Guardians of the Front Page

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  • Guardians of the Front Page
  • Does anyone else find these kinds of meta gifs completely unfunny?
  • un riassunto del reddit per i nuovi arrivati, tipo me
  • These Guys Guard The Most Important Thing In My Life
  • Thought this was funny and fitting. I am not OP
  • A Repost of a Repost of a Repost. I Upvote!
  • The eternal fight of againstkarmawhores
  • Guardians of the Front Page, vol. 2
  • This is a repost, but I like it
  • Guardians of the circlejerk
  • guardians of the frontpage
  • Guardians of the Reposts
  • Redditors of The Galaxy
  • How meta can we get?
  • I dont give a fuck
  • I made this!!!
  • Too soon?
  • I reposted the top post of all time on r/all so I expect some karma out of it
  • leggo, will back
  • test post - gifv
  • Notarepost :)
  • me irl

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