How Did I Lose the Weight?

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  • Stephanie Casper Reply

    Life, technology, good people, oxygen, the sun, water, humor, sex, chocolate, friendly competition, mothers, fathers, mr. rogers, trees, beer, and people who don't take themselves too seriously.

  • Barton Schiller Reply

    seems fake, the bashing of T_D is a bit *too* petty for a bunch of people who probably take themselves quite seriously

  • Darian Kihn Reply

    I did 6 years in the military. What do you know? Most times it may take an asshole to get real results. People who are soft and too scared of stepping on a toe or two often get walked on themselves. It's not like you want to be taken seriously anyways, [still preaching that fake Russia narrative to undermine Wikileaks credibility.](

  • Ariane Ritchie Reply

    I really enjoy having my Yoga Joes. Little green army guys doing yoga poses. It's not useful but it's kinda cool. People who enjoy yoga but don't take themselves too seriously will probably enjoy the novelty.

  • Sydney Watsica Reply

    i agree with most of what you say, i believe climate change is a serious threat to our country but hrc herself isnt too much of an environment friendly person. dont tell me that someone who is accepting money from fossil fuel donors is going to take the environment seriously. she will probably take it a bit more serious than donald trump but at least you can see how that alone isnt enough to put my views as side for HRC. as a hispanic who inner circles are other hispanics i see with my very eyes how mexicans abuse the system, they come here illegally and start having 4 to 7 kids all one after another guess what they do with that? not only do they get more EBT money many of them sell their kids paper to famalies who are legal here so they can claim more taxes return. another thing i see a lot from hrc supporters is that hrc was just " reckless with her emails " thats not it!. im willin to put aside the email but what about her other scandals and bad decisions she made? benghazi, haiti 2010(my neighbors) Lybia. clinton foundation which is bein investigated right now white water foreign campaign donors (tin foil hat)the list of people close to her to mysteriously get murdered or for some reason kill themselves etc ect botton line is the reason HRC isnt president right this very moment is because of hillary herself, it is not because shes a woman or because half of america is sexist and racist its way more deeper than that.

  • Audie Hills Reply

    These things happen, people play games as a form of escapism, its not unreasonable to come across some "role play types" who take their escapism a bit more seriously. The sad part is, while she lied to you, you probably knew her better than anyone in her real life, and honestly, it was likely partly why the truth was so reluctant, as she didn't want to destroy that relationship. I work in social engineering, and its interesting how it works, its not dissimilar to blackmail, its like the people blackmail themselves, gradually they form bonds and build bonds with these lies, after a time they build a real relationship, people begin to like them for who they are, but they are so afraid of losing what they have, they are desperate to maintain the status quo. A younger friend in my group, is as best I can tell an habitual liar, I won't go into details, but its about his work history, he is too young for what he claims, and utterly lacks the skills he would have from that position, as well as his stories from work are "busier" then the time in which he worked. if that all makes sense. I think he started telling a girl, to impress her, and she fell for it, and now they are serious, well he tells everyone, to maintain what he has. I'm not gonna call him out, I like the guy for himself, not for his bullshit backstory, Though I wish I could say just that to his face, with out humiliating him and destroying his pride.

  • Donny Yundt Reply

    Double dose (2g for an adult) is borderline toxic to the liver. It isn't like you'd accidentally take too many at once, but if people don't understand the reasons for the dosage guidelines, they can take the normal dose too often which will have a cumulative effect. The worst thing that happens with this medication is that people who aren't really seriously trying to kill themselves often take a whole box as a "cry for help" faux suicide attempt. This can be enough to kill you, but it isn't a quick death. They are taken to hospital and stomach pumped etc, but if it's too late then the damage is done. The patient will feel better for a day or two and then die a horrible and very painful death over a few days after that. People think it's a harmless drug and taking a whole bunch of it won't really hurt them. I'd actually like to see some public education done on this, because it's a disturbingly common scenario.

  • Jettie Schowalter Reply

    Fucking hell. I love the Dolphins, and I'm pretty fond of Reddit, but seriously, this sub is one of the most depressing things I've ever experienced. One thing goes wrong and people start throwing themselves off of bridges. Personally, I'm thinking if the guy needs to recoup a bit, what better time than now? I'd rather have the Unicorns healthy down the stretch when we are past the underwhelming LA and terrible SF (the Ravens game is totes winnable, too) and have to start playing in the division again. I'm not saying it's a gimme, but it's the Rams playing with a QB who has literally never played an actual pro football game (and was shit during the pre-season), followed by a Niners team with 1 win. Let's all take a deep breathe and a step or two back from the ledge, please. FINS UP.

  • Allison Champlin Reply

    LOL, you and I both do this thing where when we write, it's more of a transcript of a jumbled up thought process rather than a structured comment. No yeah I know I contradict myself with the judgment thing, but hey what can I say. I'm a contradictory person. It's just that I dislike it when people have inflated egos, and people who take themselves too seriously usually do because they think they're the shit. And I don't like that. AND STILL at the same time I don't believe in judging people in most other situations. Like if someone chose to pursue a major in Studies of Mongolian Cuisine in the 9th century, I'd be like go for it man, you do you, as long as you're aware that it might be difficult getting a job, and as long as you enjoy it, go for it. You know?

  • Adeline Schinner Reply

    Holy shit, [these people take themselves too seriously]( >we're able to produce the most exciting Airsoft games while paying tribute to those who have served in the real military. They even have a [gallery](

  • Bartholome Franecki Reply

    Not me, but I'm sure that there's people who take themselves way too seriously and need something to bitch about have.

  • Kieran Bailey Reply

    I understand all that. I mean sure, the games fantastic when your winning. But I just can't get past the saltiness of teammates when you start losing. All the sudden the group that was happy and cracking jokes 10 minutes ago is now all tense and one dude always has to start singling out people which results in a shitshow everytime. Now, I don't take a loss that seriously, but to these teenagers who have no identity to form themselves upon yet, they take these online competitive video games way too seriously. And when they start to lose it gets downright ugly. Adults are just as capable as well, so that doesn't fix the problem.

  • Paris Cronin Reply

    > You should message me if You don't take yourself too seriously. Like the other person who posted here, this really has to go. Just like most people are not fond of people calling themselves "charming, funny, romantic" or whatever, it's annoying when people go ask for things like this in your profile. Besides this, you repeat the same hobbies and interests too many times. Overall, 7/10 profile

  • Matt Nicolas Reply

    Sorry Dex, I think access to too many opinions (i.e. being more open) is actually working against improving society. I don't blame the technology for this. I blame the people who think their comments about anything/everything somehow really matters and others for reading/listening to it. If folks learned to take themselves and others less seriously and ignore what folks say more, we'd all be better off IMHO...I post on reddit (occasionally) for hopefully the enjoyment/entertainment/information of others. Whether they take it is completely up to them.

  • Nathan Wintheiser Reply

    > Sorry, asking me to take people who identify as the ocean or an actual dog seriously is one step too far. And when has anybody ever presented themselves to you as an ocean or a dog? Or are you completely pulling that out of your asshole? >Absolutely ZERO hate against transgender people, but the idea that everybody is whatever they identify as is absolutely retarded. In the context of gender? Well, medical professionals disagree with you. What are your credentials to say they're wrong?

  • Queenie Jacobson Reply

    I can only speak from personal experience, because other people might look for other things. I personally get informal pretty quickly, because I'm not much of a "fancy" type. More than anything, I want to know if we can joke with each other. I tend to avoid people who take themselves too seriously or won't joke with me. Of course, my informality isn't appealing to everyone. Rejection isn't a good feeling, but why would I want to spend time with them if they don't want to spend time with me?

  • Dock Walsh Reply

    We are two graduate students who love video games and want to entertain people with a range of content including movie-like experiences and unique gameplay. If you like people who don't take themselves too seriously and want the video game content to do the talking, then we are your channel! Here is a video with a tragic, yet beautiful feel of a WW1 battle in Battlefield 1.

  • Virginie Wolff Reply

    So don't take them seriously then, who gives a fuck. I certainly hope they never stop experimenting with their music and combining unexpected sounds and genres(also your choice of singling out combining Country and Metal is odd since that is already kind of a thing...). As far as i am concerned it's better to be seen as silly and "not taken seriously" by people who in turn take themselves way too serious than to become fucking boring.

  • Tessie Christiansen Reply

    Ignorant, brainwashed, and immature people who take themselves a little too seriously with a touch of political correctness among other things.

  • Darwin Littel Reply

    Don't let people get you down. There will always be people who blame everyone but themselves or who take the game too seriously, the best you can do is ignore them. If they wanted to win so badly they could pair up with friends or play comp.

  • Madisen Adams Reply

    In my experience, those people are also the ones who tend to take themselves way too seriously, and that's no way to go through life!

  • Damien Kris Reply

    ITT: People who take themselves and/or movies too seriously.

  • Moshe Jacobson Reply

    Heh. I am glad that I was able to make more sense of it to you. It happens. They really do not get very thorough training, and although I rarely have any issues, there are always going to be a few people in every job who take themselves a *bit* too seriously.

  • Verna Kutch Reply

    I thought that sub was going to be a light hearted jab at people who take things a little too seriously sometimes. Nope! More like 'hey does anyone else consider themselves an anti feminist because biatches be cray?'

  • Alverta Steuber Reply

    Only with people who take themselves too seriously.

  • Lacy Hyatt Reply

    People who don't take themselves too seriously, are up for a laugh and take a genuine interest in you.

  • Andreane Wiegand Reply

    Some people take themselves too damn seriously. You know who you are.

  • Sadie Nikolaus Reply

    I love hiking! R2R is on my bucket list as well. I have done day hikes on both the north & south rim. It's hard but not as hard as you might expect. The people who have the most problems are super fit but don't respect the canyon and push themselves too hard, don't wear a hat, or don't bring enough water. Take it seriously & no special training is required. Just general fitness. The other advice I'd give is spend a couple of days at the north rim if you can to adjust to the altitude. It is surprising what a difference it makes. As for training....Farmers carry & stair master are great ideas. Also consider weighted step-ups. (So many stairs...) Honestly not sure running is a great idea for a bad knee. Maybe try spinning in the short term? Get a physio to look at that knee & give you some suggestions. Then make sure to actually do the exercises!

  • Heloise Fahey Reply

    Don't worry too much about catching up gear-wise. The game functions on a treadmill, and if you just play regularly you'll catch up eventually. As far as making friends, joining a Free Company (which is basically just a guild) might help. A lot of them are eager to bring in fresh blood, and can be good for networking. It might sound stupid/obvious, but the best advice I have for making friends is don't be shy. If someone looks cool, send them a /tell and say as much. Or if you see people talking in /say chat about something relevant to your interests, just jump in. This is a very social game and outside of a few dinguses who take themselves far too seriously, the community generally is pretty laid-back.

  • Buford Steuber Reply

    If the person can laugh at themselves every now and then that's a good sign. People who take themselves too seriously are Marriage is hard enough without you both being fun here and there. Life in general is absurd and if you don't count yourself in that absurdity you're too uptight.

  • Keshaun Sporer Reply

    Reality. Things that have already happened, have happened. Hitler, peadophiles, terrorist bombings (etc) have happened. Me taking the piss out of Hitler reduces him to a figure of fun. A pathetic twat. Wanting to call a pub quiz team Fritzell's Bunker Babies is just comedy shock value. It doesn't hurt anyone. People who are totally up there own arse with religion deserve whatever crap they get: if they take themselves too seriously then maybe, MAYBE, they need a bit of a wake up call, by simply - SIMPLY - having their beliefs reiterated to them in plain language.

  • Hector Sipes Reply

    Some of the authors of those books probably do. These are people who have devoted their entire lives to practicing meditation and trying to know themselves before they attempt to assume what they know about others. Other authors are running a scam, or are themselves delusional. Evolution hasn't stopped. Things that are true about the human mind thousands of years ago may be different now, or may apply differently. There are certainly universal truths, but each and every person has had a completely different experience and has a different perspective. It can be fun to think about, and I'm not faulting you for asking this question, I just want to get across the idea that we shouldn't take too seriously the conclusions we come to about other people when we are still learning so much about ourselves.

  • Linwood Purdy Reply

    Think about it. You always have an internal monologue going on and because you aren't autistic you censor yourself or otherwise don't say every little thing that comes to mind. However, if you take this mentality too far it can be a problem. So next time you have an opinion or some cheeky response in your head, push past your instincts and just say it. Don't do it in a really risky situation (with your boss, etc), but try it with friends or during social occasions. The worst that happens is you make things awkward for a few seconds. And even then you can usually recover by laughing about the absurdity of it. People enjoy people who put themselves out there and take risks. It's refreshing. Don't be a drone and don't take yourself too seriously.

  • Vada Bauch Reply

    A true sign of people who don't take themselves too seriously. Truly a beautiful thing...

  • Korey Schneider Reply

    That people who take themselves too seriously are the most boring to be around.

  • Ulises Greenholt Reply

    Yeah...but it's hate from people who take themselves and certainly South Park way too seriously so...I wouldn't worry. I think a lot of the hate is tongue-in-cheek anyway and they aren't seriously hating. And if they are seriously hating then.. I mean..again..who gives a shit about a bunch of twats? Chin up breh.

  • Thalia Jacobson Reply

    Who cares if you're not as smart as people around you. There are other things that are just as important. Are you hard working? Loyal? Funny? Kind? Genuine? Trustworthy? I know some really smart people who are assholes and take themselves way too seriously. Being smart is cool but it's not the be all end all. You can have an incredibly fulfilling life and not be as smart as you would like. You'll be fine.

  • Nico Hyatt Reply

    Being a veteran I would have to say that the military is quite a mixed bag of of people who take themselves way too seriously and those who are very egalitarian.

  • Jerrold Lakin Reply

    People who take themselves too seriously and think everything is a personal attack. People who say mean things about strangers.

  • Fanny Jaskolski Reply

    Yes--taking the piss out of people who take themselves way too seriously is absolutely a sign of a personality disorder. Totes.

  • Bridie Altenwerth Reply

    There *are* almost always informative reviews. They're just annoyingly difficult to find among all the noise. Unfortunately the noise comes both in the form of unfunny oneliner joke posts and endless rambling walls of text from people who take themselves too seriously and haven't found the backspace key.

  • Jazmyne Hickle Reply

    Laughter IS a positive force, assholes. Not trying to discount any fans' feelings, but I don't think some genericore band full of a bunch of pompous early twenty somethings who take themselves way too seriously have changed too many people's lives.

  • Citlalli Green Reply

    The lifeboat on the HMS David Attenborough, HMS Boaty McBoatface. It stands as a monument to the idea that people never stop being kids and having fun with those who take themselves way too seriously.

  • Tyra Fisher Reply

    But for every person like you there is three other people who say that they do get treated differently. Maybe some of these individuals just have bad personalities, or take themselves too seriously, but do you really think all of us who have this complaint are like that?

  • Jayde Bernier Reply

    I think people take some of the PPP trolling questions a bit too seriously. I'm fairly certain that a significant number of that 40% (in the demon question) is trolling themselves, though there probably are a few who really believe it.

  • Giovani Predovic Reply

    Nah dog, I was just making a silly joke. I like to see people who don't take themselves too seriously. I also don't really have anything else to say to possibly write up forty-two more words to adjust fill the shit up.

  • Maiya Heidenreich Reply

    yeah and those people take the game wayyyyy too seriously and should just off themselves tbh. that shit was funny no matter who was doing it.

  • Name Fay Reply

    Fit, interesting, intelligent people who don't take themselves too seriously.

  • Carmel Howe Reply

    I've ran into people that are a bit snobby about not using the Oxford comma like it's some heavy bullshit that people who take themselves too seriously use. But I like it. I think it improves the readability of most lists, faster to read through and usually less ambiguous.

  • Olen Kreiger Reply

    I don't like Trump, nor Hillary. But I don't think making fun of the people who vote for any of them (outside of those who take themselves and their candidates way too seriously) is correct.

  • Gavin Kreiger Reply

    They were definitely making light of themselves, because they are awesome and don't take themselves too seriously. But they are also kinda making fun of people who actually say things like "those elitist, preachy liberals with their social and political messages".

  • Anita Von Reply

    ITT: a whole bunch of people who take themselves far too seriously. You're throwing a party basically to officially fuck somebody and to get free stuff and a shit load of money. You're livid because some cunt wore the same COLOR dress as you? Gtfo, princess.

  • Baron Harris Reply

    The IRC channel is shit. It's full of people who take themselves too seriously.

  • Russel Roob Reply

    Women who take themselves too seriously. Some people need to grown a sense of humor.

  • Aletha Walker Reply

    People who take themselves too seriously.

  • Karina Lowe Reply

    That whole show is a troll, too. They've been trolling censors and uptight people and people who take themselves too seriously for *years*.

  • Abdiel Gibson Reply

    The roots of those subs are all just laughing at people who take themselves too seriously or not seriously enough. Though those communities have somr assholes and idiots too, some people are just looking to laugh at made up Tumblr stories where everyone claps.

  • America Koepp Reply

    It's schtick. Read his book, "Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way" or watch "My Name is Bruce". He'll often poke fun at his not-quite-famous status by making a mockery of not-quite-famous people who take themselves way too seriously.

  • Dax Erdman Reply

    > Really helps filter out people who have a sense of humor and people who don't take themselves too seriously. Are most of these humourless people women, or do you alternate between male and female strip clubs?

  • Jocelyn Barrows Reply

    Usually people who take themselves too seriously and have zero humour. It doesn't show necesarily immaturity but more a lack of life experience... life humbles you a lot.

  • Aurelie Bednar Reply

    I hold some of my business meetings at strip clubs. Really helps filter out people who have a sense of humor and people who don't take themselves too seriously.

  • Kirstin Hand Reply

    I agree with you 100% some people in this sub can't control themselves. Even if you are an atheist you have many relatives who are still Muslim. There is a difference between insults and constructive criticism and some people confuse the two (mix it up). Also, keep in mind we are on reddit where people can be anyone...don't take all the negative people too seriously.

  • Cicero Kutch Reply

    The whole point is the people who are in Rogans posse don't take things too seriously. Especially themselves.

  • Elsie Stracke Reply

    There's the joke that people who mainly play Reaper are super edgy, brooding teenagers who take themselves too seriously. They tend to have usernames in the game like "DarkNightmare" or "ChaosMaster" or "NightSlayer" or "H3artless." It's just an indication that someone seems to be trying really hard to be cruel, callous, "dark," or controversial.

  • Jules Brown Reply

    She's also amazing in Ally McBeal. Ive always thought Jane K. has to be the most amazing professional to get those ridiculous egomaniac roles, but to continue to be cast by people who've previously worked with she just loves making fun of actresses who take themselves too seriously while also proving acting can be fun.

  • Verna Luettgen Reply

    Long hair/man buns/top knots (lots of hair-themed things here), people who take themselves too seriously, lack of ambition, general hipster nonsense

  • Charity Klocko Reply

    Oh, just a bunch of drama surrounding people who take themselves and their identities way too seriously and get butthurt over the tiniest things. Used to admin and mod several large discord servers and as the communities grew larger and larger, the worse they got. Eventually left for good.

  • Remington Durgan Reply

    Favorite: Y'all. It's the south's gift to the english language. Least favorite: Saved. In the context of christians asking "Have you been/Are you saved?" Mostly because the kind of people who use it tend to take themselves and their religion waaay too seriously.

  • Frances Jones Reply

    There are people who take themselves too seriously on both sides, in the end its just for fun. Source: played both

  • Rusty Skiles Reply

    Yep. They're pros at taking people who take themselves too seriously down a notch.

  • Garry Carter Reply

    Yeah I do the same, but I don't think the author is trying to enforce rules or something. It's just a nice read, nothing more. If someone thinks this is for people who take themselves too seriously they probably just don't get the point of the text, which is simply entertainment.

  • Hunter Mayert Reply

    >I'm laid back, independent, open minded, and adventurous. I really enjoy sarcasm, dark humor and people who don't take themselves too seriously. Literally everyone has this in their profile. It says nothing about you.

  • Caden Mohr Reply

    And when someone can only say things like hive-mind and call people sheep and type in all-caps that person is normally an asshole who thinks way too highly of themselves and nobody can take anything they say seriously.

  • Willard Cummings Reply

    I don't disagree with you. However, everyone is an oppressor toward someone else one way or another. It isn't always so direct as in this situation. Is OP politically correct in this situation? No. But the people who are seriously demeaning OP on this thread need to take a deep look inside themselves too before they start spouting off at the mouth about how they think they're a piece of shit

  • Susanna Zieme Reply

    I feel like I'm the only person who saw this and thought, wow,she looks like a nice lady. I'm around way too many cynical and abrasive people at work, and people like this who don't take themselves too seriously are a breath of fresh air.

  • Harvey Carroll Reply

    I just found a funny one and posted that because I find it amusing to annoy people who take themselves too seriously.

  • Lavina Smitham Reply

    Because people who don't take themselves too seriously (even if total ignorance is the reason for it) are the best kind of people.

  • Karelle Gleichner Reply

    And Arma is one of the more mature games. But it does attract people who take themselves too seriously. Although we only call it edginess when it's a teenager doing it. Plenty of adults take Arma too seriously as well.

  • Brandi Ruecker Reply

    because its fun and people like one another when they don't take themselves too seriously I work in an intellectual field and we all talk like this to each other semi-sarcastically depending on who is around

  • Ruby O'Connell Reply

    I'm a PC gamer, built mine and enjoy teasing my console gamer friends once in a while but that's about as far as it goes. I know way too many people in my local gaming community who take themselves super seriously because they don't play on consoles.

  • Coty Harris Reply

    There are many people who believe that soccer shouldn't be in the olympics. They often argue that the olympics should be the pinnacle of the sporting world, and if it can't be the top honor in soccer (the World Cup takes that one) then it doesn't belong in the olympics. I disagree, since more soccer is fun and the olympics take themselves too seriously for what they are.

  • Elfrieda Beahan Reply

    I'll take "People Who Take Themselves Way Too Seriously" for $1,000 Alex. "Normies"? Really??? I'd be more perturbed by this guy's smug self-satisfaction but it's really inspiring pity more than anything else. This guy really thinks he and his hobby matter, and that they're on some next level shit.

  • Anibal Smith Reply

    She's probably weeding out people who take themselves too seriously. Plus we know she has excellent taste in goofy movies.

  • Marian Terry Reply

    Haha alright. When did this place become full of gun snobs and people who take themselves too seriously?

  • Gwendolyn Bergstrom Reply

    Beerfest, she's weeding out people who take themselves too seriously, I suspect..

  • Rashawn Romaguera Reply

    Some people take themselves too seriously...some people have no sense of humor...some people are paid shills who will downvote and criticize anything they are told to...some people are mindless ideologues who couldn't accept anything that doesn't feed into their narrative if their life depended on it.

  • Miguel Krajcik Reply

    I love SU more than anything on TV, but these fans are insane. I'd ask them to stop their childish behavior, but I bet the average child who watches this show can control themselves better than the clueless people who take their opinions about cartoons way too seriously.

  • Vella Friesen Reply

    I used to think they were pretty funny, especially angry people who took that sub too seriously. But now they take themselves too seriously, like they're the moral compass that reddit needs, while still trying to pawn off the sub as completely satire.

  • Raleigh Walter Reply

    People who take themselves way too seriously.

  • Marley Bayer Reply

    Seriously though can we just take a sec to ask who the fuck thought that quiz was a good idea? You can't diagnose autism just like that with 14 questions, some people could take that shit too literally and pull themselves apart over it

  • Nola Kunze Reply

    People who take themselves too seriously are the type of person that I struggle to get on with.

  • Kenneth Dicki Reply

    Honestly, I'm not at all surprised that people who take themselves/their fandom too seriously are unable to appreciate a bit of light-hearted humor. Lamentable, but not surprising.

  • Arvilla Smith Reply

    But they really believe it? I mean, most of the people who call themselves Christian in the United States at least don't take it too seriously.

  • Cindy Kulas Reply

    Hey there, I am a mature gamer 44, and used to play D&D in high school. I am wanting to get back into playing D&D but havent had any experience playing it in 25 years. Not sure if I would fit in with you guys, but I am looking for some laid back fun with people who have a sense of humor and dont take themselves too seriously. I am available to play weekdays after 10pm and during the day on weekends. If I seem like someone that might fit in with your group, just let me know. Cheers

  • Zena Jast Reply

    Have you been there? It reads as though it's full of 14 year old who think they are edgy for using words like cuck and faggot all the time. They hate PC, then create a safe space for themselves. I thought it started out as a kinda a joke to share Donald memes etc, but I think some people there are starting to take it a little too seriously.

  • Gilda Legros Reply

    I'm impressed when people actually say concrete things about themselves, especially when they demonstrate they are invested in what they do it but also don't take it too seriously. People who try to cram in every little extra curricular about their life they think makes them cool can suck a dick.

  • Junius Cronin Reply

    I'm impressed when people actually say concrete things about themselves, especially when they demonstrate they are invested in what they do it but also don' take it too seriously. People who try to cram in every little extra curricular about their life they think makes them cool can suck a dick.

  • Jerrell Hodkiewicz Reply

    Being quick to laugh, especially at herself. I'm very atteacted to people who don't take themselves too seriously, as I imagine most people do. It just makes me want to be around them, and that opens up romantic possibilities if we have any chemistry beyond that.

  • Karlie Hahn Reply

    As someone who would describe themselves as a "passionate developer", this pisses me off too. I absolutely hate people referring to developers as "hackers" and the like. I don't mind joking about "rockstar" or "ninja" but I would never take those terms seriously.

  • Lucio Conn Reply

    Like I said, people who take themselves and airsoft too seriously are why I quit.....

  • Mabelle Cruickshank Reply

    Had similar incident recently with a cashier who works at my restaurant. They (family) walk up to order at the register she greets them with 'hey guys are y'all today?' Cue mom going on rant about how she's not a guy nor are her daughters and she works with guys and they always address her as miss or as a lady, how dare she address her as a guy?! Some people take themselves way too seriously.

  • Zachary Kessler Reply

    Two kinds of people I guess. People who don't take themselves too seriously, who can laugh at themselves, accept themselves for who they are, and/or shrug off unwarranted criticism... and those that can't. It makes sense that celebrities lean more towards the latter than the average person.

  • Avis Cartwright Reply

    Sorry, I think he meant to add 'you also occasionally run into people who take themselves too seriously'.

  • Melyssa Lakin Reply

    People who take themselves too seriously

  • Richie Mann Reply

    Milo says inflammatory things to get a reaction out of people who take themselves too seriously. You're making his market. Just ignore it.

  • Sadye Morar Reply

    I really do love people who don't take their work *too* seriously and allow themselves to have a bit of fun once in a while.

  • Antone Franecki Reply

    Yeah I know it is, especially for people who take themselves way too seriously