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  • Gwen Mayer Reply

    Yes and no. Scientifically, yes, fat loss or gain is only precipitated by a difference between your energy expenditure and your energy intake. You are losing weight due to the calorie deficit. period. There are minute differences in weight loss between a standard carbohydrate diet and a ketogenic diet of the same calorie level (isocaloric), see below. People that fail to lose weight on low calorie diets full of carbs do so because they cheat, often, in almost invisible ways. A low calorie standard diet will lead to accidental over-eating... Often by such small amounts that it only adds up over the week - into no real weight loss. Keto diets mobilize stored fat a bit better, and they utilize mobilized fat better. There is a bit of loss due to spontaneous production of the ketone acetone. Exercise uses fats for a larger period of the pre-aerobic window (a heart rate below the aerobic range) by a small degree, and shifts the utilization of fats vs glucose to fat oxidation... Leading to less re-deposition of stored fats. This difference is small. In the order of 6-10lbs a year, depending on what your lifestyle is like in keto and what you weigh to start... This difference is only 1-2lbs a month. The main difference of Keto is how you feel. You're not hungry (the cravings DO go away). Then you lose hunger (I can go 24 hours without food, now at month 4 of raw keto, which is raw veggies, nuts and cooked meats - only - in my diet). Keto allows for the production of a ketone, known as BHB, the cousin to GHB, the date-rape party drug. Pharmacokinetically, the two are very different in potency, but there are definite mood-lifting effects at a much lower degree. You feel good. You feel focused. You never get a 4pm crash. You never have powerful cravings which undo even a weeks worth of healthy eating (How many times have we had a single extra slice of cake after a few glasses of wine on a Friday night, realizing it undid 4 days of a 500kcal deficit...)

  • Syble Larkin Reply

    Check out Maffetone's two week test. It's two weeks of low carb followed by gradual reintroduction of carbs. It serves as a metabolic reset to get you fat adapted. It is not a keto diet so you don't need to obsess too much. She can repeat the test periodically to re-fat adapt.

  • Eldridge Turner Reply

    Wrong. It's two weeks after release.

  • Maybelle Tillman Reply

    Disappointment week after week? He's been the best tight end in fantasy minus the last two weeks. I hate this sub lol.

  • Taya Jaskolski Reply

    I started eating more carbs the last 2 weeks and it's terrible for me. Get constantly cravings. Well.. Cravings.. Just want to eat very quickly again. When I eat mostly chicken and veggies I eat the half of what I did now and had almost zero cravings.. I ate 0.5 Kg chicken a day :p pmsf stuff. After 2 weeks I managed to not eat for a few days. Appetite dissapear complete (not recommended)

  • Alba VonRueden Reply

    Generally prep starts with high carbs and you eventually decrease over until about last two weeks where you're eating essentially no carbs.

  • Aileen Bosco Reply

    I'm pretty sure it was like the second time it was the daily, which was maybe two weeks after TTK released?

  • Tyree Towne Reply

    Well, only day 18 haha. Ask me at day 21 at day 70. Running 60mg/day Tren Ace. Right now everything is in check. Horny as fuck! Sleep is fine when I take a melatonin before bed. I wake up really hot, but no night sweats (I don't have any carbs after 4pm) My strength has gone up significantly. Haven't done any 1rm to get an exact measurement. But sets of 10 on most lifts had gone up ~30lbs. For instance, bench would usually be 20,12,10,8,8. My set of 10 would be 225. Sunday my set of 10 was 255.

  • Christ Armstrong Reply

    And there's two more weeks of Movembers. I'll never buy a pack after this month though.

  • Peggie McGlynn Reply

    Isn't Amazon Prime's bonus just for two weeks after the launch instead of a month?

  • Elton Witting Reply

    back in late july i bought keto strips and two weeks later i started going as low as 50 g carb and got into keto w/o any flu symptoms and hence i started the KFC journey and as of this afternoon i am still in ketosis

  • Bernadette Frami Reply

    Are you ketogenic at all? Whenever I've done low carb (not really my thing, but I've done it a few times) I get a wicked case of the Atkins flu. One of the symptoms is spending the first two weeks on the bowl. Then your body adjusts and you start praying for diarrhea because you never go.

  • Caitlyn O'Conner Reply

    Calories still count. What were you eating on non fasting days? You just can't go hog wild even if it is low carb and keeping you in ketosis. I have been doing ADF for two weeks or so now and I love it. I have lost a good chunk of weight also but I do watch my calories on my eating days.

  • Rachael Batz Reply

    By zero carbs I generally mean 5<g of carbs a day. You don't have to eliminate all vegetables, just stick to leafy greens as a lot of those contain 1< g of carbs per serving. Generally I'll sauté them in better and have some guacamole or cheese on the side.

  • Annamae Franecki Reply

    So one time my dad moved house and he thought some bastard was throwing advocado's into his property and he was getting really mad turns out he had an advocado tree and he was really happy from then on.

  • Prince Jones Reply

    I doubt that it will take him longer than 24 hours to get back to keto. I don't see a reason for it to take two weeks if he keeps his carb count low.

  • Mitchell Lesch Reply

    Turned out really well for supper tonight and I love the avocado tzatziki ( I was almost tired of guacamole so this will be a good change). I only made 2 servings of fish, substituted halibut, in the marinade and it was 421 cals / 3g net carbs / 46g protein / 24g fat.

  • Darwin Leannon Reply

    For me, it started to come back after about a week. And much better at two weeks or so.

  • Eudora Stoltenberg Reply

    No. You will be in ketosis in a day or two. If you get hungry eat keto foods and just count carbs. It's a normal thing that many people go through as they run out of glycogen. The hunger is a good sign - your body is starting to change over to fat burning. So for the first couple of weeks eat only keto foods and keep carbs at 20g and wait for it to settle down.

  • Ida Skiles Reply

    If it helps I'm nearly two weeks into this way of eating and I have no desire to go back to normal carbs. I don't eat my kids candy, I don't miss sandwiches or pancakes, and I love having a narrower number of food choices because it makes life simpler. Also, I'm not hungry EVER! I skip lunch every day. And i feel great!

  • Sarah Braun Reply

    Just cut carbs to zero and do keto for 2 weeks. My waist/belly measurements dropped a LOT in the first 2 weeks because there's way less water retention.

  • Maynard Lubowitz Reply

    Exploit your five sense and your body's natural functions to fall asleep quicker, easier, and more consistently. Plus, wake up easier, feeling more refreshed, and with less alarm clock dependence. Prep The following types are actions undertaken throughout the day to help you sleep. The generic: 1) Exercise daily - Any is better than none, Earlier in the day is better than later, and getting outside helps Eat healthy Cut caffeine, no caffeine after 3/4pm More specific 2) Get out of bed earlier - You haven't been sleeping, and so you are tired, the result you stay in bed later when you have the opportunity. An attempt to catch up. This is a bad idea. Get up. Sleeping late will make it harder to fall asleep at night, and create a bad habit. 3) Get up at the same time every day, even weekends. - I know people hate this one, but seriously, you will feel more awake and refreshed every day. The flip side, go to bed at the same time. Be as consistent as you can. 4) As soon as you hop out of bed, open the curtains (your neighbors will love seeing your naked ass first thing!), and if possible, open a window. The light and fresh air trigger the body's natural circadian rhythm. This will help both for you to feel more awake immediately, more alert daily, train your body to get up at this time, and help you to fall asleep easier at night. Also, turn on those overhead lights! Cry from the brightness. Shift workers take note!! Source: Light and circadian rhythm 5) Eat breakfast, and eat breakfast earlier- some people do not eat breakfast. I used to be one of them. I actually used to throw up if I attempted to eat too early in the morning. Try and eat earlier, preferably with 30 minutes to an hour of waking up Make breakfast a more significant meal. The best strategy is Breakfast is big, lunch is medium, and dinner is small. I know this does not fit into many lifestyles, but whatever you can do to shift your calories earlier in the day will help. Source: breakfast and sleep, slightly tangential since it deals with children, but the conculsions are relevant 6) Stop eating earlier in the evenings. If possible move your dinner earlier, and drop all after dinner snacking. I find a 2 to 3 hour gap between the last food you eat and bed time is best. This is SUPER important if you want to start eating breakfast! The earlier you stop eating, the easier it is to wake up the next morning, the more awake you feel and the hungrier you are. All of these things help you fall asleep easier the next night. This has made a huge difference for me. If you have trouble falling asleep on an empty stomach see tip #8. Or, have a small snack, preferably protein (definitely not refined carbs and simple sugars). this will give you the feeling of satiation and not spike your blood sugars. Nuts and seeds are one of the best options! Source : Carbs and sleep Source 2 : food intake patterns and sleep patterns 7) Your bed should be used for two things and two things only, sleep and extracurricular activities. If you are the sort of person who likes to watch TV in bed, watch from the foot of your bed or sideways. Almost Bed time My strategy is to exploit the five senses to create a bed time routine that will knock you out quickly and easily. 8) Taste : Drink a cup of hot herbal tisane/infusion or hot water. Chamomile, Valerian, rooibos, etc. Even just hot water (it's nice with lemon). The warmth in your stomach actually helps you sleep. Some tisanes/infusions like Chamomile and Valerian have additional compounds to enhance sleep. Source for Valerian 9) Sight : One of the most important senses in triggering sleep. You want to reduce light, not just at bed time but hours before. 1 or two hours before bedtime, start turning off lights. Make sure to turn off any overhead lights, and switch to task lighting for what you are doing. I use flux for my computer. It makes a big difference by reducing the blue tones that keep you up. Flux I've been using it for nearly 2 years. Seriously awesome! Source for light effects on circadian rhythm 10) Minimize light when sleeping. I recommend a sleep mask. They may look silly, but you will fall asleep significantly faster and remain asleep more consistently. If this is not an option, get rid of all lights. Black out curtains, stickers over lights and indicators on electronics, etc. 11) Meditate - I know most people won't take up meditation, but it does make a huge difference. It can also help with motivation and will power. It can be done at ANY time of the day too. 10-15 minutes in recommend, but even 5 will help! Source Bedtime The time when you are physically ready to get into bed 12) Sight and sound : Right as you about to go to sleep, maybe in the 5 to ten minutes leading up, play a relaxation video. Do this ONLY if your computer is on anyway, I am constantly on mine. (really you should turn all electronics off for an hour+ before bedtime. Realistically, it's never going to happen. The video can be passive watching. You do not have to sit there. Just let it play as background noise while you brush your teeth/put on pj's/ whatever the hell you do before you hop into bed. Use the same type of sounds, if not the exact same video/music every evening. You will train your body to expect sleep when it hears the sounds. 13) Touch : A cool room and warm bed is the most conducive to sleep. 14) Smell : this is an under utilized sense in sleep routines. I have a whole scent routine that can help you sleep not only at night, but in other situations where it may be advantageous (such as flying/jet lag). Pick a relaxing smell you enjoy. use something with that scent as you are climbing into bed/falling asleep. There are pillow sprays for this purpose. I use a hand cream and lip balm. It's something I do every night before I go to sleep, so I take advantage by using a relaxing scent. Only do this scent when you are about to sleep. Not at any other time during the day, and not on evenings when you know you are going to be awake and restless. Masturbate - > joetromboni truth! Orgasms actually release stress relieving chemicals. So, get busy before nodding off! (oh, but don't do this everyday, you don't want masturabtion to be the ONLY way you can get to sleep... Makes it very awkward if you have to share a room with someone!) tl;dr? Exercise/eat healthy/ Cut caffeine Get up earlier even when you are tired Get up at the same time daily, even weekends Turn on lights/get fresh air as soon as you wake up Eat a big breakfast Eat a small dinner/ no after dinner snacking Use bed for only sleep and sex Drink hot water or Herbal tea before bed turn off lights for 2-3 hours before bed wear a sleep mask Meditate Listen/watch the same relaxation video/music daily just prior to bed Keep your bedroom slightly cool, and uses blankets for warmth Create a scent routine Masturbate

  • Jaime Altenwerth Reply

    I did the two-week no carbs, then low carb thing. Wanted to murder everyone the first 2 weeks, but it got better. Plus I lost 100lbs!

  • Alycia Kassulke Reply

    Yo ! Definately, will write up a very unorganized explanation of my journey from start to finish with a tldr at the end. (Dont read this if you're not interested in my personal life progression with gym/changing overall) So I had just turned 16 when I decided that living the same autopilot lifestyle of school >4cans of coke >cs/league till 3am isn't the way to live life, I literally had no friends besides online ones and I got bullied hard for my looks/weight )= . The biggest problem up until that point is me not commiting, every night I would lay in bed and somehow build up this hype by browing this particular subreddit, watching motivational workout videos and PLANNING ( dont fucking plan ) my future. And as you can guess, every morning I would wake up, having lost that hype I just mehd my way to the kitchen to stuff myself with the most awful high calorie filled breakfasts imaginable. If you're actually in the same position as I was and have stumbled upon this comment, dont wait till tomorrow dude. Thats what I did for YEARS up until the point where I said fuck this and actually got out of bed for the first time in my life at night and somehow found it in me to do 5 pathetic pressups. It didn't change anything physically obviously, but it gave me that security, a mental deposit in knowing that I CAN if I WANT TO. First four months I continued to do daily pressups with poor form whilst going to the gym 5 times a week and either using the elliptical machine or biking for 1 hour at high intensity level, ultimately burning a lot of calories. Ontop of this 2 of out of the 5 days included a 20 minute HIIT routine on the treadmill ( 1 minute run at 18 speed, 1 minute rest @walking speed ). In these 4 months I lost 12kg ( 20ish pounds or so ) and ended up looking like this : . Coming up was christmas and as a gift my mum bought me 8 sessions with a personal trainer, so MONTH 4-6 was my introduction to weight lifting. Everything from compound lifts to isolation exercises to ropes I was taught by this guy who is still my friend up to this day ( being a freelancer hes also thankful for my progress lol ). During these 2 months I gained slight mass but nothing serious. Here is me 6 months in : During this time I got a girlfriend, and having it be puppylove I was a whiny lil bitch when she didnt want to make long distance work, so month 6-9 consisted of lots of vidya games but around this time I was introduced to ketogenic diet ( keto ) therefore I managed to maintain my weight as I was in a deficit and typically not eating many carbs either. Eventually christmas came around and I realized I stalled bad, got my head around and post new years eve starting january 1st I started gyming again. Around this time I found the hodgetwins, kinobody, student aesthetics and leangains, so I started not only sitting on a 500 caloric deficit but also carb cycling and intermittent fasting(IF is a way of life for me now, not only for weight loss but Ive never felt better eating in a 4 hour window daily )which worked wonders and although i didnt put my all into the workouts, with progressive overload I gradually got stronger and stronger and ended up here : Now this was 5 months ago, for the next 2 or 3 months I stuck with whatever I was doing but started tracking my macros, taking workouts more seriously and actually started squatting/deadlifting ( was always scared) which did wonders aswell. From month 3-14 I did no cardio whatsoever besides swimming once a week/messing around with girls lol, all the weight I lost during this period was due to caloric deficit and heavy lifting ( to both preserve mass and burn more calories ). I recently came back from sweden where I didnt workout at all for 4 weeks and just started gyming 3 weeks ago officially, but ive never been more dedicated than I am now, yeah my lifts are back to square 1 but every week I see insane improvement and considering im bulking for the first time ever Im eating all I want ( clean ) and never felt better. Nutrition and workout during 1 year "cut" : 1600 calories dailyn intermittent fasting 20-4 window. 8am - 4pm - coffee/green tea 4pm - breakfast ( ON whey protein 2 scoops, banana, oil extracted peanut butter, flaxseeds, gluten free porridge oats and almond milk ) all blended to make an insanely tasty smoothy. With this I would also take fishoil after. 5pm - gym Monday- chest/triceps ( usually 4-5 different exercises for each with 3 sets for each exercise, progressive overload of 12>10>8 reps ) Tuesday - deadlifts/squats/legs Wednesday - rest Thursday - biceps/abs Friday - chest/triceps Saturday - rest Sunday - rest Yup, I had an awful split, hit legs only once and didnt do back at all besides when I deadlifted. 7pm- meal consisting of 500grams of chicken/turkey with green vegtables and wild rice/potato or ocassionally fish as replacement for chicken/turkey, usually with a bit of tzatziki for flavour :') Now this whole journey was legit all just trial and error, now that ive learnt so much I honestly cant wait for my cut in january, but up until then im doing this -10am - coffee, oats w/ banana and flaxseed and 6 eggs w/ few rashers of bacon, 7 seeded toasted bread x2 and 2 glasses of normal milk. -2pm - apple/coffee before work -9pm - at work I eat around 300grams of chicken strips with some guaco and lots of salad and a cheese quesadilla or two. At midnight I go gym ( love working out at night and its fully packed during day - live in london ) Monday : chest/back/calves Tuesday : legs/traps Wednesday : arms Thursday : chest/back/calves Friday : legs/traps Saturday : arms Sunday : rest. Then before bed I will usually have a big tub of low fat yoghurt/cottage cheese, some pasta/rice with canned tuna/200grams chicken and glass of milk to keep me going through the night until morning where I properly feast up. I think im currently on a surplass of 1000 a day which is a bit too much but il manage :- ) Once cut comes around I will 100% go back to intermittent fasting @ 300 calorie deficit which means by end of may ( summer ) il have lost close to 5-8kg of the excess fat im building up now ) Tldr : Intermittent fasting is life 4 weight loss and enjoying ur meals Weight loss doesnt have to include cardio but cardio is beneficial for health Keep track of your macros during bulk and cut Make sure you have a proper workout split and hit everything twice a week Sleep lots Supplements are beneficial but not NECCESSARY Eat clean :- ) Try new things, see what ur body prefers ( carb cycling, IF etc ) Dont always stick to same workout/diet regime, you will platou eventually

  • Leopold Paucek Reply

    Eat foods that make you feel full. Shop around the edge of the grocery store. No processed food, especially carbs like sugar, bread, chips, alcohol. Eat normal sized portions. I don't even know where to start. You don't even need a budget for fucks sake. I eat well and at 6'2" 200 lbs I don't spend $150 in 3 weeks let alone one.

  • Clifford Lockman Reply

    4 months of keto-ing ... SW 165, 25% BF, CW 135, 18% BF. I do Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting (17/7 Fast) with keto. My Bulletproof Coffee breaks my fast about 12 hours in... Here is today, followed by my question: Stop eating 7pm night before... 6am: 2 cups BPC (43g fat, 390 calories) ... sip on them until 9am 12pm: Lunch (33g protein, 4g net carbs, 37g fat, 480 calories) 4pm: Snack (25g protein, 4g net carbs, 11g fat, 225 calories) 630pm: Dinner (38g protein, 2.5 net carbs, 24g fat, 410 calories) So... sometimes my daily numbers look awesome like today (96g protein, 10g net carbs, 115g fat, 1500 calories, (26%/3%/71%)), however if you look ... after 1pm I'm consuming over 60g protein and only like 35g fat! I've read that it is no good to have more protein than fat might get kicked out of keto (I've also read that it has to be like ALOTTTT more protein...) so do you think the fact that my evening numbers look not so hot (40+% protein and only 50+% fat) it will harm progress? p.s. I am shooting for 130lbs, 16% BF as to the 20% deficit. I do cardio every morning and weights 3 evenings per week. --- *Generated by [Keto Calculator]( 9.9* 28/F/5'7" | CW 135 | 18% BF | Moderately active * 1520 kcal Goal, a 20% deficit. (1566 min, 1900 max) * 18g Carbohydrates * 95g Protein (67g min, 110g max) * 119g Fat (124g min, 160g max) ----

  • Wilburn Murray Reply

    > looking to switch to a new program for getting toned, and burning off the fat "Toned" is mostly code for re-composition, which CKD excels at. TL;DR it works. Adjust food intake / amounts to a level appropriate for your height and weight. Food: * **30-Hour Carb Up: Friday 10AM to Saturday 4PM** * - 3400 Calories, at least 35g fiber. * - - 175g Protein (700Cal) * - - 525g Carbs (2100Cal) * - - Approx 70g Fat (600Cal) * **Sun-Thurs, eat 3x ONLY between 10AM and 4PM** * - 3000 Calories with at least 30g of fiber * - Sufficient sodium & other electrolytes * - - 190g Protein (760Cal) * - - 30g Carbs (120Cal) * - - 235g Fat (2120 Cal) * At least 140Fl Oz of fluids every day Exercise: * **Monday** * - Rest Day. No Exercise. * **Tuesday: 10-15 Reps, Medium Weight.** * - Back, Triceps, Front/Side Delts, Squats * **Wednesday: 10-15 Reps, Medium Weight.** * - Chest, Biceps, Rear Delts, Deadlifts * **Thursday** * - 1Hr Cardio at 65%HR (After 4PM) * **Friday: 4-6 Reps, Heavy Weight.** * - Back, Triceps, Front/Side Delts, Squats * **Saturday: 4-6 Reps, Heavy Weight.** * - Chest, Biceps, Rear Delts, Deadlifts * **Sunday** * - 1Hr Cardio at 65%HR (Before 10AM) The reps are per set: 6 sets for major groups each day, 3 for minor. I suggest swimming for cardio.

  • Jaylan Hamill Reply

    4 lbs a week?? For how many weeks? That's way too much weight loss if it's more than the first week or two. No wonder you're always tired. Eat more meat. You stopped eating sweets and started eating other carbs instead (grain, cereal, cream of wheat). Not much better if you replace one carb with another (outside of micronutrients of course). Meat, veggies, dairy, grains, fruit. The food pyramid isn't wrong, it's just built the wrong way.

  • Lia Bradtke Reply

    Anecdotally, it took me 3 weeks after switching from a low carb to a whole plant diet before my GI tract adjusted. Its now been 6 years of smooth running, and consume about 2-3 cups of beans daily without more bloating/gas, and a *lot* less hydrogen sulfide smell, than on my past diet. In gut microbiota not adapted to a lot of α-galactosides from beans, it appears that methane producing Archaea (*Methanobrevibacter*, etc) are the most common microbes with α-galactosidase activity. Regular exposure to α-galactosides seems to select for other species (*Bifidobacterium*, *Prevotella*, etc) that turn this fermentable fiber into more beneficial products like short chain fatty acids.

  • Asia Kub Reply

    I workout fasted. And do if much like u. Workout 6.30-7.3/8am, first meal around 11/12, finish eating by 6/7pm.. I love the regime.. I do take BCAA before and after my workout but I don't really think it's necessary. I started doing that to up my protein intake as I was vegetarian up until 3 or 4 months ago, and I eat low carb so was hard to get protein without carbs from plants.. Once this batch runs out,going to trial a few weeks without it.. Sometimes I push the fast right through the day, and pig out at a restaurant, giving me virtually free rein, usually only every month or 2.. Some days I have to eat by 10am cause I'm starving.. Try the fasted workouts, see how u feel..

  • Jolie Lind Reply

    Yeah man, it was due to serious mass the weight gainer shake. Had loads of carbs and calories in it. Took that outta my diet though for the past 3 weeks. So you think if I keep going the way I'm going now, no weight gainer and eating about 2,500 calories and still lifting. I'll shed that fat in the next month or so?

  • Mossie Bradtke Reply

    It took me 2 years to adjust to intermittent fasting/feasting. On most days my first meal is at 4PM, a handful of walnuts mixed with Groksi [dehydrated cheese] and an apple. Then I sip chicken broth through my restaurant work shift 5-930. My second meal is after work, around 10PM, usually chicken tacos, a shift meal, or gluten free protein heavy pizza shared with my boyfriend. I'm 5'2 1/2, 133 lbs. It's important to note that the type of calories also have an important effect on most people's weight and health. When I get serious about slimming down, I will cut out the dairy, sugar and carbs. I've started taking NADH twice daily for fatigue and mental acuity. NADH seems to give me blood sugar crashes, so I will eat a handful of walnuts in the afternoon to keep me going. Black coffee with Butterscotch stevia flavoring in the morning, no sugar! Sugar crashes make it impossible to intermittently fast. Some people struggle with stevia, even. Heh, as I'm typing this I'm eating a brie plate and a cupcake with black coffee. At 11AM! I'm splurging. An important part of intermittent fasting is to break from the schedule a few times a month. We will literally stay in bed all day, eating pancakes with lingonberry jam.

  • Marlen Ortiz Reply

    I wish everyone gave a low carb diet a chance. I once ate 1 cup of oatmeal in the morning and some carbs after my workout for about two weeks and easily lost 10 lbs (this was for a weight lifting competition). None of my other meals were counted/weighed, they just had no breads/carbs. Not only did I lose weight effortlessly but I felt awesome mentally.

  • Sigrid Thiel Reply

    I don't know what the fuck you're talking about. When I said "your school will show up in national news" I meant that you'd become a school shooter. And it's false to say that you can't go 2-3 weeks without sugar. Our body has no need for carbs, but they do serve a number beneficial purposes.

  • Agustina Runte Reply

    So far over a course of two weeks (first starting keto) I have lost just over 7lbs. I had gotten down to as much as a 10lb loss but it popped back up a bit. I plan on switching up my WOE (still low carb just MORE so) and including more fasting soon.

  • Ricardo Franecki Reply

    Thanks! I'm recovering really well thank you. 2 weeks of liquid diet has flown by. No pain to speak of. I haven't been trying for Keto yet. First focus is healing. I'll get properly on the no carbs wagon once I'm on soft foods and can eat eggs etc.

  • Casandra Schmidt Reply

    Agreed! Each time my dad (who went from 23% to 10% fat ratio) felt like he's stalling he used to do a detox for two weeks with no caffeine and almost no carbs and lipids. Lots of veggies and protein, tho.

  • Cyrus Gleason Reply

    My go-to (besides eggs) lately is to eat an avocado for breakfast. I even found this 'instant guacamole mix' at the store, which adds a couple carbs, but I can make tasty guac in less than five minutes, and I can eat it straight or dipping pork rinds into it.

  • Fletcher Johns Reply

    You cannot stay on keto if you eat carbs once a week, because it takes at least two weeks for the body to adapt. If you really miss carbs, /r/paleo is your friend. You can still do low-carb without doing keto.

  • Bertha Dickens Reply

    That, and most gluten free foods are a lot higher in carbs and sugars, and lower in fiber. Gluten free does not equal healthier. My suggestion: try it for 2-3 weeks, and if you see no change, go back to the way you were eating.

  • Russell Wintheiser Reply

    that avocado stealing whore!

  • Saul Welch Reply

    OP.. try LeanGains / IF. Simply put the earliest I will break my fast is 4PM (when I get home from work), with a protein shake, go to gym sip on carbs unless you rather just eat some carbs, either is fine, come home, drink another protein shake, hit the shower, then eat dinner, normally by 8PM, the latest 9PM.. and I will "NOT" eat past 10PM. From 10PM to 4PM I'm in a fasted state with only water and supplements in my system. That's a total of 18 hours of fasting. Just fasting alone works. Throw in EC, kills the hunger pangs / cravings. Throw in DNP on top of that. Then throw gym or simply physical activities on top of that.. You're going to be burning massive amount of fat. And because you're fasting, your stomach will in fact adjust, if you're the type, like me, to eat 2 plates of food, don't expect to be able to eat more than 1 plate after a solid week of fasting.. your stomach won't allow it. So your priority which you clearly already know is protein. Protein then healthy fats. Only time you should ever have carbs if you care for it is pre/post gym, literally right before and right after, no other time outside of that. You're welcome.

  • Thad Durgan Reply

    Tren, accutane, super low carbs, no more than 5 hours of sleep for two weeks straight, 100 degree weather, calorie deficit for contest prep, makes you one moody motherfucker.

  • Malika Zulauf Reply

    Those are some pretty good looking macros. I actually looked for some low-carb burrito tortillas, but the tortillas I found were fairly small. I'm 100% hooked on making burritos. I made about 80 two weeks ago (Breakfast, BBQ Pork, and Chicken) and they have made my life sooo much easier.

  • Henry Glover Reply

    Female here. I started ketochowing a couple of weeks ago (2 x day). It has been the best thing for me. My biggest obstacle to sticking with keto in the past has not been cravings, but how much I despise meal planning & shopping. (Carbs sure are convenient!) So having something like this that is so simple to make and requires zero advance planning, is amazing.

  • Lloyd Hyatt Reply

    My mom is trying to low carb too but totally missing it in some places. Like taco seasoning... showed her it had 4g of carbs and she then had to read the label because she didn't believe me. Took me two weeks to talk her into increasing electrolytes.

  • Consuelo Ruecker Reply

    This infographic makes literally NO sense... You state calories in big letters, but then every week is measured in grams of carbs... There's no numeric values anywhere, and at some points weeks contradict each other: week two says only protiens, but then in week 3 you say cut veggies and fruit??

  • Bridgette Walter Reply

    Two weeks right? We play Tulsa next week and OU the week after.

  • Jeffrey Russel Reply

    Your macros are how much calories of fat/protein/carbs you need to eat to make sure you stay in ketosis and loose weight. You can make it easy and just keep to under 50g (or lower) of carbs a day. So just make sure that your Bovril doesn't push you over that limit. According to MFP Bovril has 3gs of carbs so it's really low, but obviously it all adds up. The best way to do it is start at 50g of carbs for two weeks, see how much you loose and adjust accordingly (carbs and/or no of calories).

  • Lacy Champlin Reply

    Same happens to me. Been keto almost 2 years, I go on the occasional bender and feel miserable. I am pretty fat adapted after the length of time I've been low carb so usually after a day or two all the nasty wares off and i feel human again. Keto is profound. Anyone I've gotten interested and had switch to keto asks about weight loss before starting. I just tell them give it two weeks don't worry about weight loss, that's a given, just tell me how you feel. If you don't feel clear or energized like never before in your life let me know, anger I'm always right about the feeling and we the weight.

  • Geo Johnston Reply

    I'm complicated lol. I started low carb two years ago and lost 80ish lbs. Had gastric bypass. Continued low carb. Mostly got into keto within the last 8 or so months and most actively the last few weeks. But the cross over from my bypass diet to the keto diet was not a huge change.

  • Gwen Hauck Reply

    It was like two weeks after his arrest.

  • Otto Konopelski Reply

    Fuck dudes, I'm stuck at wanting to be recomping at 180 and needing to cut so maybe I can have my suit tailored to fit me. I think I'm gonna low carb for the next two weeks as soon as my current meal prep is done. Haven't ever low carbed more than 3 days :(

  • Hyman Kub Reply

    I feel like no one actually wants to know how I did it. Or they won't believe me. Or they think my method won't work for them. They always expect an answer like "I don't eat carbs" or "I only eat red foods except after 4pm which is when I only eat green foods" when the real answer is "I've been eating less". It gets tiring. So at this point I don't exactly keep it secret but I never talk about it unprompted.

  • Nicklaus Padberg Reply

    Yeah you can eat like after peak but I'd avoid it until then. Also wait two weeks to trip again

  • Kariane Jenkins Reply

    If you haven't done any kind of fasting before, this may be a tough introduction. At first I found doing 24 hours was hard, headaches etc as my body adjusted, now I can do 48-60 no problem. Definitely eating low carb before you start but IMHO you would be better doing 1-2 days for a couple of weeks to ease you into it which would probably still give you some weight loss. However if you really want to go for it, then good luck! I look forward to reading about your progress! As to Keto breath.. yes after 2 days fasting my mouth felt gross, I just kept drinking sparkling water and I do chew gum (although some consider this not good, I have never had an issue with it)

  • Romaine Dach Reply

    3 weeks? You can expect to lose some water weight and maybe a pound or two then to put it back on when you stop. It doesn't matter if you work out or not. You have water to shed that will no longer be needed (temporarily in your case) in the processing of carbs. You will lose it then regain it.

  • Destin Huels Reply

    [Boring, but still a bicep!]( Ten weeks into a two-day split four days a week. Very loose with diet, very low protein, which I'm trying to up. I'm just a carb-monster.

  • Demetris Gulgowski Reply

    3 weeks. When I say correctly I also mean I was getting the vast majority of my calories from fat. For the first two weeks, I was eating a ton of butter, oil and heavy cream. I was limiting my protein and had virtually no carbs. I think a lot of people on "keto" get way too much protein and I think this would probably make the transition easier, but only because they would have much more glucose available.

  • Jerel Paucek Reply

    >5 pounds gained in six weeks Any idea what your TDEE is? Seems very low for so many calories. How was your intake during your two sick weeks, still full blown carb-gorging?

  • Cortez Homenick Reply

    I feel you. I've been stuck for 4 weeks at 246, I've tried no carbs day, IF with different intervals and the stupid scale doesn't move, not even a .1 lol Howeeeeeever, I tried some jeans yesterday that a two months ago wouldn't even go up past my tights and they fit like a glove. So i guess I shouldn't complain :) yay to NSV... Keep it up! this shall pass my friend

  • Rosalia Farrell Reply

    Well it's supposedly an Apple exclusive for at least two weeks. So maybe after that?

  • Peter Reynolds Reply

    from what i have researched and from personal experience this is mostly bullshit, in the studies i've seen there was never a drop in rmr higher than 10% below what would be expected from weight loss Personally i have gone from 330 to 170 and my rmr is the same as someone that never lost weight before, my tdee is 2.4k if i sit on the couch the whole day, i've done protocols like 700cal/day for weeks, low carb, high carb, low fat, keto, etc and metabolism always bounced back after eating maintenance for a while. Dont worry about it, nobody is doomed to be fat or gain the weight back after losing, just keep making right choices.

  • Joey Franecki Reply

    Increasing fiber would be what would cut net carbs... And worst heavily depends on what your protein powder is, some of them 20+g per serving. Also, I don't know what your macros are, but this is a ton of calories. Nearly 1000 just in guacamole.

  • Sincere Rempel Reply

    I have been doing vegan keto for about 9 weeks now (2 month mark will be on Saturday) and I have stuck to about 15 net carbs per day. I've lost over 15 pounds and I have more energy and ZERO stomach pains any more. I have a few more pounds to lose to get to my goal weight, but then I might move up to 30 net carbs and see how it goes for me. I do miss some foods but not enough to go back to carb comas...

  • Rusty Gorczany Reply

    1.)Water and electrolytes are your best friends. 2.) Use the first 3 or 4 weeks to get used to low carb before adding in baked goods/desserts. I'm firmly on Team Occassional Dessert or Pancakes but I didn't eat them until I had a firm grasp on keto and had broken some bad habits. 3.) Be prepared for heatwaves/hot flashes. 4.) After two weeks doing lazy keto supplements and meds affected me faster and stronger. I stopped my morning caffeine pill because it now gives me jitters, I've lowered my nightly Benedryl to half a pill because it was causing me to oversleep. Thoses are the biggest things I've noticed.

  • Johnathan Mayert Reply

    I work in a chair, and stare at a screen all day. After work I'll put in about 2 hours at the gym including ~30mins of cardio. The rest is food, reading, and sleeping. Keto/low carb usually works better for me. Everyone in my family has diabetes, I have an irrational fear of carbs. Insulin has a very suppressive affect on lipolysis. I try to pound the 80-100 carbs that I eat in a day before, and after the workouts. I'll avoid King Tren until I get a baseline from T500/week for 12 weeks. My TRT dose is suppose to be T200/week, but life is making me impatient. I want to undo the ravages of 7 years with low T. Thank you for all the advice.

  • Chyna Reichert Reply

    Kind of a cheat day (went over calories but not carbs) but I still weighed down Saturday morning. Got absolutely blitzed off of two whole drinks; holy shit rum and Coke Zero is goddamn amazing after giving up sugar for two weeks. Came home and drunk made pepperoni chips. No regrets.

  • Casper Mertz Reply

    I started on it and was sick for about 3 weeks and noticed a drop in appetite. It levels out though. I no longer get sick unless I have a bad day and eat a bunch of carbs. In which case I'm stuck in the bathroom. I did go from 8.8 to 5.4 on 500mg of metformin twice a day and 1.2 mg of victoza. I've lost about 15 lbs. I got about 100 to go and I'm 35.

  • Enoch Schiller Reply

    Not to mention after the next two weeks:)

  • Rachael Daniel Reply

    It's normal. Most of us, self included, had a honeymoon whoosh the first two weeks, then a good few weeks with no loss, even a slight gain. If you are at or under 20g net carbs, you're in ketosis. Follow your macros, keep at a calorie deficit, and you'll be fine!

  • Robb Hoeger Reply

    You have to have Soylent? Explain. Many of us don't do breakfast and some of us don't even do lunch -- we Intermittent Fast and eat 1-2 meals in a smaller "feeding window" later in the day. Most days I don't have my first calorie until 2pm, sometimes 4pm. No effect on my energy levels except for having MORE energy because I'm not carb crashing after every crappy meal. For as 23F: Calculated figures * BMR: 1613 * TDEE: 1774 * BMI: 29.9 * Estimated Body Fat%: 35.77 * Calculated Body Fat (lbs): 66 * Calculated Body LBM: 119 Recommended Macros * Your intake calories: 1419 * Deficit = 355 calories (up to 0.7lbs weight loss per week) * Protein: 95 * Net Carbs: 20 * Fat: 107 Soylent is drinking calories, which I personall am against because drinking calories isn't satiating to the brain's hunger/satiety hormones. Eat your calories, and if your schedule doesn't allow for food, consider intermittent daily fasting until you can eat real food.

  • Angel McDermott Reply

    I think carbs are a big one, but a no-carbs diet is hard to follow. I've tried one for two weeks recently. I felt better and lost maybe 5lbs.

  • Therese Kuhlman Reply

    The only way I cut down on the cravings was to go no sugar and low carb, absolutely nothing else worked for me. I felt like crap for the first 2 weeks but it got better after that. I was able to maintain it for 6 months before being derailed by birthday cake and thought I would be ok with small amounts of sweets but was right back to the same level of sugar craving as before within a month so moderation is not something I seem to be able to manage. I hope you can find something that works for you.

  • Adella Blick Reply

    Hey OP that's fantastic! Keep it up, when you're ready test your limits and cut carbs (breads, dough, pastas) and stick to meats and anything that grows for a week or two! I lost 6 pounds this week and going no carbs this week. If I keep at it, 6lbs x 4 weeks = 20lbs a month! That's a good start for me. Don't forget, you got friends here.

  • Eliezer Schmitt Reply

    I'm two weeks out, and just short of being as lean as I wanted to be. I was considering spending this week with no carbs which would drop by calories by an extra 600. I plan to carb up 7 days out and then drop carbs until the Thursday before the show. Thoughts?

  • Lillian Kiehn Reply

    Regular keto. I did zero carbs for two weeks, then limited myself to a max of 20g per day after that. Most of my carbs came from vegetables, and occasionally I got some from low-carb tortillas, tomatoes, and that sort of thing.

  • Donald Osinski Reply

    I am doing high fat low carb for 2 weeks now. Slowly going towards keto. I am going for a 21K tomorrow w/o any fuelling, before, mid or after. May take a bottle of water. During this new diet regime I have already done a 10k without fuelling and it was a breeze. I think l can pull off 21 as well. So, ya you may not need carb, but to be prepared for the wall, have an energy bar or two handy.

  • Jazmyne Breitenberg Reply

    Yeah, I lost 8 pounds in two weeks (not sustainable, but I lost it fast) * No carbs after 4pm * No junk food at all * No drinks other than water * No snacks * No food 4 hours before you go to sleep * Run 5km a day in addition to daily workout

  • Kenyatta Simonis Reply

    It's essentially a cyclical ketogenic diet. They reach keto with an extremely low carb regimen for 2 weeks and then they "carb up" for a day or two before switching back to keto.

  • Watson Weber Reply

    Who makes a date two weeks in advance? Is this long distance or something? I guess to answer your question sorta, don't cut. No carbs and no food make willy a limp boy.

  • Stephania Sauer Reply

    If I try 85g of carbs for two days, the next four are generally 150g carbs, or else under 20g to regain control. You should probably disregard any calorie deficit and weight loss benefit at first, and just get over your addiction to carbs. Restart keto and instead of having carb binges, make sure that you have no carbs available and eat bacon instead. Two weeks at under 20g carbs makes a world of difference in your outlook.

  • Adrian Schuppe Reply

    Yeah, for two weeks I had cut out all carbs except for two nights of alcohol during that time, and I'm guessing that set me back. Full-on no-carbs, including alcohol, started this Monday, and I can feel it. Slight headaches, some gastric distress. I totally see now why people are also recommending electrolyte replenishment and bone broth!

  • Cortney VonRueden Reply

    I normally leave my standard abv beers (say 4-8%) for 2 weeks in primary, then keg and force carb with co2 and start drinking after a week. You can wait up to 3 weeks before you keg and it will clear up more and taste better, but i find it clears faster in the keg since I keep it at 36f the low temp makes yeast drop out faster. You just pour 1 cloudy glass and then it's all clear beer.

  • Christy Hills Reply

    Agreed, and I fasted before that - no food at all for two weeks, only water, electrolytes, and supplements. Couldn't have survived that without ketosis. Fasting was fine and now I'm struggling with blood sugar. My hypothesis is that I got ultra sensitive to carbs and a few raspberries yesterday threw it off.

  • John Moore Reply

    when I was on keto - zero carbs, and after first two weeks of lifting, I had no issues with lactic acid, but this was already after doing some working out as well.

  • Kaia Boyle Reply

    About 1.8 pounds a week. Under 25 carbs a day, under 1350 calories a day. No real exercise for the last two weeks. Will be bumping that up this week.