Debunking the Paleo Diet: Christina Warinner at TEDxOU

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  • Challenging the Paleo Diet: Archaeologist Christina Warinner on what Paleolithic Peoples really ate
  • I found an interesting TEDx talk about "Debunking the Paleo Diet" by Christina Warinner.
  • To spark an interesting discussion: Debunking the Paleo Diet: Christina Warinner @ TEDxOU
  • "Debunking the paleo diet" | Christina Warinner | TEDxOU | Old video, but pretty good
  • Dr. Christina Warinner debunks "Paleo Diet," not based on any actual Paleolithic diet
  • TedX Anthropologist claims to DEBUNK Paleo diet. What do you guys think?
  • Archaeologist looks at the paleo diet and busts up some myths
  • Debunking the paleo diet: Christina Warinner at TEDxOU
  • Christina Warinner: Debunking the paleo diet
  • Our unnatural "natural" diet... (TED talk)
  • TED Talk: Debunking the Paleo Diet
  • TED speaker debunks the Paleo diet
  • [T&TT] Debunking the paleo diet

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Comments (21)

  • Merritt Kessler Reply

    As an Aussie I am so glad Pete Evans is dissed on reddit, the guy is a fucken arsehat x 1000. Go read some of the shit this dick is advocating with his paleo diet.

  • Derick Schowalter Reply

    The fact that individuals on the Paleo diet have improved their health means neither that the diet is effective nor that it's promotion is harmless. For every lauded success story there may be numerous unheralded stories of terrible failure. The Atkins Diet caused heart attacks. As for why the Paleo diet *specifically* and not other diets, the answer is simple. The Paleo diet is the newest and currently most buzz-generating diet. It's only natural to focus a skeptical lens on currently-popular pseudoscience. Debunking unpopular or outdated fad diets doesn't save anyone from engaging in them. Debunking current fad diets may do just that.

  • Elian Lehner Reply

    Sick of these articles, whether they're pro-paleo or anti-paleo. It's not rocket surgery to understand we basically ate what was available. Primarily vegetables, some meat where hunting/trapping allowed, fish if we were near a suitable source (presumably most were, given the importance of water), nuts, berries, things that happened to be in season and grow nearby. Probably a lot more that some may consider unpalatable now, such as certain organ meat, insects, lichen, stomach contents, egg shells, blood. Obviously eating bacon, eggs and a bulletproof coffee is pretty much condensing the 'idea' of a low carb diet into something saleable and convenient, but it's not really related to how Paleolithic people ate. I just buy a ton of fresh vegetables, a little dairy, some eggs, chicken, pork sausages, bacon, olive oil, ghee, seaweed, and a few cheat items like good quality salad dressing (made with olive oil instead of vegetable oils) and rice wine vinegar for sauces. I have yet to hear a counter argument to 'just eat fresh/real food' that isn't 'DEBUNKING THE PALEO DIET!' clickbait, blogspam, contrarian bullshit.

  • Roman King Reply

    It doesn't take much to recognize another nutrition guru who repackaged an old fad diet and added some products that he can overcharge for. Dave Asprey is a tech guy who thought he could add to his revenue by making a fitness brand. His diet is a combination of ketogenic diets, paleo diets, and a bunch of weird psuedoscience about toxins. I read [this article]( a while ago trying to figure out what was up with him. It's just another diet scam. It's just butter in your coffee, it's not a magical fat loss potion. As for being fat-adapted, I doubt that's even statistically significant compared to actually just eating a hypocaloric diet. People love their little "hacks" and shortcuts, but none of them really work that well.

  • Zola Cormier Reply

    Check out a guy named Mark Sisson and his diet, the primal blue print, kind of like a paleo but different. He is very informative.

  • Maida Emard Reply

    Evo-Psych is the greatest hamster wheel in academia. This kind of bullshit wishful romanticism regarding our ancient origins is prevalent into [Anthropology]( as well. There are tons of back and forth theories just trying to answer the question of why we began to walk upright, for instance. The very worst of these theories (just like most of the Evo-Psych RP likes to quote) suffer for the same key defect; *little to no hard evidence*. Sure, they are cute little self-reinforcing models, but they do not hold up to honest scientific examination. [This]( debunking of the "Paleo Diet" is another example of this same tendency we have to want to romanticize our hominid past into some sort of action movie awesomeness. Evo-Psych is just more of this crap.

  • Leif Tremblay Reply

    Some of the rock grinding sounds were really harsh but that was great. So burning the wood makes it harder and I wonder how long it took him to grind the rock to that polished finish. Also this guy is a real advert for the paleo diet.

  • Kiarra Wunsch Reply

    Probably the Blood Type Diet. It was a fad in the 90's. The guy believed that people with Type O blood needed a more "paleo" diet. He got his history completely backwards, though.

  • Allene Murray Reply

    I'll get down voted for this but I don't give a fuck. Paleo is not optimal for athletes. The guy who invented the diet was sick as fuck, he never intended it for athletes.

  • Elbert Medhurst Reply

    I never implied that Eco-Fascism is intrinsically Anarchist in nature. However, it just so happens that [some]( anti-civilizationists advocate for Eco-Fascism as a transitory state much like how the USSR was supposed to function. However, such sentiments do not make up the entirety of Anarcho-Primitivists' opinions. The media desperately tries to ["debunk"]( the paleo diet by only attacking the "Paleo" name of the diet. Even then, the only substance against the name of the diet are isolated incidents of Neanderthals possessing tools typically used for grain processing and isolated incidents of African tribes eating beans. There has not been a good rebuttal to the actual dietary aspects of the Paleolithic diet, despite overwhelming evidence of the diet's metabolic [health]( [benefits](

  • Dallin Ledner Reply

    denise minger is a paleo industry rat. that's all you really need to know. she gets paid to hate on veganism and any food related thing that is not paleo/high fat diet. funny thing is SHE EATS A HIGH CARB DIET and she still shills out for the paleo fuckers denise minger is an english major. so she knows how to write bullshit and make it look pretty. she is also like 15 and thinks she debunked the longest, most comprehensive nutritional study ever done by a lifelong expert. that is like me debunking lightbulbs cuz i started a fire with a match.

  • Stanford Hand Reply

    Hey man. I finished the program as a 240 lb guy. I didn't lose any weight although my cardio had a drastic improvement. I'd really recommend a Paleo type diet like whole 30 while doing this program. I like it because I can eat all the meat, vegetables, and fruits that I want. I miss sauces, but I lost 15 lbs on the Paleo diet and running has gotten so much easier.

  • Melyna Schinner Reply

    I'm a guy Is it really worth it though?? From all the reading I've done it seems like a low carb, low fat, high protein diet is better because you can lose weight, and put on muscle! My main question is wouldn't I receive the same result (WEIGHT LOSS) from a Paleo diet? Which allows me to eat fruit and other veg..

  • Sister Willms Reply

    What does this have to do with paleo exactly? I've seen this guy's stuff before (Gerger). He is a known vegan diet proponent, very against animal foods. He has yet to show me any convincing data.

  • Karen Hickle Reply

    "That Sugar Film" on Amazon video does great in showing the consequences of what we call a normal diet. Basically a guy who is used to a paleo style diet starts consuming so called "healthy" food for 60 days to see what happens. The crazy thing is that his calorie intake did not change but his body sure did.

  • Ian Stanton Reply

    and make them very sick too. I guess if you ate a paleo keto diet or another super healthy keto diet and overshot in your calories, you can get fat, perhaps even obese. But would your health differ from the guy that got obese eating the SAD? I think so, yes. Those stuff should be tested

  • Franz Cremin Reply

    As soon as this guy said paleo diet I figured it was all bullshit... Why the fuck would you eat on a diet from an era of lifespans of only 35 years? And if he's worried about missing a meal, drink a bottle of ensure

  • Reyna Carroll Reply

    In the meta analysis, when I said the results showed that they had better health, longevity was implied in that. They had both a lower incidence of chronic disease and better longevity. Atkins was more interested in profit than human health. He was a businessman first. He advocated the diet that he did in order to make money, and he made a lot of it as a result. It's an incredibly marketable and easy-to-follow diet to the western world, where most people are already addicted to meat and cheese, don't like fruits and vegetables and whole grains, and it typically helps people lose weight quickly, which is a huge goal for a lot of people in the obesogenic culture of the west. However, it's an unsustainable and unhealthy diet in the long run. Atkins was also overweight, had heart attacks, congestive heart failure, and hypertension- all things associated with a diet high in animal protein. As for Dr. Cordain, his diet is only slightly different from Atkins' in unimportant ways, and the whole Paleo narrative has been thoroughly debunked as an utter fantasy of human history. One of the most damning myths of the Paleo camp is that consumption of legumes is bad for human health, some going as far as to say that it's "poisonous" to humans despite the denizens of every single Blue Zone eating diets high in legumes, and high consumption of legumes was actually the number one predictor of longevity in the largest meta analysis ever done on the health effects of diet in the world. That's just the tip of the iceberg in debunking Paleo nonsense. I don't know how much information you're starting with on this topic, but the Blue Zones are demographics that have the best longevity in the world, and have the highest concentration of centenarians, or people who are >100 years old. All of them eat high carb, low protein diets and only eat meat on special occasions, not as a part of their usual diets. The Adventist study in Loma Linda, California was one of the best studies ever conducted on this issue because they were able to isolate the variable in a way that was unprecedented in other studies. They were able to study a population that was the same in almost every single way except diet. And... that study showed the exact opposite of what you're saying, so I don't why you included it lol. The vegans fared better than the vegetarians who fared better than the meat eaters, chronic disease and longevity-wise. The Oxford study is *part of* the EPIC study, I can only assume you separated them because you googled something like "find studies that prove veganism is bad google please find as many as possible please god" and saw the words EPIC and Oxford and decided to split them into two studies that were actually one study, which is the one I mentioned that was small and had poor methodology and was literally the *only outlier* in the largest meta analysis of studies ever conducted on this topic in the entire world. I already mentioned some of the things that made that study an outlier among the general pattern all of the studies they analyzed in *the biggest meta analysis ever conducted on this topic in the world*. As for the Health Food Shoppers study and the Heidelberg study, I haven't heard of them and would have to look into them. If they were conducted before the aforementioned meta analysis, then I must assume they were too flawed methodologically to be included, which means they shouldn't be used as evidence for anything, ever. I've been looking into this topic for a while now, and have noticed a distinct pattern when it comes to the scientific data. Every single study that I've seen so far, except the EPIC-Oxford study, which we already noted had extreme methodology flaws, that shows a result in favor of meat and dairy consumption is funded by meat and dairy industries. Every. Single. One. Every single study conducted by organizations that have no financial incentives to report certain data end up showing the same things. Once you start actually looking into this shit, and not just a google search for a half-assed rebuttal of a reddit comment that threatens your worldview as you're obviously doing right now, you start seeing a very clear pattern. And you start realizing a lot of things you've "known" all along, aren't true at all. I used to be you. Please read this book, at least.

  • Magnus Swaniawski Reply

    Why does this guy keep bringing up the Paleo diet? What the fuck does that have to do with the MRM and feminism?

  • Devyn Cartwright Reply

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  • Claude Hudson Reply

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