[Blogspam] I did a breakdown of the latest Biohack box from Quarterly which had a lot of cool paleo finds

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  • [Blogspam] I did a breakdown of the latest Biohack box from Quarterly which had a lot of cool paleo finds

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  • Ora Pacocha Reply

    supper foods just a marketing term to catch peoples attention. a good example is vitamin C, its been found in immune cells so its marketed as a way to boost immune health, while the truth is that you can get your daily dose of vitamin C from a glass of orange juice, and your body usually excretes anything more than that as waste, but people still buy airborne vitamin c supplements. In short that kind of biohacking is a load of crap.

  • Tatyana Feil Reply

    Im no self styled grinder, but I have had a neodymium magnet implant for over a year now and would be happy to answer any interview questions that might help educate some folks on biohacking.

  • Casimir Pacocha Reply

    Alright, they made it sound really futuristic, but to be honest, magnetic implants has been around for a long time, so I wouldn't call it biohacking lab yet. I have not one thing against magnetic implans or DIY body modding/hacking, though, it can be quite useful.

  • Abigale Mayer Reply

    I'm going to cheat and ask a couple questions 1. Can you tease any more details about FailState? Ever since it's been announced I've been super excited for it. 2. How difficult/painful was it to embed an NFC chip? Would you recommend it to someone new to biohacking?

  • Reid Morissette Reply

    Yeah, I know some basic stuff about pharmacology and thus I think that detox is bs. Much of the stuff about biohacking I know of usually involves some superfood advertising so I am very skeptical about the rest of "biohacking" too.

  • Dusty Prohaska Reply

    > Btw, from these groups, which ones are more active in technical sense? I'm not sure what you mean by 'technical sense'? You might want this group for biohacking projects for instance. https://hpluspedia.org/wiki/Biohack.me

  • Enoch Skiles Reply

    Well, the both of you are correct, but a broader term for it would probably be "Neuropsychopharmacology." I'd also just throw out there that Nootropics also sort of fall under Transhumanism and Biohacking movements to an extent.

  • Brittany Marks Reply

    Well, stating "living to be 180" is a VERY far cry from doing it. biohacking is a fad, not a science. How specifically, citing at least 3 cases have they succeeded in using data science to become "superhuman"? Aye, there's the rub......

  • Scottie Kshlerin Reply

    Do you have any plans for more biohacking? I'm looking to get into it myself and want some inspiration. Also do you have any visual novel recommendations?

  • Thalia Durgan Reply

    if they're back into a corner what's to stop them from biohacking their intestinal flora into steven king's "captain trip's"?

  • Lulu Baumbach Reply

    note: your biohacking link is missing the final ) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grinder_(biohacking)

  • Adell Fisher Reply

    I didn't know you messed around with biohacking! Any fun stories about that?

  • Michele Gutkowski Reply

    If you want a really showoffy one - https://blog.bulletproof.com/get-discounted-early-bird-access-to-the-first-ever-bulletproof-biohacking-conference/

  • Modesto Yundt Reply


  • Alberta Beer Reply

    Supplementation, biohacking, neuroscience, fitness, nutrition, physiology, psychology, social psychology, nootropics, and biochemistry. I'd go for days if you gave me a chance :)

  • Imani Ledner Reply

    hey guys i started this channel to get the info about biohacking and emotions into a video format. i'd love to get your feedback on my latest videos (what you liked what you didn't like)

  • Travis Ratke Reply

    It is called the limitless pill by the crowd who wishes there was such a thing. Just as bad as the 'pot is magical' crowd. The biohacking circle jerk in the nootropics crowd is based on the flimsiest data.

  • Nova Flatley Reply

    How do you feel about the rise in the popularity of "biohacking"? From what I've read, people in related fields are fairly divided on the issue. I'm interested in people's opinions on the matter

  • Murphy Swaniawski Reply

    http://stevehaworth.com/main/?page_id=871 http://jacksbrain.com/neodymium-magnet-implantation-and-biohacking/magnet-implant-faq/

  • Teresa Rau Reply

    The closest I know of is [this guy](http://www.popsci.com/technology/article/2013-06/biohacking-implanted-headphones). Different context, though.

  • Ottilie Nitzsche Reply

    It's even worse than "biohacking" (which typically involves idiots implanting magnets into a finger to "enhance their sense), and I already cringe whenever I read that.

  • Zander Rosenbaum Reply

    I've been interested in augmenting with electronics and magnets, are you biohacking your brain with supplements?

  • Rubie Stehr Reply

    Do you know of any subs for biohacking? That sounds incredibly interesting

  • Keanu Hansen Reply

    What does this nfc tag do? How does it work. I love this kind of biohacking stuff!

  • Janick Torp Reply

    Andrew Pelling at uOttawa might be interested? He takes old computer donations for his "biohacking" http://www.pellinglab.net/we-want-your-junk/

  • Keven Schaden Reply

    Biohacking, DIY science

  • Murray Crona Reply

    Rosechu has motivated me to cure autism by the time I'm 30. I have joined DIYBio meetup group, and my parents bought me a biohacking kit. It's just a start, but I've got a full 2 years to make it happen!

  • Judd Renner Reply

    I agree, especially with biohacking already being a reality and technology advancing really fast. The gritty is aesthetic exists in some places but mostly in Asia afaik.

  • Kendra Trantow Reply

    Given that tutorials on CRISPR/CAS2 were a part of the Biohacking Village at DEFCON last year, if you can't do it in your garage yet... it won't be long.

  • Jovani Gottlieb Reply

    Technically, it is a firm of biohacking. You're taking control of your own biology using science. I personally like to this of it as such because I'm a slight nerd for biohacking.

  • Burdette VonRueden Reply

    We have these available at our UK studio in Leicester www.jenova-rain.com/biohacking

  • Vanessa West Reply

    Yeah, but people who want to be taken seriously don't call it biohacking. This post would find a good home in /r/futurology

  • Adonis Crist Reply

    Too late. Biohacking is inevitable. Something something genies and bottles.

  • Mellie Stiedemann Reply

    Ever since seeing the movie Limitless I've secretly wanted to try biohacking. Nice post.

  • Tyrese Greenholt Reply

    I still don't know what biohacking is. I read an article where it raved about how cool and awesome and STEMmagical the whole deal is yet it never mentioned what they actually DO

  • Sonya Moore Reply

    I mostly found it relevant because these issues are worth pondering now, before genetic engineering and "biohacking" becomes more widespread.

  • Jules Gutkowski Reply

    Somebody's high on "biohacking" and reading into shit that isn't there.

  • Otilia Funk Reply

    Podcast Page http://www.stufftoblowyourmind.com/podcasts/biohacking-body-mods-the-road-to-transhumanism/

  • Ruthie Heathcote Reply

    Exactly. Keto is a useful diet with all sorts of benefits if done right, but to call it "biohacking" and alluding to it allowing you to live to 180 is just silly.

  • Willow Hilpert Reply

    Biohacking is a thing now if you want to keep doing genetics as a hobby. Also bioinfirmatics. Genetics + datamining is a newish and growing field.

  • Bulah Franecki Reply

    We are building an assistant for nootropics, which would help you with biohacking :) Thanks man!

  • Dolly Carroll Reply

    I havent met anybody that believes it is a biohacking wonder drug.

  • Jamil Hoppe Reply


  • Faustino Kozey Reply

    There is an Oakland Biohacking Group. They are trying to make a cheaper insulin. I am on my phone so I can't look it up.

  • Mohammad Grimes Reply

    I once saw a transphobe describe hrt as "biohacking" which just made it sound like the most badass cyberpunk thing in the world.

  • Filiberto Bergstrom Reply

    Look up "biohacking magnet in finger" It's cool!

  • Isaac Reichel Reply

    I'm not going to be accepting personal testimony as evidence. It's unregulated woo masquerading as "biohacking."

  • Kellie Howe Reply

    I was actually introduced to the world of biohacking by watching a talk by Lepht Anonym.

  • Hardy Boehm Reply

    cyborg tech is cheaper everyday-it's called biohacking......

  • Gail Herman Reply

    Milk kefir contains what a ton of different live cultures. That's a fact and not > woo masquerading as "biohacking."

  • Era Moen Reply

    Here is a dedicated forum for biohacking. Lots of discussion / new projects going on. http://forum.biohack.me/

  • Arvilla Jacobi Reply

    Homebrew reverse biohacking. A neat idea. Sounds like it would pair well with yoga and vegetable smoothies.

  • Ted King Reply

    biohacking photosynthesis is the world changer.....

  • Oren Boyer Reply

    I have one injected, I helped implant 20+ at the BioHacking village at DEFCON.

  • Breanna Herman Reply

    You may find a thread on biohacking helpful to answer your questions.

  • Janick Bins Reply

    Plastic surgery and here come biohacking.

  • Sarah Blick Reply

    Doping > biohacking was clever :)

  • Alice Mann Reply

    I think it falls under [biohacking](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grinder_(biohacking\))

  • Isac Fahey Reply

    Dont worry, you still need dozens more $ to actually attempt biohacking. 10-20k at least for simple experiments.

  • Adrian Schoen Reply

    I got a NFC implant in the Biohacking Village. Never really did much with NFC before this, but I think it's a neat concept.

  • Reva Botsford Reply

    only recently started looking into Asprey and his biohacking patter so I wasn't aware of any scandal

  • Herminia Upton Reply

    They are biohacking their human limitations by being bigger douchebags than ever before.

  • Adelle Renner Reply

    > "biohacking" Oh god that fucking guy who basically tried to quantify how to talk to women.

  • Sabrina Stiedemann Reply

    You didn't answer any of the questions. Are you a mason and do you think biohacking is possible?

  • Kareem Mann Reply

    Biohacking/biohacker is literally the only correct term for it in this context.

  • Mabelle Grant Reply

    Cool well that's what biohacking our bodies is all about trial, error and success ;)

  • Toney Little Reply

    "Biohacking" is just as empty in capitalist bullshit buzzwords as the rest of it.

  • Nicola West Reply

    Eugenics, nuclear power, biohacking.. Data collecting..

  • Micheal Sipes Reply

    Came from biohacking webstore Cyberise.me in Australia.

  • Carmelo Kirlin Reply

    What's biohacking?

  • Alfonso Effertz Reply