[Other] How I feel after two weeks of low carb Whole 30

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  • Sandy Altenwerth Reply

    If it is just one or two days, then no, not really. It happens. I'm getting ready to schedule a surgery for myself though, and my doctor has told me absolutely no lifting for at least 6 weeks. Not upper body, not lower body. That has me freaking out a little. Kind of planning to use that time to cut carbs, maybe see if I can put a positive spin on it.

  • Tomas Schneider Reply

    Generally prep starts with high carbs and you eventually decrease over until about last two weeks where you're eating essentially no carbs.

  • Jaquan Gibson Reply

    my symptoms (extreme bloating after eating) started about 2 weeks after i started taking probiotics. if i drink a sweet liquid that hits the small intestine almost immediately (coconut water), i have extreme bloating in a matter of seconds. if i eat very low-carb, the bloating is less severe but it is still a major problem. other foods fall in the middle depending on the amount of carbohydrates and how fast they get absorbed. no matter what i eat, there is still a significant amount of bloating and it is majorly effecting my life, my work and my exercise habits. i never had such an extreme bloating problem before i started probiotics.

  • Ramon Huels Reply

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  • Karianne Labadie Reply

    I have cut back my Pepsi Max intake(tbh I could probably cut back more), and I only eat the low carb bread once a week if that(I never was huge on bread, but it's a nice delivery medium for peanut butter and cream cheese). I was a sugar fiend before keto, and my daily quest bar is probably the only thing that has kept me on the wagon for 2 years, and it has never affected my keto before. But perhaps the addition of exercise on top of it is upsetting the digestion? I mean I exercise at minimum, 12-18 hrs after I have a quest bar so I'm not sure that could be the problem. I think I'm going to track my food for a few weeks and see what my macros are at. Thanks for the comment :)

  • Dave Kerluke Reply

    ok carbs are important though and a person trying to be fit and swole but not competing won't have to do all the tapering off carbs and no carbs for two weeks business. carbs are vital, and i don't support this business regardless of what type of competition it is for the sake of aesthetics

  • Fae Johnston Reply

    It's more about key locations rather than strategy as a whole. Estabilish your course of action, choose where are you gonna focus and where to put a skeleton crew. That's what I learned from the 30-40 1v1 I had and from the countless videos I watched. Go look up the YouTube links in the tab and watch a few games. You can learn a great deal.

  • Dayana Streich Reply

    30 dollars including tip, every 2 weeks.

  • Lukas Wuckert Reply

    I remember seeing mass effect 3 for $30 at Walmart not four weeks after release. It happens

  • Gunner Stanton Reply

    I was kinda hoping for a bit of a recomp during it though. Low carb high protein type stuff. Any chance I could get away with that over the course of 6 weeks? Maybe, 5-6 pounds of body fat lost and 3-4 pounds of muscle gained?

  • Lenny Swaniawski Reply

    Yes - I was 12 hrs fasted as prescribed by the Dr... He's asked that I go back to my regular diet (higher carb, moderate protein, moderate to low fat) so we can retest in 4-6 weeks. We'll see how that goes.

  • Reid Deckow Reply

    Scale hasn't budged in like 3 weeks, so I'm adding 200 calories a day for my bulk (2200 kcal/day.. am 5'4 128lb grill). What are your favourite high carb low(er) fat snacks on a bulk???

  • Sabryna Runolfsdottir Reply

    I doubt that it will take him longer than 24 hours to get back to keto. I don't see a reason for it to take two weeks if he keeps his carb count low.

  • Angelica Crooks Reply

    Yup Gary taubes is life changer.

  • Tyra Cormier Reply

    Identical boat as you, only I'm 30 in a few weeks.

  • Teresa Macejkovic Reply

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  • Jaren Kshlerin Reply

    I've been injured for 2.5 months and haven't gained a pound. I'm 5 lb lighter than 6 months ago before I went on a fairly drastic diet change. So while my blood profiles aren't perfect the weight thing is pretty goo. Normally, I'll put on about a pound a month that I'm not running. I'll lose about a pound or two a week when building back up, or starting a new season after ski season (in which I'll usually put on a few lbs, and then a few more during the transition when I have to cut back on both skiing and running for a few weeks).

  • Brianne Ortiz Reply

    It's honestly all attention-grabbing trash. Unless you have a fully functioning product with a means to legitimately publish it then no, I don't care about what you spent a whole 30 minutes "making."

  • Hilma Lind Reply

    I did the two-week no carbs, then low carb thing. Wanted to murder everyone the first 2 weeks, but it got better. Plus I lost 100lbs!

  • Emanuel Simonis Reply

    The added explosion really gives it that low-quality vine feel.

  • Chloe Grant Reply

    Gary Taubes' GCBC.

  • Linda Aufderhar Reply

    You know what's weird? I was just on highway 30 in Oregon. I drove by a whole set of trees that look just like this. And I was wondering to myself "I wonder why they're planted like this."

  • Caterina Dicki Reply

    Hiya propmaster, you have found a source for lots of info. In particular check out r/alan_s blogs, great info for us noobs. I especially took to heart his info on testing and eating to your meter as I have hypothyroidism as well as being a diabetes noob. Basically you test when you wake, before you eat, one and two hours after. This will give you fasting numbers and how quickly your digestion peaks after meals. If you keep a good record of those numbers in conjunction with what you have eaten, you get a really clear indicator of what kinds of carbs your body tolerates, or combinations that make the occasional starchy carb doable. You can go full experimental, cut all carbs, add them back one at a time, or slowly adjust the food and amounts you regularly eat. One thing to watch for in cutting carbs to atkins, keto style is the "keto flu". Your body takes a bit of time to adapt to a new energy source and you might feel, blah, achy, grumpy, like when you have flu for up to about 2 weeks. But the best thing about this kind of food is that you hardly ever feel hungry, those fats and proteins keep you feeling fuller longer. As far as your diabetes education classes go, be aware that they mostly suggest the ADA diet, which seems to be heavy on the grains and starchy veg, recommending it be 25% of your diet. That amount of carbs is just not good for me personally, I do better on the low carb high fat model. One thing I learned about myself is that doing the "eating well" diets of 40%carb/40%protein/20% fat model led to zero weight loss even at a 500 cal a day deficit. And if I ever use carbs and fats together, it is guaranteed weight gain lol. Good luck, there are lots on here who will be happy to answer questions, give you a place to vent, or to crow when you hit goals. Standard information: I am not a health care professional and am pretty new at this stuff so research anything I say that you might find interesting!

  • Hector Waters Reply

    I've don't 2, one for $30, the other for $35, had to wait 10 weeks for each.

  • Aaron Keeling Reply

    I have an 861 BM, and I'm feeling pretty comfortable tanking wise (7/7n and 4/7h), but I feel my dps, even as a tank is really low compared with other clas tanks. How far off the dps pace are you in raids/M+?

  • Ethel Toy Reply

    Stoked to find some due date buddies in this thread! it's gonna be a long 30 weeks! :)

  • Vivianne Weber Reply

    Gary Taubes - nuff said ;]

  • Erica Wiegand Reply

    It's nearly impossible to offend me no worries. I cant really guess what bodyfat is or was. Catch me after eating a piece of cheese and some greasy food and carbs and I look a lot fatter than the morning or after a hard gym session. But I've lost at least 8 inches off of my waist since Jan. 3 one inch wide notches on my belt just in the last 4 weeks.

  • Bertha Hettinger Reply

    Ya, 4 seperate dabs. you only need a boogers worth, i can easily down 5 or six before getting 'tired'. Go low temps and get a carb cap

  • Gloria Moen Reply

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  • Ethel Ruecker Reply

    Wow. Just wow, I am at 30 weeks and just the 30 mins cardio is tough!! Amazing work

  • Henry Rowe Reply

    You can be in ketosis within 24hrs but to fat adapt or keto adapt it takes weeks. The minimum time frame I have heard is 3-4 weeks. The longest 8-12 weeks. But if you were eating carbs for a month you are probably no longer fat adapted. But definitely back in ketosis.

  • Elnora Vandervort Reply

    Forgot to mention I'm in veg week 4

  • Torey Keeling Reply

    If it helps I'm nearly two weeks into this way of eating and I have no desire to go back to normal carbs. I don't eat my kids candy, I don't miss sandwiches or pancakes, and I love having a narrower number of food choices because it makes life simpler. Also, I'm not hungry EVER! I skip lunch every day. And i feel great!

  • Chaz Hermiston Reply

    Day 4 of low carb. My body is mad at me. Headache, nausea, tired. I just want an entire chocolate cake right now.

  • Angelica Cassin Reply

    Agreed! Each time my dad (who went from 23% to 10% fat ratio) felt like he's stalling he used to do a detox for two weeks with no caffeine and almost no carbs and lipids. Lots of veggies and protein, tho.

  • Alberta Watsica Reply

    Tren, accutane, super low carbs, no more than 5 hours of sleep for two weeks straight, 100 degree weather, calorie deficit for contest prep, makes you one moody motherfucker.

  • Coleman Romaguera Reply

    Dropped 30 seconds on my 6k in 3 weeks

  • Raphaelle Gislason Reply

    1500 seems really low tbh but do whatever you feel is good

  • Isabel McLaughlin Reply

    Bros, I think I'm onto something. Last 6 weeks +4 lbs and water is noticeably smaller. Workout everyday, no carbs past 6pm, don't be afraid of cardio. Simple shit but seems to be effective

  • Alda Yost Reply

    4 weeks veg from rooted clones 1 week to transition to flower then 11 weeks in flower.

  • Audie Upton Reply

    Lol you put on 30 lbs on your deadlift in 10 weeks, why would you wanna change it?

  • Korbin Terry Reply

    Pure keto no carbs. 185 to 155 to 160. Before: http://imgur.com/4BxUhWU Cut: http://imgur.com/KqlwdCe 4 weeks into Bulk: https://imgur.com/iBjRSon

  • Orville Metz Reply

    I feel like this sub has been conditioned to have a really low bar for the anime after years of frustration.

  • Ronny Kerluke Reply

    Same happens to me. Been keto almost 2 years, I go on the occasional bender and feel miserable. I am pretty fat adapted after the length of time I've been low carb so usually after a day or two all the nasty wares off and i feel human again. Keto is profound. Anyone I've gotten interested and had switch to keto asks about weight loss before starting. I just tell them give it two weeks don't worry about weight loss, that's a given, just tell me how you feel. If you don't feel clear or energized like never before in your life let me know, anger I'm always right about the feeling and we the weight.

  • Alexa Kassulke Reply

    I thought so. Here's the thing. Biologically, the type of "weight loss" we are being taught is a man's way of losing weight. Women are different: 1. We are capable of producing twice the weight loss hormone, leptin, that men are able to produce. 2. If we starve and over-exercise ourselves, we are capable of creating *five times* the *leptin resistance* that men are capable of creating... In other words, you're better at losing weight... but you're also better at preventing yourself from EVER, under almost any circumstances, losing it... There's an exception to the second half of that statement, which is where the first half of the statement comes in. *If, and only if* you convince your body that it's in a time of *feast* instead of a time of famine... it will produce twice the leptin of men's bodies. Meaning you can, if you don't try to diet the men's way, lose a lot of weight really fast. There's a handy trick you can use to confuse your body. I went from 167 in April of 2014, down to 142 by Sept. of 2014 using this trick. I've kept it off, and lost more since. I slowed it down because I was pretty content with 142. Here's an even more interesting truth for you... I'm 44 now (was 42 then). And supposedly, your metabolism "is screwed" after 40. Here's what I did. I dieted all week in a super low carb diet. Akin to the old Atkins diet. Lots of meat, so I could eat any time that I was hungry. Lots of vegetables, especially high fiber ones. But one day a week, you carb load like a crazy woman. I mean, everything you can stuff down your gullet, lol. You make your body think, for that one day, that you died and went to foodie heaven. I ate anything I'd seen the week prior. Cheesecake? Bought it, saved it for Saturday. Donuts? Bought some on Saturday (cause they're not as good if you keep them all week...). Pie? Cake? French fries? You name it, high carb... I ate it on Saturday. Now, this felt SO risky, and I was just sure it couldn't possibly work. But here's what would happen... I'd gain 2 pounds from my Saturday weight. If I was 160 Saturday morning, I'd be 162/163 on Sunday. But then I'd go back on my super restrictive diet... and by the end of the week, I'd be down by *FIVE* pounds total. So I'd go from 162 down to 157... When I hadn't lost ONE POUND in the last SIX MONTHS of dieting (in fact, I had gotten FATTER!). Some weeks, I fluctuated, losing only a pound, sometimes 6 pounds. But still... after a few weeks, I had already lost more than I'd GAINED in all the previous dieting. Why does it work, though? Because that one day of super-loading tells your body, "It's okay, we're in a time of FEAST! Go crazy on the leptin, my friend!" Then you diet and your metabolism starts to slow down... slow down... slow down... and then you ram it back up into the stratosphere again with another "binge day". Every time you binge like this, if you have left time in between, but not too long... you kick your over-all, over-time metabolism upwards. It starts to fall, but then you pop it back up. It goes up higher... starts to come down... goes up higher. In this way, it *never* gets back to completely being convinced that every tiny calorie you eat absolutely, under any circumstances, no matter what, *must, must, must* be saved because *I am starving and dying!* Because of this, you, as a woman, will continue to produce large amounts of "weight loss hormone". Try it for a month. I know it's terrifying, because we're taught any yummy food will go "to our hips" and never come off, no matter what. But that's only true when we try to diet like men! (Except, don't tell them, but men would benefit from this, as well! Just not as remarkably, incredibly, or hugely as women--but would still be better than traditional "destroying my metabolism in hopes it will make me skinny" diets.) . . ((Disclaimer: The proceeding is for informational purposes and is not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any illness, condition, or disease. Consult a doctor before attempting any diet or exercise of any kind.))

  • Aditya Hammes Reply

    >3 weeks..? try 3 years 3 years? Try 30 years.

  • Kristoffer Kunde Reply

    This infographic makes literally NO sense... You state calories in big letters, but then every week is measured in grams of carbs... There's no numeric values anywhere, and at some points weeks contradict each other: week two says only protiens, but then in week 3 you say cut veggies and fruit??

  • Urban Swift Reply

    I was in an intensely bad mood my second week of low carb, but no rage. It was supposedly part of the keto flu, but who knows. If you are 4 weeks into it, then I doubt it is about adapting.

  • Graham Sipes Reply

    Very low frequencies feel the same as wind. When the sub moves outward you feel a gust of wind, it really cant be labeled as sound.

  • Dorothy Green Reply

    [Boring, but still a bicep!](http://imgur.com/a/8Fbod) Ten weeks into a two-day split four days a week. Very loose with diet, very low protein, which I'm trying to up. I'm just a carb-monster.

  • Lizeth Buckridge Reply

    I've got a whole bunch of assorted range brass so i don't know what else will be in the lot. It's just for plinking or maybe the next competition we shoot so far no targets are out past 30-35 yds.

  • Arlie Denesik Reply

    >5 pounds gained in six weeks Any idea what your TDEE is? Seems very low for so many calories. How was your intake during your two sick weeks, still full blown carb-gorging?

  • Faye Beatty Reply

    Kind of a cheat day (went over calories but not carbs) but I still weighed down Saturday morning. Got absolutely blitzed off of two whole drinks; holy shit rum and Coke Zero is goddamn amazing after giving up sugar for two weeks. Came home and drunk made pepperoni chips. No regrets.

  • Jasen Volkman Reply

    What's the refund policy on the phone? 15 or 30 days? Just refund the whole thing and walk away from them. Buy it elsewhere

  • Adrianna Leannon Reply

    I've always been a chubby kid but hit my max of 213.8lbs at the end of May. I've since lost 40lbs by improving my diet and IF. Two weeks ago I increased my portions + breakfast and started doing PPL 6 days a week. As for my weightlifting experience, I'm pretty much a beginner. I was on and off with lifting for my last 2 years of high school, didn't at all from Sept to now and have lost a good amount of muscle these past 2 or 3 months. June 6 2016 ~208lbs http://i.imgur.com/P6Iy47T.jpg?1

  • Aimee Hackett Reply

    3 weeks? You can expect to lose some water weight and maybe a pound or two then to put it back on when you stop. It doesn't matter if you work out or not. You have water to shed that will no longer be needed (temporarily in your case) in the processing of carbs. You will lose it then regain it.

  • Pattie Skiles Reply

    I've actually been on this diet for about two weeks, last week my weight went from 178, to 177, at the end, I didn't have a digital scale so I couldn't tell exact weight. This week I am starting to see change.

  • Janelle Tromp Reply

    Mine recommended in the pregnancy pamphlet that you not fly past 30 weeks.

  • Lilla Veum Reply

    first of all, you shouldn't let yourself get poked 30%hp as level 2, that's just learning the matchup. second of all, what was your support doing that whole time

  • Meredith Langosh Reply

    My coach had me carb cycle for the last 4 weeks of my cut, after going with no carbs for 4 weeks. Was interesting because my calories went up yet body fat kept going down. I did low/low/low/med/low/low/high. High day was leg day.

  • Javier Jakubowski Reply

    Do they get permabans? I hope they do, not some weak shit and end up playing in 2 weeks with lev 30+ lol.

  • Tobin Bartoletti Reply

    If you haven't done any kind of fasting before, this may be a tough introduction. At first I found doing 24 hours was hard, headaches etc as my body adjusted, now I can do 48-60 no problem. Definitely eating low carb before you start but IMHO you would be better doing 1-2 days for a couple of weeks to ease you into it which would probably still give you some weight loss. However if you really want to go for it, then good luck! I look forward to reading about your progress! As to Keto breath.. yes after 2 days fasting my mouth felt gross, I just kept drinking sparkling water and I do chew gum (although some consider this not good, I have never had an issue with it)

  • Brandy Abbott Reply

    Dunno if this is right. I got bored in a bar one night and used my incense. I only saw a Bulbasaur in that whole 30 minutes. I'm guessing that's what my incense picked up as the only other spawn was a Zubat that i refused to get.

  • Jaqueline Buckridge Reply

    Greetings and sorry to hear about your IBS. Honestly, I read a lot of Usenet about ways of eating and potential benefits before choosing low-carb, then went after informal blogs and productized literature to determine my method. Similar to the Atkins induction method, I moved to eating 20-30g of (net) carbs per day, but instead of two weeks made that last about 3.5 months. I supplemented potassium via Nu-Salt in drinks, btw - muscle cramping was an issue, especially since I had two tick-borne infections in my body at the time, but didn't learn that was the case until about 3 years later. I tried lots of dishes, but kept things extremely simple to ensure a repeatable focus on taking out the junky carbs. So, lots of baked or roasted chicken by itself or with mayonnaise+celery+(whatever) for chicken salad, fresh+canned+frozen vegetables (mostly asparagus, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, olives, etc.), salads with not too many carrots and no tomatoes (dressing was minimal oil+vinegar or blue cheese), pork loin+chops that were nicely spiced but no bbq sauce, steaks, beef roasts, smoked salmon + cream cheese (usually rolled up for appetizers), cold cuts and cheese of all types for snacks/sides, eggs in various forms and sometimes with cheese (usually my breakfast from either a shaped holder in the microwave or fried sunny side-up), black COFFEE with whipping cream or half+half (not needed, but 5+ cups a day definitely kept my mind off eating), etc. No artificial sweeteners - I lost the taste and desire for sugary-tasting things after about 2-3 weeks of Induction, anyway. Lots and lots of Vintage-brand seltzer water, sometimes mixed with Key lime juice (unsweetened). I just think Vintage has the ideal bubble size :) I'd do weird things, like add a wedge of cream cheese on a plate with green olives and dill pickle for a snack while working at the computer. I was super-serious about raising the protein+fat while dropping the "white", simple and sugary carbs. Condiments were usually mayonnaise and/or mustard. If I made pasta or rice with a meal for my family, there was always a meat portion that I could still sit down with. Moving beyond induction added strawberries, blueberries, zucchini, nuts and nut butters (really need to be careful, so easy to over-indulge those), etc. It was probably around 2 months into the Inducation phase that I consciously realized my IBS symptoms had become less severe and frequent. I originally started the diet for weight (which worked, btw), but did have the intention of stabilizing my stomach issues from personal accounts I had read about. "Maintenance" mode after about 7-8 months included some reasonably fiber-y cereal or oatmeal once in awhile, but not as part of a carb-heavy day from other meals. Other things were added in, but by this time my weight and IBS were both in check and it was then time to start a new investigation of what I could add back in - and how often - without reverting back. Sorry this is likely disjoint, but hope it gives you some ideas.

  • Vivienne McKenzie Reply

    recommends gary taubes. wow.

  • Maria Mohr Reply

    from what i have researched and from personal experience this is mostly bullshit, in the studies i've seen there was never a drop in rmr higher than 10% below what would be expected from weight loss Personally i have gone from 330 to 170 and my rmr is the same as someone that never lost weight before, my tdee is 2.4k if i sit on the couch the whole day, i've done protocols like 700cal/day for weeks, low carb, high carb, low fat, keto, etc and metabolism always bounced back after eating maintenance for a while. Dont worry about it, nobody is doomed to be fat or gain the weight back after losing, just keep making right choices.

  • Zachery Torp Reply

    1.)Water and electrolytes are your best friends. 2.) Use the first 3 or 4 weeks to get used to low carb before adding in baked goods/desserts. I'm firmly on Team Occassional Dessert or Pancakes but I didn't eat them until I had a firm grasp on keto and had broken some bad habits. 3.) Be prepared for heatwaves/hot flashes. 4.) After two weeks doing lazy keto supplements and meds affected me faster and stronger. I stopped my morning caffeine pill because it now gives me jitters, I've lowered my nightly Benedryl to half a pill because it was causing me to oversleep. Thoses are the biggest things I've noticed.

  • Pearline Hand Reply

    Some body read Gary Taubes lol

  • Akeem Murphy Reply

    I work in a chair, and stare at a screen all day. After work I'll put in about 2 hours at the gym including ~30mins of cardio. The rest is food, reading, and sleeping. Keto/low carb usually works better for me. Everyone in my family has diabetes, I have an irrational fear of carbs. Insulin has a very suppressive affect on lipolysis. I try to pound the 80-100 carbs that I eat in a day before, and after the workouts. I'll avoid King Tren until I get a baseline from T500/week for 12 weeks. My TRT dose is suppose to be T200/week, but life is making me impatient. I want to undo the ravages of 7 years with low T. Thank you for all the advice.

  • Lela Rath Reply

    I've been on the milk diet for four days now and I don't feel hungry at all (1000 calories/day) light weight lifting and 30 mins on an excercise bike daily. I'm hoping to stay on this for two weeks and then go into a cabbage soup week and then into low carb hopefully easing myself into a regular non fasting diet again without my body gripping to everything I eat. I am actually really enjoying the milk diet (apart from the fibre drinks) as you can have it in a milk shake (e.g crusha/chocolate meal) My real question was is going to and from a fasting diet going to work, or will my body hold onto anything I eat in the non-fasting week?

  • Juwan Thompson Reply

    The only way I cut down on the cravings was to go no sugar and low carb, absolutely nothing else worked for me. I felt like crap for the first 2 weeks but it got better after that. I was able to maintain it for 6 months before being derailed by birthday cake and thought I would be ok with small amounts of sweets but was right back to the same level of sugar craving as before within a month so moderation is not something I seem to be able to manage. I hope you can find something that works for you.

  • Ford Franecki Reply

    I am doing high fat low carb for 2 weeks now. Slowly going towards keto. I am going for a 21K tomorrow w/o any fuelling, before, mid or after. May take a bottle of water. During this new diet regime I have already done a 10k without fuelling and it was a breeze. I think l can pull off 21 as well. So, ya you may not need carb, but to be prepared for the wall, have an energy bar or two handy.

  • Bridie Hessel Reply

    So I have a concern my body is adapting to use ketones. I am 155 lbs 5'11" 23 y.o. I have been on an 80% fat /15% protein / 5% carb diet (1900 cal) for about 6 weeks now. I drink about 2 gallons of water a day. The last two weeks I have changed: starting using MCT oil + coconut oil in coffee instead of just coconut oil, replaced Caesar dressing with hemp oil, and cut back on overeating protein. My ketone levels on ketostix are reading ~150 mg/dL, or 25.8 mmol/L. It has been steadily increasing from ~100 mg/dL to this over a week. Should I be concerned? Do I just need to drink more water?

  • Freddie Sanford Reply

    Playing for 2hrs 3x a week 30-40 weeks a year must be unbearable.

  • Dorcas Wuckert Reply

    ((hugs)) You have a lot going on, no wonder you're feeling overwhelmed. My advice is small changes. Do t count calories if it doesn't work. Plan your meals and write them down. That's all. Get into that habit. Mess up? Who cares. Do better next time. My diet has been shit for two weeks. So tomorrow I'm tracking again. Health issues suck. No way around it. But respect you bodies unique limits and find a specialist who can give you guidance on workouts that will work. And keep your chin up.

  • Otilia Hoeger Reply

    I think carbs are a big one, but a no-carbs diet is hard to follow. I've tried one for two weeks recently. I felt better and lost maybe 5lbs.

  • Allison Boyer Reply

    Yeah, I lost 8 pounds in two weeks (not sustainable, but I lost it fast) * No carbs after 4pm * No junk food at all * No drinks other than water * No snacks * No food 4 hours before you go to sleep * Run 5km a day in addition to daily workout

  • Mertie Wiza Reply

    So using that the best thing to do would be to indulge in a ketogenic diet for 6 days than a small low carb refeed day for 4 weeks and than go low carb for 4 weeks and see which works best?

  • Jacquelyn Brown Reply

    By the looks of it, I'm guessing week 4 or 5, you should have a few weeks to go. What strain, lights, soil, and nutrients do you use? It's best not to use nutes until flower or at least until late veg when it comes to autos.

  • Isabell Murray Reply

    Skip or try a harsh clen/high carb low carb two weeks. More sleep more cardio. In two weeks you could look dramatically different

  • Jennyfer Gleichner Reply

    when I was on keto - zero carbs, and after first two weeks of lifting, I had no issues with lactic acid, but this was already after doing some working out as well.

  • Fritz Olson Reply

    Hey OP that's fantastic! Keep it up, when you're ready test your limits and cut carbs (breads, dough, pastas) and stick to meats and anything that grows for a week or two! I lost 6 pounds this week and going no carbs this week. If I keep at it, 6lbs x 4 weeks = 20lbs a month! That's a good start for me. Don't forget, you got friends here.

  • Shayna Williamson Reply

    You remind me of me about 7-8 years ago when I had no concept being concise yet covering the necessary topics at hand. I found myself routinely butting up against 10,000 character limits - and on some vBulletin forums, I even bumped up against 25000 character limits. Believe me - I can be just as verbose as anyone. But that's not so much a skill as it is a lack of skill. Peep game. > There's no vegan vs other studies because they would be too expensive Bullshit. And you knew it was bullshit the second you typed it out, but you're pot-committed to your spin at this point. We spend millions studying shit that doesn't matter - you mean to tell me we can't do a 6-month, or a 1-year study, looking at Paleo vs Vegan vs Keto, with a calorie-controlled control group of just "average eaters", and test their health markers at certain intervals? You're completely full of shit. Nobody is saying these people need to be locked up a facility and have their entire lives under observation. But it would help if the "study" wasn't simply asking guesses (educated though they may be) about the ramifications of their eating habits. That doesn't really "teach" us anything, and the result is almost always some version of "More analysis is needed on the topic". (You see how I didn't quote you word-for-word? Saves space. Accomplishes the same thing. If the person disagrees with how you characterized what they said, they can revisit it; otherwise, you move along.) > High carb diets vs Atkins I said high-carb, and the figure 70%, for a very specific reason - it ensures that, even eating at a deficit, your glycogen stores (both muscular and hepatic) remain almost constantly full. As someone who has a basic knowledge of nutrition (that's you - correct me if I'm wrong), you know that the more glycogen present in the body, the harder it is for the body to enter a state of lipolysis. This is why professional dieters carb cycle, even if they don't explicitly follow "low carb" diets. They keep their calories high before/after intense exercise (ensuring glycogen super-compensation and an anabolic environment), and keep them lower on other days when the goal is to burn fat. For the Average American, who doesn't lift weights regularly, there's no benefit to constantly having an overflowing source of glycogen. Their blood sugar will constantly be in a state of intense highs and lows and, without moderate/intense exercise, their sole pathway to regulation will be their body's own insulin production. That's a recipe for disaster. Eating a lower-GI diet - lowering carbs to 30-40% and replacing them with healthy vegetable oils, nuts, legumes, etc - would make it much easier for the typical American to avoid metabolic syndrome, or any insulin resistance altogether, absent some other as-yet undiagnosed ailment. The sprinter part was because you participate in a highly anaerobic activity, far beyond the anaerobic threshold, where glycogen is paramount. You understand, more than most, what it means to be 'carbed up' before a big race. Long-distance runners also carb-up, but for different reasons - they're fatiguing their Type I fibers while burning a good mix of oxygen/fat and glycogen and are often pudgy-looking, whereas short/middle-distance runners work a lot of Type II fibers (with sky-high energy demands), predominantly burn glycogen and are often particularly lean. > Studying Vegan vs Other would be a waste because Colon cancer takes decades to develop So then you have absolutely no qualms, no reservations about declaring (or at least strongly implying) a Vegan diet to be colon-protective, despite the dearth of 20-, or 30-year studies about committed vegans; yet, conversely, you are more than willing to imply that calorie-controlled, low-processed food diets containing red meat would still cause colon cancer and CVD. This is preposterous. This is why I said, several comments ago, that vegans (and those who take up their mantle) are delusional. You consistently hold others to standards you do not hold yourselves (see: when I say it, it's just conveying information; when you say it, it's bragging), and you consistently lump together those who monitor and control their calorie intake, and exercise regularly, with those who neither exercise or count calories. It's a fundamentally dishonest thing to do - but because you feel the ends justify the means, you're more than willing to do it anyway. You're no different than the fructose alarmists, or the Anti-Monsanto crybabies. Given a lack of specific, *relevant* scientific information - or even scientific information contrary to your positions - you'll just spin and obfuscate, and talk about a lack of funding, or funding being provided by 'evil corporations', or misinterpret existing studies, and this and that thing. It's always something, and it's always bullshit. > Vegan study leading to people going off Insulin GOOD. I would never argue this is a BAD thing. But vegan diets aren't for everyone. That is why I have, on several occasions, specifically pointed out the need for studies that are high in unprocessed foods and preservatives, low in added salt/sugars, etc, so that we can have a better understanding if its the lack of animal products, PERIOD, causing the health improvements; or if it's more the overall awareness of what the subjects are putting in their body that is helping them to improve. > Sprinting/Lifting advice on Reddit I give out advice everywhere. This is the part you miss. People routinely ask for my advice on Bench, Squat and Deadlift on Instagram, Facebook, at the gym, everywhere. These people don't care what I used to lift 2, 4, 7 years ago - I give them numbers from the past few *weeks*, and let them know about the program I'm currently on. You really have no concept of what it is I do, do you? I have yet to make a single submission on Reddit announcing a new PR, soliciting pats on the back - because I don't care. I give advice as it pertains to the person I'm giving the advice to. It's one thing to give advice to someone who benches 155 and wants to get up to 225 - just about any program, any advice, any cues will work. It's another to give advice to someone benching 315 who wants to get to 365 within a year. Their needs and concerns are completely different. I largely ignore novices and focus on giving advice to intermediate/advanced lifters. But, as I've said several times already, you're so far up your own ass that this nuanced explanation means nothing to you. You'll just keep repeating the word 'brag' over and over again, despite how inapplicable it is. > "What are your max lifts?" I never specifically asked you for 1RMs, nor did I insist on a 1RM when you gave out a 3RM for a certain lift. There's formulas for this stuff. If you're training strength, then you're routinely doing doubles and triples, which are close enough to a 1RM. You may only train max-effort 1RM once a year, but you probably train max-effort/AMRAP triples (roughly 94-96% estimated 1RM) at least once quarterly. Let's not be obtuse here. > Max lifting, speed training, and doing the two concurrently You ignored most of the antagonistic parts, and focused on your training, and that's somewhat disappointing, but OK. My sport, to be pedantic, is Industrial Athletics. I don't Powerlift in spite of my job, I Powerlift to compliment my job. If I didn't work a labor job, and getting 100% of my paycheck wasn't entirely dependent on not sustaining even a basic injury like a lat strain or rolled ankle, I'd train very differently. I can't do hellacious leg-day workouts - I need to be able to walk, bend, crouch normally for a long workweek. I also struggle to jog/run much more than about 10 miles/week, as it takes a toll on my knees. All these factors contribute to my numbers being lower than they 'could' be - yet despite these disadvantages, many of which I can work around with 90%+ effectiveness, I'm still considered to be in the 97th-99th percentile both in raw strength and pound-for-pound strength. Many comments ago, you called me a "weakling who works for UPS", no doubt drawing on your experience with other scrawny-looking UPS drivers. I mostly disregarded you as a troll - now I see your game is to bait-and-reveal, as I pointed out earlier. I don't understand why you bother. You could be helping out quite a few people in r-fitness, or r-TheRedPill, or many other subreddits. You seem to only thrive when you are being antagonized. And that's a shame. As I said - I know the feeling. But I grew out of it, and it made me a better person. I'd encourage you to try doing the same thing.

  • Madeline Stark Reply

    **The long story** I spent a while reading about it, watching videos on medical talks, etc but overall just kind of putting off starting due to some personal reasons. Finally I decided I would start, and I convinced my friend to try it with me (he lasted a week, but it was nice to have someone to start it with). The keto flu period was pretty short for both of us because we were prepared and stayed hydrated + added sodium to stuff. The reason you see lots of weight drop off at first is because your body won't retain water as easily. This means you can lose 5-10lb of water weight in the first week. It also means **you can become easily dehydrated** and flush electrolytes out of your system way easier than normal. So you need to drink shit loads of water and add a little salt to some stuff throughout the day or you will get dizzy and have a bad time. The idea behind the diet is that if you keep your carbs really low (ideally under 30g/day for most people) then your body will produce ketones from the fat in your system to fuel your actions instead. This means a couple of different things, but essentially when it runs out of fat to process it will go after your body fat more aggressively than your muscle mass (which it can turn into glucose), whereas on a normal diet it may consume your muscle mass at a higher rate than your body fat. Your body prioritizes glucose (from carbs) and is likely pretty inefficient at creating ketones if you've been eating a typical american diet. This can cause some people to feel a little sick for the first day or week (for me it was pretty quick and easy). After some time, anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months or so your body will get better at this. You'll have a little less intense losses, but it will be an easy and normal feeling and if you mess up and eat something you will rebound back more easily without feeling as sick. One thing I see is people saying calories don't matter on this diet, but they do. Fatty foods help you stay satiated longer so it becomes easier to eat a deficit without feeling crappy, but fatty foods are also calorie dense so it can be very easy to over eat. I get really annoyed at things that are inconvenient, so i try to make this diet as easy to do as possible. This means that I have a lot less variety than you *can* just to make it easy. I aim to have 0 or super low carb things so that if I mess up it will be mitigated and so that I don't have to meticulously track things. **A typical day for me:** * I have coffee with heavy cream to replace breakfast (4 tbs / 200 calories / 0-4 carbs depending on brand). I usually have 2 cups of coffee to bring me up until lunch ~2tbs of cream per cup. This helps keep me from getting hungry. At various points I also used this to just have one huge meal later and wait until the next day (using IF windows). Other options include eggs/bacon if i decide to go out or eat at a hotel or something. (at hotels and stuff I like to mix cream cheese with some eggs so I stay satiated longer) * lunch and dinner is any kind of dark green veggies and meat: Spinach, broccoli and cauliflower are easy and cheap. Frozen full fat burgers, canned spam/corned beef, steak are all also pretty easy. If I'm out I'll look for salads with meat and cheese and without croutons/fruits/candied nuts. Typically I get lots of burgers with no bun and a side of veggies, skin on chicken wings (without sweet sauces!) and salads. At home I throw broccoli and spinach in a pan with a burger or some canned meat to make a quick dinner. * snacks: *when i started I was very careful with snacks. It is super easy to over eat on snacks like these.* Nuts (almonds, sunflower seeds, etc), cheese, natural peanut butter (careful with this!), veggies, pork rinds and some dips are the best. I have been trying lots of other stuff the last year or so like Atkins bars, halo top ice cream, making my own weird foods sometimes; I advice staying away from things like that at least for the first few months while your body adjust and you learn how you're going to feel. Atkinds bars (and sugar free candy) also WRECK my stomach if I don't eat them in super small amounts. **some food tips** * Sweet tooth and like things like sugar in your coffee/tea? Stevia. I get these little green stevia/erythrol squirters. Life saver for me in general. * I like to mix some PB and nut milk into kind of a pudding and add a squirt of stevia and so coacoa as a dessert. * berries have lower carbs than a lot of other fruits. I will sometimes have a few strawberries or rasberries, but then i pay more attention to carb counts because a little bit of fruit is still a lot of sugar. * Want to bake? Almond and coconut flour let you make all kinds of stuff. They're weird to work with and you have top start doing math and adding up your carbs carefully when working with stuff like that. * Chia seeds in drinks can be like bubble tea * *once your adjusted* low carb tortillas and pita bread can let you make sandwiches again and only add about 5g of carbs. **the short story** * Check out /r/keto it is super useful. Make sure you read and understand the FaQ and all the basics before you start. This will help immensely. * eat under 30g of net carbs a day, hit protein target, then eat fat to satiation. Eating tons of protein means your body will turn it into glucose with your kidneys, so don't do low carb, low fat, high protein. Its low/no carb, medium protein based on muscle mass, then fat to satiate. * Make sure you drink lots of water and get enough sodium and potassium

  • Brisa Deckow Reply

    Two good things have happened today, and I haven't even been awake for three hours! First I declined a donut at work without a bit of hesitation. Gotta thank my bulletproof coffee for keeping me full and keeping me on track! Second, one of my regulars who I hadn't seen in a few weeks came up today and was shocked to see me. "You've lost weight! Like... a LOT of weight!" Apparently she had lost 125 pounds through gastric bypass 15 years ago and wanted to know what I was doing. She said keto sounded funny but she'd look it up because she liked that I was able to drop almost 40 pounds by just changing my diet, and she was interested in seeing what it could do for her. Hopefully she gives it a try!

  • Doris Sauer Reply

    Yeah, it is mentioned in the FAQ a couple times. FAQ is under "WHERE TO START" on the right. FWIW, I didn't know about keto and start that diet. I had been doing low fat/low calorie for quite a while and it was tiresome and not very much fun. The food was bland due to lack of fat, and the portions were tiny. I figured I'd just try cutting out carbs to see how that worked and ended up under 20g on my own. Once I discovered keto, I only needed a few tweaks to my diet (focus on fat, drink tons of water) and I was good to go. I did look at several diets before deciding to cut carbs. Including Atkins which does a 20g or less induction period of 2 weeks. From reading that, I'd never have considered continuing induction for life... After reading a LOT about keto, the medical benefits became important to me, and I really like the food. And not having to starve to stay under calorie count :)

  • Bridgette Kuhn Reply

    I have been on it for 5 weeks and I feel like I'm stabilizing.... For me... One-two BM a day is like a vacation in the Bahamas.... i am no longer slave to the toilet and that's a huge quality of life improvement .... I could go into more detail about what exactly has improved but it might be TMI I'm not sure how much "better" it will get....I weigh about the same as I did in high school and I've always attributed my slim figure to UC, I guess long term if I gained weight that would be another sign of improvement but I doubt it I will with my diet!!

  • Oswaldo Corkery Reply

    Why we get fat, by Gary Taubes.

  • Adan Farrell Reply

    2000 mg of metformin plus low carb diet got me pregnant 4 times. I had two losses, unfortunately, but I have a healthy son and I am 21 weeks with our second.

  • Talia Davis Reply

    You can start whenever you're ready, there's no real right answer to that. I veg around 4 months but I'm crazy. Don't be like me. You probably won't see any sign of sex until a week or two after flipping.

  • Wallace Lynch Reply

    I've done so well with going sugar-free and low-carb these past two weeks. Shot that to hell in one meal.

  • Kaylee Mosciski Reply

    I normally leave my standard abv beers (say 4-8%) for 2 weeks in primary, then keg and force carb with co2 and start drinking after a week. You can wait up to 3 weeks before you keg and it will clear up more and taste better, but i find it clears faster in the keg since I keep it at 36f the low temp makes yeast drop out faster. You just pour 1 cloudy glass and then it's all clear beer.

  • Dimitri Schumm Reply

    Yea the 60 days is more like the flower time and they only veg for 3-4 im on week 11 and still got 2-3 left and they where "60 day" plants.

  • Lia Brakus Reply

    Gary Taubes got me to bite ;)

  • Kathlyn Langworth Reply

    About 1.8 pounds a week. Under 25 carbs a day, under 1350 calories a day. No real exercise for the last two weeks. Will be bumping that up this week.