How do people find these amazing forest creatures?!? Do you expect me to believe you just found a owl in the forest?!?!

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How do people find these amazing forest creatures?!? I also want to find a beautiful owl to pet.. also would't hesitate to rescue it like the guy in the vid did Amazing source - "A week ago, when i was picking mushrooms in Slovenian woods, i saw large owl sitting on a dead tree. SHe wasn scared of me, so i come closer and i started to cuddle her. It was so cute. But something was wrong with her. I picked her up and we went to the vet, who saw that she has broken both wings. Yesterday they operate her, and by 4 months they will release her to the wild. The vet said that this owl is named sloveninan "Kozač" (Strix uralensis) and tha are only 600 couples leaving in Slovenia. Please do not kill owls, they are so cute and harmless....Thanks" Such a beautiful owl! P.S. Aren't owls such amazing but also birds of dreams? Like this owl doesn't even look real o.0 Is it real?
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