Children's Positive Affirmations Coloring Book Volume 1: Encourage Optimism and Positive Thoughts in Children.

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Boost your child's self confidence with these unique motivational coloring book. They learn valuable lessons, get motivated and build self confidence, all while having fun coloring cute illustrations.

This coloring book is based on two principles that various research studies concur:
Coloring twenty minutes helps reduce anxiety and stress in Children.
Positive Affirmations help boost child's self-confidence.

Presenting the Positive Affirmations Coloring book, 30 beautiful illustrations, printed on one side of the pages only ( so your child can use markers if they like). These detailed illustrations feature fun characters and positive affirmations for your kid to color.

This book has been selling in New York for years and has just been made available online via Amazon.

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Looking for more? We have released another Version of the same Collection. Version two:

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