Paleo in Sweden. It works

source: youtube
  • The Food Revolution -The obesity epidemic makes it possible for us to help others eat real food and improve their weight and health, without hunger
  • The Food Revolution - AHS 2011 - Not strictly a doc, but a hugely important (and entertaining) lecture on nutrition
  • Totally stolen from another poster but I think it is good and people should watch it, especially folk on the fence
  • The Food Revolution - Low Carb, High Fat. Sounds nice, with a lot of studies. Did we embrace the wrong diet?
  • The Food Revolution - Great lecture posted in r/Documentaries. Very thought provoking and backed by science
  • Holy crap: Great keto talk by Swedish MD, Andreas Eenfeldt, at the Ancestral Health Society meeting, 2011
  • This will blow your mind, AKA, why I chose Keto. Statistics at 6:20
  • The Food Revolution lecture - AHS 2011 - Why paleo works
  • The Food Revolution - AHS 2011 (Full Lecture)
  • A Rant Worth Listening To
  • Paleo in Sweden. It works

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  • Tiana Kassulke Reply

    Paleo in and of itself isn't a bad diet, just the reasoning behind it is bullshit. Eating what our "caveman ancestors" ate is not the reason why paleo works, it works because it's a simple low-carb diet.

  • Hanna Brekke Reply

    Exactly, what you say contradicts the person I replied to. He's saying that OP has his whole live ahead of him to live happily being single. But when he eventually wants a relationship at 30, a lot of people will ignore him.

  • Annetta Dibbert Reply

    What's the bet that they spend 30 seconds deciding on "Orange" before blowing the whole budget on booze and mars bars?

  • Casandra Hessel Reply

    rat race logic, "you'll get girls in your 30's". What makes u think i won't be so far gone wasting 10 whole fucking years of my life improving myself to get a relationship but being treated like a walking disease.

  • Yazmin Pacocha Reply

    With IF you can eat 3 meals a day and still get the benefits of fasting. Highly recommend that. Works well with a high fat/low carb paleo diet.

  • John Koelpin Reply

    It'd also be helpful if ketogenic diets became an officially supported weight-loss method, [similar to how Sweden adopted it in 2013]( I don't mind mentioning the transformations observed in /r/keto .. and it's not just weight-loss.

  • Destin Lemke Reply

    Yeah, but lets not judge a whole nation on what happened during the 30's and 40's. That was a pretty fucked up time in human history.

  • Delaney Brekke Reply

    Due to my computer or whatever the fuck is the reason, I can't join games until 30-45 seconds in, so no, I don't camp them. I rarely get them apart from first cap. What's wrong with me wanting to fly the whole game?

  • Nora Howell Reply

    Did whole30 at the beginning of summer and then switched to paleo diet after. Started out at 220. Now 195! No exercise needed. It works!

  • Stevie Hansen Reply

    There are literally hundreds of "child refugees" who are actually 20-40 year old guys but because they haven't grown up with a western diet they can pass as teenagers. There is a supposed teenager who became the fastest man in Sweden, a more than a few super strong teens in the USA and non-kids in care in the UK who disappear within days of being rescued from the Calais camp to go and work in the black market.

  • Kylee McGlynn Reply

    Ok, I see what you mean. It does presuppose though that environment trumps genetics no? I mean a pure bred Swede, who moves to Angola as a child, is it not possible for his 'healthy' diet to still be based on his genetics, and therefor what is optimal for Swedes / Sweden? Or is the dominance of environment (i.e. LTA) absolute? Implying that he should eat a traditional, local diet.

  • Marcella Osinski Reply

    diet is the only thing that controls my symptoms. Paleo works best for me: no dairy, no gluten, no soy

  • London Aufderhar Reply

    Muslims are pretty fussy about their diet, so I doubt this is going to fly in Sweden.

  • Karina Bradtke Reply

    It's all relative though. I regularly do 30+ mile days. Only being able to do 12 miles would basically mean I can no longer do my favorite thing in the whole world, so I'd consider that super limiting. Losing the ability to do what you love totally sucks!

  • Deanna Bailey Reply

    Nah man, Paleo is legit as FUCK! Also that alkaline water really works, and it's not just a hoax! /s

  • Alisha Goyette Reply

    So you'd recommend it to a teenager? I've been quite lazy my entire life and I tried to go to the gym, but it's not for me. Your routine sounds simple in practice. With Pokémon GO soon out here (Sweden) It will be a contributing factor for me to go outside. You'd recommend your routine? As a teenager I can't exactly decide my diet (parents cook). But I can change the amount of food I consume.

  • Dulce Hudson Reply

    Im Courteney fighting to get vegan good at the school im working at (in sweden) BUT it seems to be impossible cause of some rule that says something like: a vegan diet does not contain all nutrition you need bla bla.. I'm not quitting tho, I've spoken with both the kitchens boss and her boss. The next step is for me to send a ..(lack of correct word) mail to the board of my town.

  • Jerry Schaden Reply

    This is still the word used in Sweden for dieting. "Bantning" - dieting. "Att banta" - to diet.

  • Chris Cassin Reply

    Hate to break it to you, but Paleo is a diet, but if it works for you then great.

  • Sheila Kassulke Reply

    that's what I should start doing then. I think it will let you tag the timeline as well, right ? So users could tag it "listen from here to here". Lol. Poor guy, he goes out of his way to make really in depth videos that give you the whole story, and everyone just wants the 30 second net.

  • Dulce Kassulke Reply

    That's what pisses me off. Your uterus can hold a whole giant baby. Then women carry around two toddlers each at 30 or 40 lbs or more, but no they should lift weights. Women have alway lifted, just not metal.

  • Fiona Stoltenberg Reply

    Yeah that's what I was expecting. Or when I used VLc to cut out the clip. But the whole five minute clip has about a 30 sec area with screwy audio

  • Rowan Block Reply

    What sort of stretching do you do while resting? Apparently static stretching before lifting isn't a good idea. You do 8 sets total with 1 mind rest, so I guess the whole thing takes you about ~10-12 minutes. Maybe I should try resting less. Feels like it's all I can do get set up for the next weight and rest a little before it's 1:30, though.

  • Eryn Durgan Reply

    It's not cheap, but the atmosphere and the beer is good. Their whole model is to contract brew I think. Their beer hall has like 30 taps but only 6 are used. I'm interested to see what it looks like when they're at full production.

  • Gordon Schowalter Reply

    These days they sure look good cause it's very important in Sweden and in Norway (where I am from) for teens to never look fat. So they are basically on a model diet from young age. When I grew up it was not as high a focus and many girls where quite plump.

  • Norberto Klein Reply

    Great list! everything works. Some sort of paleo diet fits in there too.

  • Madyson Stehr Reply

    Paleo diet works wonders for IBS

  • Timmothy Bartell Reply

    Paleo diet works wonders

  • Jacky Mohr Reply

    What's that quote, something like "Never attribute to malice what could also be attributed to stupidity"? Of course locking the game to 30 fps was intentional, that's what the consoles use. Can you really not imagine that it was a legitimate mistake? Why assume that they were out to get the PC crowd by locking the fps, and only switched because people got mad? It makes a whole lot more sense that they didn't intend to do it.

  • Garnett Anderson Reply

    I'm sure genetics play a role, but he isn't as fast as he is **because** of his genetics. Training plays a much, **much** more important role than ancestry. If you cloned Usain Bolt's DNA into a new child and didn't train that child exceptionally they would not be nearly as fast as someone from Sweden or China who followed the same training/diet as Bolt.

  • Larissa Bins Reply

    30 years! That's a whole career. What do you do after that?

  • Selmer Simonis Reply

    Ok.. I'll do this. I will just start doing my regular stuff when I do work out and follow my diet. Just grinding until I get back at It again. I think getting of the routine fucked everything. I was out on a trip to Canada with work. It was when I got back I got really sick.. And after that I forgot everything I was used to ( I'm from Sweden btw)

  • Jackeline Bode Reply

    I was in your shoes a year ago and I did manage to get work and move out. It will get better keep trying (which is the shittiest thing to say but the nicest...) A lot of gluten free products cause IBS flare ups, so unfortunately everything needs to be made from scratch. And in a house with domineering asshat parents that's next to impossible. I know a year ago I was in your shoes. Start thinking Low Fodmap with AIP and paleo overtones. Its restrictive, and it works. And yes you will definitely be able to take care of yourself when you move out. Crimedy why would you even think that? You survived your parents, the real adult world is a cake walk in comparison.

  • Lura Dooley Reply

    I'd pay $60 for a game that only give me 30 hours. It's all about what you personally enjoy in a game. I can play No Mans Sky from 12PM to 3am even though I have maxed out tech, suit, tool, and ship. I'd still buy this game at any price because it's the kind of game "I personally" have been waiting for my whole life.

  • Twila Herman Reply

    You're welcome! I know one similar drink is called Ensure, but I wouldn't know if they have those in Sweden either. If it helps, I find them at my grocery store in the health/diet area near the vitamins. You will probably come across several types for weight loss, but you should hopefully find something like these too.

  • Mireya Purdy Reply

    Here in Sweden we've had a variation on Keto called LCHF low carb High Fat diet for a while so if I'm not in the mood to explain the whole shebang I'll just say I'm doing LCHF.

  • Makenna Fadel Reply

    keto is not really needed. it works for some people simply because it forces them to eliminate a lot of excess calories from their intake. really, any form of calorie control will work. this is why all the "elimination" fad diets all seem to "work" (south beach, paleo, misuses of gluten-free, etc) - it just stops people from eating stuff they normally over-eat and thus they take in fewer calories than before and lose weight. for me, simple counting calories and trying to maintain a 500-1000 calorie defecit has worked many times.

  • Easton Larkin Reply

    What's the value on the skins? Otherwise it's a whole lot of fluff, but not really a great deal when you can upgrade a trial (the first time) with 90 days for 30 Euros / EaglePeso's.

  • Fern Durgan Reply

    But paleo works

  • Nigel Metz Reply

    Definitely not trying to deceive anyone. Thought I was using the terminology accurately; apologies if it's communicating something other than intended. What I'm trying to say is that I have 379 pairs of gloves left, and if all were sold at $80 per pair you'd have brought in $30k in sales. (80*379=30,320). By "valuation" I meant the company as whole, not the inventory alone.

  • Nichole Watsica Reply

    What's your strategy? I have trouble taking down a level 7+ gym in less than 30 minutes. Do you repeatedly battle the first Pokemon in order to knock it off, or go for the whole thing at once to get the 1500 bonus?

  • Margarete Moen Reply

    He looks 30. What's with the whole fashion trend recently where teenagers wear more makeup than drag queens?...oh wait.

  • Araceli Daugherty Reply

    She also said she is vegan so I don't see how that works with a paleo diet

  • Russel Abshire Reply

    From what I've found its a very uncommon bug but one that certainly needs attention. Throughout the whole beta I had to play on PC with my PS4 controller because my keyboard and mouse inputs would freeze after about 30 seconds in game. If it's like that on release I will shit. It's not my hardware either, 0 problems with my keyboard and mouse outside of the beta.

  • Della Thiel Reply

    >That's what I was wondering. It was like in 30 minutes he did a complete 180. It's almost.. it's almost as if he was a piece of shit the *whole* time!

  • Nellie Strosin Reply

    Paleo is a pain, but it works.

  • Selina Padberg Reply

    It's also really eye-opening for why keto works so well and so fast. I know it seemed a little hard for the first few days, but now it doesn't really seem that drastic. Doing Paleo or basic CICO honestly felt more drastic. But when you look at the number, keto HAS been a drastic change for me. It's funny how it can feel so much easier, which is another layer of why it is so effective- it just takes less brain-power.

  • Kaela Hagenes Reply

    As has any team who has touched Sam Bradford. I just don't see what so many NFL talent evaluators see in him. He's one of the 30-35 best QBs in the world and deserves to be playing in the NFL, but the consistent Golden Boy treatment he's gotten is whole career is just dumbfounding. I don't get it.

  • Karen Paucek Reply

    iirc, duration is 30 seconds before MND adjustment. R1 gives two casts so the paladin can refresh it somewhere around 50% of boss HP remaining and it will last the whole fight (generally speaking). What you loose in one action's DPS should be made up for by giving Minwu an offensive ability.

  • Garnett Frami Reply

    I know for a fact if I get a water pokemon first, it will be water pokes forever. If it's a pidgey or what not it will be shit the whole 30 minutes.

  • Rosalia Lang Reply

    Finally breached The 100kg to 99kg barrier, currently 98.8kg from 117kg after 75days of keto on a 1200 cal diet. Me and The gf was om summer vacation in sweden and i managed to keep myself in keto all The way, even de went camping and it is a 12 hour car ride each way. Was nervous about road food and keto but i made it, easly! :)

  • Arely Ryan Reply

    In Sweden we say "frukost", which apparently comes from "vrokost", which was the first meal you ate after the first working shift of the day way back. If you do a direct translation, however, "fru" is "wife" in Swedish and "kost" is "food/diet" ;) but that's not where the word comes from.

  • Ubaldo Ondricka Reply

    Thank you! Wow, Sweden is legit. Wish I could buy this stuff any time I wanted! I can't get enough rose related dishes in my diet, just drinking rose/hibiscus tea makes my skin glow and I know the hips carry a lot more nutrients, so much better to eat them as opposed to just the flower.

  • Schuyler Aufderhar Reply

    Please Sweden is attached to NATO at the hip in everything but paper work. If anything Sweden is in NATO-light or diet NATO.

  • Jaycee Casper Reply

    An AR that kills in 2-3 bullets and a shield that breaks in 30 bullets, put them together and that's a whole lot of power. His shields durability need to be at least half of what it is now.

  • Rosa Lakin Reply

    My brother does the Paleo thing. He swears by the gluten free options at The Works. It's the only place he can eat out without feeling sick.

  • Helena Cormier Reply

    Really works for some people. I know just cutting down on carbs helps me a lot, which is easy on paleo.

  • Hallie Johns Reply

    On Survival, big MAYBE. On non-Survival, don't. I ran my xp farm like 4 times, got circa 30+ levels off it (Unyielding/Inquisitor's gear, +5 Int Mentats and Idiot Savant 3) and that what bored down my save. I have no point in levelling further which made the whole character pointless now :(

  • Asha Kautzer Reply

    Have you tried the paleo diet? It's the only thing that works for me consistently.

  • Angus Little Reply

    That's not even close to true and you know it. Actually, the media has gone really easy on trump. Any time they report something crazy he says his supporters all mutter something about 'context', but the context is usually worse than they are reporting. Seriously, if the media just did nothing but post whole rally videos with no article he would be polling bellow 30%. And what ever happened to trump 'playing the media like a fiddle'?

  • Ericka Bashirian Reply

    Some have software running to queue when ever an effect Or song is played. I also not that zest has a VJ with him on his live sets that plays visual queues live along side him. Here's a link to the documents I saw it on (fast forward to 5:30 to see what I'm talking about, but recommend watching the whole thing because it's fairly interesting): ["Inside Zedd's 3D Virtual Worlds" By Live Nation](

  • Clifford Zboncak Reply

    Hold the fuck on. We've got 30 overs in the final session? What is this?! Pakistan's day, deservedly so really. Essentially relying on us to bat out a whole day tomorrow and see what we can do.

  • Patience Schuppe Reply

    Nah, they had it at 50% during the PTR, but when that put characters like McCree above the one-shot threshold for 200 HP heroes, they realized they'd created a monster and lowered it back to 30%. That's why Discord Orb is so powerful right now. It's 50% on the target, and not just from one team member. It's like slapping Mercy's OP Beam on your whole team at any range so long as they shoot what you want them to shoot.

  • Gregory Dibbert Reply

    another vote for BPC instead of breakfast or lunch depending on when i drink it. I don't think you messed up having it with breakfast though. Calorie-wise, i do CICO so it messes with my calorie count for the day, which is why i use it when i know i have to skip. my friend who is real into keto-paleo has it with breakfast but she also does not really count calories. different strokes, man, i think people need to do what works for them.

  • Zetta Dibbert Reply

    For my Whole 30, if the list of ingredients is that long, I don't eat it. It doesn't matter to me what they are, but if I don't know what it is and has that many additives, it's a no-go for me. And this is the person who started over after Day 3 because I ate a cookie! Good luck! Be sure to eat enough. I just found out my plate wasn't full enough of veggies and meat.

  • Harvey Zulauf Reply

    Without hesitation, I swear by America's Test Kitchen (ATK) and Cook's. ATK recently released their cookbook, "Paleo Perfected". Recipes go through extensive, multiple rounds of testing. Books/videos/website all explain clearly why the recipe works. I appreciate their advice on prep and equipment to improve food quality and they even advise on brands. There is a section on paleo basics like ketchup and ghee, as well as help restocking your pantry and purchasing meat, seafood, and produce.

  • Pete Kerluke Reply

    I've never heard of this lady but I'm intrigued. My only personal issue against Keto is I'm a marathoner and running coach so I need extra carbs. But I eat what I call a 'Paleo-ish' diet (to incorporate kefir, oatmeal and sometimes wheat) and I've had a ton of success. She states in the article paleo is bad because it's high in animal fat but I have days when I'm practically vegetarian so maybe that's why it works for me. Either way, the best diet is the one that you stick to.

  • Rose Kautzer Reply

    But I don't see any gun loving Americans Sure pro Starcraft player from South Korea And builder from Sweden But it just feels like as a diet world country were at overlooked

  • Braeden Beier Reply

    Why not both? It's a fad, but it works for a lot of people. Any diet that can keep your calories in < your calories out will work. Gimmick or not, but I prefer to actually count the calories rather than rely on juju and hand waving and hoping for the best. Calories in < calories out is the key to *any* successful weightloss. Period. The devil is in the details, but if you do go Paleo, might as well track calories to be sure, it's shockingly easy to eat too many nuts.

  • Arlo Orn Reply

    Whatever works I guess, I'm positive I wouldn't be able to sustain Paleo or any of the more restrictive diets.

  • Mariam Beer Reply

    Well in all fairness I prefer meat-centric diets. I believe this is basically what works for the Atkins/Paleo people, except they call it a diet. The wife tries to get me to eat veggies and stuff, of course, with limited results. By the time spinach, brussel sprouts, etc are cooked enough to taste good with salt, she says they've lost most of their nutritional value. I've never been big on sugars and breads. Maybe that's why I don't get huge.

  • Ricardo Kub Reply

    Paleo and diabetic diet (low carb, high protein). It works amazing!

  • Rosario Stroman Reply

    I had to stop asking people those questions because it came off as me judging them for being vegan. I was just interested in their diet and how it worked, I don't care if you're vegan, vegetarian, paleo, whatever, I don't care what you are or why. I'm just interested in how the diet works because that's interesting to me.

  • Tiana Spinka Reply

    Low FODMAP made my IBS way worse. Paleo works though.

  • Rollin Schmitt Reply

    That's the whole point of the movie. A 30 day party sounds incredible, but at what point does it become tedious? His great uncle wanted him to do exactly this so he would hate spending money and be wise with the $300 if he inherited it.

  • Nelle Daniel Reply

    Lol I was just there 30 minutes ago at Jabil's faculity. I had 5 bars the whole day. Made a couple calls, last night and this morning. Dunno what you're talking about.

  • Kaya Witting Reply

    If the diet got you into the trash bin and keep the smart ass comments to a minimum. > Sweden where they are because they stepped on the backs of the poor to boost demand, but only if it is a waste of their time.

  • Johnathan Quigley Reply

    I don't believe religiousness would decline at at exponential rate forever. Just because the decline in the past 5 years wasn't as great as the last 30 doesn't mean there is absolutely no correlation. Let's keep it simple here; do you think America is more or less religious (as a whole) now vs 1900? What about now vs 1950?

  • Rasheed Stanton Reply

    What happened to teasers? Remember when is was a 30 second clip maybe showing a logo with some cool music? Now it's like a 3 minute long trailer and the actual trailer is a 6 minute synopsis of the whole damn movie.

  • Daniela Carroll Reply

    True, and the fact that people haven't visited farms and seen how the animals live. I always thought Sweden had plenty of rules that made the animals have nice lives, but the shit I've seen is just heartbreaking. That being said , not my thing to judge or comment on any diet.

  • Keely Terry Reply

    I am Shadow from American Gods, and am now off to prove my Ainu/ Paleo-Indian/ Neanderthaloid heritage. (If this works, you backstory buffs are going to love the ending in the newly revised edition).

  • Nedra Corwin Reply

    Thanks! I'll look into it :) Glad to hear it's helping you! I eat mostly paleo now, but it's interesting to read about other stuff that works.

  • Shanna Rosenbaum Reply

    That's great to hear! I hope paleo works out well for you and your wife.

  • Kamryn Lebsack Reply

    You seem like a reasonable person. I also used to play your kind of football (go Eagles) as a linebacker here in Sweden , I still look like one at age 41.i use something called the warrior diet, I eat once a day during a 4h window I'm 5:11 220 pounds muscular.

  • Brannon Herzog Reply

    Probably because the policies of Sweden are differ quite a lot from those of Venezuela, and he's not proposing the policies of Venezuela?... Pretty simple... I see you've been on healthy diet of American fear mongering.

  • Ashley Weissnat Reply

    Here in Sweden our health ministry has come to the conclusion that fat is not the health culprit but rather carbohydrates. They even gone out with recommendations to use a low carb diet to battle type 2 diabetes.

  • Tristin Jerde Reply

    Yeah, I've noticed a similar thing in Sweden, although the generational gap isn't as pronounced as in your country. I wonder what the reasons for this is, purely a function of diet?

  • Name Hayes Reply

    I'm not actually sure they're 100% paleo but Trader Joe's turkey meatballs. When I want something clean paleo I get Aidell's from Costco, which are refrigerated but then I just freeze half the package and it works great!

  • Abigayle Ernser Reply check out this link, it is still considered 'paleo' but i find it works better for me, and my skin has never been better.

  • London Roob Reply it works, and the only issue is that it's "woo", but it's "woo" because...? Paleo works, and works well.

  • Jamir Gibson Reply

    who was jared anywyas? I am from the great north of Sweden and I read some on reddit, was he a spokesman? some diet guy? owner?

  • Destinee Prosacco Reply

    I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum, I live in Sweden and pretty much every single Swedish brand is represented in MFP. Maybe Swedes just diet more, haha.

  • Travis Kutch Reply

    I'ma assume you're from Europe... The Netherlands and... I dunno, Finland. 'Cause why not? Finland is basically diet Sweden.

  • Ellsworth Farrell Reply

    I have been living in Sweden for a while and I have been having my mom send me diet Dr. Pepper syrups for my soda stream. I can't live without it!

  • Rosalee Waters Reply

    Head over to /r/keto. This is a metabolic state that allows your body to use stored body fat. Paleo works as well, just not as fast. Anything low carb will help reduce or removed acne all together.

  • Gerhard Emmerich Reply

    No way, Sweden must've been top 3 back then before the LCHF diet came. We used to eat potato for every dish 10 years ago.

  • Destin O'Hara Reply

    After reading this, I have begun to feel that Canada is Diet-Sweden (Born Canadian here).

  • Consuelo Cronin Reply

    Seriously, this. It's the only lifestyle change that my husband lost weight on. He's tried other methods, works out everyday and nothing worked until he switched to a paleo diet.

  • Madelynn Powlowski Reply

    Paleo-inspired with lots of brown rice and quality dark bread is my diet. It simply works for me, suits my body and I find it's a good way to get someone off the sugar stuff.

  • Hester Wuckert Reply

    Hey if that works for you mate, good for you :) I loose better on a paleo type diet, no problem eating fats and meat, but carbs are my no-no. Fucking delicious sexy carbs.

  • Elissa Bashirian Reply

    Hey, you stuck it out and kept to the rules like a boss. No shame in that. Nothing works for every body. Is Whole 30 similar to paleo?