Chores are hard!

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  • Chores are hard!
  • MRW I'm trying to smuggle my new invisible pet dog home, but he's too excited and keeps trying to play, until he finally sees a squirrel across the street and makes a break for it never to be seen again
  • A visual representation of the MSM trying to carry Hillary to victory
  • [Video]I found this kid's perseverance to be very motivational
  • A Visualization Of What It Feels Like To Play Most Tournaments
  • Starting a feature without any API, designs or mockups
  • How I feel when trying buy a house in Sydney in 2016
  • Trying to get a new PR like [NOT AN XD-POST]
  • At taking out the trash during a windstorm
  • trAsHcAN FUcKIng DESTROYS liTtlE cHiLD!
  • HMJB: While I retrieve our garbage can
  • Trying to enhance someone else's code
  • This kid struggling with a trash can
  • Next time, when earth fights back
  • An early lesson in aerodynamics
  • Wind sucks for this poor kid
  • Poor kid. He almost made it
  • Bringing the trashcan in
  • Curb Your Recycling
  • Maybe Maybe Maybe
  • What a trooper
  • never give up
  • Garbage Blow
  • pretty🚮good
  • Garbage Day!
  • Boy vs. Bin
  • Won't Do It
  • Trashwinded
  • 大自然との闘い
  • me irl
  • Windy
  • meirl

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