[Other] How to become gluten intolerant (not recommended for people who take themselves too seriously)

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  • Roy Yost Reply

    Many people here seem to take themselves and everything else too seriously...

  • Murphy Bernhard Reply

    I think your workout is pretty good... if you stick at it and make it even more comprehensive you will go far... with it. And the body will improve and become more buff... I want you to check out a Paleo or close to Paleo type diet... it works great at keeping weight in check... gets you enough protein with more energy and health. Let us know how you go.

  • Roderick Cassin Reply

    For me, and I think others as well, the point isn't to empty your mind but actually merely to stand back and observe it. You then become aware of your thoughts in a much deeper and more fundamental way. This has the effect of quieting the mind but the difference is that you don't sit down with the goal of achieving that. You just sit down and observe. Not sure if that made sense (very tired) but its how I see/use meditation.

  • Anita Hills Reply

    People tend to take themselves too seriously.

  • Kraig Wolff Reply

    The problem is that the creators of the pictures/videos/etc themselves ARE the offenders they need to go after. Sure, you can take down the guy who threw up a phpbb page named "CHILD PORN", but if you're leaving all the people producing and submitting content to it, you're not really solving very much at all. Put another way, if you find a bunch of videos on Youtube of people committing crimes, you're not going to try and shut down Youtube, but instead work with them to identify who posted the videos. Except in this case, the server hosts refused to cooperate and this was the next best option they had available.

  • Brody Cormier Reply

    There's a big problem with this whole situation, speaking as someone who was a polling place inspector last election in the SF Bay Area. How will people be taking selfies? With their phones. What do phones have? Two cameras, pointed opposite directions. Thus people will be obnoxiously taking taking pictures of themselves with their ballot but could just as easily be taking pictures of other people. So let me clarify: While you might gain the right to take a picture of your ballot, it's still not okay to take pictures inside a polling place.

  • Zakary Reilly Reply

    Yeah they should go after the people who make it of little kids and such. I personally think its stupid for teenagers who willingly take pictures of themselves are share it or especially stupid when teenagers get arrested for have pictures of themselves. Also getting arrested for pictures between two minors just seems stupid to me.

  • Gunnar Walker Reply

    when you say it is set to the lowest amount of days for keeping messages, what exactly does it say? even for people who send a lot of attachments and messages, the keep message history -> 30 days setting usually won't take 4 gb. if there are individual threads with several pictures i recommend deleting the threads themselves

  • Weldon Reilly Reply

    Yeah I've become distanced from any friends I have left which just adds to how uncomfortable I am. I'm already socially inept and now I can't even hang with people I've known since elementary school. I honestly don't know what to do. I'm so tired and sick of not being able to connect with people. I just don't want to be alone anymore.

  • Fiona Kreiger Reply

    People take themselves and watches too seriously.

  • Geo Gaylord Reply

    Like other commenters, I'm just ready for it to be over. I voted a week ago, then severely limited my social media & TV viewing...just tired of it all. Just sucks how ugly people have become, both sides.

  • Dylan Hoeger Reply

    ITT: People who take themselves and/or movies too seriously.

  • Nia Haley Reply

    Same, I'll gladly do boring-ass roads but when I know we're about to go through a big city, its suddenly time to get gas or eat -- and boy how did I become so tired, maybe we should switch for awhile. The bus system I have here is pretty convenient and well established. It's a shame everyone doesn't get that same luxury.

  • Romaine Hilpert Reply

    The people who don't dress up for Halloween generally don't take and upload pictures of themselves not dressing up.

  • Lera Wintheiser Reply

    fly, you did plenty of work when you were on the crc but by the end of it you seemed pretty fed up with it all. Why do you want to be on the crc again after all that? and how do we know that this time you won't get tired of the workload or become apathetic?

  • Malachi Lakin Reply

    Flanderise the characters. You want characters to have some depth and authenticity to them and actually surprise you with how they react sometimes. Once they become really one dimensional and play out the same way every time they become pretty tiresome. Comedy should be surprising and a revelation. Not a tired facsimile of everything that's gone before.

  • Briana Reilly Reply

    Only with people who take themselves too seriously.

  • Marcelina Gutmann Reply

    For me: Z7 imp, toxic brainz, Cap. Cannon (once you learn how to use detonation characters they become op), arctic trooper, machanic/electrician/AC perry, computer scientist, moto-X star/hockey/tennis/goalie. Since I still don't have neither TB nor CS, I'd say the best are default sb and default scientist/toxic/paleo.

  • Myron Hegmann Reply

    I've been on and off keto for about two years. When I first started, there was 0 understanding from my family, not to mention friends. Everyone were beyond sceptical and opposite of helpful. I realized that I was sharing this with them to get some support but saw it was working the other way. So I decided to stop talking about it altogether. This subreddit became my support system, and even though I fell off the wagon too many times (I was gluten intolerant and didn't know until recently so couldn't shed any pounds besides water weigt), I still prefer not to talk about it. But i do have to admit that my family is finally semi ok with it two years later, although I still get comments like - its really weird, you should stop. I just laugh it off :) You cant make them understand it if they don't want to.And you can't "convert" them into believing in keto unless they become little bit more open minded and do research. Your family will get on board after they see your results. As for now, for the sake of keeping on the keto wagon, use this subreddit as your support system. And for your family, if they try to discourage you, just reply you found something that did wonders to other people so you gonna try for a few months and see how it goes. And don't try to convince them. It'll only do the opposite.

  • Jovani Haley Reply

    Some people take themselves too damn seriously. You know who you are.

  • Miguel Howe Reply

    Yes--taking the piss out of people who take themselves way too seriously is absolutely a sign of a personality disorder. Totes.

  • Lillian Jenkins Reply

    They've been married for 7 years, he's probably tired of hitting it. It's become a chore for him to fuck her. How does that make you feel?

  • Virginia Hackett Reply

    lmao why are you downvoted? shits hilarious. People take themselves too seriously here

  • Marcelle Doyle Reply

    "DON'T YOU FEEL TIRED ALL THE TIME?" "HOW DO YOU GET YOUR PROTEINS?" "I CANNOT IMAGINE NOT EATING MEAT" TOP 3 replies/questions I get once people realize I'm vegan... Every time I hear one of those I want to bash my head against the wall. :) And have patiently explain how wrong they are and they become super surprised that I'm vegan athlete.

  • Randal Ziemann Reply

    Paleo has helped people with a lot of different autoimmune diseases. Some people see incredible differences. Some people see annoying symptoms become less so. It really is going to depend on your body and how clean you are with your diet. I think it's definitely worth giving it a month and seeing how you feel.

  • Coty Hessel Reply

    A true sign of people who don't take themselves too seriously. Truly a beautiful thing...

  • Karley Koepp Reply

    That people who take themselves too seriously are the most boring to be around.

  • Sabrina Hettinger Reply

    Am I the only one who thinks it's kind of uncool to take pictures of people I public without their knowledge? It's one thing when people with awful eyebrows post them online themselves, but I am not keen on sneak photos of people trying to live their lives.

  • Vaughn Fay Reply

    I don't judge you guys who feel the need to be incredibly smug when other people use a plastic stick to take pictures of themselves with, I just think that you're a lonely, sad person.

  • Jennings Murphy Reply

    the SCA people take themselves WAY TOO SERIOUSLY it's not a real kingdom you guys i can be a witch if i want fuck you ...i mean yeah maybe?

  • Kendrick Gusikowski Reply

    Thank you for the recommendation. I tired reading The Cyclist Training Bible by Joe Friel and it was way too technical for me to understand. Is this similar in technicality? I do not have a power meter... just trying to understand how to become more and more fit with the limited time I have to train. I

  • Orpha Homenick Reply

    I just find this offensive on so many levels. Being gluten intolerant these days is not very different than being an African American before civil rights laws or a Jew during the holocaust. "Do you have an allergy or a preference?" It's not that simple! I was born with this intolerance! It's not a preference anymore than being gay is a preference. It's not exactly an allergy either. I don't break out in hives, it doesn't kill me, but it makes me uncomfortable. I get a nervous feeling and become sick to my stomach. I think it's important as a society for us to become more progressive and tolerant of people with dietary lifestyle differences. I'm so tired of people looking at me like I'm crazy for suggesting that I want to build a farm on my property so that I don't consume food that I know with 100% certainty where it's sourced from. I try to explain to them, you do realize how many people die in their lives and how many of those people consume products from grocery stores that could be getting that food from farms that don't massage their produce. We have so far to go as a society.

  • Antonina Paucek Reply

    People take themselves way too seriously here.

  • Queen Deckow Reply

    Are you allergic/do you consume gluten? The gluten protein looks very similar to the thyroid protein, and if you're intolerant, the body attacks the gluten and thyroid proteins indiscriminately which can lead to autoimmune diseases, developed allergies and a sick gut. Of course, I'm not diagnosing you (there's a genetic test for gluten allergy/celiac), just telling you what I learned about myself and how it shocked me. I've become an evangelist for the gluten free/paleo diet because it's literally turned my life around.

  • Cory Kshlerin Reply

    Who cares if people like taking good photos of themselves? Everyone acts like it's the end of the world or it makes you selfish somehow. You can like to take pictures of the way you look without being selfish.

  • Anabel Bosco Reply

    At my school (highschool) its well taught that if you're underage its cp but people who are underage still take pictures of themselves and spread them

  • Vesta Parisian Reply

    Eyron's eyes were tired from a day full of worry and anger. The once friendly and sharp eyes of the young lord had now become sullen and dull. "Lady Thenn...How is the baby ?" "And what reason should that be Isfryd ? Are you also here to listen to all these ramblings of the other lords ?"

  • Lavonne Parker Reply

    > "How could we make peace with those animals after what they've done to us." Or "why?" IMO, people typically become enemies for reasons that don't disappear just because one side grows tired or weak.

  • Nelson Marquardt Reply

    People who take themselves too seriously.

  • River Mayert Reply

    They dont not realize how this works. They are going to make you sick if you aren't eating gluten and you are able to. Going on a gluten free diet when you aren't gluten intolerant will cause you to become gluten intolerant because your body will no longer know how to process the gluten. So keep doing what you're doing and sneaking foods. So that when you are finally on your own they won't have fucked up your life. Also it is truly fucked up that you can't hang out with friends because of your parents lack of food knowledge. I feel for you man.

  • Jazlyn Stanton Reply

    I'll never understand this website. But you are right. here it's not even dui anymore. Its OVI and the I is for impaired. Basically it's a judgment call by the officer on whether you are impaired or not. Regardless of how much alcohol is in your system. You can get an ovi for seeming tired or for prescription meds (not talking just strong stuff either) . It's become a catch all that a lot of places use to make a boatload of money

  • Vanessa Daugherty Reply

    It's schtick. Read his book, "Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way" or watch "My Name is Bruce". He'll often poke fun at his not-quite-famous status by making a mockery of not-quite-famous people who take themselves way too seriously.

  • Tatum Dietrich Reply

    Oh damn, it's finally become evident how dumb you actually are. Alright, I'm finally tired of seeing your toxic BS on this sub so I'm just going to block your comments. Enjoy devouring yourself with rage.

  • Octavia Sanford Reply

    >[**How to Become Gluten Intolerant (Funny) - Ultra Spiritual Life episode 12 - with JP Sears [6:18]**](http://youtu.be/Oht9AEq1798) >>How to Become Gluten Intolerant (Funny) - Ultra Spiritual Life > [*^AwakenWithJP*](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwUizOU8pPWXdXNniXypQEQ) ^in ^Education >*^6,234,106 ^views ^since ^Mar ^2015* [^bot ^info](http://www.reddit.com/r/youtubefactsbot/wiki/index)

  • Aryanna Champlin Reply

    People take themselves too seriously lol

  • Kaley Schamberger Reply

    No kneeling is a display of self-indulgence. He reminds me of those people who take pictures of themselves giving doughnuts to homeless people. That's self-publicity not charity.

  • Bobby Rau Reply

    Long hair/man buns/top knots (lots of hair-themed things here), people who take themselves too seriously, lack of ambition, general hipster nonsense

  • Clotilde Wyman Reply

    I hold some of my business meetings at strip clubs. Really helps filter out people who have a sense of humor and people who don't take themselves too seriously.

  • Bryce Satterfield Reply

    The whole point is the people who are in Rogans posse don't take things too seriously. Especially themselves.

  • Madyson Russel Reply

    Don't you think they should have chosen a different actress to play Motoko? I'm really starting to get tired of how type cast this actress has become.

  • Katelyn Swaniawski Reply

    Any tips on how to not become ridicolously tired in their arms when having sex in missionary? hehe

  • Issac Reichert Reply

    all of those sources are cringely sensationalist. providing sources like that hurts hillary's cause. Euggh it just gives me that dirty, marxist propaganda feeling. Listen trump is actually saying things, whereas hillary isnt even trying to campaign hardly, just shows how tired and passive she's become

  • Kaylin Hand Reply

    It's a way of showing people you have a silly side and that you don't take yourself too seriously. I don't have SnapChat but I'm not straight. My feelings are "This person can have fun and laugh at themselves."

  • Grant Trantow Reply

    Again, what's the difference between using a selfie stick and getting someone to take a picture of you? You do realize people have been taking pictures of themselves since cameras were invented right? So how come they represent "gross narcissism" now? I think you're just being a hipster about it and so you're lashing out at anyone who enjoys themselves. Quit being such a loser

  • Maritza Glover Reply

    I was talking to a girl who sent me pictures of her fresh cuts out of fucking no where. She told people that I was an ass for not being able to tolerate mental illness. Mental illness is fine. It doesn't make me uncomfortable. What makes me uncomfortable is people who *cut themselves to take a picture and show someone they just met*.

  • Sean Keeling Reply

    By the way, do you guys think Moonman is funny or is it too offensive? As for me, I enjoy this kind of humour but strongly disagree with people that actually take it seriously. Something about how /pol/tards see themselves as some kind of saviours is very amusing to me.

  • Johnpaul Fisher Reply

    lately it's JP Sears, who does hilarious deadpan spoofs of self-help and inspirational videos. a few of my favorites how to be ultra-spiritual: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kDso5ElFRg how to become gluten intolerant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oht9AEq1798

  • Jannie Lakin Reply

    As someone who generally can't stand to see pictures of himself, if someone found a facial expression they feel like they can stand to see pictures of themselves doing...Good on them. I don't see how anyone can possibly give enough of a shit about the way other people take pictures of themselves to get mad about it.

  • Hal Lueilwitz Reply

    You know, before I had kids there is no way in the world you could have convinced me how tired a human could possibly become and still function. I don't think there's any way to convince folks who haven't had kids yet, either. It's a lost cause. But you're not alone, I feel your pain and I've only been doing it for a year and change. Wouldn't trade it for all the sleep in the world though.

  • Madge Collier Reply

    Yep. They're pros at taking people who take themselves too seriously down a notch.

  • Nolan Bauch Reply

    That's really good! It's good that you can acknowledge the issue and attempt to fix it. That's something I have to contantly force myself to do. It's very very difficult since my mind likes to become very creative in how to have me hate positive things. But all we can do is keep trying. Even when we're past tired of it all.

  • Marie Mayert Reply

    Oh, I'm not bitter about Brady or his dynasty. I really enjoy watching him and Belichick tear the league up year after year. I think what I'm tired of is people constantly bitching about how the Patriots are such "OMG CHEATERS!" The narrative is tired, but it persists. Thus, I hope Brady plays well into his 50's and retires only to become the Commissioner. Ohh, the salt!

  • Briana Labadie Reply

    It's how CA cycle works: 1)Release something awesome, people are really happy and forget about past failures! 2) now that people are happy, start being lazy! 3)People become tired of CA lazy works, social media have more complaints than praises, then it's time to restart the cycle and go to point 1.

  • Lora Koelpin Reply

    I find that it's hard to find any sane people who take themselves seriously, and a lot of Wiccans (I would say) do take themselves too seriously, because that's part of it to them. It's all ritual and pomp and circumstance because the whole religion is built on theatrics. I like to pretend it works more like in Discworld, where you can achieve the same effect with a ball of string and an egg, but maybe I'm just as mad as any of the others.

  • Samara Schinner Reply

    The whole a friend incident was complete b.s. The guy can't even speak perfect english first of all, yet people still take everything he says too seriously/literally. Most of the people who believe he deserved to get his p-mod taken away most likely were phished themselves, creating a bias towards the whole situation

  • Lewis Little Reply

    Unfortunately that's really appealing to some. Look at how popular that paleo fad diet has become

  • Imani Rath Reply

    Because people who don't take themselves too seriously (even if total ignorance is the reason for it) are the best kind of people.

  • Nicklaus Dicki Reply

    I just found a funny one and posted that because I find it amusing to annoy people who take themselves too seriously.

  • Alek Lesch Reply

    this reddit has only become abusive the last month as people are sick and tired of valve not doing shit. the game was fine until this time last year when they decided to stop listening to the community and look at how the game is now. this is all valves fault for how fucking shit the game is and how the reddit abuses them

  • Adah Homenick Reply

    I wonder what people are thinking when they decide that their cats, ferrets, hamsters etc. who will clean themselves, need to suddenly be dunked in a foamy bath, and then take pictures of it for the Internet.

  • Marlin Dickinson Reply

    Some people take themselves waaaaay too seriously.

  • Samanta Smitham Reply

    I'm a PC gamer, built mine and enjoy teasing my console gamer friends once in a while but that's about as far as it goes. I know way too many people in my local gaming community who take themselves super seriously because they don't play on consoles.

  • Jewel Cremin Reply

    Fuck people who take pictures of food they didn't cook themselves.

  • Pearline Koch Reply

    Beerfest, she's weeding out people who take themselves too seriously, I suspect..

  • Misael Fay Reply

    How can people live their lives constantly high? I'd just feel constantly tired and drained. Small tasks like nipping to the shop become HUGE missions when high, so how can 'daily dabbers' get anything done? I know I smoke WAAAY too much weed (roughly £300 a month on flower and concenrates) but only after work and on my days off. How can people go to work stoned and not get fired?

  • Elliot Cummings Reply

    I have ate super strict paleo for over a year and lost 100 lbs eating habits aren't hard for me to develop or stick to. I'm not chasing a number either I'm just using the data to see how long it will take me to become keto adapted and to make sure my current dietary habits are correct. If I never tested but there was a flaw in my habits how would I know ? I have at a mix of 4 meals for these 2 weeks and it does not bother me. On paleo I had 6 meals I cycled through and I was fine with that so I don't think habits are a concern to me. Thank you very much for the response though !

  • Chelsie Marvin Reply

    I'm so tired of seeing a woman's choice to lose weight & become fit being blamed on "patriarchal societal norms." Like what community college level SOC class did you learn that in? What if I said abortions were just the patriarchy's way of keeping women childless and fuckable (of course I don't believe that, but that's how ridiculous the patriarchy diet comments are to me).

  • Katarina Homenick Reply

    Lol? When I was a new player (and note that was 4 years ago, like 40 new champions have come out since then, and 6300 IP new champions has become the norm when it wasn't before), I was super frustrated how long it took to grind for a single champion. I saw some videos about Shaco and got so hyped about playing him, he was 3150 IP just like he was not, but I had to grind for what felt like an eternity to finally get him. I even resorted to trolling some games if they weren't going well so they would end quicker, because I was getting so fucking tired of playing Jax for like 30 games in a row and I didn't like anybody else in the free rotation.

  • Aaron MacGyver Reply

    In a world full of people that take themselves way too seriously, be Matt Deburrito!

  • Tracy Marvin Reply

    I mean how often do you genuinely smile at complete strangers? Sure it sometimes happens, and sure these are her fans but sometimes you just ain't in the mood. I'm not saying you do but a lot of people expect celebrities to be at peak performance mentally and physically at every single moment of their lives but just like regular people sometimes (and probably most of the times considering they probably work hard to become successful) they are just tired.

  • Curt Hoppe Reply

    That's why I pronounce it like it appears, also it irritates some people that take themselves too seriously.

  • Barry O'Keefe Reply

    Seriously though can we just take a sec to ask who the fuck thought that quiz was a good idea? You can't diagnose autism just like that with 14 questions, some people could take that shit too literally and pull themselves apart over it

  • Marisa Ward Reply

    Couldn't of said it better myself. People take themselves far too seriously on here.

  • Adah Stracke Reply

    People who take themselves way too seriously.

  • Mandy Padberg Reply

    People who take themselves too seriously are the type of person that I struggle to get on with.

  • Loyce Heathcote Reply

    Holy shit, I just looked up how to become an Umpire, $2,500 for schooling and there's only 68 Umpires in the MLB with very low turnover. For such a unforgiving job. Edit: 68 not 35. Not sure why I saw 35. I'm tired.

  • Noemy Hamill Reply

    To be fair, anyone can take pictures in a changing room regardless of what they call themselves. Also, I know that most people don't give a flying fuck about who shits in the stall next to them.

  • Louvenia Kohler Reply

    No, celiacs is real. It was just a comment about how gluten intolerant has become trendy making it had for people with real allergies to be taken seriously. However, I wish lactose intolerance would become trendy so I can enjoy more foods again.

  • Marjorie Swaniawski Reply

    I came here for discussion, that is what the thread is for. I found myself fighting with you. I'm not sure how I've become so emotionally involved in this uphill battle but I think it's time to just walk away. Clearly, since I disagree and am asking for your side if things, I'm "concern trolling". Clearly telling someone "read the faqs" is explaining your view. I'm tired of this debate since it seems none of you mods are actually interested in following the faqs, discussing the faqs, or steping back to see the other side.

  • Lizzie Moore Reply

    True. I just have to become ok with the fluctuations, and I will - this isn't my first rodeo. I'm just not sure how much lower than 1600-1700 I can go without being too hungry and tired. I think it'll work out in the end.

  • Maritza Conn Reply

    You need some god damn lasik surgery. Her waist and stomach are substantially smaller. Who the fuck posts shit like this anyway? Keep your false, negative comments out of here. Plenty of people post pictures because they are feeling good about themselves and want to show off. Not to have someone try and take the wind out of their sail. OP: You look fucking awesome. Keep up the great work.

  • Jalyn Lemke Reply

    Honestly, I'm not at all surprised that people who take themselves/their fandom too seriously are unable to appreciate a bit of light-hearted humor. Lamentable, but not surprising.

  • Judy Auer Reply

    Thanks for the reply! Even if this isn't my same issue, it does at least help confirm my suspicion that digestion could be tied to the hormonal change. But here's hoping I didn't become lactose or gluten intolerant because oh food, how I love thee!

  • Kole Hammes Reply

    Like I said, people who take themselves and airsoft too seriously are why I quit.....

  • Danika Schmitt Reply

    Yeah, I can't stand a lot of the world and how slow it has become. When I'm at the store and they open another register, I'm already tired of being there and will wait maybe 2 seconds and if nobody shows signs of going there, it's where I go because I take less than a minute to check out usually anyway.

  • Jamil Mraz Reply

    Yeah but I actually want to look attractive. I like the idea of being comfortable in my own skin. I like the idea of walking around knowing I'm the shit and that i am who I want to be. My standards are not even that high for myself. All I want is skin that's one colour , no redness in my eyes and normal lips. And maybe not to look so tired. I'm not asking to become a model. Just to look healthy. How is that a hard ask? I will develop my muscles but I can't develop my game until woman are at least receptive enough to give me the time of day. I am never approached by girls at all and whenever I have I don't exactly see any body language that would seem like they are interested. So I need to sort my looks out first to at least not look like a zombie then I can work on the game.

  • Ivah Hickle Reply

    Yes but I'm specifically talking about trans people -more non-trans people seem to feel they have a say in what a trans person gets to do, think or even feel. They don't. I'm tired of looking through these comments and see how many people thoroughly uninvolved and unrelated declare via some form of clairvoyance what trans people really think. Oh it's not real, oh there should alternate treatments. Bullshit. What they're trying to do is sound concerned while actually reinforcing the erroneous belief that they're mentally disturbed and just need treatment to become "normal."

  • Itzel Rodriguez Reply

    > The key is that part timers are already paid far more than most of the roster Yes, this is unfair, but at this point I'm tired of hearing about it. Want to make as much as the part-timers? Figure out how to become as big a draw as Lesnar, Rock, Austin have. Rock got $3M+ for his WM appearance because the company believes his presence will return greater than that in revenue. They're not trying to screw the full-time roster. They're trying to maximize return on investment.

  • Casandra Schmitt Reply

    > How to Become Gluten Intolerant The downvote(s?) wasn't from me (I don't like downvote = disagreement)... but a spelling mistake on 1 slide would have invalidated all of the other slides for you?

  • Clotilde Hudson Reply

    Thank you! I recall he did something that everyone didn't care for and this was it. I don't know who the guy really is, but all I've heard from him was condescending. it's not like this was a one time thing. Also, fuck people who take pictures of, and mock fat people who try to better themselves by going to the gym.

  • Renee Rolfson Reply

    > If your primary goal of taking a photo of yourself in a location is to show it off to others Is that the primary goal of all people who take pictures with themselves in it? I think a lot of people like these sort of photos because it helps them remember.

  • Leonora Reichel Reply

    Pretty much this. I eat a low calorie keto diet. I have for well over 3 years because I realized I feel GOOD when I eat this way. It has become my diet, ie the way I eat. It's not a phase or fad for me. People tell me keto is too hard for them. It's too limiting. Either they didn't give it a proper chance, or it's just plain not for them. Some people feel best low fat, paleo, IIFYM etc. Personally, I really don't care "how" people eat as long as they can sustain it and they feel good from it. Life is too short to torture yourself doing a diet you hate.

  • Emmanuel Von Reply

    Sorry, I think he meant to add 'you also occasionally run into people who take themselves too seriously'.

  • Cristal Grant Reply

    People who take themselves too seriously

  • Jordane Howe Reply

    It used to be a hard and fast rule but hitting the wall has now become a general term for "I got really tired" but for old guys like me, hitting the wall will always refer to what happens around mile 21 of a marathon if you haven't fueled properly. How many miles a week do you run?

  • Elliot Turcotte Reply

    This is stupid. It reminds me of all the people around my area who take pictures of themselves drinking beer, wine, liquor etc while driving, then whining about how they got a DUI.

  • Tristin Rippin Reply

    Right! People who won't do fancy dress or come in normal clothes as an 'extra' like OH THAT'S SO EDGY AND COOL. It says to me that they take themselves way too seriously, or they're too lazy to enter into the spirit of something. Costumes don't have to be expensive. I basically find it pretty disrespectful if someone is throwing a party and you won't adhere to the dress code.

  • Issac Wiegand Reply

    Paleo is a movement away from eating things our hunter gather forerunners didn't eat. It's powered by obevasions of how fit and healthy hunter gathers and how fat and sickly they become on the western diet. The final results of both diets are generally pretty similar where the majority of caleries come fats and protean and very few carbs. Keto's a more scientific aproach to the issue and gives a broader range of food to eat but both seem to work for general wieght loss.

  • Mariela Bashirian Reply

    I really do love people who don't take their work *too* seriously and allow themselves to have a bit of fun once in a while.

  • Alvina Kulas Reply

    >> but there are thousands of blogs on how to become/stay fit. I'm a bit baffled here Because there are a thousand ways to get fit and reach goals. There are ripped people out there with YouTube channels or blogs who are paleo. Then ones who are vegan. Then people who eat anything. There are people who do cardio, don't do cardio, almost every combination of good/bad things, there's someone doing them with awesome results.

  • Hester Mayert Reply

    For beginners in this field, [here is a handy guide on how to become Gluten intolerant](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oht9AEq1798). You're welcome.

  • Eli Jacobi Reply

    > really tired It might be a serious mental illness - it is - but it doesn't change the fact that Mr. Robot IS imaginary, so maybe don't get too hung up on everyone not going out of their way to hang a scientific name on it. And frankly, I'm getting a little tired of his imaginary friend, regardless of how serious the mental illness behind it is. I really hope they're not going to drag it on too long, because otherwise it's just going to become a tiresome sideshow. I suppose there are viewers who are endlessly fascinated with with his delusions, but I'm not one of them. Here's hoping Elliot achieves a healthier synthesis in the near future!

  • Ernest Harvey Reply

    My #1 motivator when I started was to lose weight. That's still something I want but it has become more than that - I want to get healthy and learn how to live a healthy lifestyle. Carbs haven't been working for me for a long time and I believe that keto, and eventually a keto/paleo hybrid once I'm maintaining, is the best chance for me to stay healthy and feel great.

  • Jamison Mayert Reply

    I have no idea either. Probably because people around here take themselves too seriously. I mean I got this one guy I know of who follows me around and shits all over my nothing but factual posts here and on other subs because he thinks I like to just come on here and shit all over people and their parades when all I'm doing is making factual statements. The Internet man...

  • Alyson Gibson Reply

    Those were children. Petty like children. I hate these kind of people that take a game too seriously. You should call the police, they did this to you but you seem like you were able to hold yourself, but what if they do this to a much younger person who cannot defend themselves as well as you? Please do report them to the police.

  • Antwan Herzog Reply

    Milo says inflammatory things to get a reaction out of people who take themselves too seriously. You're making his market. Just ignore it.

  • Cary Keeling Reply

    Yeah I know it is, especially for people who take themselves way too seriously

  • Myrtice Smith Reply

    [Obligatory video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oht9AEq1798) on how to become gluten intolerant :)

  • Brennan Boyer Reply

    Same guy who made "How to become Gluten intolerant". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oht9AEq1798

  • Karlie Von Reply

    Why? Some of the best memes come from people that take themselves too seriously. Who takes themselves more seriously than critics **and** people that comment on critics?

  • Rylan Collier Reply

    [How to become gluten intolerant](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oht9AEq1798)

  • Clotilde Lowe Reply

    Yeah I've just become way too tired with how difficult it is to get into the game; let alone all the crashes. It's basically the sole reason I've quit

  • Leola Harber Reply

    So tired of muslim clerics. How do u even become a cleric? Most of them got to be insane!

  • Albertha Herman Reply

    [How to become gluten intolerant.] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oht9AEq1798)

  • Lisa Osinski Reply

    Getting an iPhone 7 the moment it is released. Kinda tired of how Android will always find a way to become buggy or slow on nearly any phone.

  • Wilfredo Langworth Reply

    I become sleepy because that's how human physiology works. It's a biological fact and I hope you don't think that means your child had a bad diet or health problem... Biologically, after eating your blood goes to your stomach to help with digestion. As a result, you become tired. My question is how others in this sub deal with this dilemma.

  • Jaquan Welch Reply

    Yea, those big babies, crying about the perpetuation of elite/ wealthy/ corporate control... tired of being exploited so that people like Bill Mahr can make millions of dollars a year at their expense. How dare they not believe that a guy who's only ever been self-serving and self-aggrandizing will all of a sudden develop the ideological conviction necessary to become a fascist dictator.

  • Retha Funk Reply

    If I'm understanding right, you're saying you're mentally tired? How long does it take you to shift? On modern motocross bikes, the clutch is not required to shift between gears. It sounds to me like you simply need more experience. Grind those laps, and shifting will become second nature.

  • Josephine Haag Reply

    Just watched "How to Become Gluten Intolerant" ... Just the title.. Worth while af