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  • Got it! Wait WHAT?
  • HIFW I confess I'm falling for my best friend and get rejected but she "misses me" as I try to distance myself
  • MRW I'm becoming more and more horny, and my boyfriend says "just the tip" and ends up meaning it
  • How I feel sometimes with my friends smoking around me... Stolen from /r/likeus
  • just saw this on the frontpage, this is how I feel with amiibos right now
  • MRW I get upvoted a little bit, but then get downvoted to hell
  • MRW contesting baron and fail smite
  • HA! Got it! NO NO NO DAMNIT!
  • Poor monkey almost had it
  • This monkey is so close
  • Me trying to get a 4.0
  • Trying to read feints
  • He'll get it someday
  • Demonetization jumla
  • Killer reaction
  • Oh God, NO!
  • Goddammit!
  • me irl

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