[Other] Running on high fat paleo diet

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  • Davion Schmeler Reply

    > I'm not sure why you think oils/fats are the most nutrient dense, unless you mean that literally as caloric dense. Oil has little nutrition except calories and essential fatty acids (vitamins and minerals are processed out), and most fat rich foods aren't amazing. Yeah, I think I see what's happening here. If liver, fish, and eggs are my examples of high fat + super dense nutrition, then with *that* equivocation of high fat in the abstract with those specific dietary sources of fat, I think I'm conflating ketosis with a specific means of achieving the state which could easily look "paleo." Moving forward, whether or not the documentary encourages eliminating these - I honestly can't say because I never saw it (I can't really stomach these kinds of documentaries to well). In that regard, I'm relying on the apparent function that it's played in my family's *feeling* about X (fats/eggs/fish/offal). And in it's effect, it's achieved appx this: a hair over no X is better than less X, and is better than more X. So the larger question I think I'm approaching is, what does the doc/my family consider to be a vegetable based diet. I've been in keto for appx a year, and I *consider* my diet to be vegetable based. However, for me that doesn't begin to eliminate animal products that I mention above. Over the past 2 months, my steadiest sources for energy are chia, flax, butter, eggs, coconut oil and mana... Actually wait I'm not sure, I can't tell what Cronometer is telling me right now. >(1) The points made in the doc are familiar and safe because they are the recommendations, to this day and for the past 50 years, of major health institutes like the American Medical Association, American Dietetic Association, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, American Kidney Fund and the National Institutes of Health (go to any of their websites and see they recommend more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and limiting saturated fat). (2) These health care professionals want to help people like your family, (3) and the evidence backs up their claims. I've numbered your statement above. (1) - Absolutely. (2) - I think this is a convenient reduction of a very complex system of organizations and politics, financing, personal investments, and so on. Of course fewer reasonable people are going to question whether or not Joe Dr, the documentary producers, or you, are trying to kill my family :D, I wouldn't. But no less, these complex affairs have the potential to problematize an honest intention. I see it first hand every day. So given that I also enjoy it, instead of putting my faith directly in these super complex systems, I can look at various research directly. (3) - This is also not so clear. To be transparent (as I didn't exactly read every piece of research, but I do touch on the points that seem most relevant, I too have a day job that I like :), my introduction to the contentions were through Gary Taubes "Good Calories, Bad Calories"* and then later through Peter Attia** And finally, again, I appreciate your level approach. * random somebody's notes on that book, I didn't look over them: https://lowerthought.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/notes-to-good-calories-bad-calories.pdf ** a post from peter attia's website which I haven't listened to in quite some time: http://eatingacademy.com/nutrition/how-did-we-come-to-believe-saturated-fat-and-cholesterol-are-bad-for-us

  • Jena Kemmer Reply

    you're kidding right ? Running makes you burn through your energy reserves. You can survive 3 months on your body fat alone. If you can't go 6 or 7 miles without dying of cold because you can't heat yourself up, that hospital isn't in an area warranting the existence of a hospital (because almost no one lives there), and you shouldn't be alive anyway in the first place.

  • Sherwood Jacobs Reply

    Actually a big 'fad' diet now is keto/Paleo which is high fat

  • Sammy Jenkins Reply

    Pork is fatty. Compared to other meats, you get more fat and less protein per serving. I think the only meat that compares is high fat cuts of beef.

  • Litzy Rempel Reply

    Paleo diet did it for me.

  • Richard Bergnaum Reply

    Paleo diet is better imo, instead of cutting carbs just increase protein intake by eating more leaner meats (avoid red meat and bad fats that increase LDL).

  • Isabel Rice Reply

    I have looked into it but not sure if it's for me. From what I know, it involves a high fat diet and I've only been eating lean meats for almost ten years (no beef or pork).

  • Lucious MacGyver Reply

    I've been here 9 years, from Digg before that. When I came it was Ron Paul, Alex Jones, Paleo diet, and Zerohedge on the front page. While I don't agree with all of those now, at least they were thought provoking and led me to research various subjects. The front page of Reddit now is mindless consumer garbage; let it die.

  • Esmeralda Gleason Reply

    When you burn 4000-6000 calories a day it's very hard to feel full if you just eat low fat high protein lean meats and salads.

  • Eloy Harris Reply

    The best program is the one you stick to. If you enjoy SL and are seeing strength gains then it doesn't matter what is being said. You'll find criticisms for body building, powerlifting, running, crossfit, paleo, keto, etc but that doesn't mean they're ineffective at getting people fit.

  • Roberta Powlowski Reply

    Is it because this is the part of the meat that is high in protein and low fat?

  • Fleta Ward Reply

    Low carb, high fat diets do not need to preclude salt and preservatives. Some of my best meals are cured meats.

  • Luisa Rowe Reply

    It's also funny to see the number of people who have physical and mental health complications from going on the ketogenic diet. Fathead is great, and the Lipid Hypothesis is a crock of crap that can't be backed by and peer reviewed medical research. But Keto is nearly as stupid as paleo and potentially more damaging.

  • Ericka Mraz Reply

    Did a little research since I'm new to protein powders, and slightly adverse, but I needed some tweaks to my diet/nutrition. So, I bought Natural Force Collagen Paleo Protein Powder. It's good, but I was surprised how empty the container was when I peeled back the seal. I was like....that's it? Huh. Ok.

  • Dedrick Collins Reply

    There's no starch in your lunch. Of course you're hungry. I would be too! Cut the high-fat cheese, meat, etc and eat more wholegrains if your priority is to feel full.

  • Jamey Pfeffer Reply

    1750 Cal/day deficit. You can accomplish it through keto, paleo, mesio, intermittent fasting, running, hiking, canoeing, or any other combination of diet and exercise. There only thing that matters is consistency.

  • Clint Kiehn Reply

    Paleo diet

  • Edison Bradtke Reply

    The fat difference isn't too high between minced meat and lean beef.

  • Natasha Weber Reply

    "Failing" as in binging on crap food after a week or so into paleo. I'm in the very beginning of my training, so my weekly mileage isn't too high. I want to test the waters with this for 30 days and see how it impacts my running. What do you think?

  • Hazle Ullrich Reply

    It is true....Search Paleo diet which is high fat, medium protein and low carb...

  • Sydni Trantow Reply

    OG kozey is best.

  • Jarrett Roob Reply

    Paleo diet. It's high protein and high fat.

  • Forest Witting Reply

    I had a friend who dated this guy that strongly believed that running makes you gain weight and that eating chips doesn't make you fatter. He was fat.

  • Kira Ferry Reply

    Everyone quit running. It makes you fat.

  • Johnpaul Kautzer Reply

    high fat content meat >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wagyu

  • Coy Roberts Reply

    Thank you for your response, I'm going to take a look at the sub and do some research of options I have that will fit in with paleo/GAPS restrictions. I'm going to start a trial vegan diet this coming week to see how it feels :)

  • Ernesto Mayer Reply

    Paleo diet! Eat it raw!

  • Hal Fisher Reply

    Well, I just don't eat pork or red meat in general. It tends to be high in fat and calories. I do drink though.

  • Helene Satterfield Reply

    Chicken is one of the healthiest and nutritious meats out there. Relatively low in fat, high in protein, can be made a dozen different ways.

  • Mabelle Jenkins Reply

    Aka a Paleo diet.

  • Hermann Kunze Reply

    While a lot of the meats listed are high protein low fat, early humans likely ate the fat and organ meat too. And bone marrow.

  • Marian Olson Reply

    Asia, Africa, and many other locations around the world would beg to differ. The new age American diet of high saturated fat, low fiber, high sugar, and high meat and dairy consumption are killing people.

  • Vito Frami Reply

    gamertag: KoZey

  • Lia Krajcik Reply

    Try a paleo diet

  • Carol Terry Reply

    Don't ever eat any snacks or drink soda, unless you want to be a fat bastard that gets tired every 10 seconds of running :) Also, you can enable "regrowmode" in the titlebar, this makes trees regrow as long as you dont cut down the small stump remaining. This is great for building homes, but also to gain Strength since you can only get more of that by cutting down loads of trees and having a balanced diet (2 large meat per day). Athletics only increases by running and swimming a lot.

  • Pink Hilll Reply

    Are you fat? Try to work out. I been riding my bike and i have been running/jogging. It has made a huge impact. I also feed ducks sometimes. They are so nice. Oh, i also mow the lawn and water it. This makes me want to garden! You just need to develope a rhythm. Oh yeah, i still spend countlesa of hours on the computer but i am doing something productive. Start your own business company.

  • Blair Zulauf Reply

    Why do you think I'm supporting a high carb diet? I'm supporting balance. Fats, proteins, carbs... they all have their place. And yes, Paleo is essentially a lifestyle revolving around an excessive form of the keto diet.

  • Josiah Kulas Reply

    You also need a very high fat content too. Fatty meats isn't enough and eating 300+ g of protein is hard on your kidneys. You basically need to drink cream like it is milk.

  • Elza Bogisich Reply

    I am in the same boat. It has been two weeks of paleo, two weeks of 16:8 eating paleo, now 18:6 eating paleo and running every other day. I am not counting calories but I am not eating a ton. I have gone down from 164 to 158. I feel disheartened.

  • Steve Gleason Reply

    Kozey is attempting to take over the show, I've heard.

  • Jordane Wuckert Reply

    I'm going to have to play devil's advocate here. Tim Olson is a great ultrarunner, and I'm obviously a paleo fan, or I wouldn't be here. But Matt Carpenter's technique for the Leadville 100 was the exact opposite: he had nothing at all except gels, and in fact he mixed them with his hydration pack. And he's held the course record for nearly a decade now. My point isn't that paleo doesn't work or that it isn't for ultrarunning. My point is there are many different ways to the same end goal, and different people with different body types as well. The video was super interesting though. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jennyfer Parker Reply

    Doesn't have to be, but it would make sense. Kozey has suggested before that Ziebell might take it, although you don't often see a bloke trading out for a higher number. Wright is a chance too, maybe?

  • Dan Rohan Reply

    The paleo diet?

  • Delta Zboncak Reply

    I'm assuming Paleo would flip the fat and protein amounts, which would be much easier to convince me that it's "a healthy diet". 75% protein, 20% fats, 5% complex carbs seems way more reasonable.

  • Josie Marvin Reply

    Chicken is relatively low fat/high protein for a meat. Steak is much fattier, so you're going to consume more calories for the protein.

  • Chadd Trantow Reply

    Chakra, Paleo diet, and Relaxation?

  • Maegan Collins Reply

    I'm gonna go against the grain here and actually suggest you skin the carbs on breakfast and carb up before bed. Carbs are proven to help you sleep better, and running at a slight carb deficit during the day keeps your blood sugar in check, keeps you full, and makes sure you don't start to store more fat.

  • Josue Rau Reply

    >...and my favorite: "You can't lose weight without sugar. It's our primary fuel, and sugar makes sure the fat is burned. It's what starts running the fatburning, without eating sugar your body will burn muscle and not fat." Hamming up the Calvin Cycle, I see.

  • Tod Kassulke Reply

    I have dairy problems too.. butter, oils , nuts (weighted), fatty cuts of meat check out /r/zerocarb a lot are high fat goes

  • Daron Runolfsdottir Reply

    From the food she mentioned, I got the impression that she's on a lower carb/paleo type diet, given all the fats and proteins. I totally agree, I'd love to know why she chooses the types of food she chooses.

  • Caterina Bins Reply

    I thought the Paleo diet encouraged fats.

  • Justen Bogisich Reply

    My diet is more high fat, low carb. Less rice/pasta/bread, more yogurt/meat/nuts etc.

  • Leon Cummings Reply

    well, the only way to eliminate high cholesterol is by eating foods like yogurt, oatmeal, lean (fat free ) meats, and natural sugars avoid anything greasy or salty.

  • Sister Armstrong Reply

    The CrossFit diet is a combination of Zone and Paleo. Paleo is about food quality and Zone is about quantity. That said, the Zone Rx will not work for CrossFit. The energy expenditure is too high. They recommend multiplying the fat intake by 5 or 6.

  • Willis Gorczany Reply

    Idk about the paleo diet, as i've never tried it and I eat pasta for my carbs. But I also hate the feeling of running while full and running in the morning is a good way to deal. It also starts off the day in a healthy way.

  • Morgan Armstrong Reply

    I’ve been doing some high incline running and am doing a Paleo Diet.

  • Candido Bailey Reply

    Sushi isn't high in saturated fat. Maybe you're referring to red meats specifically? Which should be eaten much more moderately:

  • Tyson Heidenreich Reply

    It's amazing that fat-shaming took hold. Yes, people - you should be ashamed to be this fat. It's seriously unhealthy and makes you a less capable person! How do you chase after your children if they go running into the street if you're this fat? Not cool

  • Bernice Gutmann Reply

    Paleo ain't even paleo-- nobody had access to coconut oil back then. Nobody ate that much meat. The paleo diet is such bullshit and would realize if they only would do some actual research.

  • Lauren Schmeler Reply

    >Our diet isn't particularly high in fat but high in carbs and sugar It is indeed high in fat. Fatty processed meats, dairy etc.

  • Lonie Hermann Reply

    meal timing does nothing. running is good for your heart. food is body fuel. extra food is stored as fat. not eating enough food makes you lose weight. read the wiki.

  • Damion Gleason Reply

    No. Keto diet is not a fad, is a strictly structured diet with lots of research behind it, that doesnt work if you dont follow the rules. All paleo humans were keto.

  • Timothy Jacobi Reply

    How to eat. They think a low fat, high carb diet is good. I've gone mostly Paleo, lost weight and feel great. I love the internet so I can research and leave my 4 kids a better food and eating legacy.

  • Timmothy Monahan Reply


  • Gaston Marks Reply

    or just literally go running stick to paleo tech

  • Jaida Spinka Reply

    Do you have any good sources of a "starter" paleo diet?

  • Brenna Cummings Reply

    Do high intensity strength training at a slow controlled speed. This will help you build lean muscle (helping to burn fat and increase your metabolism) and will force you to increase your cardio system. Then change your diet to a paleo or whole30 type diet.

  • Regan Ullrich Reply

    You don't lift? You're going to be skinny-fat bro. Running just makes your body waste away. You ever seen a jacked "runner"? They all look like cancer patients..

  • Irma Metz Reply

    Lol Paleo diet

  • Darien Crona Reply

    I'm sitting here hoping it's colorless... for my kozey deck/kaalia

  • Henriette Schaden Reply

    haha I forgot how frequently I say IDGAFOS. Ya I am moving towards the same direction in diet as you. I have been misled too much by the paleo, high-fat community. Thanks for the info!

  • Nat Ledner Reply

    You might want to research these: insulin resistance, leptin resistance, metabolic syndrome, atkins diet, paleo diet, mediterranean diet, intermittent fasting, jason fung

  • Ana Schuppe Reply

    I did that in my kozey deck. So much fun makes people scoop forsure.

  • Alford Halvorson Reply

    whole 30 diet, or paleo.

  • Brody Dicki Reply

    It's clearly the Paleo diet.

  • Blair Barton Reply

    Of course it's only exercise, more specifically running, that makes weight loss possible... So, if you can't run, you're doomed to stay fat! If only there was some other way.... :D

  • Osbaldo Fay Reply

    Curious why you think new kozey is better than OG kozey

  • Vicente Spencer Reply

    Hey if that works for you mate, good for you :) I loose better on a paleo type diet, no problem eating fats and meat, but carbs are my no-no. Fucking delicious sexy carbs.

  • Thomas Oberbrunner Reply

    People hated the paleo diet

  • Chasity Nolan Reply

    Paleo diet

  • Lorenza Ullrich Reply

    The food pyramids typically recommend vegetables and healthy starches because they look at actual research on what healthy food is, not fad Paleo diet books.

  • Richmond Stehr Reply

    http://thepaleodiet.com/paleo-diet-faq/ There's a lot of research behind Paleo eating lifestyle. It did wonders for me.

  • Icie Botsford Reply

    I eat paleo-ish. High fat, high protein, low carb diet. Scientifically speaking, it's no better a diet than any other one, but I've found it does help my flares. Anytime I go off it and ingest a lot of carbs, I feel it a few hours later when I'm in the bathroom.

  • Vladimir Greenfelder Reply

    Simple version. Paleo is pretty much removing sugar and breads while keto is a high fat low carb diet. Keto diet goal is to use ketone bodies as fuel source instead of glucose. Ketone bodies are the best fuel source.

  • Carlie Greenfelder Reply

    Honestly no specific diet. I try to avoid high fat, high carb stuff... but nothing religiously. The more unprocessed, fruits, veggies, meats.. so I suppose paleo inspired... but not that hardcore

  • Agnes MacGyver Reply

    Paleo is already a lot of effort. Get yourself running it like it's natural, then count once you know it's not so challenging anymore.

  • Ransom Dibbert Reply

    I hope you get a big fat ticket for running those stop signs. No way would a driver get away with "because it makes sense" if a cop catches them.

  • Carissa Collier Reply

    US Marines running to help a fat chick... checks out. This makes sense if you have ever been in the Marine Corps.

  • Marlin Kozey Reply

    There are a few ways to look at it. High fat low carb - No fruit. Most effective weight loss. Paleo - HFLC, except with fruit. You won't lose as much weight, but nobody can call this an unhealthy diet.

  • Millie Connelly Reply

    Running is bad for your knees Running makes you fat Exercise won't help you lose weight

  • Nathanial Kuhic Reply

    Congrats on the change! Ditch the paleo diet, its complete shit. Go plant based high carb low fat. It will change your life!

  • Tito Tromp Reply

    how far is it really? paleo, primal diet, atkins its all low carb. and unfortunately kind of high in saturated fats. Good for abs but not that great for your heart.