Phone Photography 101: Airplane

source: imgur
  • Taking a phone photo from a plane
  • The view from the plane is breathtaking! let me take a picture through that tiny opening, WCGW?
  • Let me take a picture by sticking my phone out of a plane... oh
  • Windows in airplanes for taking photos are extremely useful
  • I'll just open the window on this plane for a quick photo
  • Little airplane window allows for better camera angles
  • Let me take a photo of this beautiful landscape!
  • I'll just take a picture out of a moving plane
  • There was an attempt to take an aerial picture
  • So that's what those little windows are for!
  • Taking picture out of an airplane window
  • You won't believe what happens next!
  • Using your phone on an airplane
  • Phone Photography 101: Airplane
  • Man taking a photo on a plane
  • Taking a photo from a plane
  • Welp, no more calls for me
  • Maybe Maybe Maybe
  • me📷irl
  • meirl

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