Bulletproof Coffee Is A Scam!

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  • Haylee Hills Reply

    > Always be sure to look for advertised email addresses on their official pages Unfortunately this isn't bulletproof advice anymore. Some of the scam requests I've been getting recently have full-on fake YouTube pages with fake views and subscribers, so the email on the page matches the email used. They can still be spotted though. A couple of examples of what a scam channel typically looks like: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzOhUFVqJSGk20eB0kFCyOg/videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_TgLJm0paPjmJQTWaHqDhQ/videos Signs include: * Around 1500 subs * Gameplay videos with no commentary split into many parts * No comments on the videos * Weird view counts (strangely consistent, random sudden dropoff to near zero views, etc) * Twitter etc links either missing or super basic * Description/PC specs sometimes copied from other channels * Several videos with the same upload date They'll change the channel name and email people again a month or two later.

  • Berniece Bogisich Reply

    OR! OP is getting ready to try this scam and is using Reddit to bulletproof his process. We are unwitting pawns in his financial scheming!

  • Ethyl Reynolds Reply

    > Always be sure to look for advertised email addresses on their official pages Unfortunately this isn't bulletproof advice anymore. The scam requests I've been getting recently have full-on fake YouTube pages with fake views and subscribers, so the email on the page matches the email used. They can still be spotted though. A few examples of what a scam channel typically looks like: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzOhUFVqJSGk20eB0kFCyOg/videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_TgLJm0paPjmJQTWaHqDhQ/videos Signs include: - Around 1500 subs - Gameplay videos with no commentary split into many parts - No comments on the videos - Weird view counts (strangely consistent, random sudden dropoff to near zero views, etc) - Twitter etc links either missing or super basic - Description/PC specs sometimes copied from other channels They'll change the channel name and email people again a month or two later.

  • Quentin Boyer Reply

    No, the harder it is to evict someone, the more people clamp down when it comes to applications to get an apartment. And if you can't get someone out in winter, instead of giving someone a few months to get their shit together in fall, the first time they're more than 2 weeks late, no stipulation in court, just by the numbers eviction. Also some apartment complexes pull their ads everywhere in winter. Simply because you get people who have a fresh eviction that hasn't hit the databases yet, and they're trying to worm their way in somewhere quick before anyone finds out. Those people will still rent out apartments, but usually they get tenants only by reference of other tenants, landlords, process servers, and the like. If they have bulletproof credit, and are moving in the winter, it's probably because they're assholes. Usually the old landlord gave em a 30 day notice at the end of the lease, just because they were sick of em bitching, making legal threats, or calling the city over loose railings, wobbly doorknobs, and the like. Even had one 20 something little punk, he didn't like the drawer pulls in his apartment. I told him he'd have to wait a few months, and we'd pick up a new batch at habitat or something(boxes or bags of used ones can be had for like $20-$50 for hundreds of em). Tries to call the city inspector. City inspector turned him down flat, he didn't care about the drawer pulls, or that nobody dusted his blinds before he moved in, and that the pool had been closed early that fall before he could use it. Middle of winter, he finally gets his drawer pulls, new blinds, and some other BS. Now he wants new carpet. He never liked that carpet, even though he said it was fine when he moved in. The carpet is all of 15 months old, and by now it's pretty obvious he's get mental health problems, drug addiction, or some kind of bad news going on. Comes up to the office one day, ranting and raving that I'm a pervert, I'm watching illegal porn, and I should be locked up. 7 day notice, harassment of complex employees. Had to call an old supervisor from a previous job in the event that this guy was running some kind of industrial espionage scam. Never heard back on that one, so no news is good news. 2-3 days later, either he's off the dope, or found out the implications of what I had him served with. Blubbering that he's sorry and all this shit. Told him I'd already reported it to my old job as sexual blackmail, and they passed it up the food chain. That at least gets him sober enough that he stays away from me. But the fun didn't end just yet. He decides that he should be able to park in the handicapped spot, because his parking spot is not cleaned off well enough. Nor are the other 12 spots close by. For the local cops, such idiots generate LOADS of cash. They could drive by 4 times a day, and issue a new batch of tickets every time. You have no plate on your car, and are in a hurry, park in the handicapped spot. Too bad, you get a ticket. Well das racist. You were not in the car when the ticket was issued right? Well, uh... Why these guys were telling me, I don't know. City of XYZ was right on the ticket. So, this idiot kid, his car gets hit twice in one day. First he parks in one handicapped spot, moves, comes back, and parks in a different handicapped spot. Then he goes somewhere off the property, does the same damned thing, and gets his car towed. Gets it out of the impound, parks in a handicapped spot on the property. This time he tried to fight and argue with the cop. Gets hauled off to jail, but no ticket on the car. Gets out of jail, goes back to the apartment, cops are called again, this time fighting with his girlfriend. Anyway, for some reason, he thinks I was out to get him over the parking thing. He gives a 30 day notice that he's moving out, even though he'll lose his deposit. Moves out in a hurry, hands in the keys, and 2 weeks later he wants to move back in. Uh, no! Get two calls for references in about a months time, warn the other landlords of what this guy did, and they nope the hell out.

  • Richmond Ernser Reply

    Dave Aspery is the bulletproof coffee guy who tried to scam Joes listeners about the danger of mycotoxins in all coffee but his. Aubry Marcus is Joes long time friend and cofounder of ONNIT. As you correctly stated Aubry is on all the time, but I mentioned Dave Aspery.

  • Brown Aufderhar Reply

    It doesn't take much to recognize another nutrition guru who repackaged an old fad diet and added some products that he can overcharge for. Dave Asprey is a tech guy who thought he could add to his revenue by making a fitness brand. His diet is a combination of ketogenic diets, paleo diets, and a bunch of weird psuedoscience about toxins. I read [this article](http://gizmodo.com/bulletproof-coffee-debunking-the-hot-buttered-hype-1681321467) a while ago trying to figure out what was up with him. It's just another diet scam. It's just butter in your coffee, it's not a magical fat loss potion. As for being fat-adapted, I doubt that's even statistically significant compared to actually just eating a hypocaloric diet. People love their little "hacks" and shortcuts, but none of them really work that well.

  • Alysa Lemke Reply

    > The reason that I am here is to try and inform people, by sharing some of my 2.5 year long experience/knowledge in crypto. If people get caught in some comments that are pointing out tiny mistakes/flaws and get stuck there, then I am not even bothered about it. I can't help someone who doesn't want to look at the bigger picture. My question then, is who specifically are you trying to inform? There are different audiences for this post and they will respond differently. Two groups of people to consider are people who hold some BTC but no DASH, and people who started holding just BTC but have since switched partly or fully DASH. These two people have very different requirements for a scambusting article. Part of the problem is that something that might look like a tiny mistake or flaw to one person might be very significant to another. A BTC holder reading your article might decide that there are enough warning signings around the Dash project that they decide to avoid it entirely and stay holding 100% BTC. That means they avoid the possibility of being scammed, but it also means they miss out on any potential advantages (either technology or from the changing prices). A DASH holder will have a very different perspective. They will likely have considered many or all of the issues you raise, but they have still decided to hold some DASH, maybe even 100% DASH. These people have invested time, effort and money into DASH, and so if they consider any of your arguments incomplete, invalid, or lacking new information, they will ignore them. To stand a chance of convincing a DASH holder that the currency is a scam, you'll need a much, much stronger argument. If you're aiming more at warning Bitcoin holders away from Dash, you may be able to get by with a less robust argument – although, if the comment discussion is full of Dash users addressing flaws in the logic, it will weaken your case. But if you're trying to alert Dash users (as quite an extreme example, masternode operators), you'll need a pretty bulletproof case, and that will take a considerable amount it work. I like to think to account for writing based on how much it costs in time to prepare, weighed against the value it has to the readers. This, however, is highly asymmetric: an article is written once, and maybe revised a few times, but can be read many times, possibly thousands or even millions of times. The good side of this is that if an article is widely read, or read by people who gain a lot of value from it, then any effort into researching it and making it as clear and correct as possible pays off hundreds or thousands of times, if not more. Personally I tend to ask what it would take to do something (e.g. writing, but any other kind of work too) well, and if it is not worth doing well, I ask if it is really worth doing at all. I don't mean that everything must be perfect or it's not worth even starting, that cuts out too many opportunities. But where some things go from good to great with only a small amount of extra effort, other things take an enormous amount of effort and don't gain much in value for it. There's a special case for when an article answers everything readers can throw at it, it creates a "this guy nailed it" effect, and people seem much more willing to share things when they silence all critics. (I should point out that I've written only a fairly small number of blog posts over the years, and while some have proved very popular, there is a good argument to be made that I would have been better writing a lot of quick articles on a regular basis. At this point I'm really just writing down ideas I use in the hope they might be helpful!)

  • Terrance Koch Reply

    > Unless the Obama administration starts threatening action against these governments, Russia especially, then ransomware and scam calls will continue. Why Russia? Romania is where most of these "bulletproof" hosting providers are.

  • Dave Ruecker Reply

    > Why do you have to go and say that if you do a nonpaid internship you're going to be starving, i mean if you're stupid enough to dedicate 40h a week to that when you have no other source of income then it's your problem, it's not a job, it's an INTERNSHIP. Allright, man. It's pretty clear that you don't know how internships in the US work. > And again, I don't know why I'm getting so much shit. Because you are an asshole. I'm not exaggerating when I say if I was your boss and you displayed that attitude about helping the new kids I'd bounce you out the door so fast your head would spin. It is a toxic attitude and I would get rid of you immediately. > And despite what you say, you can take elective classes at university [at least i did] where you do bridge design, and that's a proper bridge design not the typical do a beam and that's it. Stop, man. Just stop. You know what my current job is? Designing power lines. Do you suggest that be made a course in university to get people job ready on day one? How many years? You know what else I do? I program this very specific brand of relay (circuit breaker) that's found in high voltage sub stations. Do you want to make that a required course so that we can all come out with practical knowledge on day 1? You know what else I've done? Structural rehab of old lighthouses. Should we make that a course? "Hey, kids, today we are going to learn to analyze 300 year old water logged timber." That will be totally useless for 99% of students... You know what else that firm did? Designed the presidential inaugural stands. Do you think college kids these days should be taught how to make bomb and bulletproof temporary structures? What else have I done? Analysis of 1700s cast iron columns. Should we teach that in school so that kids can have "practical skills"? Do you think that's a good use of time? God only knows what will come down the pipe tomorrow. It's not reasonable to try to teach it all. You learn on the job. You take the skill sets, basic principles and way of thinking that you learned in school and you figure stuff out. College isn't there to teach you specifics. It is there to teach you how to figure out specifics on your own. What you are suggesting is impossible. > I said that if given the opportunity to have a nonpaid internship in which the benefits [such as practice and knowledge] offset the amount of money that I could get by flipping burgers in Seattle Because the choice isn't between an unpaid internship and McDonalds. It's between an unpaid internship and a paid one. An unpaid internship is a scam, run by sleazebags, illegal, and to be avoided.

  • Viola Hauck Reply

    If she was wearing a bulletproof vest and walking around for an hour, I suspect that would qualify. I'm also kind of curious... Is there anyone who was seriously on the fence between Hillary/Donald/Gary/Jill and decided "Gee, before today I was leaning Hillary, but now I'm changing my vote." Hell, is there anyone who was seriously on the fence between Hillary and Trump, full stop? Or Hillary-Trump and Literally Anyone Else? Or Voting and Not Falling For That Perennial Scam Since It's All Rigged Anyway? If she showed up to her next event in a hearse, would anyone actually care?

  • Felix Baumbach Reply

    The first podcast "Bulletproof", seems awfully dodgy. Considering this is one article the host of the show has written. https://www.bulletproofexec.com/photo-abs-after-2-years-of-4500-calories-no-exercise/ Seems like a scam to sell his product to be honest.

  • London Glover Reply

    His father took out every last penny he could manage and used that money to secure them a new home in the heart of Empyreus. At the age of 13 Jin packed his entire life into 3 cardboard boxes and got ready to start a new life in country almost alien to his own, whose language to him was unknown and whose ideals and customs were mystery. They arrived on the edge of the concrete pier with nothing more than the clothes on their backs and couple thousand omni to get them through the next year. At this point Jin was himself a young man and he and his sister both got jobs working in city. His father, ever determined to provide for his family, set up a dingy little seafood restaurant on the edge of what would become, by the end of the war, Little Osaka. Together they all worked this new family business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It was grueling, and hard, and it got to the point where his father had more debts than he had profits, though he tried so desperately to bury that news. Jin on the other hand was struggling to adapt to this new city life. He had become moody and distant from his normally close family, and was dismissive of their concerns about his behaviour. He hated life in America, and felt like a stranger in his own home. Eventually his money troubles caught up to him and as little Osaka grew so did the pressure from the shady individuals he had borrowed money from. Organized criminals, lone sharks, members of the Yakuza or some affiliated group. They began showing up at the restaurant on the regular. It began more or less harmless. They would berate or intimidate customers, shame his father as thief and debt manipulator. Then things started to get more serious. They would come by and steal from the cash registers, extort or injure his father, or smash windows and items in the store without remorse. His mother tried calling the police multiple times to help them out of this mess but every time it seemed just one officer would show up and write the situation off as being too insubstantial and difficult to find the perpetrators to do anything about. Every paycheck his family earned ended up going to these debt collectors. They always came up empty. This seemed weirder and weirder with each passing incident. Until one faithful night when it all made sense. Jin decided had had enough of his father being thrown around and shaken down for his money. It wasn’t fair, nor was it just. He couldn’t believe how terribly cruel and corrupt this city was, and he felt it was his duty both as his father’s son and someone who believed so devoutly in justice to put a stop to the madness. He tailed a group of the thugs after they had ruffed up his mother and nearly caused his father a heart attack. He snuck behind them, following them through the dank, slimy, shadowy intestines of the city. Eventually they met up with the most unlikely of business partner. He watched one of the well dressed thugs handing half of the cash his father had paid them over to a pair of CDC officers, whose helmet muffled chuckles filled him with both rage and fear. This was more than just some loan sharking scam, it was all funding pay offs to Empyreus’ recently instated private police service, corrupted by greed, they let the weight of their pockets determine who received justice and protection and who was going to be beaten and bloodied. At that point Jin felt hopeless. He felt there was nothing more he could do for his family. He became fatalistic and depressed, thinking his father would work himself into a grave, and he and his sister and mother would be left on the streets to freeze under a static sky. That was of course, until he was graced by the angelic electric strum of a guardian angel, the recently relocated J-pop band, Bisque. He hadn’t heard of the group before moving to the city, but the more and more time he spent out on the streets around the store the more he heard of their doctrine. The leader of the group was more than just some idiot singer with a cute face, she realized the horrors and struggles of a people who had to forge their place in the city from their own blood and sweat and fought every day against a thousand alien forces just to keep their place on this planet. Her music filled him with vigor and vindication, set a fire in belly that raged to burn and swallow up anything and anyone who thought they could push his family out of this city without a fight. The fans of Bisque began to commune more and more online, and eventually, when head singer Tetsuko Ban began to ask for her most dedicated fans to stand and fight for what was theirs he was one of the first to heed the call. They called themselves the iDolls, and together they all met in secret and set forth a plan to protect little Osaka and all the refugees of the war from the dark claws of this city. Ms. Ban was now not only their favourite idol, but also their head commander. She doled out marching orders on her fansite, through her music, at her concerts. She was a beacon in the dark, and those who carried her music and message in their hearts would drowned out the hatred of this city. When meeting up with the other iDolls he finally felt like a part of a community again. It gave him purpose and made him realize he was not alone in his feelings of isolation and confusion. He finally felt like he belonged somewhere again, and quickly his mood turned around back to one of relaxed happiness and calm. Jin quickly armed himself for the purpose of defending what mattered to him most. With the help of his fellow dolls he acquired all the tools he would need to shed light into the ichorous heart of the city. To protect himself and his family from harm he took up an alias as Rose Ringo, and donned his high tech mask. Jin focuses on an information war side to the iDolls movement. He’s got more ambitious, idealistic dreams for the city, and to him the best way to weed out corruption is to “shine light on it,” This is why he’s constantly digging around both online and in the real world for examples of the horrors and corruption found within the city, both among the gangs and the CDC. He believes this vigilante crusade is the key to a happy life for the ones he loves the most, little does he realize that his late night tirades and suspicious deposits of cash have his family worried sick. *Many foxes grow gray, but few grow good.* 4) Jin works with the iDolls as an independent element, occasionally he’ll team up with other members to get things done but Jin has more ambitious goals than the average member of the gang, and as such he has very few people willing to help him out. 5) Jin carries a wide a variety of custom made tools to help him survive in the harsh city underside. His jacket is lined with pockets and straps and is padded with thin armor plating, the cloth itself synthetically reinforced to stand up against both blade and bullet, though it’s nowhere near bulletproof. It’d save him at most from a low caliber round at a fair distance or damper the impact of something heavier. It provides greater protection against melee attacks. His other piece of defensive equipment is the fox mask he wears almost constantly. The mask itself is lined with a thin plate of armor and a kevlar lining. The mask has a built in ventilator that wraps around the mouth, this component also includes a voice modulator that obscures his true voice, making it sound robotic and deep. The eyes of the mask are special optical lenses that allow for an array of tactical options including a heads up display for any info coming from his pocket computer, a zoom functionality of up to 4 times magnification, a thermal imaging and night vision optical mode. It also has a connected hands free headset for fielding radio or telephone calls. Jin has also recently purchased a neural implant that accelerates the speed at which his brain can process information and output brain signals. This allows him to move more swiftly and with greater agility and increases his ability to dodge and sense incoming danger. In terms of offensive equipment he carries a katana with a steep curve in the blade. The sheath of the katana is made from a heavy combination of metal and plastic. The hilt of the sword locks into the sheath and so the sheath itself can be used as a less lethal bludgeoning weapon rather than the blade, though he will draw the sword when necessary. In addition to this he also carries a decent supply of smoke grenades that he uses to disorient enemies and close the gap on ranged targets. He doesn’t carry a firearm of any kind. Aside from that he also brings a few mundane items along in a messenger bag, including: a pocket computing device, a screwdriver, a wrench, a bundle of various connector cables, zip ties, a flashlight, a high quality camera, a survival knife, duct tape, and a bottle of water. 6) Picture! 7) Three traits you'd like to have on your flair. 8) EST

  • Ezequiel Kling Reply

    I could drink more water, but I eat to get my vitamins and minerals. Multi vitamins are such a marketing scam. Even good vitamins, you're lucky if you get 3-5% of it. It's mostly filler and a waste of money. Bulletproof coffee and eggs in morning, nuts and veggies thru day, then a salad with fish or high quality beef with veggies for dinner is pretty typical. I go through at least a case of water a week. Exercise or just plain activity seems to help also. Just feel a little silly running through truck stop parking lots😁. But I do.

  • Marlon Roberts Reply

    Generally: Coffee with fats, usually butter or nut oil, mixed in. Used in some diets as a meal replacement, consumed simply for taste by others. I think most methods use a blender to emulse them, so it's a thick, even, drink and not particularly oily if well-made. There's also a brand of coffee called "Bulletproof Coffee" made by the guy that coined the name of the drink. It's a scam, a rip off, and not worth your time or money.

  • Alda Roob Reply

    Somewhere in China stood a nice office building, but this nice office building held a dark secret. This office building was the home to the scum of scum; the monsters of mankind; the beasts even worse than Hitler. This office building was home to a company called "DreamCat Software", a company dedicated to making shitty mobile base building games. They also scammed people or something, and had a . Now, Tosco De Cristofaro was an Italian-American mob boss who had a villa in China. He had curly auburn hair and blue eyes. He owned ten high-end cars of varying brands, eight yachts, four iPhones, a private jet, a helicopter, a strip club built into his villa, three tennis courts, a basketball court, a swimming pool, and five wives. He also had a penchant for violence; He, along with numerous other men, murdered his way through the Italian mob scene, and forced a merger between two major syndicates. They're now known as Il Cristo. Tosco was sitting in a white chair in his smoking room with his legs propped up on a Chinese man on all fours, whose arms and legs were cuffed together. The room was dark, and the only sources of light were the fireplace and the small streams of light that shined through the curtains. "Now, tell me, General Tso," he said, with an iPhone in one hand and a crowbar in the other. The man nervously looked up at him. "Where's my free iPad?" "I- I don't know!" He replied. Tosco put the phone down on the nightstand next to him. Wielding the crowbar with two hands, he opened his legs struck the spine of the Chinese man with an overhead swing. He then stood up, and kicked the man over. With the man lying on the ground, he sat down on his abdomen and struck his head with the crowbar. The man choked on his blood. "Are you sure you don't know?" Tosco asked. The man coughed. "Alr... Alright! It's a scam *coughs*! We-We trick people into clicking on the ad, and then we use it to... get their location a-and privacies a-a-and... Gaah!" he said, in a raspy, pained, voice. Tosco knew no sympathy, especially for anyone who dared try to scam a mob boss, let alone a member of Il Cristo. He followed with a few more overhead swings to the man's face, before sticking the crowbar inside the bloody mess and twisting it around for a bit. He poked around inside the man's suit and found a company ID card. Tosco stood up, realized where he needed to go, and contacted his "colleagues". A few hours later, a shiny Lamborghini pulled up to a parking lot next to a nice office building. Tosco stepped out of his Lamborghini and slung a duffel bag over his shoulder. As he walked towards the building, a black van pulled up. The van opened, and out came Mario Zizzo. Mario Zizzo wasn't anyone special, really. All Tosco knew was that he was about to slaughter some innocent Chinese programmers. He could've ridden in the same van as Mario, but being as rich as he is, he couldn't beat the temptation to flaunt his Lamborghini. "Mister Cristofaro, I'm only a new recruit in Il Cristo. I am honored to-" Mario nervously said, but Tosco interrupted by putting a finger to his mouth. "No need to be honored. For now, stay behind me." The duo walked into the lobby of the building, looked at the directory, and took the elevator to the fifth floor, where DreamCat's offices resided. In the elevator, Tosco put the duffel bag down and opened it to reveal a cache of gloves and weapons. Mario asked, "Tosco, why are we treating some office like a bank heist? What do we need all these weapons and tools for?". Tosco replied, "It helps to be prepared, amico. Quickly, put on your gloves." and handed him an M16. Mario gulped nervously as he wielded the rifle. Tosco took two Uzis from the bag and closed it up. "Mario, take the bag." he added. As the doors opened, Tosco immediately fired a shot forward, cracking the window in front of him. Every programmer and desk worker ducked in their cubicles. Tosco shouted, "You Chinese dogs! I was promised a free iPad, and I was told that it did not exist!" He saw a businessman in the corner of his eye, and shot him with the Uzi. Screams erupted from their cubicles. Tosco commanded, "Mario, fire some shots into the air! Scare them!" He nodded, and fired three shots into the air. "You will tell us who promised the free iPad, or you will all be laying on the floor!" Tosco shouted. The employees did not understand English, and continued cowering in fear. "No?" Tosco asked. He signalled Mario to get behind him. Without warning, he fired upon the cube farm, murdering almost everyone who were unlucky enough to go to work that day. Mario was shaken. He knew that they were in a mob and everything, but why murder innocents? He was seriously considering opening fire on his boss. As a survivor scrambled to the elevator. Mario pointed his gun at her. Tosco would scold him for leaving a witness, wouldn't he? He fired three shots into her back, killing her. Mario was disgusted with himself. What had he become? The duo continued through a hallway, where Tosco shot every businessman that came his way. At the end of the hall, was the office of Wang Zihao, CEO of DreamCat. Tosco angrily slammed the door open. "You lied to me about the iPad. I will make you die in the most painful way possible." he said. He whispered, "Hand me the bag, Mario. Keep 'im in place." Mario handed him the duffel bag, and from it, Tosco produced a bucket, a roll of duct tape, a nailgun, and a cage with a rat in it. Tosco spoke, "This rat has not eaten for days. I keep a couple of them for pieces of shit like you." He then walked towards the CEO, and knocked him down with a single punch. He used the duct tape to silence Zihao and the nailgun to tie him to the ground, while Mario watched in horror. Tosco put the rat on Zihao's abdomen, and then taped the bucket on top it. Zihao began squirming around as Tosco took a lighter and emptied its fluid onto the bucket before lighting it. Zihao produced more muffled screams as he watched Tosco walk away. The lighter fluid dripped onto his stomach as it burned. "Let's go, Mario." He said as he left. Tosco began walking down the corridor. Mario stood there in silence as he watched Zihao scream. Feeling bad for him, he waited for Tosco to be too far away to hear a gunshot, and then shot Zihao in the head, mercifully ending his life. Tosco still heard it, however. "You traitor!" He shouted. Without thinking, he opened fire on him through the glass door. He responded the same way, but when Mario realized that he was wearing a bulletproof vest, he slightly hesitated to shoot him in the head. Tosco fell, and the tyrant's reign ended. *** Mario Zizzo sat in the back seat of the police vehicle with his hands cuffed together. "I must tell you, I do not regret a single thing," Mari told the officer, "He was a violent and dangerous man." "But in the end, you were still a part of his gang," The copper replied, "Anyway, I heard that the cops in Italy cracked down on The Christ. We're already moving towards seizing his possessions since he dodged tax ever since he moved here. I think you should look for some better job opportunities." "Yes, maybe I should." Mario replied. The cop chuckled. "Good luck finding a job with that criminal record of yours, though."

  • Jo Lueilwitz Reply

    The people you mentioned are vulnerable people. That's exactly my point, we as a civilised society want kids to be looked after, elderly and disabled to be under some sort of care...why? Because they cannot defend themselves and we expect other people to do so on their behalf. Why do degenerates scam the elderly and take advantage of the disabled? Because they are vulnerable. Evil people target vulnerability. The expectation however seems to be that 'rapist shouldn't rape'. Which I believe to be incredibly naive and dangerous. This world is FUCKED UP. You can avoid a dangerous alley at night but you cannot avoid the charming, smiling, fun co-worker who is actually a monster waiting to strike. Therefore, those of us who are in the position to, who have the choice to not BE vulnerable should look after ourselves. It is just personal responsibility. When you go on vacation to certain countries, people tell you carry bags in the front and not bring along valuables because of pickpockets and thieves. No one is saying that the thieves are not be blamed or should not be caught if you get something stolen. But if you KNOW that you can be a target, the element of personal responsibility should not be removed from the equation. And the screwed up thing is, at the end of the day, no matter how many precautions anyone takes, assault can happen to anyone. But that doesn't mean that we should stop taking precautions and place our absolute faith in the world. I would like to be able to fight, or runaway or SOMETHING. Yes, there might come a point where I won't be able to do anything no matter what. It is like wearing a bulletproof vest; it doesn't save you from a head shot or from a bomb. But people still wear because it MIGHT save their lives. NO ONE should be placing the blame on victims. The only motherfuckers who seem to do that are the rapists themselves or equally evil individuals. Telling people to look after their own well being does not equal blame.

  • Rozella O'Conner Reply

    > Did you notice how he dodged the questions regarding ONNIT in the AMA? He's a documented fraud and a bully. are we talking about joe rogan here or brendan ? both fit the bill. the damage control that joe tried to do on his own message board, during the whole bulletproof scam, then the onnit questions and fuckery that are still going on. at one point onnit had paid "interns" monitoring the whole message board, being paid to dispute any negative press that onnit got. "aubrey" was looking to hire people who already had "rep" and been a member of the message board for a while so that they didnt seem like total shills. how clever. his message board isnt just a bunch of pot smoking teens either. those arent the type of customers onnit wants though, their target demographic is the pot smoking teens. people were asking legit questions with much more knowledge in the field than anyone working for onnit. shit was hilarious, probably closed down all the threads and got rid of the evidence. [old screen grab](http://i44.tinypic.com/1zbbe5j.png) joe himself would chime in once in a blue moon with some well worded politically correct PR statement for damage control. no one believes his shit anymore. also, as much as the guy who ran joerogan2 may have been a bit out of his mind. he and others put together a lot of legit damning information about onnit in general, the "boston center for memory" lol. the rabbit hole runs deep with rogan and their business dealings. but mma fans have such a hardon for th eguy, you cant openly discuss it without being blanket downvoted by a bunch of kids who idolize him. there doesnt seem to be anything legit or ethical about their businesses or products, just overpriced buzzwords, misinformation, half truths and some outright fraud with their *controlled studies* and dubious claims

  • Hal Bins Reply

    Lightning network is just another scam. They are by all rights an altcoin, belong on their own blockchain, and have no business being associated with bitcoin whatsoever. Any hard forks in the past have been done through the large and very knowledgeable bitcoin dev team. A FAR cry from some tiny upstart of dissenting devs spreading disinformation for their own profit. > Yeah, and some of them left and moved to other projects that "hijack" your resources. Yes, there we agree. And the way they operate, spamming legitimate bitcoin forums (not just here) with abuse, disinformation and propaganda is despicable. Again, increasing the block size willy nilly without VERY careful consideration and bulletproof protections in place is insane. IF any of these dissenting, money-grubbing, abusive altcoin teams actually have any legitimate concerns, the actual bitcoin dev team is working on them. To try to forcefully take over the bitcoin infrastructure as so many of them are, is detrimental to cryptocurrency tech in general, and bitcoin very specifically. If they were to act with an iota of responsibility and respectability, they would implement thier ideas on it's OWN damn blockchain, and forums for that matter. Competition is good. What they are trying to do, spreading lies: i.e. that massively increasing the blockchain with no safegards against further centralization of mining power that will encourage, is despicable. Totally shady and aimed to profit none but them and their financial backers.

  • Elizabeth Wilderman Reply

    we are bulletproof pt 2 mv dropped and I watched it because it looked like hot mess. I cringed the whole time but I went "okkkkkkk I need to see how deep this goes" then I watched their dance practice (the one where they use flashlights and I think there's a Kanye song clip in there) and was blown away. Then I listened to Namjoon's cover of "Something" and fell in love with him ONLY. Time passed and teaser photos dropped for skool love affair mini and Namjoon looked so good I got super excited and was like "ok I'll only watch this for Namjoon" the other members didn't exist for me at this point. MORE time passed and then American Hustle Life came out. That was my downfall, through watching it I fell in love with every member. Dark and Wild dropped and I died. Then I started reading fanfics (which with me, always means I've drank the kool aid and I'm in for the long haul) at this time Jimin stole Namjoon's spot as my bias but the battle was not easily won haha THEN Pt. 1 dropped and last summer the disaster that was Highlight Tour was announced. At this point I was beginning to chug the kool aid by the gallon and said fuck it take my money scam company idec After Highlight Tour I literally went insane. I started buying all the official merch I could get my hands on. Around this time I started watching the Bangtan Bombs and catching up on other variety I missed. I have been into kpop for 11 years before this and this damn group was the first one to make me love them this much. If it wasn't for Infinite, I think BTS would be my number one kpop group of all time. and now I'm here haha

  • Frank Grimes Reply

    Right now they look at least complicit for allowing such a setup in the first place without saying anything publically. They basically provided a service to bitfinex to allow an exit scam while making it seem like they had bulletproof security. Their silence/lack of attempt to do anything but scrub their website of insurance info is telling.

  • Conner Kling Reply

    Audigon is pretty much bulletproof if the seller has a few positive feedback and no negative. 1 positive feedback on Audiogon is equal to 100 on ebay or discogs. USAM is free so the deals can be a bit better but the scam possibility is higher. I bought a Koetsu cartridge on USAM for a price that did indeed turn out to be too good to be true. Thankfully paypal covered it. I recommend talking to any seller on the phone before buying.

  • Michelle Heathcote Reply

    Isn't Bulletproof coffee that bullshit scam that had everyone dumping butter into their Starbucks?

  • Raven Grant Reply

    So before wages and productivity stopped going hand in hand what was the % of ones income that went to a roof over their head? Less than now? More? The fact that people who have cash producing assets that are more easily managed than other business is not the point (unless you just envy them not having to work?) I dont think cell phone salesmen in kiosks at the mall add any value to society - we have entire industries of bs jobs and bs products that no one "needs" , are these ventures better than investing in real estate simply because someone had to wake up and actually go to work? Because thats what you make it sound like. Also you cant just tax the rentals income higher - half the rent collected is going to end up being spent on maintenance and repairs anyway (google "the 50% rule") , lots of small time investors barely have any cashflow on a unit by unit basis and just hold for equity (someone else paying the mortgage) and the possibility of increased value simply from market forces they dont control (but again - only a moron goes in assuming this second portion because the properties value could also decline) I dont think rentals are this bulletproof parasitic economic scam you make them out to be , until you have a big ass portfolio its tons of risk for little reward.

  • Carey Auer Reply

    You act like Obamacare is the final answer. Obamacare is a great first step. What the ACA did is demonstrate to the entire country that private health insurance is a fucking huge scam. When the insurance companies are required to provide healthcare to their policyholders, it ends up costing a lot of money, and those costs are passed onto the consumer in the firm of high deductibles and copays. The cost of insurance is still going up, and it is commendable that Obamacare has slowed it, but it is not the be-all, end-all solution. LGBT rights are basically bulletproof now. Obergefell is underpinned by the 14th Amendment. We know the gay marriage fight is over because we are now moving onto transgender bathrooms. There are plenty of SOPA provisions in the TPP, and with as much money as Hillary has taken from telcos, don't pretend like she cares about net neutrality.

  • Charlene Mante Reply

    Yeah it is pretty lame right? I tell you what though, if you're looking for bulletproof advice on when and where to buy or sell shares, options, futures and other derivatives then you should really look at http://makemillions.totally-not-a-scam.au. They're like the Aussie Warren Buffet of financial advice. I follow them religiously and I've turned $100 into $100,000 in a month, no joke. You can trust me, I'm from Reddit. /u/AusFinance hates them!

  • Marques Smith Reply

    Im mainly just opposed to the fact that the Pegasus version has no bulletproof tires. But if you spend 2 million extra on a large warehouse, and spend 400k more on upgrading it, then you can apparently access one with bulletproof tires. Seems like a scam.

  • Alanna Beier Reply

    Depends what you are after. I found it unfair to say it's a scam, he has some good product and good intentions. Joe Rogan's claim may be justified i don't know but Joe is also competing in the same market as him, so i'd rather see the 2 engaged in a sane competition. I learned about Dave Asprey thanks to James Altucher. Dave is the one who got me in the nootropics community actually, i started using Aniracetam, Modafinil and Phenibut because of him. He talks about taking 500mg of Phenibut before bed in his book which i tried. I had never heard of it before. To his credit, he actually changed my life for the better, i was suffering from constant inflammation in the stomach and chronic constipation. Since i started drinking BulletProof coffee, everything is fixed, i go to the toilets everyday and my inflammation is almost gone. I have added Zinc supplementation to my list and it seems to help. I followed a lot of his advise like supplementing with Krill Oil/Magnesium/Potassium/Arginine-ornithine before bed. I noticed all his products are overpriced but if you can afford it why not give it a test. I like the Gluthatione Force (sometimes 3mg before bed) and i wake up really fresh. He helped me getting rid of a lot of brain fog, i went mostly gluten free with a few exceptions (cant live without pizza and hamburgers from time to time). I try to be in Ketosis as much as possible and do the intermittent fasting. Ketosis is a wonderful thing for me, i love it. I used to buy his expensive coffee but i do not fall for it anymore, way overpriced and i can get some great organic coffee for a 1/4 of the price. Once again Rogan's red flag may be legit but that doesn't mean Dave is a phony, sure he is all about making money but not only. I think he has an audience of people with mild to severe health issues (inflammation, brain fog, depression, mold exposure, metal poisoning,..) and that his website is full of ideas to work on (and full of others to discard if they're not for you). I still enjoy his articles and podcasts. The website forum is not a place i enjoy that much though.

  • Jovanny Beer Reply

    I keep my carb intake to 25g/day, but even I think it's a scam. Especially the specific branded MCT oil, but I don't buy that mixing fat into your caffeine does anything. I eat bacon or sausage and eggs for breakfast every morning because eating fat keeps me satiated for a long time, and avoiding carbs helps me avoid an insulin response that makes me tired. So, bulletproof coffee has no benefits that can't be gotten in another, in my opinion tastier, way. I'd much rather have a nice cup of single-origin coffee and a few slices of bacon than mixing butter into my coffee.

  • Clifford Torphy Reply

    Oh no! Are you saying Joe Rogan lied???? Worse he bullshitted???? Dude he bullshits a lot and he's not that smart either. Here just well read and is in touch with social media and current events. A lot of what he says has to be taken with a grain of salt. He's supported companies like bulletproof coffee which was a scam. Onnit is popularized cause he has stake in it. None of those pills are FDA approved and they aren't that magical (I've tried)

  • Dominic Klein Reply

    Bulletproof proof coffee is a scam. His coffee is no better or fresher than any other stuff. Here we are lucky and both coffee planet and raw roast locally so you can get super fresh coffee easily. Kerry gold is easy to find as is mct. Make your own if you really must destroy a nice cup of coffee

  • Elisabeth Dickinson Reply

    I am pretty sure it does as I shot the tires and I didn't puncture them, but that doesn't stop R* from selling you bulletproof tires for $95000 as an upgrade, not sure if it is a scam to take $100K for you or if it really does something.