Random Job Reference

source: youtube
  • Aussie radio hosts call a random number to see if they'd be a strangers' job reference
  • Radio hosts (Hamish & Andy) call a random number to see if they would be willing to give a job reference for a complete stranger
  • [Videos] Radio host's call random guy asking to help give him a reference for a job. The guy does better than expected
  • A badass Aussie pretends to be a reference for a random bloke's job interview resulting in a hilarious phone call
  • Radio hosts call random person and ask him to be a job reference - turns out to be the best bro ever
  • Australian radio DJs call random number to ask for a job reference, works better than expected
  • Random bloke steps in as a reference for a job interviewee. Absolute champion
  • Hamish and Andy accidentally find the best bloke in the world
  • Randomly chosen phone number results in a great job reference
  • Prank call show accidentally finds Australia's greatest bloke
  • Asking a complete stranger to be a reference on your resume
  • Need a personal job reference? Ask an Aussie!
  • What a ledge, fucking maddest aussie ever
  • James the absolute legend
  • What a Bloody Legend!
  • James is a top bloke
  • Awesome Aussie Bloke
  • Random Job Reference

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