How the Government Makes You Fat: Gary Taubes on Obesity, Carbs, and Bad Science

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  • Michale Kling Reply That Sugar Film "Real Meal Revolution" by Tim Noakes "The Obesity Code" by Dr Jason Fung "Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It" by Gary Taubes

  • Ahmad Lehner Reply

    Eating fat in butter cream and meat does not make you fat or cause heart disease. watch the movie fathead. OR youtube gary taubes.

  • Alverta Schaefer Reply

    Agreed. I would add to this, buy her the book "Why we get Fat" by Gary Taubes. If she reads that cover to cover she will definitely be looking to at least reduce the amount of carbs she eats.

  • Rosina Langosh Reply

    I was raging at a number of historic nutrition experts while I was reading Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes.

  • Napoleon Tremblay Reply

    Sitting in recovery at the hospital. 40 years old, fresh out of quintuple bypass heart surgery at 330 lbs. Pondering what I was going to do if I wanted to see 50. When I got home, got on internet and searched. Found Dr. Jason Fung's series on insulin resistance and obesity, then Gary Taubes. The rest is history. 60lbs gone in 3 months and keeping on the path.

  • Antwon Gutkowski Reply

    I find even after a few days the cravings begin to leave but I think to be truly free of the addiction it takes ~ 1 year, or so I hear anyway, Gary Taubes mentioned this in 'Why We Get Fat'.

  • Juliet Hoeger Reply

    I recall reading an article about Atkins. He read a study about ketogenic diets and gave it a try. It worked so well he changed his practice to obesity management, and the rest is history. I think that was in the 60s. I don't know what the study was, but I think it was in the 50s. Gary Taubes in his book tour for "good calorie, bad calorie" and "Why we get fat" mentions German medical treatment for obesity that was low carb in the 30s. There are videos of some of this tour lectures on Youtube. Very informative.

  • Marta Schneider Reply

    I did the same over the summer, 216 to 193, got lazy ballooned in about 4 weeks to 210. Now back down at 199 and not looking back. I keep telling myself that I want to live to 150 and I ain't gonna do it eating crap! Everytime I waver, I watch Gary Taubes, Jason Fung or Stephen Phinney on youtube. Knowing what Insulin does to my body staves off those cravings for sugar!! Who wants to be Insulin Resistant for the rest of their lives? Not me!! I'm gonna get ride of the resistance if it kills me (it WILL kill me if I keep giving into it!!) #KCKO my friend!

  • Flavio Gutkowski Reply

    It's pretty clear that "reputable" means someone who agrees with Gary Taubes. But here you go. Compare and contrast the way in which the same study is discussed. One person is a researcher interested advancing human knowledge. The other is an an advocate for a position.

  • Deron Predovic Reply

    > **Gary Fung of Vancouver founded isoHunt in 2003, forced to shut it down in 2013** > A Canadian website that let users search for music, movies and other files shared using BitTorrent agreed to pay the music industry $66 million to settle two outstanding copyright lawsuits. > [...] They have [sic] agreed to pay $55 million in damages, $10 million in aggravated damages and $1 million in legal costs to settle the lawsuit filed by the music industry in 2010.

  • Brannon Barrows Reply

    Jason Fung is an ass. He drank the Gary Taubes kool-aid thinks he's the smartest person in the room. Reading his stuff on Diet Doctor is like reading a parody of one of those logical fallacy sites, with a huge dollop of patronizing arrogance on the side.

  • Delpha Koss Reply

    Just mail out Gary Taubes's book to every Australian than close down the dietary recommendation office for a year.

  • Jonatan Pfeffer Reply

    Reading and re-reading relevant books, such as Gary Taubes' work and Bulletproof.

  • Herminio Conroy Reply

    Here are some of the books I've read recently and recommend: The obesity code - Jason Fung Why we get fat - Gary Taubes Mindless eating - Brian Wasink The dorito effect - Mark Schatzker Why calories count - Marion Nestle The diet fix - Yoni Freedhoff The end of Overeating - David Kessler I'm currently reading The Diet Trap - Jason Lillis which is good so far. I have my phone read to me with the moon reader app so I "read" while I clean and drive.

  • Rupert Klocko Reply

    "Good Calories Bad Calories" by Gary Taubes has a really good history of this.

  • Edmund Larkin Reply

    Gary Taubes has written some great books. Why we get fat is a good one.

  • Macy Effertz Reply

    Trying to lose weight with caloric restriction and exercise hard at the same time can be difficult, and nigh-on impossible for some of us. The post-exercise hunger can be incredibly overpowering. I used to scoff at people who said you should eat your exercise calories if you want to lose, but I buy into it now, along with a low carb diet. Look at the blog/youtube of Dr Jason Fung and/or read Gary Taubes.

  • Garrison Senger Reply

    Defending carbs is a bad sign? Pseudo-feminist who is voting for Trump? Doesn't want kids like half of this forum? Try a little harder to discredit me. That was weak. And your jab at CICO convinces me you don't understand science. I bet you read Gary Taubestard and Jason Fung and think you understand metabolism now. Maybe you're the attention seeker? Show me on the doll where carbs touched you.

  • Reva Murphy Reply

    What are the conclusions of Gary Taubes' NuSi studies?

  • Angelica Langosh Reply

    Met Gary Taubes at an event last week... it was awesome!

  • Evan Gislason Reply

    Gary Taubes never says calories don't matter

  • Hipolito Okuneva Reply

    What about the strain on the healthcare system by immobile obese people or smokers? I wonder how much money this would really save in a large span of time.

  • Zena Haag Reply

    Gary Taubes' GCBC.

  • Daron Waters Reply

    Best possible book: Why we get fat and what to do about it - Gary Taubes.

  • Arvid Fadel Reply

    "Good Calories, Bad Calories" by Gary Taubes

  • Justus Rohan Reply

    >Poorly kept animals are waaay more famous. Case in point: Macgyver the ~~Tegu~~ virtually immobile obese sluggish lug.

  • Kayleigh Bayer Reply

    Because that's not the part I'm addressing. I'm addressing the claim that you, Gary Taubes and the author of this article Jason Fung make that "bad science" "vilified fats" and a drastic change in American diet resulted. If you want to continue a conversation about refrigeration's effect on public health you're welcome to have it with someone else.

  • Orion Fisher Reply

    This sub owes Gary Taubes an apology.

  • Einar Mann Reply

    Good man. Also Dr. Jason Fung and Gary Taubes. Read the obesity code and good calories bad calories.

  • Berneice Crist Reply

    So many good books! Here's a few that I've read or which are on my Amazon wishlist: * The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living (Steve Phinney, MD and Jeff Volek, PhD) * The Obesity Code (Jason Fung, MD) * Why We Get Fat (Gary Taubes) * Fat Chance (Rober Lustig, MD) * Grain Brain (David Perlmutter, MD with Kristin Loberg) Enjoy!

  • Tressie O'Keefe Reply

    Owen Wilson is a pretty smart dude.

  • Wilfred Hettinger Reply

    Gary Taubes - nuff said ;]

  • Ole Marquardt Reply

    There are lots of sources (with citations) that say calories don't matter on keto. Gary Taubes, Brian Williamson, Jason Fung. It isn't a popular thing to say on this sub, but there is plenty to read on the subject if you were interested.

  • Leslie Spencer Reply

    You're aligning with the common notion that poor and obese equals over-fed. The mechanisms you speak of aren't the only ones at play here; types of calories as well as access to real food is a huge problem in food deserts. All things being equal (and health not an issue), calories in/out is quite predictable using things like the Harris-Benedict equation. An enlightening study on this phenomenon is worth a watch - Gary Taubes "Why We Get Fat." It addresses several of your assumptions about obesity, poverty and hunger (as well as exercise).

  • Rose Dickinson Reply

    Yup Gary taubes is life changer.

  • Ryleigh Batz Reply

    Lean mass. You need to keep insulin levels low to lose weight. See Dr. Fung and Gary Taubes for this. Insulin drives weight gain so keep insulin levels low to lose weight.

  • Haley Nicolas Reply

    [Gary Taubes](*Version*=1&*entries*=0)

  • Adella Anderson Reply

    Dr. Jason Fung is part of the Gary Taubes cabal and they are cico deniers.

  • Delfina Bruen Reply

    Why we get Fat by Gary Taubes

  • Mckayla Grady Reply

    Read my comment again. I shoot for 1g/lb lean mass. I don't know about you, but I can't eat 1500 calories of just protein. So what else can you eat? It's either carbohydrates or fat. In this study the keto group saw worse outcomes than higher carb. They lost more muscle and less fat than the carb group. So perhaps having a few carbs isn't a bad idea? We haven't gotten their data on hunger and satiety. The best diet is one you can stick to. What is funny is this study was funded by Gary Taubes - the one saying that there are ["good calories and bad calories"]( and we should all go low carb. Yet this study he funded just debunked his whole premise.

  • German Osinski Reply

    This can get religious, but one of the most prominent advocates of keto diets (Gary Taubes) actually put together a scientifically rigorous study and the recently published results were inconclusive at best. There is always room for more testing, but this is best we've got so far. Here's [some analysis]( from a very qualified nutrition blogger. The current best science seems to indicate that calorie control is far and away the most important factor. And soylent makes calorie control super about as easy as possible.

  • Jewel Corwin Reply

    My lower back ankles and feet. 13 hour shift with every single one of my patients being immobile and half of them obese, 2 morbidly so.

  • Olen Marquardt Reply

    >Just try to see these situations from a point of view of someone who is not a keto enthusiast who has read everything that Gary Taubes has written (a journalist by the way, with no medical background who's own sponsored NuSci study disproved his hypothesis) responding to /u/gogge post as well. Deal, as long as you try to see it through the point of view of those who eliminate health problems, syndromes, drugs, testing and injecting through extensive dietary changes with limited 'expert' support.

  • Mark Dickinson Reply

    Read the obesity code by jason fung or why we get fat by gary tubes or ketoclarity they show a lot evidence.

  • Ashton Bernier Reply

    Ugh. Gary Taubes. And the answer is... too many calories. Thank you NuSI.

  • Everardo Hudson Reply

    No way - this is about as good science as we can do. Are there a few slight weaknesses? Sure. They could have done a crossover, they could have gone longer, but the reality is that this study was designed by Keto advocates - Gary Taubes etc, there will always be limitations. Previous research has shown and this study confirms - no metabolic advantage to Keto - it's still mostly calories in vs calories out. Note - this study didn't address hunger and satiety or any of the other many reasons someone would choose to do a Ketogenic diet. But people can't say that "you have to eat fat to lose fat" or that insulin is the boogeyman that Gary Taubes makes it out to be.

  • Alia Rath Reply

    I sent Gary Taubes an email on precisely that subject and never heard back from him. I think it's a great idea. I've watched virtually every video of a talk he's done and one thing he always mentions is that people lie about what they eat. Every study he suggests requires the subjects to be incarcerated the entire time and watched 24/7 to be sure they eat only what they're supposed to eat. So our group is not what he really needs. Just saying.

  • Tamara Hauck Reply

    That is literally what I said, but my comment was downvoted because I was trying to be funny. Have you read Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes? Or Brain Maker by David Perlmutter?

  • Enoch Barrows Reply

    Oddly enough, he and his buddy started [a kickstarter campaign]( for a clothing company which didn't seem to go anywhere.. My guess is that they could've ordered him to pay $500 million and he would have agreed at this point...he is simply going to declare bankruptcy. ...*but I might be wrong*

  • Jamison Doyle Reply

    1259 hours. I wrecked season 3 placement matches and was made fun of being called an immobile, morbidly obese, loser with no friends. Best compliment I've ever had :)

  • Verda Crona Reply

    See if your library has a copy of Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes.

  • Dennis Champlin Reply

    Try the research by Gary Taubes or Robert Lustig

  • Eugenia Bernier Reply

    I've been low-carbing for a while by "Why We Get Fat (And What To Do About It" by Gary Taubes has blown my mind. I re-read parts of it every day ... it's changing my life.

  • Graciela Hills Reply

    Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes

  • Bobby Nitzsche Reply

    Not according to Gary Taubes

  • Sonya Kiehn Reply

    They do. A lot of these people who are so obese they are immobile have families that desperately want to have a caretaker role for them so they constantly feed them shit.

  • Bernadine Kreiger Reply

    She is super morbidly obese, class four if that exists. She is on the cusp of being killed by her obesity. In next season she will be immobile.

  • Chelsey Quitzon Reply

    Holy shit. She is grotesque and morbidly obese. Does someone have to be complete immobile for you to think she looks bad?

  • Kendall Cummings Reply

    You're linking to nothing, A Previously Banned Head With No Wings Because He's an Immobile Obese Sad Boy

  • Casimer Lesch Reply

    Would you rather prefer an obese immobile dog?

  • Cielo Paucek Reply

    I can strongly recommend the book 'The Obesity Code' by Jason Fung. While other books give a good part of the picture, this one gives an end to end guide to the reasons behind the current obesity epidemic. I'd also recommend this great presentation by Gary Taubes -

  • Grant Hettinger Reply

    I mostly watch youtube: Butter Bob Briggs Ivor Cummins Dom D'agostino Dr. Lustwig Dr. Gary Johnson Volek, Phinney, Kraft, etc. Dr. Fung supposedly participates on the forum at, which is $10/month to join.

  • Katlynn Gleason Reply

    sameeeeeee. I just don't know any immobile obese people

  • Americo Haley Reply

    Wheat Belly. Why we get fat by Gary Taubes

  • Alvena Kilback Reply

    I would be more than obese, I'd probably be immobile

  • Agnes Luettgen Reply

    You are kidding right? Gary Taubes whole shtick is insulin makes carbs go to fat and everyone should go low carb. Everyone on here is preaching his stuff like its gospel. His non-profit funded a study to prove that and it was disproved. How can you say "so"? No way - high protein dictates muscle preservation, people eat Keto with way too low protein all the time. It's all about the protein and then deciding how to fill in the rest of the calories in a way you can stick to - that's it. The best diet is the one you can stick to.

  • Dell Green Reply

    [Gary Taubes - Why We Get Fat on YouTube. Explains how much the HCLF science is flawed. ](

  • Estel Bogan Reply

    Stopped drinking anything with caffeine, Low carb keto type diet inspired by Gary Taubes, started running 20+ miles per week, lost 30 lbs.

  • Rosalyn Jenkins Reply

    General knowledge: Why we get fat and what to do about it - Gary Taubes Fat Chance - Dr Lustig Obesity Code - Dr Jason Fung Technical knowledge: The Ketogenic Diet - Lyle Macdonald Art and Science of Low Carb Living - Volek and Phinney (cited above)

  • Wallace Hickle Reply

    Carbs spike insulin and tell your body that you need to store fat. Diet drinks cause this same insulin spike and your body thinks it needs to store carbs as fat. The babies are born thinking they are in starvation mode and thus whatever carbs they do eat turn to fat. Read Gary Taubes for more info. Thanks for posting the study that proves diet soda is bad.

  • Isadore Hackett Reply

    It's sort of messed up that Gary Fung could settle at $66 million in the first place.

  • Miracle Breitenberg Reply

    Search youtube for "gary taubes" and " crossfit". He gave his why we get fat lecture to a crossfit convention and some of the videos are broken down into smaller chunks

  • Alysa Pagac Reply

    Ran across Gary Taubes's book "Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It" started implementing low carb immediately and my husband mentioned this sub to me.

  • Cali Beier Reply

  • Sallie Blanda Reply

    There is no scientific evidence to suggest dietary fat is responsible for clogged arteries. Watch some Gary Taubes on youtubes.

  • Odell McCullough Reply

    Gary Taubes wrote a book called "good calories, bad calories" - he finally got a chance to prove his hypothesis and failed to prove it. That's what this study is about

  • Patrick Wintheiser Reply

    Thank you for posting!! Also I've been recommended to read Gary Taubes by several people too! Do you frequent r/keto?

  • Tyrique Pollich Reply

    recommends gary taubes. wow.

  • Esther Prohaska Reply

    You have a lot of nutrition education ahead of you. I would recommend you read 'Why We Get Fat' by Gary Taubes.

  • Oscar Bins Reply

    Some body read Gary Taubes lol

  • Taya Armstrong Reply

    Gary Taubes provides a good rundown of the scientific study of this in Good Calories, Bad Calories

  • Guiseppe Gerhold Reply

    Gary Taubes *Good Calories, Bad Calories*

  • Rachael O'Hara Reply

    After ‘The Biggest Loser,’ Their Bodies Fought to Regain Weight these people too the advice to eat less and move more on steroids. sure they lost weight their metabolisms have dropped dramatically more so than could be explained by weight loss alone. their hunger hormones have all upregulated which will in turn increase their general appetite. these changes have been noted in previous studies. these changes have been noted of in the famous 'minnesota starvation experiment'. (which was actually a 1500 calorie a day diet). these people suffered from neuropsychiatric distress the hunger and metabolic changes were so intollerable. these changes in their bodies will persist years after if they've managed to maintain the weight loss. this will happen to everyone who tries to lose weight on a hypocaloric, high carbohydrate, low fat, moderate protein diet. this will happen to everyone who doesnt address the problem of insulin resistance as the underlying cause of peoples bodies trying to maintain higher fat mass. it's an energy partitioning problem. a person can cut their calories by 500, but that doesn't guaruntee that stored body fat will make up the difference. insulin basically prevents your fat cells from releasing free fatty acids into the blood stream. you can take an obese rat, starve them whilst pumping them full of insulin. that obese rat will become increasingly immobile (lowering of metabolism), starve to death, and its fat mass remains more or less intact. insulin is that potent of a hormone. insulin will make you store fat out of your food under the most unlikeliest of cirmcumstances. and in obese people, insulin is remains pathologically and persitently elevated. they can't access their fat stores. all that their bodies see that they have to work with are from the foods they eat, and thats after insulin has worked to shuttle some of that food into their fat stores. this is why obese people have abnormaly large appetites. if they just dial back their intake, people in the ketogenic camp will argue that it is refined carbohydrates that is driving insulin which is driving obesity. this is partially true but incomplete. all foods cause insulin secretion. animal protein, a so called ketogenic food, causes more insulin secretion than does brown rice. it turns out that hyperinsulinemia is driving insulin resistance and insulin resistance in turn is driving hyperinsulinemia in a vivicious cycle that persists regardless of macronutrient content of the diet. inorder for an insulin resistant person to break this cycle, the best strategy is fasting. fasting burns off all glucose in the body which has to happen before the body turns to burning stored fat in any signifigant degree. epinephrine, norepinephrine, and growth hormone all upregulate during fasting which serves to 1. speed up metabolism 2. drive down insulin so that the body access fat stores 3. spare muscle tissue. ketones are eventually produced to provide an energy source for the brain during this period of undernutrition. this is important because lack of caloric energy for the brain is the reason why people get hangry when dieting. sources: gary taubes nephrologist jason fung, MD - all of this is explained in his lectures that are freely available on youtube, on his website, which is also free, and his newly published book 'the obesity code'.

  • Novella Kemmer Reply

    If you're interested I'd check out Gary Taubes' books. He talks at length about the science behind it in a couple chapters.

  • Dina Turner Reply

    What worked for me was low carb, the best book I can recommend on the subject is "Why we get fat, and what to do about it", by Gary Taubes.

  • Rodger Morissette Reply

    Why we get fat, by Gary Taubes.

  • Nathanial Rolfson Reply

    Not a website, but I listen to lots and lots of podcasts. Right now on the livin la vida low carb show they are playing lectures from the 2015 LCHF convention in South Africa and it's full of so much AMAZING info! I feel like I'm getting a free education in all things keto! Listen to Gary Taubes lecture episode 1101. So great! My husband even listened to the whole thing and loved it and he's not keto. Also, there is a podcast by Jimmy Moore called keto talk that I love. The bulletproof diet radio with Dave Asprey has some interesting stuff. I'm a bit geeky and love the science side of it. I love how we can heal ourselves with food!

  • Kristian Kris Reply

    Gary Taubes's "Good Calories, Bad Calories" (long and with lots of scientific detail) and/or "Why We Get Fat" (shorter/not quite as detailed).

  • Annabelle Ritchie Reply

    I'm no expert in nutrition, but I know I'd rather look like Alan Aragon than Gary Taubes.

  • Abigayle Barton Reply

    Gary Taubes: Why We Get Fat (And What To Do About It). The science that will blow your mind.

  • Prudence Wiegand Reply

    Why we get fat and what to do about it - Gary Taubes

  • Franz Price Reply

    Gary Taubes got me to bite ;)