Sugar is Killing Us

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  • Jana Yost Reply

    It is time for Health Canada and the FDA to start putting the % sugars on packaged food instead of just the grams of sugars. The sugar lobby and big food is killing us. Stick to the outer area/aisles of a grocery store and venture into the inner abyss as little as possible!!

  • Carmelo McCullough Reply

    Can't recommend your "simple over complex" methodology enough. It's simple. Move more, eat healthy. Notice I didn't say less. Do a mix of cardio and weights. Don't neglect one over the other, if your goal is be lean and mean or built and bulky - do both, they compliment each other massively. You don't need to hammer the gym for two hour sessions 6 times a week, either. Short, high-intensity sessions are better; do 30-40 minutes cardio 3-4 times a week to start with to see significant improvements. Just something to get your heart racing, blood pumping and sweat flowing. As for diet, again it's pretty simple. The more processed the food is, the less nutritious value it has, and vise-versa. Eat a balanced range of foods. Don't just drop fats and carbs and call it a day; you need fats and carbs - especially if you're training. Refined salt and sugar are your enemy; those little white granules and the armchair/sofa are what's killing us all with diabetes, heart-failure and strokes. Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Hell, one of my big losses came from simply drinking more water. Yes, water. It does wonders and the likelyhood is, if your out-of-shape, you're not drinking enough water. Small changes. But they'll do wonders, and make taking things further so, so much easier.

  • Carter Terry Reply

    Man the people in charge of this system are absolutely insane. Nothing wrong with sodium. It's the sugar that's killing us.

  • Crystel McCullough Reply

    See, that's the problem with the left. They dismiss every that contradicts them as ignorant, fanatic, blind etc. Every time I engage the left in a discussion I find insults, and a blind trust in what they hear. We cannot be so pretentious as to believe everything we hear. Science has lied to us. We were told for example, that the culprit of heart decease and diabetes was fat, yes fat and cholesterol. But later we find out that corporations bribed scientists to give fake results. Whats killing Americans is sugar. Corruption and self interests infiltrate everything, from politics to science. And even if a flat-earther wants to talk me into thinking the earth is flat I'm going to at least listen to him. For three reasons: one, I don't want to be like those people in cults that cover their ears when they hear a contradicting argument and just be in a circle jerk with people that believe like me. Two, everyone deserves the right to free speech and the enough respect to at least humor them and try to help them find the truth. I'm not going to be condescending just because they believe something I find stupid. It is our duty to try and help people that believe something crazy. And three, I've never looked into an atomic microscope and actually looked at two hydrogen and one oxygen atoms. I have never been to outer space. At the end of the day, we choose to believe what other people say is true. I choose to remain skeptical until I am satisfied with the evidence. Specially when money is involved. Blind trust on anyone is incredibly dangerous. Thats why we have to question everything. Because deceit destroys and truth edifies, we have to raise our standards of what we accept as truth. Any false argument that you have accepted as truthful will only harm you. This is true in a personal level and a national level.

  • Antonetta Hackett Reply

    Whatever you gotta tell yourself to sleep. You're just doing it again. Shock and Awe was terrorism by another name - they set out to instill fear in a populace though violent displays of aggression. Read the doctrine, read what Rumsfeld said. Explosions in the streets are explosions in the streets to the populace - it doesn't matter if they were from IEDs or cluster bombs stopped from planes or that you agree with one ideology and not another. Terrorism is just what we label the other guy. When we support them, they're "freedom fighters". That's what we called Osama bin Laden when he was helping us fight the Russians in Afghanistan. Literally. I've grown up with hardened killers who have done some pretty unspeakable things. Handful of marines, sure, but more specifically a special forces member and a SEAL member. Both now retired. They can't get into specifics with me - I don't have clearance - but they can relate their experiences in non specific ways. When they tell me a story, I don't question it, and they don't sugar coat it. And they were not told why they are sent to kill, they simply followed orders, as their training dictated. "Why" is not a question you ask in the military. They operated as assassins in the definitive sense: targeted, off-the-record killing of local-level politicians (civilians), along with other civilian figures - all towards a political end, ing this case destabilizing certain regions. That's what assassinations are. We don't publicize them, and the media in our country plays very nice with our spies and military by not doing so. But it happens. It's always happened. I sincerely suggest you look into the US Senate Church Committee Reports. Hear it from people in your own government.

  • Alexa Muller Reply

    my mother used to be(or is really) into diets and healthy foods. she's always had a lot of trouble with her (over)weight, so i basicly remmeber her following some diet or at least take car eof what we ate throughout my childhood. at times she'd be frustrated with soemthing and she'd eat a fuckton of unhealthy stuff. she always did try to take real good care of us so we wouldnt fall into the same traps like she did(i.e. feel comfortable about your body). i'm somewhat overweight but it's stable and nowhere close to obesity, i bike to my internship ect. can't claim i'm doing everything to keep healthy but at least i'm losing weight at a somewhat steady rate. i remember coming home one day to her being real emotional after she found out hwo bad sugar actually was. she'd been trying to keep us from getting too much fat, yet sugar wasnt too bad so no problems with lemonade, fat-free stuff with sugar and the like. she felt so bad that in the end rather than keep us healthy she activly fed us stuff that ended up being much worse than the alternative. seriously, fuck lobbies that try to impact science like that. it's already borderline to sell stuff and make a profit when you know it's activly killing people, like tobacco. it's far worse when you're acitvly deceiving people into thinking it isnt bad even though you know it is. if you ask me stuff like this(knowingly deceiving people when you knwo it's harmfull ect.) should be amongst the worst crimes you can commit as far as scentences go. how many people lost their health because of crap like this? how many people are actually held accountable? they don't have to go around telling everyone how bad their products are for you, but trying to spin it so that you're in the clear isnt something we should accept as a society.

  • Elody Considine Reply

    I know how you feel. I think it's time for self care. Stop being strong. The Strong Black Woman myth is killing us. I'm glad you posted here. When I start to feel this way, I focus inward. Embrace your femininity. Read Resurrecting Venus by Cynthia Occeli. Take care of your body. Doing so will also help you emotionally. No news. No BML ANYTHING! That is not your fight right now. I am so tired of trying to convince people what it means to be black. It's a soul sucking endeavor because you cannot change the world and the world has no incentive to change its programmed assumptions. When your coworkers bring it up, just shrug and smile. "I didn't hear about that. What happened? Oh that's terrible!" Change the subject. Self care. I'm pre-diabetic too. Cut the carbs and sugar. Burger King has a grilled chicken salad. Every fast food joint has a salad. If you get a burger, get the side salad, no fries. No soda. Drink water 24/7 Someone else recommended plucking your chin hair instead of shaving. I second that. And find some nice face cream to put on every night. Take care of yourself. Lotion your body with a nice smelling lotion every night before bed. Natural hair is a bitch! There is no way I could be a loose natural! I chose to get Sisterlocks. They are low maintenance and I'm still natural. They are also cute as hell. Don't worry about not being stereotypically black. I'm not either. I had a hard time growing up because I didn't fit into the "black box". I faked it for awhile, but I couldn't do it for long. I listened to Tori Amos and Stone Temple Pilots and that made me happy. The black box doesn't fit every black person and we as a culture are just holding ourselves back. Please take care of yourself and let us know how you are doing.

  • Lora Jones Reply

    Of course, planting a plant is probably the most natural thing to do. Clear nectar which just had sugar dissolved in boiled water is the next best thing to do. I didn't do the carcinogenic dye studies myself, but I have come across them, and my reasoning is, why take the risk, right? I know, from much experience, that clear nectar in a clear feeder with just the entrance painted a bright color, will do the trick of attracting the birds. So if you paint a flower at the opening, and the rest of the "feeder" is just a recycled colorless, clear, bottle, that will work perfectly! So even if you're skeptical about dye killing them, I'd suggest going clear. I think we just like the dye because it's pretty for us and to take photos of. Hummingbirds are hungry enough and curious enough that they'll find it anyway!

  • Jammie Kilback Reply

    He's been totally consistent for the past 30 years with the agenda which he was totally consistent with this entire election. Just go to his policy pages and read them. There's no change. The media kept waiting for a pivot because they kept looking for someone who would say anything to get into office. He said what he was going to do, then made his case why he was going to do it. It's not like he was sugar coating any messages. The only reason people have trouble and ask this silly question is that they are used to politicians who only talk to get elected, then do whatever they want when they get in there. Trump said he's going to favor state rates over Federal laws, get rid of any regulation that isn't useful, simplify any regulation so it can be followed easily instead of being costly to follow, hence the, Clean Air, Clean Water environmental bill, said we are not going to let people freeload off of us, hence Mexico paying for the wall and foreign countries we defend paying the full price for it. He said he's going to lower the corporate tax rate to 15% to repatriate money held abroad, and going to put tariffs on any country that isn't living up to the existing trade polices (none of the ones killing us on trade are) and make sure that things were set so that businesses would be smart to hire American workers. He's said everything he's going to do in far more detail than I said here and hasn't wavered on any of the big policies he's laid out. The only things that have looked like wavering or things he first said in response to a question and before it had been turned into a complete policy.

  • Jayce Greenfelder Reply

    Ha... yes, shocking election result to us in the UK anyway, but we can't talk after Brexit so I won't comment! I'm a bit liberal I think, I do allow sweeteners, I often start the day with cream in coffee etc, just whatever I can do to make it easier. For me, this works, I'm firmly in ketosis and it doesn't make me more hungry. Check in: Yes I am killing it /u/fullystacked ! Thanks for saying so! I'm pretty happy with myself. Fasted 48 hours, ate full keto yesterday despite feeling crap and having intense cravings, fasted today and it's been fairly easy, tested and I'm in ketosis. Eating tomorrow which will be keto again and fasting Friday. This is quite different from my normal routine and I'm fascinated with it so far. Going to try and shift those holiday pounds before the end of this challenge and head into Christmas lighter! Did a spin class tonight fasted, and it felt great, especially as i knew i had no sugar left to burn so it was all fat.

  • Tremayne Crooks Reply

    War isn't profitable on the large, and especially not when its occuring too nearby. Europe was economically devastated by WW1 and WW2. Europe's recovery after WW2 was due to a huge outlay for virtually no durect return from the US, the exact opposite of profit. The US specifically enjoyed a post-war boom specifically because the war was not nearby and its industrial infrastructure had not been bombed to hell like everyone else's. The American South was empovershed for decades after the American Civil War. War is profitable for *specific sectors* like heavy industry that make the things that the beligerant nations blow up, but in situ, there is also frequently rationing of basic goods like rubber and sugar, so all the nominal profit in the world still can't buy you that new set of nikes because all of the rubber has been directed to making combat boots, aircraft landing gear, and panchos that are likely going to see severe use in the definatively unproductive enterprise of killing people and breakig their things.

  • Alycia Denesik Reply

    Not really a question but more a desire to vent. Some assault rules just drive me mad, especially compared to the convenience of shooting. *Having to charge a unit you shot at, fair enough. But when you kill them with shooting and you're stuck without a charge with your dick in your hand, then urgh. What is the point of this rule? Why can't players be rewarded for killing someone with shooting? *Consolidate as 1D6 instead of a straight up 6 inches. So much chance for awful luck to leave you, like before, out in the open with your pants down... for being an awesome close combat badass and killing someone *Not being able to charge without line of sight... compared to shooting, I guess this is fair... but what is the reality behind this? I know a guy is there, I can hear their whole god damn army behind that corner... they even shot at me last turn. Why can I use my 2D6 to run around a damn corner? *Having to declare and resolve all charge moves, and THEN fight them all. If I shoot a guy and kill him, I can shoot another unit. But noooo if you charge and completely destroy a unit, you don't have the ability to pick a different unit for another charger. It's like we're stuck with that shitty version of Tau's Coordinated Firepower but without a damn bonus for potentially wasting all our power. *Stomp. I haven't played against it, but I saw a battle report and just... urgh, no point discussing that. How did 40k get like this? 7th is my first and only edition so all I can guess is that once-upon-a-time assault was stupidly overpowered and had to be crushed. I'm really hoping 8th gives us assault armies some sugar... I'm a Harlequin player who has an army designed for this edition so I have no idea how bad Orks have it!

  • Marcos Jerde Reply

    Don't suicide. You are also killing part of US who actually care about people (that's why we are here, on this forum). Communication is the key, no matter how bad "communication" sounds. They NEED to realise that your girlfriend is not problem for your failed exams at school. Thing is: soon you are 18, and you need to realise your own problem. Cutting all "distractions" as your parents say is really if not the worst thing they can do. They need to communicate with you. Add in physical activity and healthy food, believe me dude, might sound "stupid" but you are gonna feel blessed. Today was my worst day in life, and I keep it up somehow I am not totally fucked I am uplifting right now and at morning starting my casual routine which makes me perfectly happy. Gym, 80% plant based food, no processed food, eating only up to 15g of sugar per day. Feeling amazing. Don't let ANYONE declare your life style / choices / paths. Soon you are 18 and you are your own man. Fight for yourself, if not, fight for your girlfriend. Just stay strong dude, you are really young that there is nice life out there. I am 20yrs old. Sry for bad eng, I hope you get me. Have a nice time and stay calm and think. Before you do anything, think about it twice. Just use brain. Note this: schools, universities, all educational system is created by rulers of the world who wants to enslave us, contorl us, drain us. Everything in high school you learn has nothing to do with moral. Drugs, alcohol, pornography, everything comes from that institutions because people talk about that there. That's why most people who realise the truth feel bad at school, i was literally talking to only 1 girl in class out of 29 there.

  • Emil Rutherford Reply

    I don't think so. >The feeling is more similar to their hate for us than most would like to admit. For some, maybe. However, for the vast majority, they are merely **voicing** things like 'fill the hole with wasps,' 'feed them sugar-free gummy bears,' and other mean things, but that is just talk. Not many of these people would actually take pleasure in the killing or torture of others. Those that would, I agree, contain this darkness you speak of. The rest are alltogether justified, rational, and righteous to hope those ISIS guys die. ISIS people hate literally everyone who is not ISIS. They don't hate others because of some personal injustice. They do not hate others because of a social injustice. They just hate every damn thing. They also kill people in the most provocative and heinous ways with no remorse. Again, no purpose, no reason, not that a purpose or reason would matter for torturous murder. They also rape literally anyone(and anything) they can get their hands on. Literally. Im not one of these millennial figurative-literalists. They rape anyone muslim, anyone non-muslim, anyone related, anyone unrelated, anyone at all that they see and have opportunity to rape. So, we have a group as described above. On the other hand we have: people who generally do nothing worse than speed on the way to work, and oh, well, when confronted with ISIS's ridiculous actions... want specifically those persons dead for specifically the actions they have perpetrated. This is not only a justified opinion, it is a righteous opinion. TL;DR: No. The feeling is not at all similar to their hate for us.

  • Anderson Hayes Reply

    I love the Etiquette Hell list of responses to idiotic questions and statements. To deliver most of these effectively, you need to stop moving, look straight at the offending person for *just* a smidge of time - just long enough so they know they caught your attention and they start to feel awkward. Then say flatly, * "What an interesting question/statement/assumption." * "How kind of you to take an interest." * "Why would I want to do that?" And my favorite, the full-sentence: * "No." OP, while I don't feel your particular pain, I have a slightly analogous situation where loved ones question our life choices a lot. These work, and having the repertoire and the rehearsable physical action to accompany them is empowering because it strips out the emotional responses we might otherwise want to give and let's us be in control with the situation. My fiance and I actually practiced responses and had a little bit of fun saying the stupid things people say to us over and over again. The big gun, by the way, is dead silence, stillness, and eye contact. Then *obviously* changing the subject. Example: **Aunt Biddy:** Claire went on a no-sugar diet with her Bible studies group and it turned out the toxins in her acid- blood were building up in her poisoned heretical uterus! Turns out all she needed to do was stop killing her unborn children with cookies and apostasy! I'll send you a pamphlet on it! **You:** *long silence* **You:** I heard that burlap prices in East Asia went up. Buying any burlap in the near future?

  • Dakota Leffler Reply

    I think the author's key point(s) are this: >I’m afraid that our public avoidance of honey is hurting us as a movement. A certain number of bees are undeniably killed by honey production, but far more insects are killed, for example, in sugar production. And if we really cared about bugs we would never again eat anything either at home or in a restaurant that wasn’t strictly organically grown—after all, killing bugs is what pesticides do best. And organic production uses pesticides too (albeit “natural”). Researchers measure up to approximately 10,000 bugs per square foot of soil—that’s over 400 million per acre, 250 trillion per square mile. Even “veganically” grown produce involves the deaths of countless bugs in lost habitat, tilling, harvesting and transportation. We probably kill more bugs driving to the grocery store to get some honey-sweetened product than are killed in the product’s production. In other words, he asserts that honey doesn't kill any more animals than any other sweetener. And because of this, avoiding honey but allowing equally harmful sweeteners makes no ethical sense, which harms the credibility of veganism as a rational position. I think I'd agree that most of us could go without eating honey, but could we go without eating anything that is produced in a way that harms insects? I think not.

  • Zelma Treutel Reply

    You'll never have all the information. Making the best decision you can based off of the information you have available is the best anyone can do. Right now we're doing little more than working backwards from a time before heart attacks and diabetes were so prevalent. We're looking back and asking the question "How did we fuck ourselves so badly?" and if you go by the data we have available it was the massive increase in the consumption of wheat, corn, and refined sugar. So maybe there's something in the liver or the coconut oil or whatever that's going to end up killing me. Well, I'll have done a lot better than whales carting themselves around nowadays keeling over at 40. Perhaps the people after us can do a bit better given more information, but really they'll be doing the same thing, making the best decision they can based on the information available. In our particular context of "suddenly everyone is getting massively fat and dying early of metabolic syndrome, how do we stop this?" appealing to nature, which is in this case rewinding to a time before we started poisoning ourselves, seems a pretty logical place to start. I wrestle with this kind of shit all the time. Diet, sleep patterns, sun exposure, water intake, mineral intake, heavy metal poisoning, it's a whole lot of hard decisions based on incomplete information. I do what I can with what I have.

  • Enola Jenkins Reply

    I look at it like this, the big sugar producers of South Florida lobby like hell to get subsidies and to fight environmental acts that cost them money. Then they push their product to other companies who overuse it in cheap crap food that is consumed by the masses that leads to a myriad of health issues. So by my tally they're killing us and the environment. Fuck them.

  • Vance Wintheiser Reply

    Roger roger . Very true . Sugar / carbs are killing us . Hell if the population of USA would just cut extra sugar / sweet bread/ any liquid sugar drinks out of their diet overnight we would prob solve the obesity /heath epidemic

  • Friedrich Moore Reply

    well that article is hyperbolic and retarded. > The soda tax is also akin to telling your child this: “Your classmate Lawrence is not drinking what we think he should. So it’s ok to steal money from Lawrence and all his classmates until Lawrence stops drinking bad things.” Why not just treat us all like adults. Sugar is addictive garbage and large corporations pedal it to hooked consumers. Obesity rates have been going up for decades, over 2/3 of the US population is overweight. The total cost to the US tax payers of obesity is in the hundreds of billions, about $500 per person a year. And there is no sign that people are going to start being healthier or the corporations selling this addictive garbage are going to self-regulate. The soda tax is akin to the programs they did to limit cigarette use which have been very successful. The government curbed runaway tobacco usage which led to a much healthier, happier society. Why don't you tell your child that 70% of the US Population is literally killing themselves through addiction to bad foods. Why don't you tell them that 30% of their classmates are obese, that their parents are committing a form of child abuse to them. Why don't you tell your child that we're trying to educate those kids and parents so they can live better lives. And we're only asking for 12 cents per soda to do it.

  • Raheem Kuhic Reply

    I feel like a lot of the reason we tend to be so miserable these days (especially the younger folks) is due to expectation. We watch shows where people are always happy and successful, we lie to each other on social media by pretending our lives are fantastic all the time, we listen to stupid pop music that is more like shoving sugar down our throats than anything genuine or meaningful. At least for me, I look at my boring, lonely life and think I'm doing something wrong. Maybe I am just plain wrong because everyone else is obviously doing it right. What you have to realize is that is the biggest lie of all. No one is totally happy, not even the rich and famous. We are diving headfirst into a culture where it is not okay to talk about depression or crushed dreams or misery and it is killing us. Sometimes it's okay to be bored and lazy and achieve nothing. Go at your own pace and try not to let anyone else tell you what milestones you should be reaching, or what happiness you should be feeling. Shut out all the bullshit and focus on who you want to be for yourself, not anyone else. Hate your job, use it to suit your own ends, but don't stop searching for a different one. Change takes time, whatever the goal, but don't let it make you feel like you're wasting your life or it will never get better. It will if you make it better, piece by piece.

  • Norval Kshlerin Reply

    > Uh, the charging number isn't from this year, that's over the last 8 years. 41 officers over like 8 years, and black men have much higher crime rates than white men. It's still a number without any context. In total, how many unarmed people have been shot by police? How many of those are white, and how many are black? Of the 41 charged, how many were for killing whites, and how many for blacks? If you don't provide those numbers, then you might as well say that a marshmallow has 41 grams of sugar for all the relevance it has. >Uh, here's a cop charged for shooting a black guy. > Did you have a point? How many wer... I give up. You just don't get the concept of relevance. >You thought the 41 number was this year, you clearly didn't read anything I linked. Yea, it's what year it's for that really makes the difference! .... how? >I'm basing this number off the police shooting database, not that article. The 41 charged number is from the last like 8 years, not 1 year. So, you think every police office who ever fires their gun should be charged with a crime? If not, then what is the relevance of the "police shooting database"?

  • Elyse Ortiz Reply

    I'm in the same boat here!! Thank god the rifaximin got rejected by the insurance bc it's hardly efficacious anyway (only 41% compared to 31% taking a placebo 🙄). I bought CandiBactin AR and BR and will begin taking them this week. I was really torn between those & the ones you chose (I hate how the study didn't say which herbal therapy had which results) so I'd be interested to hear how it works out. Do you plan to follow up with a pro-motility agent like Iberogast/MotilPro or with L-glutamine and probiotics? I definitely intend to follow that plan of care but will choose my strains rather than taking a broad spectrum (like VSL, which didn't help at all this past summer). I heard D-lactate probiotics like those in the Lactobacillus family can be unadvisable for SIBO. I similarly haven't yet had a breath test but after ruling everything out via endoscopy, colonoscopy, and biopsies, I'm 100% convinced that it's SIBO-C. Especially after similarly reducing all of my sugar and starchy carb intake and seeing dramatic improvements in symptoms! Let us know how your breath tests results come back? What you're experiencing def sounds like Herxheimer reaction - hopefully it means we are finally killing the bugs squatting upstream!!

  • Rylee Powlowski Reply

    >I might just flip a coin at the polls, or go for Rubio, at least I would know what to expect from crappy Rubio. We can't reward this spineless suit with another term as senator. He couldn't even stick up for himself against Trump, what makes you think he'll stick up for us as Floridians against the sugar industry? I know that Murphy isn't perfect but at least he acknowledges the reality of climate change, which at this point should be the litmus test for anyone wanting to be a politician in Florida since we will have to contend with it for the foreseeable future (stronger hurricanes, coastal flooding, and not to mention the [greening disease that's killing the orange industry](

  • Neil Kulas Reply It's not like the guy in charge of the program talked about genocide or anything. I'm sure the Japanese had nothing to fear. Why would the America public even suspect mass murder might happen? It was a horrible time, and horrible things were said. There's a parallel there that shouldn't be sugar coated. America just happened to not end up killing the people the rounded up. But people at that time had the exact same reactions to the exact same situation the German population saw.

  • Harry Jerde Reply

    Yeah, it's dumb. They're the kind of people that order gluten-free pasta at an Italian restaurant, but then gorge themselves on the complementary bread. They talk about how eating processed white sugar and high fructose corn syrup is killing the world by giving us all diabetes, but then they drown their toast in agave nectar which has even more fructose in it than HFCS does. A typical conversation with them goes like this: > "Oh my god, my energy is so low right now. I need a pick me up." "Do you want some tea? I have green tea, black tea, earl grey..." > "Ugh. No, I only drink kombucha, it's soooooo much better for you." "Oh really? Maybe I should check that out. Why is it better for you than tea?" > "Uhhh, it just is. You can tell when you drink it that it's detoxing your body." "Oh. But what does it actually do? It's a fermented thing right? Is it probiotic or does it help digestion, or something like that?" > "Um, well I heard about a woman who had cancer, and she did a week long cleanse with kombucha both inside and out, and when they checked again for the cancer it was gone. Like, ALL gone." "Was this on TV or in a book I can read? Where did you hear about it" > "From Carol. She sells kombucha at the farmer's market. "Oh....okay."

  • Tabitha Simonis Reply

    Keep it the same size: They're doing nothing to combat the country's obesity crisis. Make it bigger: They're single handedly killing our children with sugar. Make it smaller: They're ripping us off!

  • Herbert Russel Reply

    I have been a severe asthmatic until I went to my local Naturopath who put me on Khella, a cheap natural cure for asthma. This medication works on the Mast cells, only takes a week to show real changes and will cure 75/80% of people's asthma. Of course big Pharma do not want us to know this and so we are prescribed meds that are killing us. I have been on endless rounds of antibiotics and steroids to the point whereby it destroyed my gut flora so I decided to take my health into my own hands and find cures that do not destroy our immune systems. Khella is taken 3 times daily 15drops per time for six months only. Then for 75/80% you will live life asthma free. Avoiding gluten, dairy and sugar help hugely in the process of recovery. Sugar was particularly detrimental to me so I have given up all processed foods and stick to a paleo diet now. I have not used an inhaler for 5 months nor have I taken Phyllocontin, steroids or antibiotics. No wheezes, shortness of breath or the constant terror of an actual attack. I am writing this in the hope that asthma sufferers will read it and take action. We have been and are been lied to endlessly about our health and much else. Take your power back, go to your Naturopath or order Khella online.

  • Valerie Larson Reply

    what pisses me off is when we dont do the fundamentals correctly. Rule 1 of pass protection: dont let anyone beat you inside. Yet most of our sacks come right up the middle. Field goal protection is literally just one step inside and put your hands on the next guy's thigh or hip, yet we had a REDSHIRT SENIOR not close down on a would be game winning 30 yarder last year and we lose by a point at home. Defense cant get in the right position, and when they do they dont wrap up and a tackle for loss turns into a 13 yard gash up the middle. simple, routine shit that we shouldn't have to worry about that is killing us. The way i see it, we still have 2 meaningful games left: Florida and LSU. If we win both of those, and get a little help, we could end up in either the sugar or cotton bowl.

  • Dusty Prosacco Reply

    If dispersed properly in the air jello is explosive. I remember a sugar plant going up pretty bad killing many workers in the US awhile back.

  • Barbara Lesch Reply

    I think any diet that has a person starting to revision what they eat as fuel and nutrients for their body, and is encouraging them to prepare their own meals, is a good thing. Keto, Paleo, Vegan... I don't care what it is, if done correctly, that person can end up a lot more healthy. Currently, we're seeing an epidemic of people in the west with metabolic syndrome. Even most skinny people by BMI have high bodyfat percentages. All the processed foods and sugar are literally killing us. I have my reservations on Vegan diets for myself, but in efforts to have western people eat more healthy, I don't think I want to be badmouthing any allies. I know some people who've benefited from Vegan diets, so if it's working for you, keep it up.

  • Sallie Mohr Reply

    It's the public politics vs private politics. I knew that this was a major distinguisher for Trump, who doesn't have a private political platform (as far as I can tell). I couldn't put a word to it before that leak. Private and public politics is easily shown in that "abortion gaffe". The private view by many is that anyone who is involved in killing fetuses should be punished. The publuc view is to punish the doctor. Trump said the private view first, and then the party released a statement with the public view. If the private view sounds bad, why do you support it with a sugar-coated public view? This is why politics is getting us nowhere. We don't talk about the actual substance of the issues.

  • Betsy Rutherford Reply

    To add to what's been said, there is no way to gain weight without overeating. It's just not physiologically possible. Anything else you hear or read is white noise. Reduce or cut out sugar and carbs altogether. Carbs are basically sugar in another form and become sugar as soon as they hit your digestive system. Get rid of them. You will get more than enough carbohydrate while actively trying to avoid it. Increase protein and fiber (vegetables, not fruit which has a lot of sugar). Maintain the exercise. Do this and I promise you you will lose body fat and increase muscle. You'll also be much healthier - carbs are literally killing us.

  • Alvah Kessler Reply

    Didn't you hear? It's complex carbohydrates that's killing us, not sugar.

  • Talon Bergstrom Reply

    Didn't you hear? It's sugar that's killing us, not fat.

  • Donnie Kuhlman Reply

    I meeaaaan. Yeah there's a bunch of sugar in it but the ketchup is not what's killing us.

  • Jordane Mosciski Reply

    Diabetes is a big issue in my family and since I've moved to college I've done my best to stay away from sugary foods to eat when I'm bored. Sugar is literally killing us. If I could give someone advice on anything, it'd be that juice is not good for you! It's literally soda without carbonation. Yea it has vitamins and nutrients in it, but the bad is out eating the good.

  • Maryam Block Reply

    But the point is rather that all our food is now sugar-filled, and that makes our food extremely calorie dense. If you eat a steak and salad, you're going to be getting ~700-800 calories (this obviously varies widely depending on steak size, salad dressing etc). You can down 800 calories of pure bullshit without even killing your hunger. So the point is that people are looking at the wrong nutritional facts when deciding what to eat. This TIL is about the fact that the very institutions reporting to us what we should eat are corrupt and based on financial incentive. Sugared foods are cheap to make, easily preserved, thus they are pushed hard. The Canadian Food Pyramid is a goddamn joke - why do I need so much grain in my diet? Maybe because our country produces a lot of that shit. Even though I love dairy, I don't think its NECESSARY to be healthy. I know many people who have felt drastic improvements in their overall health by cutting out dairy - it inflames a lot of peoples bodies. Theres plenty of sources of calcium and protein outside of dairy.

  • Janelle Braun Reply

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  • Lora Hoeger Reply

    > Your response is totally correct in every way... and you are with me at the bottom right now. This is becoming the new standard, this is typical. Look at this post: asktrp/comments/4t7zfv/no_more_mr_nice_guy_activities_support/ . It is fucking LEGIT. It is strong shit, strong as fuck, 20 yo dude killing his ego, owning it. I predict this man is going to be somebody very important soon. 5 comments or so. 5 fucking comments. Perhaps that many people know what "No more Mr Nice Guy" is. Every real and serious question of mine at AskTRP was either down voted to oblivion or had 2 comments max. And now this. Just write a comment that is way below the sugar coating of the red pill. You get down votes. Just like your own comments. "This is TRP this is freedom write what you want". Except that stuff about Baphomet, Jesus, all those things, because "Jesus = bad" and "religion = bad", that's what our usual bluepill conditioning taught us. I've read about Moloch, about the child sacrifice. Sometimes you can read, that people in some circles still do that. I'd love to read your comments on that. I bet the first one gets -5, because just fuck that 55 yo guy writing about religion, I want to know what should I do because my ex texted me she is missing me. Keep being yourself.

  • Zoe Bahringer Reply

    This is purely just my opinion. I think the article shows what lengths the government and industry will go to protect capitalism. But in the end, I don't think this will have ANY effect in our lifetime. Agriculture was a means for humanity to feed more people, and now it feeds world (for better or worse). Because of agriculture we were able to sustain humanity and watch it multiply the way it has into every corner of this rock we call home. We modeled EVERYTHING after agriculture, even after everyone began to suspect it was killing us or making us unhealthy. Just look at all those neatly lined boxes in your supermarket if you need any proof of this. I think the bigger problem is that we don't have a really good solution to "the problem of agriculture". Yeah, I get it, carbs are cheap and easy to grow, but they're killing us - and that's bad. But we can't just convert every factory that cranks out sugar and convert it to animal husbandry facilities so we can make endless amounts of fat and protein. And our planet's climate is likely not temperate enough to grow avocado and palm trees wherever we want. The problem is bigger than the food pyramid or the "Nutrition Facts" panel on your favorite supermarket product.

  • Beryl Halvorson Reply

    Yeah they either die in camps, or public shootings, or being drafted for a war in the Middle East. You have to understand their agenda is to reduce human population to fight climate change and fix the US and Global economy by getting rid of people they hate and killing them off. The only people immune from this are the 1% that send lobbyists to politicians to buy them to vote for laws that benefit them. Already in Dallas they used a robot to blow up a shooter, this is the start of using robots in policing areas and killing people with robots so there is no trial and no charge of murder. Did you see the 1% with their seed banks and making shelters to live in, so they could be safe? They expect an end of the world scenario and made these bases to hide in so that they can grow food with the seeds and have food that isn't genetically engineered. For example rich people eat different food than poor people. Poor people become fat because the food is processed and a lot of sugar and carbohydrates is added to the food they buy.

  • Althea Bergnaum Reply

    Pointless late to the thread blah blah blah I was in the Marine Corps. and had a Gunnery Sergeant in my shop. Whitewashed Mexican guy, the entirety of our squadron despised this man. First, in order to "cozy up" to one of our co-workers he told her, "Us Mexicans have to stick together" Yes he was trying to sleep with her. I remember her telling us later that she though to herself, "Bitch you ain't Mexican (starts rambling in angry Spanish)" On another occasion i was actually there for, he made the statement, "All women are sluts". Queue angry tangent from myself, probably going to get NJP'ed for this. Before this happens however, a sergeant then states. "Yeah, they pretty much are." Mind you she is female as well. Does not compute, shutdown all systems, boot brain no longer workey. upwards of 5 of us seriously considered Fragging this person. If you don't know what that means, Fragging is a term used for killing a superior. His car tire's were slashed several times, and "someone" put sugar in his new SUV's gas tank. Guess i will never know who did that. *Cough*

  • Alysha McKenzie Reply

    I work at a vets office. One time, on a Saturday afternoon about 45min before closing, a guy comes in with a rat terrier under his arm. He's never been here, reads good things online though. Wants his dog to be seen since he's "bleeding out". Shows me the wound, dog has a scrape on its gums from chewing something too hard. Not actively bleeding. Just a red mark. We tell him, "ok well the doctors busy with an appointment right now-" "MY DOG IS DYING, YOU ARE KILLING HIM YOU'RE KILLING HIM!" This is directed at my coworker, who to his credit, stood there and took it. The doctor comes up and repeats "is there something I can help you with?" Until he calms down and shows him the "bleeding wound". Only now he said that he thinks his dog needs dental work because it has gum disease. Doc sees him since the last appointment was over when he came out and sends him on his way. Tells us "sorry, it's Ramadan and my blood sugar is low". Yeah ok pal. He then proceeded to rage again when we have the gall to charge him for today's visit.

  • Xavier Hirthe Reply

    Huh? First, our existence as humans basically requires the accidental killing of animals. Buying sugar, driving cars, throwing plastic in the garbage bin; almost everything carries the potential for the death of an animal. Second, the vast majority of us weren't born vegan—we know what it was like to eat animals so it would be absurd for us to be angry with someone going vegan for previously killing animals themselves. I think the entire idea of needing forgiveness from vegans is kind of a misunderstanding in itself. Veganism is not an exercise in personal purity to join a cool club, nor is it a self-flagellatory penance for past transgressions against animals. It's just a way of living that seeks to exclude exploitation and cruelty to animals. So anyone can be a vegan, no matter their history—and we will respect them all the same.

  • Issac McGlynn Reply

    As you can see, the science is there to support your decision. If they come with a specific concern, let us know and we will explain the answer with sources. The main concern most people voice is cholesterol. The myth that dietary cholesterol causes health problems, namely cardiovascular disease, was created by Ancel Keys who manipulated his studies to prove a falsehood. Unfortunately, the government ignored the real science and pushed low fat on us, killing millions. The government quietly removed cholesterol limits from their recommendations last year. It only took them 50+ years to read the vast amount of science that exonerates cholesterol apparently. Avoid inflammatories (Omega 6 fats, trans fat, sugar (carbs), grains, etc.) Inflammatories cause cardiovascular disease and a host of others.

  • Hadley Lynch Reply

    LOL and crying at the same time. First of all can I pre-apologize if I offend you in this response. I am trying to choose my words carefully and respectfully. your simple one sentence has caused a torrent in my mind. for years I was brainwashed about food. "milk does a body good" and "beef its what is for dinner" where mantras for me. but really they are deadly and dangerous propaganda. I learned it well when I had to teach 7th grade science. I was a jock most my life and protein was crucial, but when I became responsible for teaching nutrition to 1,000 of students I had to get real. Dairy, meat, and sugar are killing us and the environment. so while you may never eat a bug. I hope you will consider drastically altering your "American diet". The FUTURE DEPENDS ON IT. REALLY THAT IS NOT OVER THE TOP. FOOD IS THE BIGGEST ISSUE HARDLY ANYONE IS TALKING ABOUT.

  • Pamela Schneider Reply

    I just threw away a bag of peanut M&Ms that my co-worker bought for me at 711. Before I got strict again he'd been using Friday nights to get us treats there, now that I'm on a major cut sugar is a big no no. In this last year of getting so lax I ended up gaining 12 lbs back I had never gone back to the bread, potato, rice, or pasta, but my sugar addiction was back. I'm killing it now.

  • Idella Schaefer Reply

    Thank you for your kind words. Even after a year I am still in disbelief that he could do this to us. I took a shower today and there was so much hair in the screen trap. I know it's from the stress. I just wish it would hurry up and kill me instead of killing me slowly. Ugh. RA, that's rough. Had a friend in PA that had it. Mine is nothing near that bad. I'm hypothyroid but it's beginning to effect my health; pre-diabetes, ugh. So yay, no sugar for me.

  • Bryana Fritsch Reply

    I'm Still going to treat myself to some sugar on rare occasions.

  • Kenya Auer Reply

    How much different is 2016 from 1994? Read [this]( Security assurances from US and RUSSIA if the Ukraine disarmed the third largest nuclear stockpile. They did. Russia has taken them over. Basically you talk a country into disarming it's nuclear weapons, assure them that they don't need them because U.S. and Russia have your back, then Russia eats them. You and Trump suggest we allow that. Let's say we do. Now let's try to talk another country into getting rid of humanity killing weapons......and assure them they don't need them because we have their back. I know why Trump wants to bend over for his Russian sugar is interesting to see how people justify it for him.

  • Giuseppe Price Reply

    My goal right now is to get to 230lbs, my current meal plan has been pretty basic. eggs in the morning with reduced sugar ketchup, gym, protein shake, quest bar, tuna wrap for lunch, and lettuce burgers for dinner. I have been up and down on this road but so far I'm nearly 50lbs off my body. I quit my job to travel and live a healthier life due to working on a stressful/depressing environment that was just killing me slowly. I currently weigh at 563lbs, and started at 610lbs at my highest. Working out 6 days a week, I do share my journey with others out there on my instagram. If you guys want to check it out it's outrageous_bro_lifts , id be excited to try all the mousses....they look amazing! Thank you guys for thinking of us, it's very nice of you guys.

  • Loyal Farrell Reply

    Seriously, we have major issues in the US with kids who have diabtetes, heart problems, etc because their parents only feed them shitty processed food that's full of sugar and crap. These people are also killing their children, albiet at a slower pace. It's not the 'diet' label that matters, it's the actual food that they are eating. You can be healthy on an omnivorous diet and really unhealthy. You can also be healthy or unhealthy on a vegan diet. You are just more likely to be obese, have heart disease, or have Type II diabetes on an unhealthy omni diet and more likely to be malnourished on an unhealthy vegan diet.

  • Hildegard DuBuque Reply

    I use a solyent equivalent atm, but that's pretty much because I can't be bothered with cooking tbh. I can see that eating ready meals and pizza etc is harmful to you (that's what I did before). I just think it's an over exaggeration to say Diary, meat and sugar are killing us. I have no doubt that if people ate insects they'd be a bunch of people who ate too much and it would be harmful to them. I can see the harmful environment effects of fishing (that's one reason why I've rarely eaten fish), and that cows/etc in such quantities aren't good for the environment either, but once lab grown meat comes along then it will be fine, as long as individual don't eat too much of it as ever.

  • Elliott Tremblay Reply

    If you want to know more about why Sugar is bad for you I cannot recommend [Pure, White and Deadly: How Sugar Is Killing Us and What We Can Do to Stop It]( by John Yudkin enough. It was prophetic in it's vision and revolutionary in it's science. Richard Lustig has taken up that mantle and has been [giving talks about it]( with some very dry science but some very conclusive points.

  • Sabryna Stracke Reply

    people may balk at your post about sugar, but I swear that it's seriously hard to quit. Wife and I are trying to cut back on sugar, but it's in fucking EVERYTHING it seems like. People look at you like your crazy if they offer you a sugary treat and you tell them you don't eat sugar. That shit is killing us.

  • Jovanny Will Reply

    Kind of like sugar and some fats (think fried foods). Our bodies are designed to desire foods high in it because the energy content helped our ancestors survive. Now we game those mechanisms and our foods are so saturated in it that it is making us fat and killing us well before our times. And it's hard to stop because we can't suspend our bodies' construction.

  • Elian Torphy Reply

    I don't believe they have established a daily value for human consumption when it comes to sugar. Probably because it's slowly killing all of us.

  • Eudora Fay Reply

    Bruh this is exactly how I feel going through this three. Sugar, porn, looking at phones, not sleeping, sitting, weed, meat, dairy. Next you're gonna see "too much sleep" and "driving is killing us".

  • Taya Terry Reply

    The daily limit is set at only six teaspoons for women. That's more than you'll find in practically any dessert. I think everyone agrees that binging isn't going to do your waistline any favors but eating fat isn't killing us- sugar is.

  • Catherine Parker Reply

    There's a great programme on Netflix on how bad sugar is for you and that it's making children fat and diabetic in the US. It also shows how the sugar companies in America strong arm the world health organisation and government in to not publishing reports recommending that people's daily intake of sugar is reduced. We've been brainwashed in to thinking fast food is convenient and cheaper than cooking. Then there's he whole 'eating healthy is so hard and expensive' argument. Frozen veg is SO SO cheap! Keep it up OP as fast food and soda is slowing killing the population. Our relationship with food needs to change!

  • Sam Orn Reply

    Also, untreated diabetes can result in pretty bad mood swings. That may be a factor to consider. Would hubs be willing to sit down with her and say something like, "Mom, I know you'll miss us when we go, but we will still keep in touch. But if you don't see a doctor and get your blood sugar checked, you won't be around much longer for me to keep in touch with." Maybe offer to go with her? I know she doesn't want to follow up, but she's literally killing herself quickly. If your blood sugar gets high enough, it basically turns your blood to acid. I know you can't control her actions, just a thought about 2 birds, 1 stone.

  • Luna Langworth Reply

    Could be like how our love of sugary foods was good back when sugar was hard to find, but is now killing us. How could one argue it increases evolutionary fitness to be a fat ass? It doesn't, but the things that did in the past now cause fatassness in a much different environment. Women are accessing some short term benefit, they think, but ruining themselves in another way. If you notice CC sluts and chicks that are fat as hell are pretty similar in their ability to forego gratification and understand what they should do to achieve a goal of some sort that conflicts with their immediate desire.

  • Dino Lakin Reply

    My family have got a big reputation here from where I live at least, I'm from the royal family of Dubai. I forgot to mention this, but this will bring the name of our family to the ground. I'm just tired of being abused, I'm a diabetic myself and I keep dropping in sugar levels. My step mum has threatened to gun me down on MULTIPLE occasions. Her family are known for killing people in our country. I'm just scared for my life and family. I'm trying to convince my mum to move to the US as we do have money to do so. If nothing changes then I'll take matters into my own hand

  • Vincent Gibson Reply

    I work with a guy who is obese and slowly killing himself from sugary drinks and foods. We work at a restaurant, so he has easy access to junk food all day long. During our last shift, he drank an Oreo smoothie (1000 calories), a strawberry smoothie (500 calories and 100 grams of sugar) and a 16 ounce coke. After this entire day of him chowing on absolute shit, he decided to start telling us about how to be healthy. We were talking about Modelo beer. He says, "you should never drink Modelo because it has preservatives in it and that's not good for you." The hypocrisy was absolutely unfathomable.

  • Raven Swift Reply

    > killing us somewhat faster This is about to descend into a debate about the health merits of "organic" and "natural" food, and I'm going to walk away before getting sucked in. You can have whatever opinion you like about the flavour of these iced desserts. I don't really care, and was simply pointing out the obvious fact that the majority of people can't tell/don't care. If you genuinely believe that milk fat and cane sugar are somehow "better" for you than the stuff they put in Breyers, you need a lesson in biology.

  • Brielle Schmidt Reply

    > Maybe simply evidence of a greater destructive force... Well, obesity is the evidence of a consistent calorie surplus. That sentence could have made sense if it was followed by a critique of food manufacturers making food more addictive (remove fat, add sugar and salt), or how our easy lives are killing us (desk jobs and access to calorie dense foods). Instead the destructive force is society, and it's treatment of fat people. Just no personal accountability in HAES, is there?

  • Freddy King Reply

    Cigarettes, sugar, pharmaceuticals, and chemical laden food is killing us. Cars kill us, slipping kills us, simply being an idiot kills us. But guns, chances are vastly in favor of you never even seeing one pulled in your lifetime, let alone fired. If the intention was saving lives there would be many other issues to address first. And of course 50 mediocre folks dying justifies pissing on the graves of the millions who have died defending the rights we are so quick to throw in the trash.

  • Carlotta Ebert Reply

    Better regulation of sugar content in food. The amount of sugar the average American consumes is absolutely INSANE! On average 150-170 POUNDS a year, compared to 50 years ago when Americans consumed around 4 pounds per year. FOUR! That's a huge difference! Sugar is in nearly everything and very often hidden (there are over 50 different names for sugar). It is an epidemic and it's not only making us fat it's killing us as well. And to top it all off its just as addicting as nicotine!

  • Niko Morissette Reply

    At least when they attempt to wipe their collective asses with the Second Amendment they (used to) try to sugar coat it and when they shit on the Fourth Amendment they attempted to hide what they were doing. But this tool just came out and literally said that the Fifth Amendment is killing us. I know I shouldn't be by this point, but I am utterly gobsmacked. No matter what side of the gun debate you land on or what side of the aisle you most identify with - this shit should scare the piss out of you.

  • Jayce Kessler Reply

    Sugar. Sources: etc....

  • Ike Fadel Reply

    That most food in north America is addictive and it's killing us. Almost every loaf of bread at the grocery store has sugar or high fructose corn syrup. Almost all the frozen sausage has added sugar or high fructose corn syrup. I never buy pizza because it's so addictive. Apparently people in Europe and India reject offers from traveling Americans who wish to share food - they say they don't understand how Americans can eat that stuff and not get very ill.

  • Magali Quitzon Reply

    A similar story happened to John Yudkin. He worked in a university research setting and warned people about how sugar can cause obesity and dental problems. He wrote a book in 1972: Pure, White and Deadly: How Sugar Is Killing Us and What We Can Do to Stop It. Yudkin suffered career setbacks. People ignored his warning and sugar consumption has increase and today sugar in high fructose corn syrup is in almost every loaf of bread at the grocery store.

  • Lucious Goldner Reply

    This reminds me of when I went to Lazer Tag last. We showed up as a group of cadets, about 7 of us. There was a birthday party if about 15 kids there. Same thing happened, we were the only opposition. Some of the people on our team had gone through basic training so it was a complete killing spree of kids hyped up on sugar. One of our guys got surrounded so we had to plan a rescue and everything.

  • Magdalen Anderson Reply

    The reason you can't get above 10-12% alcohol is because alcohol is a byproduct of using sugar and water to grow. Much like how we exhale carbon dioxide when we breath, too much CO2 can kill us. The same thing goes for yeast. The alcohol, in a sense, suffocates the yeast and kills it. In theory, if you could remove the alcohol from the yeast without killing the yeast you could produce alcohol forever provided you have water and sugar. Hmmmm back to the lab.

  • Arden Reinger Reply

    They need sick people unfortunately. They need unhappy people. They want us to think we need them to lead us. They are losing their grip, and I hope we see more stories like yours, having stopped drinking three years ago myself. Sugar is my sin and is killing me slowly, so I need to figure that out

  • Greyson Ortiz Reply

    Requiem for the American Dream. Goes quite in depth about how the US is done and will never recover. Also, Fed Up. How the sugar industry and big food are essentially killing everyone.

  • Leonel Schinner Reply

    Oh shiiiiit! You still believe that dietary fat causes obesity! It's sugar, it's always been sugar. People in the '50s ate lard and bacon every day and had lower instances of heart attack and obesity. Sugar and things that convert into sugar are what is killing us. And yes, I have. I ate a wild boar that lived it's life fully intact. That was 1999 and I can still taste it in nightmares.

  • Austin Dare Reply

    Of course that technically they are the same. But it's easier for your body to metabolize and store a calorie of sugar. A calorie of fat or protein requires more effort to process. Also it doesn't spike your blood sugar and cause you to get hungry again *quicker*! Look at the country. It's not just that people are eating more. The low fat craze is killing us.

  • Garrett Kshlerin Reply

    them SU folks are good at killing. Don't think any of us are gonna make it out of Summer of Steven alive. God help us all if that Rebecca Sugar decides to give Overwatch a try...

  • Faustino Kub Reply

    20 years? We can keep people from dumping sugar into our foods since the 60s. Some doctors are reporting that there still isn't enough evidence sayin that how much sugar the average human eats a day isn't litterally killing us. Sugar company's say the opposite. We can't even get on the same page with food we have been growing naturally.

  • Saul Lebsack Reply

    I agree. Obesity related illnesses are going to bankrupt our healthcare system, but the food industry keeps churning out the sugar-, fat-, and salt-, laden foods it does for profit despite the fact it is killing us!! The sugar industry has way too much influence in our government. Look into it. It's really scary!

  • Matteo Shields Reply

    Eat low-fat food. Low-fat food usually has more carbs and sugar, and the lack of fat makes hunger get out of control. There is a very informative lecture about how sugar and high fructose corn syrup used in low-fat foods is killing millions of us.

  • Garnett Friesen Reply

    Just because something isn't 'inherently bad' doesn't mean we should refine it and put it in FUCKING EVERYTHING. We don't need as much sugar as we're eating - and it's killing us.

  • Augusta Bahringer Reply

    Food or drinks with excessive sugar in it. Actually, with the power of the sugar lobby, it might be the opposite. I do think that one day people will look at sugar as we do now at tobacco. It's killing us.

  • Bennie Thompson Reply

    That's reassuring. I read about how soda makes you bloat and retain water and of course all that sugar is killing us slowly I'm currently giving up Diet Coke for a month ( replacing with unsweetened green tea) so we'll see.

  • Rashawn Turcotte Reply

    You DO realize that we don't need sugar at all, and including it in our diets is literally killing us, right? Source needed for "we've been eating sugar since forever", because that is not true.

  • Mariane Rath Reply

    Sugar. We've replaced fat with sugar, and it's killing us. Processed foods are horrible in general (seriously, don't eat it) but sugar is in everything and it's terrible for us.

  • Parker Little Reply

    Thank you for posting this. Just watched and very good. Sugar addiction is as bad a heron. Sugar industry, processed foods are poison for profit and are killing us.

  • Virgie Kutch Reply

    indeed. looks like US manufacturers trying to pack a lot of sugar in any kind of food. Sugar lobby is killing more Americans than anyone else :(

  • Zoila Labadie Reply

    Have you read anything about the sugar industry? They ARE killing us because it makes them money, and they don't give a flying shit.

  • Maryam Schmidt Reply

    Sugar is killing us. I love cookies...but, I keep my intake low. Almost never have any soda.

  • Angelo Hand Reply

    Sugar. The 80's were low fat, everyone will soon realise that sugar is killing us.

  • Wilburn Gaylord Reply

    Jokes aside; sugar is killing us. Doesn't matter if you are not fat.

  • Dawson Kris Reply

    Sugar!!! Candy, Soda. Yes it is killing us.