Never forget.

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Australia's first ever gold medal in the Winter Olympics was in 2002 and came from Steven Bradbury when everybody else fell over at the final turn. In Australia he became a household name and a saying "To pull a Bradbury" is used when you succeed because everybody else failed. What you might not know is that Bradbury was lucky to be alive and in that race... Bradbury also competed in the '92, '94, and '98 Olympics. At several of those games he had great chances of getting a medal but on the occasions where he had a real shot other races illegally blocked, tripped him or crashed. Then in the year 2000 during a training session one of his teammates fell over. To avoid hitting him Bradbury tried to jump over instead his foot collided and Bradbury landed head first. The impact broke his neck, fracturing the C4 and C5 vertebrate. Bolts and screws were attached to his skull, back and chest. Told that he would never set foot on the ice again. Bradbury in a big fuck you to life said he was going to go back to one more Olympics even if he didn't have a chance of winning. He won his heat convincingly and moved on to the quarter finals. In the quarters there was room for the first two to move on to the final but he was up against two of the greats. Home games and American favourite Apolo Ohno and defending world champion the Canadian Marc Gagnon. His coaches advice was to sit back and pray that there was crash. Guess what happened the pack crashed and Bradbury moved on the Final. If a tactic works once there's a chance it might work again. When Olympians are fighting for a gold medal they take risks, they put everything on the line and that increases the chances of somebody making a mistake. Bradbury ended up winning the first winter Olympics gold medal not just for Australia but the first gold medal to the southern-hemisphere. Bradbury is now a motivational speaker and top bloke and an inspiration to never quit.
  • Never forget

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