Ball of Foot Cushions & Foot Pads - Sisfung Silicone Metatarsal Sleeves & Self-Sticking Metatarsal Pads for Pain Relief, Support & All-Day Comfort - Reusable & Easy to Clean – 3 Pack

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Researchers have found that an average person spends around 20% of his day on his feet. Even though we are spending considerably less time on our feet, activities like walking, running, hiking or use of high heels and modern footwear can cause terrible aches and pains in our feet that can turn into another nightmare.

Main reason behind this is the shift of the center of gravity of your body towards your feet, so the metatarsal area of your feet get over pressured by the weight of the body. This puts you at risk of developing pain not just in your feet, but also in your legs, back and neck as well.

Besides spending less time on your daily activities or limiting the time on high heels, we have an innovative way to put a full stop to those painful feet!


Our metatarsal pads and foot cushions act as shoe modifications and change the pressure points on the metatarsal bones by distributing the pressure to the surrounding tissues, thereby relieving you from the pain.

So, why suffer in silence when you have the solution right here! Our foot cushion kit includes 2 pairs of foot pads and 1 pair of met pads, so you can get your comfort and daily mobility back!

Store out of direct sunlight,Wash in warm soap & water. Air dry only.

Clean regularly based on frequency of use and perspiration level,Use soap or shampoo that will not irritate your skin with warm water to gently hand wash, Air dry completely before wearing.

  • INSTANT RELIEF FROM FOOT PAIN. Sisfung Metatarsal Sleeves and Foot Pads are thoughtfully designed to reduce foot pain, relieve pressure on the metatarsal, prevent calluses and blisters while providing all day long comfort with maximum shock absorption.
  • ALL DAY COMFORT FOR YOUR FEET. Our ultra-comfort anti-slip gel foot pads provide protection for the ball of your foot to reduce friction and improve shock absorption when you are walking, running or even dancing. These foot pads are super easy to apply and also reusable.
  • PREMIUM GRADE METATARSAL SUPPORTS. Made of durable, soft and thin silicone, our metatarsal sleeves feel almost invisible. They are designed to give you absolute comfort by using a flexible nylon upper strap to hold the silicone pad in place, protecting your feet from blisters and calluses forming as well as giving great foot support.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL. Are your feet large and broad or small and slender? No problem, our metatarsal sleeves are designed to fit any foot shape. Also, our foot pads work with various sizes of shoes including the insoles of dress shoes, high heels, work boots, ballet shoes and running shoes without making them tight and uncomfortable.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. For your convenience, we have included 2 pairs foot pads and 1 pair of metatarsal sleeves as a single pack. On top of that, your purchase is backed by our no questions asked 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. No questions. No small letters.
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