[Research] This guy reads every article in nutrition journals and each year summarizes them in a lecture. "Food as Medicine: Preventing and Treating the Most Common Diseases with Diet"

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  • Holden Schaden Reply

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  • Joesph Heidenreich Reply

    I am always recommending "How Not to Die" by Dr. Michael Greger to folks. He also has a non-profit called NutritionFacts.org where he reviews medical journals for the latest scientifically up-to-date nutritional facts. Spoiler alert: a plant-based diet is the healthiest diet. Not so surprising, really.

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  • Filiberto Williamson Reply

    Yup Gary taubes is life changer.

  • Lesly Koepp Reply

    Research has show that diet plays little to no role in acne.

  • Hilario Bartell Reply

    Sex Ed.

  • Jessie McKenzie Reply

    Fat =/ fat related disease Fat related diseases are actually heart breaking yet medically facinatating

  • Roger Willms Reply

    There is indeed a dearth of basic research on diet. eatingacademy.com's Peter Attia, and the famous Gary Taubes are teaming up to do a bunch of basic research that is badly needed.

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  • Marley Muller Reply

    Nutrition doesn't deter any systemic diseases.

  • Ramona Gerlach Reply

    True dat. Moreover, only very rare diseases can cause the body to be unable to use its fat reserves.

  • Carlos Crona Reply

    Having sex with Earth? Do you KNOW how many diseases that fat bitch has on her?

  • Augusta Pagac Reply

    how high is this guy?

  • Lucinda Hammes Reply

    Dr. Oz lost all credibility for me the week he roasted Gary Taubes for supporting low-carb eating just days before he had some dude on pushing a diet plan that was....low carb.

  • Jermaine Donnelly Reply

    The problem with budgeting is that is requires the same discipline and self-control that the people who need budgeting most usually lack. So in the end, budget apps become like abandoned diet journals.

  • Gerda Tromp Reply

    Gary Taubes - nuff said ;]

  • Manuela Blanda Reply

    Whats really infuriating is that any food labeled "Family Size" barely even feeds one person...(fat guy here)

  • Roselyn Howell Reply

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  • Dexter Reynolds Reply

    I wonder about this as well. I simply cannot imagine what is supposed to attractive about fat and cellulite and all the diseases that come with it.

  • Phoebe Goyette Reply

    Their Chicken Almond Soo Gai is like the perfect fat white guy Chinese food. So good.

  • Mikayla Mosciski Reply

    Gary Taubes' GCBC.

  • Tierra Hilll Reply

    Can confirm. Am foodie fat guy who loves food during sex.

  • Cyrus Adams Reply

    Funny guy:3

  • Sandrine Hudson Reply

    Its not about the sticker, but vegetables today, organic or not contain alot less nutrients than when your grandparents lived. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/soil-depletion-and-nutrition-loss/

  • Howard Terry Reply

    Taubes is wrong.

  • Quentin Bashirian Reply

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  • Lura McKenzie Reply

    Fat acceptance is cringe but there are diseases that keep you from losing weight.

  • Ayana Aufderhar Reply

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  • Liliane Gusikowski Reply

    This sub owes Gary Taubes an apology.

  • Karelle Gulgowski Reply

    I am sure this guy reads his own stuff.

  • Lawrence Rohan Reply

    Do you have any links to peer reviewed journals or scientific studies claiming a vegan diet with result in a malnourished child?

  • Jovanny Bogan Reply

    Good guy

  • Ellsworth Harber Reply

    Why we get Fat by Gary Taubes

  • Therese Bernier Reply

    ^this guy reads.

  • Cornelius Marvin Reply

    This. This is how I get fat. Or intestinal diseases. Either or, this is not good.

  • Jedidiah Bashirian Reply

    It works but research it first people make lots of mistakes and blame the diet rather than realise they made mistakes.

  • Jewel Ferry Reply

    A calorie is not a calorie, diet-wise. See: Gary Taubes, Peter Attia, Robt Lustig, et al. How much you eat is important, but not nearly as important as what you eat.

  • Elijah Green Reply

    Here is a piece by Harriet Hall on the speaker of this lecture and his other work. https://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/index.php/death-as-a-foodborne-illness-curable-by-veganism/ Seems he largely cherry picks data, and doesnt seem to show at all any cases where a diet with any amounts of animal products are in fact more optimal for health. The speaker has deep ties to veganism, and is a noted proponent (or zealot, if you like), and his website is largely a shill site for veganism. Some of his claims are bending interpretation of studies, or omitting context or parameters. No one worth their salt is going to claim a high vegetable diet is a poor one, but his claims to his zero animal product diet being the BEST is a matter of ideology. Edit: ALSO, if you're ever told that someone did the work so you don't have to (Ala this guy at the start of his lecture), be immediately suspicious of what they're selling. Science is an open process, if working correctly. If you cant fact check yourself, at least cross reference the people that do. Everything was sounding great in the lecture until I realized that everything he said only supported a single perspective. Health advice is rarely unilateral.

  • Darien Greenfelder Reply

    Tannins! I don't know the details, but here's an [article about non-heme iron absorption](http://www.vrg.org/nutrition/iron.php) for ya

  • Brain Stoltenberg Reply

    Ok, Gary Taubes. Here you go: http://www.rd.com/health/diet-weight-loss/yes-you-canlose-weight-with-twinkies/

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  • Stanton Murphy Reply

    gary taubes and other fad keto soccer mom scientists.

  • Shane Bechtelar Reply

    Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes

  • Nigel Buckridge Reply

    The Keto Diet Guide App answered a lot of my unanswered questions on why including links to the research. Check the side bar abd ruled.me, too.

  • Gavin Cronin Reply

    Okay. I failed to noticed that the curriculum did not include details about nutrition. It's a bit of a surprise as obesity is the root cause of so many diseases. I mean, my GP was the first person to address about the details of my diet.

  • Nayeli Littel Reply

    Not according to Gary Taubes

  • Ebba Oberbrunner Reply

    Good nutrition fixes diabetes. Good nutrition fixes gout. Good nutrition fixes plenty of diseases. "Mental illness" isn't one disease. It's many. Some are helped by drugs, many are not.

  • Rita Rogahn Reply

    Ok, thanks. I replied above but the gist of it is that i'll do some more research before i fully commit to such a diet, apparently its way too much.

  • Orion Lynch Reply

    How much does this guy weigh?

  • Wyman Gibson Reply

    Into sex.

  • Terry Dicki Reply

    I'd love to see more research both into diet, and also climate (well beyond just "heat is bad")

  • Kaia O'Connell Reply

    Wait wait wait wait...you're talking about *moderation* on r/fitness?!?!? But my new Gary Taubes fad diet book said I could eat as much fat as I wanted!!!

  • Arely Schuppe Reply

    Stopped drinking anything with caffeine, Low carb keto type diet inspired by Gary Taubes, started running 20+ miles per week, lost 30 lbs.

  • Marion Reilly Reply

    ^ This guy got it

  • Geoffrey Zboncak Reply

    I don't mean to sound stubborn, but could you provide some research or sources supporting this type of diet?

  • Lorine Dicki Reply

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  • Lisa Vandervort Reply

    This guy right here. $14 and it was actually really good food. My fat stoner ass couldn't have been happier.

  • Imelda Wilkinson Reply

    Well, your know, they say diseases are caused by inflammation, and that's caused by your diet, eating shitty food. Very few doctors are as educated as Joe Rogan is in nutrition.

  • Summer Will Reply

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  • Elsie Deckow Reply

    See if your library has a copy of Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes.

  • Hannah Stoltenberg Reply

    Reddit certainly knows its fat guy food

  • Jason Mayert Reply

    The guy sounds like he reads r/seduction

  • Rhiannon Harber Reply

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  • Pete Leffler Reply

    Try the research by Gary Taubes or Robert Lustig

  • Genesis Kuphal Reply

    I was in India during the last Olympics. I read an article basically saying how India was great at cricket but sucked at every sport in the Olympics despite the number of people. The guy was basically saying that Indians are unathletic. This was coming from an Indian. He did talk about the lack of infustructure, nutrition, training, etc. a little.

  • Brown Gottlieb Reply

    Wheat Belly. Why we get fat by Gary Taubes

  • Mollie DuBuque Reply

    Diseases are for fat cats!

  • Dejuan Crist Reply

    The article has nothing to do with poverty and malnourished. How did you get to that point? The article is talking about how even with better nutrition and food security, children are malnourished due to diseases from fecal matter.

  • Pasquale Schamberger Reply

    This guy reads

  • Kaia Tromp Reply

    Bahaha just days after the big thread about nutrition being pseudoscience. This article right here is a textbook example as to why people might think that. God can mods delete this or something?

  • Sean Pollich Reply

    What worked for me was low carb, the best book I can recommend on the subject is "Why we get fat, and what to do about it", by Gary Taubes.

  • Polly Gutmann Reply

    This guy gets it.

  • Darrion D'Amore Reply

    Guy reads imgur comments to get top comment

  • Noel Windler Reply

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  • Frieda Auer Reply

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  • Caroline Gutmann Reply

    Yea but the guy with the nmd reads it like a 9

  • Ken Bartell Reply

    This guy doesn't drugs.

  • Vanessa Metz Reply

    #Being fat is not healthy. No amount of yelling otherwise will change that. Being fat increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

  • Roma Johns Reply

    Thank you for posting!! Also I've been recommended to read Gary Taubes by several people too! Do you frequent r/keto?

  • Rick Huel Reply

    You the guy?

  • Robyn Fritsch Reply

    You have a lot of nutrition education ahead of you. I would recommend you read 'Why We Get Fat' by Gary Taubes.

  • Darrion Boyer Reply

    Gary Taubes provides a good rundown of the scientific study of this in Good Calories, Bad Calories

  • Santiago Kerluke Reply

    I'm a guy 😭😭

  • Jacky Reichel Reply

    Gary Taubes: Why We Get Fat (And What To Do About It). The science that will blow your mind.

  • Ned Green Reply

    Gary Taubes *Good Calories, Bad Calories*

  • Giovanna Smith Reply

    Nutrition, physical condition, diseases, scars...

  • Miracle Veum Reply

    Thinkin in the shower? I'm fat too. Porn doesn't give diseases.

  • Damian Moore Reply

    recommends gary taubes. wow.

  • Paige Bartell Reply

    You're wrong. Also your article just shows that a perfect vegan could theoretically be as healthy as a non vegan diet. In practice veganism is less healthy http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article/asset?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0088278.PDF

  • Assunta Schiller Reply

    There is also the work with a low fat vegan diet by Caldwell Esselstyn. He published reversal of arterial plaque in Lancet, one of the leading medical journals.

  • Jeff Turcotte Reply

    Some body read Gary Taubes lol

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  • Fred Kiehn Reply

    Why we get fat and what to do about it - Gary Taubes

  • Erin Hills Reply

    Why we get fat, by Gary Taubes.

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  • Odessa Prosacco Reply

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  • Lillian Tillman Reply

    Gary Taubes got me to bite ;)

  • Frida Ortiz Reply

    I had no idea diet journals were a thing! That's so neat, thanks for posting about it. I just ordered a similar one c:

  • Gus Kozey Reply


  • Destin Waelchi Reply

    They have "sex".