't the way to go here...

  • May Muller Reply

    Kotaku says Shit. Just Gamnesia says and they started it. And there is now evidence. The instruction pictures are proofed fakes

  • Emiliano Koepp Reply

    Clearly you've never heard of Dr. Tim Noakes and the high fat, low carb diet.

  • Luella Hettinger Reply

    Are you craving sugars? Take a look at a low-carb-high-fat diet. It might help.

  • Makenna Fritsch Reply

    Shouldn't a low carb high fat diet like the keto diet be really really bad for your cholesterol?

  • Opal Ledner Reply

    That wasn't his point. His point was eating low fat veggies instead of a low carb diet.

  • Katlyn Stroman Reply

    There actually is little evidence to suggest that tragedies of the commons were ever commonplace. It is a game theory thought experiment.

  • Kira Buckridge Reply

    *Dr Oz* is promoting keto? Time for me to go back to my low fat diet!

  • Ramona Stark Reply

    Low fat diet foods. They're all just full of sugar.

  • Abner Hessel Reply

    Doesn't your hospital have a cardiac diet? That would surely be low in saturated fat, which would mean low in animal products.

  • Heloise Casper Reply

    Obviously a reference to low-fat diet foods, but Gram missed the peak of that trend by like 10-15 years.

  • Jazmyn Williamson Reply

    No it is just a scientific truth. There is no evidence for Flux (duh). The closet thing I have seen to Flux is a fungus that grows out of insects heads.

  • Maritza Beier Reply

    Yup. It's classic circular reasoning - assuming the belief is true, and then judging the evidence from there.

  • Richie Runte Reply

    Where is there evidence this was because of complacency? Bush was way ahead in the polls after the conventions.

  • Edwina Cassin Reply

    There is no evidence that a person has a soul so it is highly unlikely that it could implode and incinerate the body.

  • Blake Steuber Reply

    Check if your wife is having an affair. Try keto/low carb diet. Best way to lose fat.

  • Lamont Murphy Reply

    How do I lose fat? The "diet" I'm on right now is just low-calorie. Do I need to up my calories and eat a specific diet?

  • Yvonne Barrows Reply

    The evidence is there. Read the article. They call this common practice.

  • Celestine Koelpin Reply

    The evidence is not out there, you're delusional.

  • Ericka Hills Reply

    There is no evidence that is the case. Pessimism is not evidence.

  • Edwardo Barrows Reply

    There is zero evidence of any kind of tampering or rigging in the emails.

  • Felicity Effertz Reply

    There are many stories of people being rejected from the force due to high iq. The evidence is there but I got no proof.

  • Michelle Koch Reply

    low-fat, high protein diet. crunches.

  • Lori Schowalter Reply

    Wait a minute. Isn't the gallbladder diet *low* fat?

  • Syble Runte Reply

    There is also the work with a low fat vegan diet by Caldwell Esselstyn. He published reversal of arterial plaque in Lancet, one of the leading medical journals.

  • Lia Nicolas Reply

    How is it off topic to show you a study of women on low carb diets, specifically not counting calories, having 2x better weight loss results vs. a low fat diet?

  • Garfield Abernathy Reply

    It's weird, he thinks he eats a relatively low fat diet, doesn't drink soda, and drinks more water than most people but probably not enough.

  • Kacie Schneider Reply

    Mediation, yoga, exercise, diet (high fat/med protein/low carb), supplementation.

  • Dario Pfannerstill Reply

    >The not counting version of the LC diet was more effective than counting calories on a low fat diet. Not under discussion

  • Kim Koepp Reply

    Isn't the latest advice to have high fat/low carb diet to avoid diabetes once prediabetic?

  • Luther Funk Reply

    Frankly the high fat part is bullshit. You can eat a healthy low carb diet, not crammed with fat. I would just suggest more protein.

  • Jeffery Murphy Reply

    It is a low carb / HIGH fat diet.

  • Keaton Denesik Reply

    I'd like to point out that when I went on a low carb diet I lost a lot of fat but I did lose a lot of muscle as well. And it took years to get that strength back.

  • Hipolito Dickinson Reply

    Depends on what your goals are, but I find a low carb, high fat diet works really good with IF.

  • Hobart Homenick Reply

    Low fat, low sodium, diabetic diet, mechanical paste. Nobody will eat that. I know.....

  • Cameron Lang Reply

    Have you tried /r/keto ? High fat, low carb diet.

  • Olin Friesen Reply

    It was the low-fat high-sugar diet. Different times.

  • Johnny Treutel Reply

    Keto is a high fat, low carb diet.